Northeastern Political Science Association 2018-Nov-08 to 2018-Nov-11

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"A New Case Is Born in the City": Machiavelli's New Modes and Orders for the Family
 Riley, Jack.

"Arguments for the Unitary Executive: A Normative and Empirical Assessment."
 Dodds, Graham.

"Friendship is Far Better": An Analysis of Odysseus' Role in Homer's Iliad
 Norman, Hannah.

"Maybe Putin was Right"; The Relative Success and Failure of Insurgent Candidates in U.S. Senate Races
 Taylor, Carl.

"Montesquieu's treatment of Rome in "The Spirit of the Laws"
 Rahe, Paul.

"Start Writing Now" - An Analysis of Student's Evaluations of Writing-Intensive Non-Writing Courses
 Jenkins, Clinton. and Wiley, Susan.

"The Rhetoric's" Treatment of Pleasure as Education in Political Phronēsis
 DiLeo, Daniel.

"The Time is Out of Joint": Edelman, Muñoz, and Arendt on the Queerness of Time and Politics
 Caver, Christopher.

"The Title of Barbarism": Montaigne, Locke, and the Natural Law of Travel Literature
 Kuiper, Catherine.

21st Century Whiteness: The Black Lives Matter Discourse and the Subject of Present Day Racism in Conservative and Liberal Rhetoric
 Bivens, Robert.

50 Years of Police Violence: A Reexamination of the Congruences between Police Brutality and Torture
 Kaur, Manpreet.

50 Years of US Affordable Housing Policy: How Policy Frameworks Impact Inequality and Potential Upward Mobility for Low-Income Families
 Stater, Keely. and McElwain, Kelly.

“Get a Real Disability”: Creating the Concept of Disability in the US and Canada
 Jenks, Andrew.

“In View of the Platform Upon Which I Was Elected”: Reinterpreting William Howard Taft’s Presidential Actions
 Korzi, Michael.

“Justice Under the Constitution and Not Over It”: Public Perceptions of FDR's Court-Packing Plan
 Blake, William.

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A Dynamic Theory of Social Capital and Empirical Implications of Immigration in the 21st Century
 Seltzer, Nicholas. and Johnson, April.

A Faustian Exchange: Evaluating 50 Years of Sino-African Relations and the Developmental State Model
 Zheng, Rui Qi Angela.

A Generation Removed: Differences in Survivors’ and Their Children’s Remembrance of the Cambodian Genocide
 Schofell, Jacob.

A Modern Theory of the Common Good
 Thompson, Michael.

A Neoliberal Funeral Oration: On Pain & Trauma in the US & Canadian Armed Forces
 Naumes, Sarah.

A New Framework for Fatherhood? An Examination of Parental Leave Policy Developments in Nordic Countries
 Nolin, Nicholas.

A Painful Paradigm: The Technological Paradigm and the Environment
 Saliba, Jacob.

A Political Theory of the U.S. Multinational Corporation and U.S. Investment Treaties: The NAFTA as Case Study
 Liss, Jesse.

A Provocation against Developmental Virtues
 Little, Sabrina.

A State of Mind: Mental Health as a Predictor of Political Participation
 Johnson, April.

A Tale of Two Lobbies: Laundry Pod Regulation in the US and EU
 Henin, Thibaud.

A Theology of Consensus: Occupy Wall Street's Civil Religion of the Nones
 Weinstein, Aaron.

AKP’s Authoritarian Transformation in Turkey: a Political Economy Perspective
 Yücesoy, Vahid.

Abortion as Tyranny
 Binetti, Christopher.

Accountability and Public Service Delivery, Shanze Fatima Rauf, New York University
 Rauf, Shanze.

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Bacon, Progressive Consciousness, and Divine Revelation
 Burns, Timothy.

Barriers to Voting: Contemporary Felony Disenfranchisement and the 2016 Presidential Election
 Trautman, Linda.

Beyond Bombs and Bullets: Symbols of Military Technology
 Parent, Matthew.

Beyond Culture: Geographical Relocation and Social Trust across Canada
 Brie, Evelyne.

Beyond 'La Françafrique': French Forum Shopping and Military Engagement in Africa
 Campion, Selene.

Biological Variables and Political Corruption: A Comparative Study
 Peterson, Steven.

Bootstrapping State Capacity in Rural China: Cadre System Building of the Chinese Communist Party in the Jin-Cha-Ji Anti-Japanese Base (1938-1945)
 Wang, Kehan.

Born This Way? The Rise of Industrial Capitalism, the Sex Binary, and Manufactured Desire
 Ledford, Angela.

Breaking the Binary: Reflections on Trans-Centered Political Science Pedagogy
 Williams, Howell. and Juliett, Leah.

Bringing American Indian Experiences In: Toward a Research Agenda for Security Studies
 Szarejko, Andrew.

Bystander Intervention and State Actors: Applying a Social Psychological Model to State Decision-making
 Agatstein, Zachary. and Agatstein, Fredric.


Campaign Strategy: Appealing to the Electorate Using Party Platforms in Nineteenth-Century America
 Silver, Adam.

Can The Center Hold? Emmanuel Macron and the Remaking of French Politics
 Turner, Joshua.

Can and Should Multiculturalism Include the "New Minority"?
 Armstrong, Frédérick.

Canadian and American Aid to Ireland During the Great Hunger
 Strum, Harvey.

Candidate Selection and Women’s Representation: an Examination of Participation in Canadian Federal Nomination Contests
 Wigginton, Michael.

Cannabis Legalization in Massachusetts: The Impacts of Policy Innovation and the Importance of Racial Justice
 Moyer, Jeffrey.

Caution in Comparison: A Study on Cultural Differences in Antiquity
 Doyle, Devin.

Chemical Imbalances: Elite Attitudes toward Drug Policy in a Comparative Setting
 Jacob, Rafael. and Alvarez, Amanda.

China’s Ascent since 1949 and Its Theoretical Explanation
 Zhang, Chenrong.

China’s Foreign Aid and Voting Patterns of Recipient States in the UNGA
 Abudula, Abulaiti.

Civil Military Relations and Military Doctrine in Pakistan
 Raja, Raza.

Climate Change and Its Effects on the Developing World
 Midkiff, Martha.

Collective Impact: The Key to Better Social Services or New Neoliberal Frontier?
 Stewart-Gambino, Hannah.

Coming Together: Sport and the Construction of National Identity in Iran
 Kashfi, Ehsan.

Comparative Analysis of Policy Implementation: Role of Domestic Factors and Effects of National Action Plans on Gender Participation
 Rasiewicz, Carly.

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Dark Acts and Dystopian Dreamscapes: Sociotechnical Imaginaries and American GMO Labeling Laws
 Bellino, Guy.

David Hume and the Last Fifty Years of Epistemology
 Roecklein, Robert.

Decolonial Principles within the New Latin American Constitutionalism
 Eidelwein, Tamires. and Eidelwein Silveira, Gabriel.

Deliberative Democracy and the Death of Dead Dogma
 Newman, Olivia.

Democratically Alienated: When Will Voters Boycott Transitional Elections?
 Mohamed, Ahmed Ezzeldin.

Democratization and Anti-US Base Protest Movements in South Korea and the Philippines
 Willis, Charmaine.

Democratizing Agenda Setting: Petition Processes in U.S. Regulatory Agencies
 Henschen, Beth. and McLauchlan, William.

Developing an Account of Human Agency and Freedom that is Worthy of the Anthropocene
 Mylius, Ben.

Dictatorship, Democracy, and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa, 50 Years of Change: The Case of Liberia
 Davis, Robert.

Discrimination of Candidates and Managers that Look or Sound Ethnic
 Kudrnac, Ales. and Waismel-Manor, Israel.

Divergent Paths of Kurdish Insurgence
 Akçadağ, Uğurcan.

Divergent Paths to Authoritarianism: Comparing Russian and Turkish Experiences
 Sozen, Yunus. and Balta, Evren.

Divine Politics: Religion and Political Science in Alfarabi's Book of Religion
 Ferkaluk, David.

Do Employers Know Too Much or Can Practices of Ignorance Protect Women at the Workplace?
 Marder, Lev.

Do Political Scientists (and IR Scholars) Need A Goldwater Rule?
 Zoli, Corri.

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EU Legitimacy Crisis of Migrants and European Elections: Political Preferences of Integrationists and Eurosceptic Parties and Platforms in National and European Parliamentary Elections
 Eugene Arnaud, Yombo Sembe.

EU Politics in Times of Crises:Crisis Management and Integration Dynamics
 Müller Gómez, Johannes. and Reiners, Wulf.

Economic Woes, the Influx of Migrants and the Rise of the Far-Right in Italy
 Shabani, Zamir.

Ecuador's Trade and Investment Relationship with China under the Correa Administration
 Rodas Saa, Christian.

Edmund Burke, William Wilberforce, and Slavery
 Collins, Gregory.

Educating (Against) Violence: Revisiting Fanaticism and Radicalization with Rousseau’s Emile
 McCallum, Martin.

Election Credibility and Political Participation: Fair Vote Representation Model
 Eugene Arnaud, Yombo Sembe.

Encounters in Tourism: Implications for the Cuba-U.S. Relationship
 Wylie, Lana.

Energy Games, Geopolitics and the Escalation of Russia-China Competition for Influence in Central Asia
 Racanska, Luba.

Ensnaring Team Trump: The Banking Secrecy Act of 1970 & Congressional Intent
 McMahon, Adam.

Equitable Federalism and the Roberts Court
 Colucci, Frank.

Erasmus and the Death of the Body Politic
 Nederman, Cary.

Expanding Rights of Saudi Arabian Women
 Byers, Margaret.

Exploring Challenges to WWP Implementation in County Organizations
 Camarillo, Earlene.

Exploring the Individual Attitudes and Institutional Barriers on Nonvoting in U.S. Elections
 Peterson, Rolfe., Clark, Nick. and Nielson, Lindsay.

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Factors Influencing Creation and Fate of Five Innovations in Change from Social Democratic to Neoconservative Government
 Glor, Eleanor.

Factors affecting community (dis)satisfaction in energy projects and decision authorities
 Bird, Stephen.

Fake News and the Case for News Literacy in the Digital Information Age
 McGuire, Sara.

Fear & (In)Action: The Emotional Manipulation of Dissent in Contemporary National Political Discourse
 Dang, Cindy.

Fellow Travelers or Frenemies: Socrates and the Eleatic Stranger on the Knower’s Need to Rule in Plato’s Statesman
 Rabieh, Linda.

Feminism’s Sons: FtMs, Epistemological Privilege, and the Development of a Trans-Positive Feminism
 Jones, Michael.

For the Punishment of Crime: The Antebellum Northern Foundation of Convict Slavery
 Woodward-Burns, Robinson.

Foster Care Youth Well-being & LGBTQ Rights Expansions in America: What’s the Effect?
 Ranallo-Benavidez, Brandon.

From Alien or Resident to Citizen? Asian and Filipino Bids for Citizenship in the Philippine-American War
 Novkov, Julie.

From Colonized to Castaways: Algerians Migrants and the French Immigration Policy
 Robbins, Melissa.

From Insurgency to Institutionalization: The Evolution of the Congressional Black Caucus
 Fauntroy, Michael.

From Personal Responsibility to Violating Personal Liberty: Republican Presidents, News Coverage, and Health Care Mandates
 Hopper, Jennifer.

From Ted Kennedy to Bernie Sanders: The Development and Transformation of Liberal Activism in the United States Senate Since 1968
 Cloutier-Roy, Christophe.

From The Army of Israel to the Conqueror of Canaan: Religion, The Army, and American National Identity in the Early Republic
 Keller, Jonathan. and Adler, William.

From the Central City to the Suburbs: Local Growth Politics and the Atlanta Braves
 Shock, David.


Gandhian Inspired Environmentalism in India
 Hukil, Roomana.

Gendered Orientalism: ISIS Brutality & Support for A New American Military Mission
 Mello, Brian.

Genocide Justice as Political Strategy: The Case of Bangladesh
 Beachler, Donald.

Gerald Ford and the Institutional Logic of the American Presidency
 Cash, Jordan.

Global Governance and The Rise of Global Migration Management
 Smith, Michael.

Globalisation, crisis, and voting behaviour. The electoral impact of the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund
 Ciobanu, Costin.

Going Negative or Positive: A Survey Experiment on Advertising Tone
 Franz, Michael., Ridout, Travis. and Franklin Fowler, Erika.

Governors, Religion, and Candidate Quality
 Forster, Diana. and Sellers, Mitchell.

Greece: The Long Journey to a Consolidated Democracy Revisited
 Kaloudis, George.


Hannah Arendt, Contemporary Islamists and the Embrace of Human Diversity
 Baroudi, Sami.

Happiness in the Reveries of the Solitary Walker
 Wu, Yidi.

Harvesting US Democracy: The Kerner Commission on Police Brutality, White Supremacy, and Race
 Ryan, Mary.

Hate Speech In Australia, Canada, and the United States
 Lichtman, Steven.

Havel's Existential Revolution: Democracy, Citizenship, and the Sources of Popular Politics
 Tranvik, Isak.

Hegel's Interpretation of Montesquieu
 Tussing, James.

History, Memory and National Narratives as Barriers to Reconciliation
 Budd, Eric.

Hobbes on Magic
 Smith, Travis.

How Democracies Die: The Freudian Edition
 Duff, Brian.

How Do Governments Backslide? A Cross-National Study of Trends
 Macdonald, Geoffrey. and Sands, David.

How does Political Ecology Complement Critical Constructivism of International Relations for Understanding Global Climate Politics?
 Tabassum, Nowrin.

How the War on Poverty Built the U.S. Disability Rights Movement
 Erkulwater, Jennifer.

Human Rights, Rights for All: Refugees in Northern Brazil
 Soares, Paulo Roberto., Araujo, Mayana. and Santos, Diogo.

Human Trafficking: An Empirical Approach to Determine if Prosecution Works
 Ramm, Richard.


Identity Fanaticism and Governance crisis in Nigeria: Explaining the role of Imperial Political Elites
 Nweke, Eugene.

Ideological Cohesion and Representation in Decentralized American Social Movements
 Wilson, Hannah.

Imagination and History in Rousseau's Social Contract
 Steinmetz, Alicia.

Impact of Migration on Home Areas: Internal Migration, Ethnic Identity and the Impact of Remittance Culture in Rural Ghana
 Assan, Joseph Kweku.

Impediments to proportional Representation for Women in American Poltics
 Allsopp, Kaitlin.

Implicit Bias and Epistemic Democracy
 Madan, Nicolas.

In the Shadow of Disney, Walking in Their Shoes: The Florida Project, The Motel Kids of Orange County, and Housing Insecurity
 Yenerall, Kevan.

Inadequate for Democratic Citizenship: A Double Edged Standard for Distributing Education
 Oprea, Alexandra.

Innovation, Retrenchment, Mobilization and Restoration: The Political Limitations of Disability Rights
 Pettinicchio, David.

Institutional Racial Capitalism in the European Migration Crisis: Urban Refugees in Paris
 Bhagat, Ali.

Interaction Matters: Comparing Student Peer Interaction Across Modes of Instruction, Face-to-Face and Online.
 Chadha, Anita.

International Humanitarian Order
 Odinokova, Angelina.

International Non-Governmental Organizations and Faith: A Source of Security or Cause of Vulnerability?
 Lambert, Kathryn.

Internet Effects in Times of Political Crisis in Recent Times
 Ngieh, Tanifom.

Intersectional India: Caste, Feminism and Development in the 21st Century
 Backelin-Harrison, Anika.

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J'Accuse: Machiavelli's Critique of a Divine Calumny
 Ruderman, Richard.

Japan and regional governance in Asia: TPP reconsidered
 Kim, Jemma.

Jefferson’s Political Anthropology: Non-Coercive Political Power in Aboriginal Societies
 Caivano, Dean.

John F. Kennedy as Political Thinker: Vigorous Leadership & Public Morality
 Slomski, Ben.

John Locke and Basic Equality Under Law
 Chun, Michelle.

John Rawls and the Curious Revival of Political Philosophy
 Orr, Steven.

Jokes and Public Policy Advocacy : Late-Night Political Humorists and the Donald Trump Presidency
 Farnsworth, Stephen. and Lichter, S. Robert.

Judicial Creation in Authoritarian Regimes as Efficient Waste
 Aziz, Sahar. and Rogers, James.


Karl Marx theory of Alienation and its relevancy to today’s social justice campaign
 Conaway, Raekwon.

Keystone Corruption: An Analysis of the Culture of Administrative Corruption in Pennsylvania
 Holoviak, Paula.

Ktunaxa Nation, Bill C-69, and the Prospects for Implementation of the UNDRIP’s Protection of Indigenous Sacred Sites in Canada
 Robinson, Andrew.

Kymlicka, Nussbaum, and Black Lives Matter: Making Room for Group Claims in a Liberal System
 Coughlan, Elizabeth.


La Nouvelle Gestion Publique et ses conséquences sur les marchés bureaucratiques : les cas de l’Alberta, de l’Ontario, du Québec et de la Nouvelle-Écosse.
 Viola-Plante, Stéphanie.

La communication politique numérique dans les démocraties émergentes
 Ben Mansour, Bader.

La vie politique écossaise de 1967-2018, ascension du Scottish National Party et changement de clivage dominant
 Elmerich, Jeremy.

Law and Regime in Aristotle Politics I
 Nendza, Amy.

Law, Politics, and the Common Good: Reading Ptolemy of Lucca
 Mellon, James.

Learning from Experience: Policy Diffusion and the Control of Invasive Species
 Grove, Sara.

Legislators, Architects, and Spectators: Secular Justice From Locke to Hume
 Tuckness, Alex.

Liberalism, Critical Cosmopolitanism and the Fate of the “Global South”
 Hashim, Mohsin.

Local Option Voting and the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union: Indifference or Effect?
 Chamberlain, Adam., Yanus, Alixandra. and Pyeatt, Nicholas.

Localism, Centralization, and Tyranny
 Latimer, Trevor.

Locke on the State of Nature and the Old Testament
 Behnegar, Nasser.

Losing its ‘Magic’: the Concept of Social Inclusion in the Design of Policy Instruments
 Dickson, Daniel. and Revelli, Marina.


Machiavelli on Force and Violence
 Hassanzadeh, Navid.

Machiavelli's Literary Works as a Critique of the Platonic Eros
 Bogiaris, Guillaume.

Magnanimity and Munificence in Aristotle's Politics
 Colmo, Ann.

Making Borders from the Inside: A Multilevel Theory of Borderland Regime Enforcement
 Chabot, Rose.

Making a Move: The Strategic Diffusion of Skill-Selective Immigration Policies
 Born, Vivienne.

Managed Speech: Trajectories of Contemporary Left Activism in the United States.
 Ospina Pedraza, Ana.

Manipulation in Deliberative Decision-Making
 Whitfield, Gregory.

Mapping the History of Women in International Relations: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
 Briggs, Thomas.

Measuring Budgetary Preferences Using Interactive Budget Simulations
 D\'Attoma, John., Tuxhorn, Kim-Lee. and Steinmo, Sven.

Migration Theory, Policy, and the Politics of a Human Condition
 Layachi, Azzedine.

Militarization of Public Safety: Transformation of Colombian Armed Forces
 Garcia, Roberto. and Thoene, Ulf.

Missionaries, Merchants, and Democracy
 Angell, Kevin.

Modern Banishment and the Carceral State
 Grasso, Anthony.

Modern Slavery: An Analysis of the Effect of Conflict on Human Trafficking in DRC, Guatemala, Switzerland, Syria, and Venezuela
 Fleitz, Megan.

Montesquieu's Political Science and his Romans
 Zigler, Dov.

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NATO and Transatlantic Divergence: The Impact of Multipolarity on the Transatlantic Security Order
 Dolan, Chris.

Narcos’ Business Strategies: Explaining Patterns of Violence in Central America
 Blume, Laura.

Narrating Russia in Policy Institutes
 Regnier, Cindy.

Neoliberalism, Political Crisis, and the Notion of the Public
 Khachaturian, Rafael.

New Amsterdam to Cape Town: Common Law and the American Experiment
 D\'Angelo, Vincent.

Newcomers to Militarization - The Domestic Factors that Impede or Facilitate Counter-Narcotics Militarization in Latin America Today
 Rivera Sojo, Sofia.

Nigeria's political Odyssey: Continuity or Change?
 Fasunwon, Adebayo.

Nigerian State and the Failed State Debate: Emerging Realities and the Imperative of Renegotiating the Social Contract
 Nweke, Kenneth.

Nixon's RealPolitik versus Trump's Principled Realism:Has 50 Years Made a Difference
 Cutler, Leonard.

No Longer a Society of Men: Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Gospel Christianity within the State
 Cortes, Alyssa.

Nobody Wants a Cheating Song: The Decline of Infidelity as a Theme in Country Music
 Welsh, Michael. and Barker, Philip.

Normative Framing Strategies among Refugee Protection Organizations in High and Low Contention States
 Schnyder, Melissa.

Normative Power Europe or Normal Power Europe? Comparing the EU’s foreign policy towards China and ASEAN, Iris Chen, King's College London
 Chen, Iris.


Obstacles to Female Parliamentary Representation in Jamaica
 Johnson-Myers, Tracy-Ann.

Oh, The Humanity: Deflating a Humean Concept
 Szymkowiak, Aaron.

On Aristotle's Metaphysics Alpha through Gamma
 Priou, Alex.

On Method in Dialogue: An Analysis of the Argument and Drama of Plato’s Gorgias
 Ashford, Marc.

On Systemic Corruption: Structural Political Decay From Plato to Machiavelli
 Vergara, Camila.

Open Borders, Sovereignty, and Travelers
 Altundal, Ugur.

Opposition and Diffusion: The Politics of Natural Gas Pipeline
 Brogan, Michael.

Outsider Voices, Insider Choices: Do Statements From World Leaders Affect Citizens' Attitudes Towards the European Union?
 Rossbach, David. and Johnson, Tyler.

Overcoming Historicism: Strauss’s “Return” Properly Understood
 Hartman, Matthew.

Overcoming Income and Interest Groups: Saliency and Representative Responsiveness
 Fitzpatrick, Brian.


Palestinian Identity 70 years after the Nakba
 Gray, Carol.

Parliamentary Rules Change and Lobbying Activity: the Case of the Canadian Senate 2008-2018
 Bridgman, Aengus.

Peering into the Black Box: Decision-Making Analysis and the Case of U.S.-Iran Relations After 9/11
 Nabavi-Noori, Alexander.

Perpetrators of Genocide - Revisited
 Kunze, Stefanie.

Persistence in the face of Poor Performance: Institutions, Economics, and Democracy Support in Asia
 Sanborn, Howard.

Pierre Manent et Leo Strauss : une proximité trompeuse
 Tanguay, Daniel.

Pious and Defiant: An Analysis of the Development of Feminist Thought in Iran (1979 - 2017)
 Elsayed, Dalia. and Bashir, Hassan.

Plato's Autobiography: Reading the Seventh Letter as the Centerpiece of an Epistolary Novel
 Helfer, Ariel.

Platonic Revivalists? The Cases of Simone Weil and Leo Strauss
 Ballingall, Robert.

Plato’s Philosophy of Peace
 Zoller, Coleen.

Policy Diffusion of Right-to-Try Laws in the American States
 Seabrook, Nicholas.

Political Career Pathways, Gender, and Party Ideology in Western Europe
 Och, Malliga.

Political Civility in the Age of Trump
 Deckman, Melissa.

Political Culture in Modern Belize: A Fifty-Year Perspective
 Bosworth, Jeffrey.

Political Effects of the Aspirations of Space: Hannah Arendt on technological progress and the early modern scientific paradigm
 Green, Taylor.

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Qutb’s Hakimiyyah Through the Lens of Arendtian Authority
 Faradj, Hisseine.


Race, Gender, and Political Representation in the Mississippi Legislature
 Dupree, Ernest.

Racial Capitalism and (Neo)Liberalism in/of Black Panther
 Crandall, Emily. and Iverson, Erika.

Racial Liberalism and the Biopolitics of ‘All Lives Matter’
 McMahon, John.

Racial Prejudice toward Asian Americans and Vote Choice for Trump in the 2016 Election
 Kim, Myunghee. and Knuckey, Jonathan.

Rawls, Reasonability, and the Power of Outsider Truth
 Traber, Rebecca.

Re-Reading Plato on Censorship: Mindfulness towards Music and Politics in the Republic
 LeMoine, Rebecca.

Re-establishing the Assertive Executive: The Trump Presidency and the Post-Modern Diminished President
 Sandman, Joshua.

Realism against Legitimacy
 Bagg, Samuel.

Reason, Law, and the Affective Politics of Religious Accommodation
 Heard, Kathryn.

Recognition, Satisfaction, and Life at the End of History
 Frost, Bryan-Paul.

Refugee Politics in Autocracies: Acceptance of Refugees under Domestic and International Pressures
 Higashijima, Masaaki. and Woo, Yu Jin.

Regional Monetary Arrangements: Insights from East Asia
 Ramires Pelisson, Debora.

Reinterpreting Plato’s Kallipolis in the Republic through an Ethics of Care
 Cadavid, Eva.

Religion and State Authority: 50 years of balancing constraint
 Drumhiller, Nicole., Russo, Charles. and Brannum, Kate.

Religion and the Abolition of the Death Penalty: A Global Comparison
 Anckar, Carsten.

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Seal the Deal? Impact of Trade with the Land of the Free and Wealth Inequality of Partner Country
 Valdivia, Rossana.

Securitization of Climate Change in India and China: Issues, Concerns and Implications
 Arora, Sachna.

Seething Rage and Separate Truths: Modern Political Media and American Frustration
 Dagnes, Alison.

Selling Canada by the Can: National Identity as Marketing Campaign in the US and Canada
 Young, Gregory.

Separate and Unequal: Constitutional Law and the U.S. Unincorporated Territories
 Dardani, Ross.

Sexism as Context: Explaining Elections Using Aggregate Attitudes
 Pyeatt, Nicholas. and Yanus, Alixandra.

Shame’s Speech: Defending the Beautiful in Aristotle’s Rhetoric
 Basil, Christine.

Shaping the Animal Welfare Act of 1966: Deliberation in the Senate Committee on Commerce Hearings
 Castaneda, Rebeca.

Shifting trends of Public Opinion in Appalachia
 Kent, Andrea.

Shiny on the Outside: Persuasion in Candidate Specific Issue Advocacy Advertisements
 Marchant-Shapiro, Theresa. and Forbus, Robert.

Sikander Hyat-Khan and the ‘Threat” of Provincial Leadership Pre-Partition
 Zaino, Jeanne.

Social Construction and Threat Perception in US Foreign Policy: Understanding the Threat of Nuclear Proliferation
 Blemings, Travis.

Societal Status as a Security Vulnerability: Human Trafficking in Nepal
 Collins, Yaela. and Diaz, Sabrina.

Socratic Autobiography and the Defense of Philosophy in Plato’s Theaetetus
 Herold, Carly.

Sovereignty and the Nature of the Polity in Burke’s 'Observations'
 Grove, John.

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Teaching Law and the Courts: The Pedagogical Utility of Hollingsworth v. Perry
 DiSarro, Brian. and Evans, John.

Teaching to Transform - Educating 21st Century Learners
 Levy, La Della.

Technology and Self-Recognition in the Universal and Homogeneous State
 Jerusalimiec, Lucas.

Teleology, Money, and Democracy in Aristotle’s Politics Book I
 Townsend, Mary.

The Antagonism of Thomas Carlyle's Romanticism and John Rawls's Rationalism
 Wolfel, Brian.

The Beginning of the Nicomachean Ethics: Predecessors, Architects, and Listeners
 Alexander, Rachel.

The Bittersweet Truth of Development
 Hickey, Patrick.

The Caribbeanization of Black Politics: African American and Black Ethnic Politics in New York City
 Austin, Sharon.

The Causes of the Far Right Political Parties: a Case Study of the French Presidential Election in 2012
 LIN, Cheng Wei.

The Change Political Science Must Embrace: The Proper Use of Multidiciplined Theory
 Nelson, Sherice.

The Changing Landscape of Taxation Law in the 1780's
 Hotes, Nathan.

The Choices, Narratives, and Dilemmas of Sacred Rhetoric: A Strategic Interactionist Perspective of the Unity for Gallaudet Protests in 2006
 Stern, Brendan.

The Civil Religion Paradox Revisited: The Case of Spinoza’s Democratic Theology
 Schacter, Rory.

The Common Good in the REPUBLIC and STATESMAN
 Moes, Mark.

The Comparative Analysis of the Impacts of Multiculturalism and Interculturalism on Immigration Communities in the Canadian Context
 Seo, Won Min.

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U.S. Customs and Border Patrol's Non-Border Authority: A Legal Analysis
 Anthony, Deborah.

U.S.-Polish Relations: A Crucial Alliance in Combating Russian Aggression
 Givens, Joseph.

Un-American: The Ethics of Partisan Appeals to the Nation State
 Cheng, Eric.

Understanding Metal Gear Solid and Other Modern Video Games as Political Science Texts
 Ballesteros, Stefano.

Understanding Principal Cognitions of Black Voters in Racially-Charged Districts
 Lewis, Timothy.

Using War Movies to Engage Millennial Students in the Study of Political Theory
 Martin, Coty.


Values and Place: Explaining Why Rural Americans Demand Less from Governments
 Berriochoa, Kattalina.

Venue Shifting and Strategic Rhetoric in U.S. GMO Labeling Politics
 Keel, Gina.

Voting in the Roman Republic: An Alternative Model for Epistemic Democrats
 Oprea, Alexandra.


Wailing and Lamenting like Women: Listening to the Pythagorean Resonances in Plato’s Phaedo
 Schultz, Anne-Marie.

Wallfare in Neoliberal States: Border Fortification and Security by Design in the United States, India, and Botswana
 Morneau, Louis-Philippe.

War as a Lens: Rethinking the International System
 Simonyi, Andre.

Warren G. Harding and the Development of the Modern Presidency
 Boros, Jacob.

Water Thief and the Stolen Time. Temporal Dimensions of Ancient Athenian Democracy
 Gudelis, Mykolas.

What Can Aristotle Teach Us About the Modern State?
 McBrayer, Gregory.

What Does Remain of Isaiah Berlin's Political Philosophy? His Critique of Monism
 Lagi, Sara.

What is Democratic Public Space?: How Our Shared Places Can Encourage Community, and Create Citizens
 Boros, Diana.

What's in a Throne: Game of Thrones and Contemporary Ideas of Political Legitimacy
 Orlando, Nathan.

What’s the Harm in Selling Out? Authenticity and Political Notions of Harm
 Hagel, Nina.

When Voices are Heard: Interest Group and Trade Policy
 Noh, Hanna.

When the Going Gets Tough: The Decision Environment, Political Parties, and Women’s Nominations in Latin America
 Piscopo, Jennifer.

When the Party Doesn't Decide: Ideology & Expectations in the 2016 Invisible Primary
 Christenson, Dino. and Smidt, Corwin.

Whistleblower or traitor? Public Perceptions of Government Leakers
 Krueger, Brian. and Lynch, Emily.

Who is to Blame for the Damage Caused by Natural Disasters? The Impact of Individuals’ Experiences of Disasters on their Trust in Governmental Institutions
 Lee, Juheon.

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Northeastern Political Science Association 2018-Nov-08 to 2018-Nov-11
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