Northeastern Political Science Association 2017-Nov-09 to 2017-Nov-12

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"Additional Fences" Against State Abuses: The Federalist and the Protection of Rights
 Tacoma, Thomas.

"Born-Global": Why Small Firms Love International Trade
 Wu, Haichao.

"Kant on the Aesthetic Dimensions of Morality and Politics"
 Little, David.

"Next Generation" Accountability in Education: A View from the States
 Portz, John.

"Towards a Dialogue between Socratic Philosophy and Evolutionary Psychology: Why do we love the Noble?"
 Pangle, Lorraine.

"We Don’t Just Toyi-Toyi": The Role of Protest Brokers in Post-Apartheid South Africa.
 Lockwood, Sarah.

'Remote Area Medical' and 'A Quiet Inquisition': Examining the Politics of Health Care Through Documentary Film
 Yenerall, Kevan.

‘Why is My Child Gay?’: PFLAG and the Origins of the ‘Born This Way’ Gay Political Identity
 Wuest, Joseph.

“An Aristotelian Rejoinder to Contemporary Cognitive Science”
 Little, Sabrina.

“Cock and Hen,” Bestial Men?: The Human Animal in John Locke’s First Society
 McCready, Amy.

“Honor as Auxiliary Precaution: James Madison’s Theory of Separation of Powers”
 Allman, Dwight.

“The Divided Conscience: Religious Belief and Political Obligation in Early Modern Political Theology”
 Mull, Nathaniel.


A Change Long in the Making: the Legacy of Conservative Ideology in the Blue-to-Red Transition of Electoral Politics in Appalachia
 Kent, Andrea.

A Comparative Analysis of Intervention by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in Mali, Guinea Bissau and The Gambia (2012-2017)
 Minteh, Binneh.

A Disastrous War, Naturally: The Question of Nature in Thucydides’ Political History
 Dobski, Bernard.

A Foreign Policy of Corruption
 Keezel, Richard.

A Human Rights Approach to Redressing Child Poverty in the United States
 Tagliarina, Daniel. and Tagliarina, Corinne.

A Matter of Prudence: Lincoln, Madison, and the Missouri Question
 Alexander, Alexios.

A Modular Theory of the State
 Thompson, Michael.

A Murder that Mattered: Sam Sheppard and Free Press/Fair Trial
 Lawrence, Al.

A Partisan-Based Approach to Subnational Variation in Split-Ticket Voting: The Case of Ghana 1996-2016
 Darkwa, Samuel.

A Peaceful Way to Manage Ethnic Conflict in Divided Societies: Azeris in Iran

A Perspective of Reconciliation in Postwar Sino-Japanese Relationship Since Diplomatic Normalization in 1972
 Lin, Hongyi.

A Quantitative Analysis of the Impact of Government Funding on NGOs’ Political Activism in India
 Heuer, Vera.

A Seat at the Table:The Role of African- American Women in International Relations
 Pruitt, Constance.

A Secret to Regime Survival in North Korea: Evolution of Governing Ideologies
 Kwon, Jun.

A Snapshot of Politics: Analyzing Interpretations of Political Memes in Social Media Using Source Cues
 Kehler, Jessica. and Del Signore, Anthony.

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Ballots for God: Religion and Third-Party Voting for the Liberty, Prohibition, and Socialist Parties
 Chamberlain, Adam.

Banning People: An Assessment of the U.S. Refugee and Resettlement Policies
 Dolan, Chris. and Dertinger, Rebecca.

Bayh, Bayh, Bayh: The Withdrawal and Replacement of Major Party Nominees
 Taylor, Carl.

Benevolence In U.S. Education Circulars (1897-1909)
 Kunze, Stefanie.

Bertolt Brecht, the Fabel and Socratic Courage: What he says and method of saying it
 Squiers, Anthony.

Between Rock and Hard Place: Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Shaykh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr's Execution
 Riggs, Robert.

Beyond "Asian American": Conceptualizing Racial Identity for the 21st Century
 Bhattacharya, Sudip.

Beyond Ousia: The Form of the Good in Light of the Digression on Being in the Sophist
 Moes, Mark.

Beyond Shelby: State Voting Laws and the 2016 Presidential Election
 Adams, Kimberly S.

Biased or Sincere? Agenda Setting in the United Nations Security Council
 Kasparek, Stefanie.

Biopopulism: The Biopolitical Frameworks of Neopopulisms
 Antal, Attila.

Breaking with a two-party system: the continuity and change of political preferences in Honduras, 1982-2013
 Perelló, Lucas.

Building Social Duties from Innate Desires: Exploring Individuality in Mencian Confucianism
 Collins, Kristen.

Burial Rites in Plato's Laws
 Putnam, Taylor.


Call and Response: The Effect of Acts of Terror on the Way States Combat Terrorism
 Engber, Hannah.

Can Mismanaged Democratization Spur Violent Extremism? Evidence from Tunisia
 Macdonald, Geoffrey. and Waggoner, Luke.

Can Past Local Economic Shocks Explain the Rise of Trump?
 Niebler, Sarah. and Urban, Carly.

Can Track II Diplomacy Contribute to Reviving a Kurdish-Turkish Peace Process?
 Martin, Lenore.

Can't Get There From Here: Why Brexit Cannot Emulate Existing Non-Member Cases
 Adams, Paul.

Challenges of Water Governance in Pakistan
 Ahmed, Zainab.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: A Case of Political Wisdom
 Ahmad, Rana.

Christian Legal Society v. Martinez and the Diminution of Freedom of Association
 O\'Malley, Deborah.

Cicero on the Foundation of Philosophy and the Possibility of Political Enlightenment
 Herold, Carly.

Citizen Incivility Toward American Presidential Candidates
 Gershtenson, Joe. and Plane, Dennis.

Classifying Types of Terrorist Attackers: Ending the False Dichotomy
 Wunische, Adam.

Clearing the Bench: The Perils of Appointing Politicians to the Cabinet
 Smith, Jacob. and Spiegler, Jonathan.

Clinton and Context: Geography, Gender, and Electoral Outcomes in the 2016 Presidential Election
 Pyeatt, Nicholas. and Yanus, Alixandra.

Community Economc Development in the US
 Greer, James.

Community-Based Organizations, Community Control Ideology, and the Reconstruction of Policy Frameworks During Political Crises
 Morone, James.

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David Hume on Church Establishments and Secular Morals
 Szymkowiak, Aaron.

David Hume's Neo-Epicurean Political Theory
 Zubia, Aaron.

Debt and the State
 Sparling, Robert.

Defending the Sacred: Climate Change and Indigenous Water Security
 Leonard, Kelsey.

Defining Opportunity in the Public Sphere: Finding Transformational Spaces in the Pursuit of Equity
 Marchant-Shapiro, Theresa. and Arafeh, Sousan.

Demystifying the Deep State: Toward a New Theory of a Troublesome Concept
 Khachaturian, Rafael.

Determinants of Municipal Annexation in Texas
 Romero, Francine.

Determining Local Policy Success: Examining a Mayoral Policy Entrepreneur, Shared Political Experience, and Citizen Input
 Reese, Kasey.

Dilemma and Outlet : China 's Rural Social Governance against the Background of Outflow of Rural Population
 chen, shaoyi.

Disease, Disaster, and Disengagement: Political Participation after Ebola
 Crisman, Benjamin.

Diversity and Consensus in the U.S. Senate
 Mycoff, Jason.

Diversity in Nontraditional Educational Paths to Public Service
 Wade, Michelle. and Crossney, Kristen.

Divided Citizenship and Disability: A Comparative Analysis of State-level Restrictions on the Right to Vote
 Swadley, Heather.

Do Constitutional Requirements for Elected Office Keep out the Corrupt?: Hope for the Quality of Life
 Greenberg, Michael. and Botteron, Cynthia.

Do Politicians Keep Their Promises? Agenda Speech and Legislative Outcomes
 Sutherland, Joseph.

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EU Enlargement and National Capabilities: Assessing the Efficiency of EU Structural Funds in the Baltics
 Kaskurs, Deniss.

Early Childhood Education in the U.S.: A Failing System
 Campbell, Hannah.

Economic Inequality, Political Regimes, and Wars
 Demin, Alexander.

Economic Integration with Sanctioned States: Examining the Spill-over effect of Sanctions-busting Behaviors
 Su, Yi-hao.

Elections without Democracy: Vote Buying in Nigeria
 Osumah, Oarhe.

Emergency Management 2.0: How Social Media and the Sharing Economy Can Support Evacuations & Disaster Recovery
 Porter, Samantha. and Oluyede, Lindsay.

Emerson on Self-Reliance, Slavery, and Constitutional Reform
 Woodward-Burns, Robinson.

Empire through the Eyes of Indigenous Women: Interpretations of the Guatemalan Civil War 1960-96
 O\'Donnell, Rachel.

Energy Crises, Institutions, and Reforms in Côte D’ivoire And Ghana
 Frimpong, Mark.

England's Tories and Irish Unionists: An Uneasy Colalition
 LeVeness, Frank.

Environmental Imagination and 2017 Commencement Addresses
 Bowman, Joshua.

Environmental Policy in Congress: The Evolution of the Environmental Debate and the Role of Partisanship
 Avery, Emma. and Candler, Tess.

Epicurus or Nagel? First-Person and Third-Person Perspectives on the Badness of Death
 Shmikler, Joshua.

Eros, Soul, and Self-Knowledge in Plato's Charmides and Symposium
 Pichanick, Alan.

Ethnic Violence and Political Arenas: Explaining the Formation of Conflict Networks in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Fraher, Jacob.

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Faith in Conquest: The Politics of Catholic Conversion and Colonialism
 Shirodkar, Aditi.

Farm Politics and Fish Politics: A Comparative Analysis of Federal Disaster Relief Programs
 Cheit, Ross. and Weststeyn, Kayla.

Federalism and Sovereignty of the People: the Natural Rights Federalism of John Taylor of Caroline
 Humphrey, Clifford.

Fighting Democratically
 Tranvik, Isak.

Financialization and Institutions: Corporate Restructuring in France, Germany and the United Kingdom
 Goyer, Michel.

Finding Canada's Place in Richard Weaver's American Stereopticon: David Cronenberg's Obscene Critique of the 'American Way of Life'
 Jarvis, Douglas.

Finding Common Ground: Trump Moves Left, Catholics Move Right
 Burke, Richard.

Fleeting Equality: Transgender Rights in the Obama and Trump Administrations
 Mezey, Susan.

Force of Law: The ECJ’s Performative Rulings on the Schengen Border Control
 Kang, Hye-Yun.

Foreign Influence and U.S. Public Opinion: Evidence from a Survey Experiment
 Herzog, Stephen. and Marrouch, Natasza.

Foundational Myths: The Rape of Lucretia and "Cuckervatives"
 Dudas, Mary.

Fourth Amendment Issues and the Provocation Rule and Use of Excessive Force
 Slane, Alton.

France’s Past and the Future of French Muslims
 Chafa, Marina.

From Alliance to Order: Iran’s Foreign Policy on Iraq and Syria in the post-Arab Spring Period
 Uzun, Ezgi.

From Climate Refugees to Climate-induced Displacement: A Transnational Actor Network in Redefining Bangladeshi Climate Victims
 Tabassum, Nowrin.

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Get Off My Lawn! Millennials and the Print Media
 Brown, Ted. and Maloyed, Christie.

Getting Trumped by the Bureaucracy: Bureaucratic Resistance, Leadership, and Ethics.
 Gawron, Ian.

Give Peace a Chance: Private Military Companies’ Interventions, State Capacity and the Durability of Peace
 Radziszewski, Elizabeth.

Give the People What they Want: Demagogues as (small "d") Democrats
 Moran, Fran.

Governance and Legal Reform in Countries Emerging from Conflict: The Case of Sri Lanka
 Ams, Shama.

Governance and the Impact of Climate Change on State Failure: Syria and Tunisia
 O\'Connor, Maggie.


Hans Kelsen and J.A. Schumpeter: The Essence of Democracy (1929-1955)
 Lagi, Sara.

Haunted Sovereignty
 Edwards, Ross.

Health Status, Nutrition, and Failed States
 Peterson, Steven.

Honor Among Spies: The Cold War ‘Mom’, Family, and Identity in ‘The Americans’
 Rahman, Smita.

How Can Black Voters Be Served by the Electoral College
 Grant, Joseph.

How Do Nations Transition from Agrarian to Industrial Economies? Development Theories, Episteme & Politics
 Akande, Tosin.

How Do We Know What We Know: Political Ads & News
 Yanich, Danilo.

How Does Terrorism Affect the Allocation of Foreign Aid?
 McAlexander, Richard.

How English is Locke's Political Thought?
 Burns, Daniel.

How Francis Bacon’s New Organon Co-opts Biblical Theology for his New Atlantis
 Yaffe, Martin.

How Masculinity Trumps Experience: Women, Men, and Gubernatorial Elections
 Sellers, Mitchell. and Forster, Alicia.

How the Creation of Web 2.0 Influenced the Political Campaigns in the United States
 Tomaszewski, Norbert.

Human Security: The Evolution of a Definition and the Failings of the State
 Bivens, Robert.


ISIS’s Propaganda Empire: Beating the West at its Own Game
 Zakaria, Shaher.

Ibn Khaldun on the Impossibility of the Shariah State and the City in Speech
 Salem, Hazem.

Ideological Perception and Political Representation in Developing Democracies: The Case of Liberal Parties in Latin America
 Guedes Neto, João Victor.

Impact of Unilateral Third-party Interveners on Durability of Civil Peace Agreements: Implementers or Spoilers?
 Ogutcu-Fu, Sema Hande.

In the Place of Poul-Serrho: On the Savoyard Vicar's Reticence on Hell
 Burns, Kimberley.

Ingenium, Affects and the Political State in Spinoza’s Political Philosophy
 Ramos-Alarcón, Luís.

Institutional Change in a Messy World: Adaptation in Public Organizations
 Pecorella, Robert.

Institutional Socialization, Moral Psychology, and Peace Education: The Relations between Individuals, Institutions, and International Organizations
 Carchidi, Vincent.

Interest Group Lobbying and Agenda Setting in the American States
 Garlick, Alex.

International Conflict in the Arab Spring and the Revolutions of 1848
 Ewenstein, Paul.

International Non-Governmental Organizations: Political Conditions that Increase Vulnerability to Terrorist Attack
 Lambert, Kathryn.

International Ranking Mechanisms and U.S. Domestic Policy: Limits of Normative Constraints on American Unipolarity
 Cucharo, Stephen.

Is Aristophanes a Fool for Love?
 Leibowitz, Lisa.

Is Mexico a North American or Latin American Country? An Analysis from Public Opinion
 Ochoa-Bilbao, Luis. and Schiavon, Jorge.

Is Rationalist Philosophy Bad For Political Theory?: A Response To Zerilli
 Richards, Michael.

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JFK, George W., and Men on the Moon
 McMahon, Adam.

Jamaat-e-Islami and the New Era of Islamism in Bangladesh
 Ahmed, Sayeed.

Joining the Beast? Financialization and the Persistence of Alternative Banking
 James, Walter.

Judging Misconduct: Newspaper Coverage of Judicial Ethics Violations in Pennsylvania
 Yankle, Allyson., Rozzi, Alexandra. and Hatch, Jacob.

Judging Obama: Inheriting a Legacy of Misplaced Priorities
 Caswell, Bruce.

Julian Assange and the Political Ethics of Mass Leaking
 Kennedy, Christopher.

Justice Alito's Statutory Interpretation
 Reneau, Miriel.


LGBT Representation in Media and Its Impact on Identity Development
 Quinlan, Parker.

Latino Voting in the 21st Century - Location Does Matter!
 Ginsberg, Beth.

Latinos and the 2016 Election
 Schaller, Thomas., Segura, Gary. and Barreto, Matt.

Law & Public Policy: A Gap Between Theory and Teaching?
 Kammerer, Edward. and Estrella-Luna, Neenah.

Legal Consciousness, Federalism, and Flooding: Needing & Hating the Federal Government
 Hatcher, Laura. and Strother, Logan.

Legitimacy and Authority in the Work of Alexandre Kojève
 Frost, Bryan-Paul.

Leviathan’s Reconquest of the Christian Person for the State
 Shiffman, Mark.

Liberalism, Self-Authentication and Respect for non-Human Life
 Galisanka, Andrius.

Liberty, Democracy, OSHA: Worker Safety and Democratic Theory
 Sinyai, Clayton.

Limits of EU Conditionality: A Comparative Study of the EU Candidates in Western Balkans and Turkey
 Muftuler-Bac, Meltem.

Lucrezia's Queer Virtú: Decolonizing Machiavelli
 Henao Castro, Andrés.


Machiavelli on Civil Religion and Christianity
 Quinn, Timothy.

Machiavelli's Defense of Roman Expansionism in the Discourses on Livy
 Dempsey, Erik.

Machiavelli's New Testament: On the Literary Structure of the Prince
 McBrayer, Gregory.

Machiavelli’s Lucretian Theory of State Formation
 Jain, Dhruv.

Making Father Know Best: The Politics of Responsible Fatherhood
 Williams, H. Howell.

Making a Critique of Secularism in Locke, Audi, Rawls and Greenawalt
 Köni, Hakan.

Mandeville's Genealogy
 Gomes, Bjorn.

Market Basket: An Unusual Case of Collective Power
 Kowalik, Kyrie.

Marsilius and Averroism
 Macfarland, Joseph.

Martin Buber's Utopian Eschatology
 Wycoff, Asher.

Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson R. Mandela & Barack H. Obama: Their Strategic Roles in History, Leadership Contributions, and Unique Legacies”
 Arah, Benjamin.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Realignment of New York City Politics
 Flanagan, Richard.

Melania Trump and Bill Clinton: Understanding Public Opinion Toward the 2016 Presidential Candidates' Spouses
 Elder, Laurel., Frederick, Brian. and Burrell, Barbara.

Microfinance and Women’s Quality of Life: The Unexpected Dangers of Female in the MENA region
 Rockett, Megan.

Microfinance in Post Conflict Societies
 Jouben, Lindsay.

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National Popular Vote - A Constitutional Analysis
 Rish, Joseph.

National Primary Proposals: An Old Idea Deserving of a Fresh Look
 Parshall, Lisa.

Nationalist Self-Determination Claims in Western Europe: Explaining Radicalization.
 Lecours, Andre.

Need for Speed: The Effect of High-Speed Internet on Political Behavior
 Lelkes, Yphtach.

Neoliberal Justice, Subjects of Debt
 Feola, Michael.

New Cleavages in a New Economy: An Analysis of the 2016 Election
 Webb, Michael.

Next Labour? Changes in British Union-Labour Party Relations since the Election of Tony Blair
 Schulman, Jason.

Niebuhr, Nonviolence, and Another Realism
 Zimmer, Daniel.

Non-Governmental Organizations: A force for good
 Kaloudis, George.

Normalizing Regularizations?: A discussion of recent legalization campaigns in Europe
 Kiss, Clara.

North/South Dichotomy:Major Pitfalls in the World Economic Order
 Alaye, Sunday.


OFDI: A Chinese Foreign Policy Tool
 Frick, James.

Obama for America = Bain Capital: How Presidential Campaigns Are the Private Equity Firms of Politics
 Haglund, Evan.

On Liberal Acclamation: Carl Schmitt's Critique of the Secret Ballot
 Ette, Freke.

On the Economic Consequences of Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971
 Mona, Kyoko.

Onions in India: Food Protest and Policy Change
 Rutledge, Jennifer.

Operation Momentum: The CIA and America’s Secret War in Laos, 1960-1961
 Simeone, Sophia.

Our Brand is Fear: Fear Appeals, Nationalism and Threats to Economic Security in the 2016 Presidential Election
 Perry, Ashlie.

Outcomes Assessment in Higher Education as a Scientific/Intellectual Movement
 McClellan, Fletcher.


Partisan Political Trust and Policy Support
 Bergbower, Matthew.

Party Aggregation & Political Consolidation in the American States
 Hedrick, James.

Patriarchy Plus Neoliberal Policies Does Not Equal Gender Equality
 Correnti, Madelynn.

Perceptions of Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Fear, Risk and the 2016 Trump Effect
 Brogan, Michael., Price, Bryan., Rusciano, Frank., Thompson, Victor. and Walden, Kayla.

Philia Politikē and Social Trust in Aristotle
 Gooding, Nicholas.

Place Branding, Sports and Political Marketing
 Cosgrove, Ken.

Plato at a Glance
 Priou, Alex.

Polanyi’s Prophesy: The Promise of the Market and the Curse of Allostatic Overload
 Sardamov, Ivelin.

Policy Change in the US Promotion of Labor Clauses via Preferential Trade Agreements (1993-2015)
 Cezar, Rodrigo.

Political Attitudes and Civic Participation of Millennials: The Case of International Students in the US
 Bilgin, Klara.

Political Homophobia In Uganda: Examining State Power at the Intersections of Development, Identity, and Discourse
 Hoole, Adam.

Political Interpretation: Reading Politics from Tweets to Treatises
 Wallach, John.

Political Philosophy and Brain Drain: Rethinking the current Global Basic Structure
 Jack, Esther. and Andzenge, Andrea.

Politics Without Borders: Government Ideology Shifts and International Treaty Commitments
 Kose, Sevdenur.

Politics on the Quad: Comfort Discussing Contentious Political Issues on Campus
 Wright, Graham., Shain, Michelle. and Saxe, Leonard.

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Racial Determinants and Impacts of State Criminal Justice Policy
 Broscious, Courtney. and Javian, Katharine.

Racialism in Political Science: Hiding in Plain Sight
 Blatt, Jessica.

Raymond Aron, Jean-Paul Sartre, and the Rise of Ideology
 Orlando, Nathan.

Reading Between the Lines: Race-Conditional Welfare Chauvinism and Portrayals of Poverty in Canadian News
 Wallace, Rebecca.

Reagan and Iran-Contra: Impeachment or Heroics?
 Sanders, Robert.

Reagan and Race Politics: How Codified Rhetoric Divides the Middle Class and Empowers the Wealthy
 Weissman LaFrance, Joshua.

Reason Inside the Society of the Spectacle:  John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight
 Warner, Jamie.

Reconfiguration Europe’s Varieties of Labor Market Regimes? The Impact of the ESM on Labor Markets
 Zagermann, Dennis.

Red State, Blue Laws: How Utah’s Undocumented Policies Blur Party Color Lines
 Vimo, Jackie.

Reflections on the Hobbesian Revolution: The Natural and Artificial Roots of Modern Ideology
 Yudelman, Jonathan.

Refugee Activism in the Age of Trump
 Ruhm, Filiz.

Regime Change in the Hebrew Scriptures
 Gleicher, Jules.

Reinhold Niebuhr’s Democratic Theory
 Greenberg, Aaron.

Relational Egalitarianism: A Critique
 Barry, Nicholas.

Religious Realism: A New Approach to Counterterrorism
 Saiya, Nilay.

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Say Everything: Frank Speech and the Characters of Style in Demosthenes
 Goodman, Rob.

Sayyid Qutb’s Hakimiyyah Without the Binary of Sovereignty
 Faradj, Hisseine.

Secular Morality and the Evolution of United States Tobacco Policy, 2009-2016
 Ferraiolo, Kathleen.

Setting the Table: Agendas, Stakeholders, and the Development of the Farm Bill
 Grove, Sara.

Sexism and the Vote in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election
 Knuckey, Jonathan.

Simulating Marx: Alienation and Exploitation in a Nineteenth Century Factory
 Dooley, Kevin.

Social Media Activism in Pakistan: The Case of Qandeel Baloch
 Alam, Zainab.

Social Media Campaigns and Political Agenda-setting: The Case of Mexico
 Gómez-Cruces, Juan.

Social Media Social Movements in the Mediterranean: The Implications of Social Media in Political Action
 Ripley, Va\'aifetu.

Social Movements, Business Interests, and the Mass Media: Tax Policy and Inequality in the Trump Era
 Chomsky, Daniel.

Social capital, political participation, and political trust in East Asia
 Lee, Juheon.

Social safety net and political culture in developing and transition countries
 Kim, Si-ae.

Some observations on the First Part of Maimonides' Guide of the Perplexed
 Schmidt, Anna.

South Korea's engagement policy toward North Korea under Kim Dae-jung
 Kim, Shin Yon.

Spinoza and Machiavelli on Executive Power and The Problem of Corruption and Decline in Republics
 Wensveen, Jonathan.

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T.G. Masaryk, America, and the Founding of Czechoslovakia
 Slaboch, Matthew.

Tacitus’s Apology and Teachings in Agricola
 Wu, Yidi.

The Anti-Anarchist Turn: A Response to Simon Choat
 Jun, Nathan.

The Athenian Stranger's Account of the Origin of Political Rule
 Cleveland, Thomas.

The Autonomy of Violence and Its Implications for Politics and Strategy
 Campbell, Peter.

The Benefits of Transformational Leadership Style on Educational Institutions
 Dono-Koulouris, Marilyn.

The Changing Face of Terror Why ISIS is Different from al-Qaeda
 Givens, Joseph.

The Consecrated State: The Protestant Dimension of Burke’s Political Thought
 Grove, John.

The Critique of Democracy in the Republic: Self-Mastery and Freedom
 Campa, Naomi.

The Debate on Cosmopolitanism in Strauss and Kojeve
 Jaramillo Torres, Angel.

The Decline of Community Wind Energy Development in Denmark
 Darrow, Robert.

The Division of Political Labour in Aristotle
 Cammack, Daniela.

The Doctrine of “Manifest Destiny”: Religion, Morality, and Self-Interest in American Foreign Policy Discourse
 Lee, Ronald.

The Dream Ticket: Reagan, Ford and the Decision That Changed American Politics Forever
 Ronan, Jim.

The Effects of International Treaties Among Education for Women and Children
 Harris, Tiernan.

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U.S. Presidential Elections of 2016
 Montoro, Marie Claire.

Understanding Democratic Backsliding: A New Theoretical Framework
 Macdonald, Geoffrey. and Sands, David.

Understanding Insurgent Survival by Looking Backwards
 Blaxland, Joel.

United We Stand: Banking System Structure and State Preferences in European Banking Union
 Mitchell, Christopher.

Utopia or Perdition: The Role of Canada in American Political Rhetoric
 Young, Gregory.


Venezuela: A Nation Victim to Its Rent Resources and Maduro’s Regime
 Tedesco, Julia.

Victims and Soldiers: The Evolution and the Life Cycle of the International Norm Against Child Soldiers
 Mueller, Jennifer.


War Law Compliance: Non-State Armed Groups in a State-Centric World
 Stirling, Tess.

What a Difference a Year Makes: A Comparison of Affirmative Action in China and India
 Peale, Farris.

What's Lost in the Aggregate: Lessons from a Dynamic, Local Index of Housing Supply
 Orlando, Anthony. and Redfearn, Christian.

When FDI Increases in the Absence of BITs: A Synthetic Control Approach
 Cavallo de Oliveira, Paulo Marcio.

Who Represents Women’s Interests? Women-Friendly Bill Sponsorship In The South Korean National Assembly, 2000-2016
 Lee, Young-Im.

Who's Afraid of Greece and Rome?
 Miller, Patrick.

Whose World Bank? Donor Influence and the Lending Practices of the World Bank Group
 Blemings, Travis.

Why Bother Choosing Anyway? : LGBT Community Framing, and the Role of Etiological Beliefs
 Antsen, Jeff.

Why Do States Choose to Proliferate (or Not)? A Corporate Theory of Nuclear Proliferation
 Chaudhary, Ahsan.

Why does U.S. Fail to Coerce China in the South China Sea?
 Yin, Chengzhi.

Why is the Radical Right Shifting to the Left?
 Snegovaya, Maria.

Will Wonders Never Cease? Spinoza’s Critique of Miracles
 Frankel, Steve.

Willson v Blackbird Creek: The Keystone of the Constitution
 Colmo, Ann.

Women's Political Representation in Saudi Arabia
 Tailassane, Roumaissaa.


Xenophon's "Hiero" and Donald Trump
 Karra, Ashok.


Yes We Can: Plato’s Eleatic Stranger and the Possibilities of Politics
 Rabieh, Linda.
Northeastern Political Science Association 2017-Nov-09 to 2017-Nov-12
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