Northeastern Political Science Association 2015-Nov-12 to 2015-Nov-15

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"Democracy and Epistemic Specialization"
 Roundtree, Jacob. and Reza, Syed.

"Name the Republic that was joined to Russia in 2014." Russia's new civics and history test for migrants
 Ruget, Vanessa.

"The Presidency of Bernie Sanders: Studying the Contours of Modern Presidents"
 Grover, William.

#Hilary: Social Media and Female Leaders in the United States
 Grushko, Michelle.

.The Greek Government's Decision to Enter World War I - To what end?
 Kaloudis, George.

“A Simple and Lasting State”: Time and Happiness in the Reveries of the Solitary Walker
 Mehta, Varad.

“A Threat That Would Startle Most Conservative Institutions”: Taft and the Insurgent Challenge of 1910
 Korzi, Michael.

“Curing” Corruption by Centralization: The Philadelphia Story
 Dilworth, Richardson. and Knowles, Scott.

“It’s the Constitution, Stupid!” The Tea Party and its Civil Religion of Exclusion
 Weinstein, Aaron.

“Salamanca and Athens”: Reviewing the Conversation between Suarez and Aristotle
 Sims, Catherine.


A Big Bang for Japan’s Bureaucracy? The Senior Civil Service Reform since 2007
 Mishima, Ko.

A Comparative Case Study Analysis of Pennsylvania's Voter ID Litigation
 Moyer, Jeffrey.

A Comparison of Causation: The Declining Status of Legitimacy in Belize
 Santeusanio, Joshua.

A Critical Analysis of the performance of the U.S security strategy- the right of collective self-defense in Japan-
 Jung, Sunghee.

A Dangerous Intersection: HIV and policy advocacy in the states
 Marchetti, Kathleen. and Ojeda, Christopher.

A Different Moral Majority: Are Women Less Corrupt than Men?
 DeMary, Michele.

A Neoclassical Realist Approach to Understanding Alliance Restraint: The Case of the U.S.-Japan Alliance
 Komine, Yukinori.

A New Assessment Model for Political Science
 Rish, Joseph.

A Note on Professor Heath and "Natural Slavery"
 Mulhern, John.

A case for Economic Power Sharing?
 Iff, Andrea.

Aborted Social Movements: The Political Reform Movement in Saudi Arabia 2001-2014
 Osailan, Khobaib.

Against the Pragmatic Monarch: Providence and Teleology in Bossuet’s Contributions to Absolute Sovereignty
 Flashner, Evelyn.

Albert the Great’s Reading of Aristotle’s Political Philosophy and the Question of Conscience
 Kries, Douglas.

Alberta Secessionism: The Real Threat to Canadian Unity?
 Gentile, Jordan.

Alcibiades' Shield: Courage and Eros in Plato's Symposium
 Dodds, Scott.

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Backwards Design and the Critical Reading Topics Pedegogy: Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Develop Deep Thinking
 Mulcare, Daniel.

Bargaining over a Burden: How Congress Distributes Costs When Benefits are Shared
 Gruenbaum, Benjamin.

Beyond One-Party Rule: Using Legislative Data to Measure Cleavages in New York’s City Council
 Bucchianeri, Peter.

Biology and Politics: A History
 Peterson, Steven.

Bringing Politicians Back In: A Reassertion of Politician-driven Parties
 Shapiro, Aaron.

British Non-Intervention in the American Civil War
 Petersen, Mark.

Building Alliances or Burning Bridges: Civil Religious Rhetoric and the Modern Presidency
 Hickel Jr, Flavio.

Building a Conservative Majority: the Republican National Committee and Republican Party Building, 1960-1980
 Heersink, Boris.

Buying Reality: Political Ads & Television News
 Yanich, Danilo.


Campaign Information and Donor Motivations: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Ohio
 Schwam-Baird, Michael., Krasno, Jonathan., Panagopoulos, Costas. and Green, Donald.

Candidate Emergence and Recruitment Among School Board Members: The Crossroads of Political and Community Involvement
 Shrader, Nathan.

Caring About Rights: Personification and Abstraction in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate
 Back, Laura.

Catching Roadrunner: Mad-Cow Regulations and the U.S.-Japan Beef Trade, 2003-2013
 Winslett, Gary.

Changes in the Andes, from State Paternalism to Holistic Welfare
 Mendoza-Botelho, Martin.

Changing our Politics, Changing our Stories: The Politics of Same Sex Marriage and Abortion in the US and Ireland"
 Budd, Eric.

Charles S. Peirce's Conservative Progressivism
 Hungerford, Yael.

Chronopower. Time and Power in the context of modern temporality.
 Gudelis, Mykolas.

Circles of Influence: How the Current Partisan Media System Divides Us
 Dagnes, Alison.

College Education Completion Gap in the United States: A Mixed Methods Approach
 liburd, vicky.

Common Law and Legislative Sovereignty in Michael Oakeshott's Political Thought
 Rudinsky, Jordan.

Comparing Three Interpretations of Montaigne's Politics
 schaefer, david.

Concrete Evidence versus the Public Culture: Why John Rawls's Political Philosophy Is not Historically Rooted
 Larson, Brett.

Conditions for Disarmament of Hybrid Terrorist/Political Groups
 Mariani, Cheryl.

Congressional Committee Member Behavior Across Jurisdictional Lines
 Mycoff, Jason.

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Daddy Party: Authoritarianism and Congressional Primary Voting in the GOP
 Mintz, Micah. and Kowal, Michael.

Deepening Democracy: Resistance and Creative Political Protest
 Gursozlu, Fuat.

Defining Democracy: A Public Perspective
 Chan, Stephanie., Marple, Timothy. and Rolfe, Meredith.

Democracy in Decline in the Caribbean?
 Wilson, Stacey-Ann. and Angus-White, Victoria.

Democracy in the former Soviet republics: Trends and Idiosyncracies
 Imai, Kunihiko. and Nalbandov, Robert.

Democratic States as Internal Counterinsurgents: How Democratic Are They?
 Tran, Kim.

Democratizing courage: Melancholy courage, comic courage, and the melodramatization of Julius Caesar
 Goktepe, Katherine.

Demography and the Destiny of the U.S. Federal System. Probably Inevitable, bu not as Soon As You Might Think
 Caswell, Bruce.

Determinants of Private Sector Union Decline and Public Sector Union Persistence in the Wealthy Democracies
 Castater, Eric.

Determinants of Russian Policy Toward Japan from 2000-2015: Security, Competition and Cooperation
 Richardson, Peter.

Determining an Expected House Majority Using Pattern Analysis
 Powell, Richard., Clark, Jesse. and Dube, Matthew.

Development Interrupted: Lack of Transparency and Accountability in Jamaica’s Energy Procurement
 Wilson, Stacey-Ann. and Lindo, Gerald.

Dixieland Racial Fear and the Horrors of a Yankee Modernity: Edgar Allan Poe's "American Nightmare' as Satirical Alternative to the Transcendentalist Movment
 Jarvis, Douglas.

Do Outsiders Have It Harder? Governors’ personal background, legislative success, public approval, and electoral fortunes
 Jacob, Rafael.

Donations and Democracy
 Lechterman, Theodore.

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Ecological Change & International Riparian Policy: Challenges for Resource Security in Southeastern Asia.
 Baumgartel, Christopher.

Educating a Guardian: Re-Imagining Platonic Guardianship through Three Alternative Dialogues
 Grant-Young, Joshua.

Elites and the Welfare State in a New Democracy
 Kim, Taesim.

Equitable Sharing: Distributing the Benefits and Detriments of Democratic Society
 Kleven, Thomas.

Escaping Alienation, Boredom, and Decadence in War
 Smith, Brian.

Ethnic Political Parties: Enfranchising or Segregating?
 Jones, Rebecca., Rabena, Ronald. and Smith, Aaron.

Europeanizing Portugal: Impacts on the Relationship Between the Executive and the Women's Movement
 Melo, Daniela.

Evolving Citizenship
 Banerjee, Anisha., Ticchio, James. and Meltzer, Michael.

Executive Power in Unlikely Places: The Presidency and America's National Forests
 McCollester, Maria.

Explaining Charter School Development: What Led to the Explosion in Albany, NY
 Straus, Ryane.

environmental Politics: Carbon Emissions Trading in the EU
 Bachmann, Annalyn.


Former Yugoslavia as a predecessor to Crimea and Scotland: referenda on self-determination, democracy and conflicts
 Picula, Bosko.

Foucault and Parrhesia: Hunger Strike as a Parrhesiastic Resistance
 Heper, Selim.

Franklin and Hume on Consent and Obligation
 Zumbrunnen, John.

From James Madison to Veronica Roth – Factions in Intra-University Politics: Observations by a New Professor
 Kent, Andrea.

From Wagner to Taft-Hartley, Revisited
 Daniel, Anthony.

From the Angry White Male to the Rich White Woman: Income, Gender and the 2012 Presidential Election
 Mariani, Mack.


Gender and Transitional Justice: Comparing Retributive and Restorative Justice in Sierra Leone
 Seneviratne, Vindya.

Gender in the Age of Indignation: Women & Protest Politics in the European Union, 2008-2015
 Kulich-Vamvakas, Christina.

Gender, Congressional Experiences, and Post-Congressional Lobbying Employment
 Dabros, Matthew. and Walker-Kulzick, Rachel.

Generation and Destruction: Women in Thucydides' History
 Dobski, Bernard.

Gerrymandering and the Narrowing of Madison's "Extended Sphere"
 Higgins, Nicholas. and Schmitt, Nathan.

Get Them Early, Get Them Often: Recruitment of Political Science Majors in an Era of Declining Enrollment
 Adams, Paul.

Good Citizen/Good Man in Plato’s Crito
 Allman, Dwight.

Group Identities and National Policies: Comparing the National Youth Employment Policies in Ghana and Mauritius.
 Boasiako, Antwi.

Guantánamo Bay: State of Exception, Emblem of Terror, Fun in the Sun
 Johnson, Philip.


Hegel, Nietzsche, and the Politics of the Meaning of Life
 Church, Jeffrey.

Hiding Behind Party Brand or Currying Favor with Constituents? Determinants of Legislators’ Behavior in Turkey
 Yildirim, T. Murat.

Hierarchy and Democracy in Alfarabi
 Colmo, Christopher.

Hobbes on Teleology and Reason
 Parietti, Guido.

Hobbes’s Social Contract as Horror Narrative: The Wolf-man, Leviathan, and the Politics of Monstrosity
 Robbins, Nicholas.

Hollowed-Out Regulation: Philadelphia’s Struggle to Maintain Building Safety Amidst Diminishing Resources and Development Pressure
 OHara, Patrick.

How Far Will Washington Go? The U.S. and the Kurds of Iraq
 Tower, Mary.

How the Arab Spring Affects Stability in the Middle East and North Africa
 Billet, Lynsey.

How the Euro Divides the Union: Economic Adjustment and Support for Democracy in Europe
 Armingeon, Klaus., Guthmann, Kai. and Weisstanner, David.

Human Rights Norm Diffusion through International Court and Tribunals
 Perrin, Ayodeji.

Hume's theory of Causation and Quine's 'Jungle': The Politics of Passion in Recent Philosophy of Science
 roecklein, robert.


I Fought the Law and the Law Won (Mostly).
 Leibowitz, Lisa.

Ibn Khaldun and the New Science of Politics
 El-Rayes, Waseem.

Identity Transformations, Policies and In-Prison Higher Education
 Reeves, Keith. and Lehmann, Hana.

Ideological Subjects of a Meaningless World – A Critique of Deconstruction’s Possibilities
 Miranda, Lucas.

Ideology and Bias with Outside Options
 Lewis, Garrett.

In Search of a Peace Dividend: Cutting U.S. Defense Spending After the Cold War
 McMahon, Adam.

Inclinations, Skin, and Narrations of Bodies Politic
 Naranch, Laurie.

Indigenous Politics: The Cases of Mexico & Bolivia
 Sterling, Kyera.

Information and Democracy: An Ambivalent Relationship
 Gorham, Ashley.

Institutional Change and Party Elite Recruitment: The South Korean Case
 Woo, Eun Hee.

Institutional work in the transformation of the German Energy Sector
 Graf, Patricia.

International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: Model for Human Rights?
 McFeeters, Lily.

Its the Incentive Structure, Stupid
 Gamble, James.


Jean Bodin's competing conceptions of sovereignty
 Putnam, Taylor.

Jeb Bush, Catholicism, and the 2016 Campaign
 Perry, Luke.


Keeping Utopia Alive: Spontaneity and Planning in Postwar Anarchist Thought
 Pauli, Benjamin.


Latino Immigration Frames in the Media and its Impact on Public Opinion
 Chavez, Guadalupe.

Law and the Restriction of Statesmanship and Philosophy in Plato's Statesman
 Appelbaum, Seth.

Lest Voting Also Become Theft: Anarchism and Inversely Supernumerary Voting
 Walsh, Sean. and Johnson, Arielle.

Let Them Eat…Cake? Hunger, Homelessness, and Human Rights in the United States
 Webb, Alyssa.

Liberalism, Realism, and Stability “for the Right Reasons”
 Golemboski, David.

Limited Gains in Gender Equity Under Latin American Women Presidents
 Evans, Rebecca.

Localization of Counterinsurgency Operations as a Strategy of Blame Avoidance: Russia's Transfer of Counterinsurgency Operations to Chechen Proxies
 Scott, Catherine.

Locke and Jefferson: Liberty, Bondage and the Pursuit of Property
 Ford, Brian.

Locke's Covenant Theology and the Second Treatise
 Tetlow, Joanne.

Logrolling for a Leg Up: Presidential Elections and Power in the U.S. Senate
 Chupp, Benjamin.

Looking For a Few Good Latin@s: Perceptions and Realities in the Military Recruitment of South Texas High School Students
 Lavariega Monforti, Jessica. and McGlynn, Adam.

Love, Piety, and Law in Euripides' Orestes
 Stauffer, Dana.


Machiavelli and Homer on the Man and the Beast
 Ahrensdorf, Peter.

Madison and Republican Traditions: Adapting Aristotle’s best polities
 Hubler, J..

Mandragola and the Politics of Consent
 Menchaca-Bagnulo, Ashleen.

Marsilius of Padua and Political Causality
 Pappin, Gladden.

Marx's Epochs of Production and the Ends of Historical Periodization
 Johnson, Sarah.

Methods in the Madness: Modeling the use of Improvised Explosive Devices in Insurgencies and Rebellions
 Lustick, Ian., O\'Mahen, Patrick., Garces, Miguel. and McCauley, Tom.

Mill on the Value and Vulnerability Freedom: History, Society, and Progress in On Liberty
 Bagnulo, Vince.

Mimetic Irony and the Dialectical-Rhetorical Structure of the Republic
 Moes, Mark.

Minor Party Movements: Minor Parties, Social Movements, and Fringe Interests in America
 Kane, Catherine. and Bond, Kanisha.

Modern Day Western Prison Privatization Sustainability: An Economic and Political Analysis of the American Paradigm
 Majure, Britney.

Money, Money, Money: Fundraising and Spending in the Post–Citizens United Era
 Francia, Peter.

Monstrous Reflections: the mirror-for-princes genre and the dramatization of tyranny
 Jovanoski, Jordanco.

Moral Limits in Historical Analysis: Kames and Millar on Female Progress
 Szymkowiak, Aaron.

Morality, Rationality, and the Iron Cage of Bureaucracy as Gameplay Mechanics in 'Papers, Please'
 Morrissette, Jason.

Multiple Fronts and Conflict Resolution: Impact of Rivals on Civil Conflict Adversaries’ Negotiation and Settlement Behavior
 Ogutcu-Fu, S. Hande.


Nation, Ethnicity, and Umma: Identity After State Collapse in Syria
 Gilbert, Victoria.

Natural Gas Pipelines: Analyzing the Diffusion of Information Among Grassroots Opposition Groups in NJ and PA
 Brogan, Michael., Amadio, William., Reddington, Thomas. and Safer, Rachel.

Natural Law and Responsibility: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the acceptance of guilt
 Blake, Nathanael.

New Fourth Amendment issues when police use narcotics-detection dogs during a lawful traffic stop.
 slane, alton.

New York and the End of Mr. Madison's War
 Strum, Harvey.

Nietzsche and the Crisis of Nonfoundationalism in Rorty and Connolly
 Gondelman, Jonathan.

Not Talking but Thinking: Democratic Deliberation in Ancient Greece
 Cammack, Daniela.

Nothing Human is Alien to Us: Human Nature, Morality, and Imagination in Machiavelli’s "Andria"
 Jordan, J. Joseph.


Of Terrorism Types and Countermeasures: No One Size Fits All
 Hellmuth, Dorle.

Oil and Peace: Peace-building in the Niger Delta, New Leadership, New Opportunity for Peace?
 Afolayan, Tobiloba.

On The Conceptual Limits of Forward-Looking Resonsibility
 Felder, Ryan.


Partisan Change in County Political Systems in Metropolitan Atlanta (1998-2014): A Test of Realignment Theory
 Shock, David.

Party Polarization by Vote Type in Congress, 1947 - 2012
 Svensen, Eric.

Pedagogy as Politics: Putting the Political Back into Political Science
 Sokoloff, William.

Picking Your Opponent; The New(est?) Art of Political Sabotage

Pictographs of Supreme Courts and Their Chiefs, 1789-2015
 Nelson, Garrison.

Plato's Portrayal of Critias in the "Protagoras"
 Pichanick, Alan.

Policy-Making Power of Oppositions
 Wegmann, Simone.

Policymaking as Science and Science as Ideology: Exploring the Role of Science/scientists in China's Policymaking Process
 Li, Yimin.

Political Attitudes in Post-Embargo Vietnam: A Study of the Impact of Economic Development
 Owen, David.

Political Competition, Emerging Democracies and Assertiveness in the WTO
 Carneiro, Cristiane., Nogueira, Thiago. and Rezende, Flávio.

Political Conservatism in the 19th Century Christian World
 Köni, HAKAN.

Political Ignorance as a Threat to Democratic Equality
 McCoy, Matthew.

Political Philosophy in Plato’s Laches: On Socrates’ Intention
 Lund, Jason.

Political Science and Skepticism in Aeschylus’ Oresteia Trilogy
 Field, Laura.

Political Shame and Epistemic Ignorance
 Klotz, Kris.

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Racial Disparities in Public and Private Schools: An Analysis of Counties in the Keystone State
 Ruiz, Anthony.

Racism as a Public Narrative
 Farsad, Sarah.

Radical Orthodoxy and the Contemporary Critique of Capitalism
 Bradney, Matthew.

Rawls and Hegel, Revisited
 Simpson, Sidney.

Reason, Intuition, and Nature: Schelling and Kant on the Way Toward the Cosmopolitan Condition
 Sollenberger, David.

Recapturing Albert Camus in the 21st Century
 Stein, Matthew.

Reel Voting: Messages from Documentary and Feature Films in 21st Century America
 Yenerall, Kevan.

Reexaming Libya's Abandonment Decision
 Stevens, Christopher.

Reflex, Rust, and Regress: State Constitutions and the Problem with Voting Rights Federalism
 Block, Daniel.

Regenerating Rousseau’s Perfectible Animals
 Planinc, Emma.

Regulated Citizenship
 Patel, Kisha.

Reimagining Welfare Rituals: Lessons from Indigenous Social Development
 Ochs, Holona.

Religious Interest Groups and the 2010 Health Care Reform
 Kostiaev, Sergei.

Republicans Shrugged: How Conservatives Seek to Capitalize on Libertarianism
 Rivard, Alex B..

Resisting English Enclosure
 Goltz, Caleb.

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Science and Technology in Public Debates: the Case of GMOs
 Bellino, Guy.

Science, State Power, and Authority in International Policy-Making
 Reich, Jacqueline.

Searching for Socrates: Xenophon's Socratic Characters in Hellenica I and II
 Helfer, Ariel.

Selecting the People’s President: the Democratic Roots and Outcomes of the Electoral College
 Villegas, Christina.

Senegalese Women at Work: the Forces Behind the Gender Parity Law
 Lim, Claire Seulgie.

Separatists or Terrorists? Western Press Coverage of Political Violence in Xinjiang
 Cook, Christopher.

Setting the Wrong Prospects? Voter De-motivation under Reference Dependence
 Ehret, Soenke.

Shakespeare's Comic Virtues: Self Understanding in the Modern World
 Major, Rafael.

Shaming and Claiming: The Right to Remember and Speak in Mexico and Turkey
 Gellman, Mneesha.

Some Problems with Contemporary Anarchist Theory and Intellectual History
 Jun, Nathan.

Something in the Void – The Physics and Ethics of On the Nature of Things
 Limanowski, Alexander.

Sophrosuné’s Scope
 Rabinowitz, Laura.

State corruption and terrorist attacks targeting police: Assessing the relationship across types of police structure
 Gibbs, Jennifer. and Gittins, Kyle.

State-level Origins of the United States Labor Relations Order
 Daniel, Anthony.

Strauss’s Biblical Epigraphs in Natural Right and History: Can the Conflict Between Reason and Revelation Give Way to a Synthesis?
 Areshidze, Giorgi.

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THE Effect of Arms Embargoes on Ongoing Armed Conflict: Are They Really Reducing Conflict Duration?
 kirisci, mustafa.

Techne, Writing, and the Order of the Virtues in the Nicomachean Ethics
 Cain, Patrick.

Testing Variation in the Predictors of Adoption across the Policy Diffusion Lifecycle
 Mallinson, Daniel.

The "Spirit" of Cooperation: Thumos in Plato's Republic
 Weiss, Roslyn.

The "Split Personality" of Publius Reassessed
 Grove, John.

The Abolition of Statesmen: Kant’s Moral and Political Teaching
 Jeffrey, Marjorie.

The Ambidextrous State: A Lens into Hybrid Post-Neoliberal Venezuela
 Fischer-Hoffman, Cory.

The Aymara, Quechua, and Afro Brazilians: Empowerment, Revolution, and Gradualism.
 Bradt, Donald.

The Business of Extinction: A Constructivist Approach to Illicit Wildlife Trade
 Nuzzolese, Anna.

The Census of 2010 and Congressional Redistricting in the Northeast
 Grant, Philip.

The Challenge of Democratization In the Middle East & North Africa After The Arab Spring
 Zohny, Ahmed.

The Conceptual Taxonomy of Power-Vacuums
 Orfanos, George.

The Critical Liberalism of Tocqueville's 'Democracy in America'
 Smith, Clifford.

The Demos and Rhetoric: Callicles as Metaphor
 Taylor, Caitlin. and Hartlaub, Stephen.

The Digital Public Comment Process: Overview, Evaluation, and Strategic Recommendations
 Habursky, Joshua.

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U.S. Climate Policy in Transition: Exceeding Low Expectations
 Karapin, Roger.

US Foreign Policy Towards Russia: Perils of Political Culture
 Nalbandov, Robert.

Ulu Al Amr, Authority, and Obedience in Sunni Political Thought
 Faradj, Hisseine.

Unskilled-Labor Demand as a Mechanism for Expansionist Immigration Reform
 Rowlands, Lauren.


Varieties of Democracy: Political Change in Brazil and Venezuela
 spanakos, tony.

Varieties of Territorial Politics in the Welfare State
 Lecours, Andre. and Béland, Daniel.

Victims’ Families Respond to Tragedy: Calling Government to Account
 Corbett, Glenn.

Violence against women in Central America: Problems and recent attempts to control it.
 Aujla, Harneel.

Voter Preferences over Redistribution and Immigration
 Legge, Stefan. and Moe Hansen, Ole-Petter.

Voting for Gun Control
 Ragusa, Jordan.


Walker Percy's Lancelot and the Quest for a New Beginning
 Amato, Elizabeth.

War, Deception, and the Future of International Relations
 Palubinskas, Ginta.

Wartime Organizational Resources and Rebel Successor Party Vote Share: Evidence from Kosovo
 Kelmendi, Pellumb.

What #Gendergap? Exploring Gender Differences in Political Engagement in Social Media
 Bode, Leticia.

What Is A Political Community? The Primacy of the Regime in Book III of the Politics
 Sebell, Dustin.

What Makes a Secessionist Movement Successful? A Comparative Analysis of Canada and Yugoslavia Cases
 Nolin, Nicholas.

What Makes a “Good” Citizen? Public Opinion and American Citizenship
 Pankiewicz, Nicole.

White Identity Formation in Contemporary Conservative Political Thought
 Del Visco, Stephen.

Who Owns Land?: Searching for Valid Justifications for Land Ownership and Exclusion
 RUBIN, Gabriel.

Who are Suspense Voters? The Impact of Proof-of-Citizenship Laws
 Smith, Michael., Hancock, Peter., Rackaway, Chapman. and Anderson, Kevin.

William Howard Taft’s Constitutional Progressivism
 Burns, Kevin.

Women in the Criminal Justice System: A comparative analysis on African American, Hispanic and Caucasian women
 StCyr, Linda.


Xenophon as rhētor kai stratēgos of the Cyreans: The Ten Thousand as a Political Community
 Farrell, Christopher.

Xenophon's Constitution of the Lacedaimonians and Leo Strauss' "The Spirit of Sparta or the Taste of Xenophon"
 Nendza, Amy.


Youth, American Political Thought, and Democratic Change
 Burkey, Max.


Zombies, Star Trek, and International Relations
 Gonzalez, George.
Northeastern Political Science Association 2015-Nov-12 to 2015-Nov-15
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