5th National Small Farm Conference 2009-Sep-15 to 2009-Sep-18

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"Are we Organic yet!?" NOP Compliance for Non-certified Organic Growers
 Kuepper, George.


A Discussion of Pesticides, the Environment and the IPM Concept for the Small Farmer
 Halman, Robert.

A Market-Driven Enterprise Screening Guide
 Lobo, Ramiro., Lev, Larry., Nakamoto, Stuart. and Bender, Gary.

A Record Keeping Tool to Help Farmers Increase Their Profits Through Benchmark Analysis by Pulling Their Basic Financial Information Together
 Brumfield, Robin.

A Successful Tool for Teaching Small-Acreage Owners Sustainable Farming Practices
 Donaldson, Susan. and Etter, Stephanie.

Adventures in Temperate Agroforestry
 Hawkes, Janet.

African American Land Retention and Sustainable Development
 Pennick, Edward.

AgPlan - Free Business Planning Help for Farmers and Rural Entrepreneurs is Just a Click Away
 Moynihan, Meg. and Klair, Kevin.

Alternative Curricula Formats for Reaching Immigrant Farmers
 Cha, Bee., Murray, Todd., Barrentine, Patrice. and Ostrom, Marcy.

Alternative Curricula Formats for Reaching Immigrant Farmers (Part 2)
 Flores, Malaquias., Barrentine, Patrice. and Ostrom, Marcy.

Alternative Enterprises and Marketing Opportunities for Small Farms in Virginia
 Okpebholo, Fidelis., Nartea, Theresa., Adkins, Alvin., Slade, Cliff., Somerville, Cliff. and Hairston, Jewel.

Animal Well-Being in Small Poultry Flocks: Opportunities to Improve Bird Health and Product Quality
 Fanatico, Anne. and Donoghue, Annie.

Assisting Small Farmers of Different Cultural Heritage in Missouri
 Navarrete-Tindall, Nadia. and Lock, Casi.


Backyard Farming: The Urban Homesteader – www.backyardfarming.blogspot.com
 Johnson, Marisa., Johnson, Dale., Knorpp, Megan., Hatch, Jennifer. and Johnson, Michael.

Bedded Pack Management System Case Study
 Thurgood, John., Comer, Challey., Flaherty, Daniel. and Kiraly, Mariane.

Biodiesel Production and Its Implications For Small Farmers
 Barker, Dorathy.

Bringing New Farmer Training into the Information Age: Online Courses, Webinars, Forums, and Web Videos
 Frenay, Erica. and Rangarajan, Anusuya.

Bringing Non-English Speaking Minority Growers into the Fold
 Baameur, Aziz.

Building Capacity Among Immigrant Farmers in a Community College Context
 Prado-Meza, Claudia. and Lewis, Hannah.

Building Extension and Agriculture Networks for Farm-to-School Program Success
 Kovacs, Tricia. and Barrentine, Patrice.

Building Support for Local Agriculture through Community Markets
 Grimmett, Hill.

Building the Small Farms Institute (SFI): From the Ground Up
 Castillo, Jeanine. and Graham, Jeff.


CSREES Funding Opportunities through AFRI Small and Medium-Sized Farms Program
 Sureshwaran, Suresh. and Jerkins, Diana.

CSREES Funding Opportunities through Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program
 Sureshwaran, Suresh., Hipp, Janie. and McAleer, Patricia.

CSREES Funding Opportunities through Small Business Innovation Research Program
 Sureshwaran, Suresh. and Cleland, Charles.

CSREES Opportunities and Services for Those Who Work with Small-Scale Producers
 McAleer, Patricia.

Can Sweet Sorghum and Sweet Potato Ethanol Contribute to Self-Sufficiency of Small Farms?
 Bomford, Michael.

Case Histories of Grass-Fed Dairy Market Development in the Upper Midwest
 Paine, Laura.

Challenges and Potential for Small Farmers Producing and Marketing Specialty Crops and Livestock: Case Studies on Practical Ways of Mitigating Elements of Agricultural Risks and Building Sustainable Small Family Farms
 Scott, Samuel.

Challenges and Successes in Documenting Small Farm Program Impacts
 Ebodaghe, Denis.

Challenges and Successes of Minority Landowners
 Harris, Victor.

Clusters and Social Networks as On-Ramps for Smaller Farms
 Goetz, Stephan. and Rangarajan, Anusuya.

Community-Based Wind Power: A New Crop for the Nation’s Small Farmers
 Thiede, Dan.

Conducting a Small & Beginning Farmer Series
 Clendaniel, John.

Conservation and Producer Benefits of a Bedded Pack Management System - Case Study
 Thurgood, John., Comer, Challey., Flaherty, Daniel. and Kiraly, Mariane.

Cultivating Success Small Farms Education: Engaging Idaho and Washington Farmers in the On-farm Teaching-learning Process
 Williams, Cinda. and Agenbroad, Ariel.

Cultivating Success: Community Based Education for Sustainable Small Farms
 Ostrom, Marcy. and Williams, Cinda.


Developing Agritourism as a Marketing Tool: The Big Picture
 Pike, John.

Developing and Implementing a Web-Based Instructional Model for Producers Operating on Limited Acreage
 Bennett, Blake., Johnson, Jason. and Parker, Rebecca.


Effective Outreach for Wisconsin’s Women and Hispanic Farmers: Using Community Based Social Marketing for Research
 Lezberg, Sharon. and Newenhouse, Astrid.

Engaging Sustainable Small Farms and Farmers in the Teaching-Learning Process: New Directions for “Cultivating Success”
 Williams, Cinda. and Agenbroad, Ariel.

Evaluating Marketing Channel Options for Small-Scale Fruit & Vegetable Producers: Case Study Evidence from Central New York
 LeRoux, Matthew.

Exploring Marketing Opportunities for Ethnic Vegetable Producers in Urban Centers
 Wetherill, Andy.

Extension Outreach Methodologies to Make Your Program More Effective - What Works, What Doesn't
 Molinar, Richard.

Extension Outreach Methodologies to Make Your Program More Effective -- What Works, What Doesn't 2
 Molinar, Richard.


FRIENDS and CASHN Providing Emergency Preparedness Education around Emerging Infectious Diseases: A Retrospective Analysis
 Eley, Michelle.

FSA American Indian Credit Outreach
 Kling, Lou Anne.

FSA Participation in Federal Programs and Implementation of the 2008 Farm Bill
 Giamanco, Scherrie. and Chadwell, Charles.

Factors Affecting Manure Transfers in the Midwest
 Amidei-Allspach, Jessica. and McCann, Laura.

Farm Beginnings® - Sowing the Seeds for New and Transitional Farmers with Training and Support
 Cavanaugh-Grant, Deborah.

Farm Beginnings® Programs in Southeast Nebraska Assist Beginning Diversified Farmers.
 Lesoing, Gary.

Farm Credit University: Ag Biz Planner for Young, Beginning, Small and Minority Farmers
 Matteson, Gary. and Kohl, David.

Farm Size and Adoption of BMP’s by AFO’s
 McCann, Laura. and Gedikoglu, Haluk.

Farm Succession and Estate Planning With Personal Coaching for Participating Families
 Tuck, Brian. and Kerr, Susan.

Farm and Ranch Survival Kit Program
 Tuck, Brian. and Kerr, Susan.

Farm to Chef
 Bartning, Bion.

Farmers, Start Your Engines; Bringing Southern Ohio Farms to Life
 Fisher, Jeff. and Nye, Tony.

Farmers' Market Promotion Program (FMPP) Grant Program: Farm Bill Financial Assistance for Direct Marketing Projects in 2010-2012
 Humphrey, Carmen.

Farmers' Market at the Utah Botanical Center
 Olsen, Shawn.

Farmers' Markets’ Contributions to Sustainable Food and Farming Systems: Lessons from Michigan
 Conner, David. and Smalley, Susan.

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Get More from Your Milk: Increasing Profit through Value-Added Products
 Roth, Sarah., Hyde, Jeffrey., Gloy, Angela., Kelly, Brian. and Kaylegian, Kerry.

Getting Started in Dairy Goats
 Engleking, Steve.

Good Agricultural Practices Impacting Small Acreage Farmers in New Mexico
 Flores, Nancy.

Grass-Roots Marketing: the Wisconsin Grass-Fed Beef Cooperative
 Paine, Laura. and Swenson, Jeff.

Grazing Education in Indiana with Purdue Extension Service
 Kepler, Mark. and Engleking, Steve.

Grow Your Farm
 Kelly, Debi., Wilson, Dean. and Grim, Trisha.

Growing Farms: Successful Whole Farm Management
 Martin, Dana., Andrews, Nick., Matthewson, Melissa., Fery, Melissa., Stephenson, Garry. and Pool, Kristin.

Growing the US Maple Industry
 Farrell, Michael.


Harvesting the Bounty - Successful Micro Food Business
 Flores, Nancy.

Healthy Lands, Healthy Horses: Program Development for Small Acreage Owners in South Dakota
 Bott, Rebecca.

High Tunnels for Season Extension of Specialty Vegetable Production on Small Farms
 Yeboah, Osei-Agyeman., Gayle, Godfrey., Muchha, Reddy., Manuel, Reyes., Ofori-Boadu, Victor. and Taylor, Kurt.

How Do Manure and Compost Influence Weeds on Your Farm?
 Taylor, Erin.

How Small Farms can Market to Local Collegiate Food Service Operations
 Hardesty, Shermain.

How are Energy Costs Affecting Greenhouse Growers?
 Brumfield, Robin., Both, A.J.. and Wulster, George.

How to Keep Horses from Making a Mess of Your Watershed
 Fery, Melissa. and Stephenson, Garry.


Improved Calving on Pasture for Ranchers
 Gross, Jason. and Henry, Chris.

Improving Economic Returns And Long-Run Sustainability in a Rapaidly Growing, Peri-Urban, Multicultural, Traditional Farming Community
 DeMouche, Leeann. and Skaggs, Rhonda.

Integrated Weed Managment: Fine Tuning the System
 Taylor, Erin.

Is there Support for Value-Added Agriculture in Alabama? Evidence from Statewide Surveys
 Bukenya, James., Brazil, Latravis., Gyawali, Buddhi. and Banerjee, Swagata.


Journey Towards "Cultural" Compentence
 Marinez, Juan.


Legal Issues for Direct Farm Marketers
 Schell, Richard.

Limited Resource Farmers Can Give Back to Your Program
 Carrington, Amy.

Linking Rural Farms to Urban Markets: Activities Showcased at the UN Commission on Sustainable Development
 Larew, Hiram., Kramer-LeBlanc, Carol., Crosby, Greg. and Forster, Thomas.

Local Food Network Initiative
 Wilson, Nola.

Local Pride-Cultivating Food and Community
 Cecil, Kyle. and McKillip, Carrie.

Locally Grown: Building a Local Sustainable Food System
 Derrick, Brenda., Roegge, Mike. and Edgar, Carrie.


Making Career Decisions Through Enterprising Ideas
 Swain, Stephen.

Making Connections: The Impacts of a Woman's Agricultural Network in Southwestern Oregon
 Matthewson, Melissa. and Powell, Maud.

Managing Natural Animal Grazing Behavior for Improved Pasture Sustainability
 Oswald, Dean.

Market Planning and Marketing What You Produce
 Chembezi, Duncan. and Chaverest, E\'licia.

MarketMaker and Retail Readiness
 Woods, Tim.

Marketing Local: Communicating the Production Story
 Day Farnsworth, Lindsey.

Marketing Meat Goats to Non-Traditional Consumers
 Komar, Stephen.

Marketing of Community Foods
 Hendrickson, Mary.

Mobile Meat Slaughter Units: Rebuilding the Small-Scale Meat Industry
 Benedict, Chris., Garitone, Sarah., Embleton, Mary. and Collins, Doug.

Monitoring Water Wells in Karst Terrain of Middle Tennessee with Down-Well Camera
 Dennis, Sam., Wade, Alvin. and Eskandarnia, Debbie.

Multispecies Diversified Grazing to Maintain Biodiversity in Pasturelands in the Southeastern U.S.
 Peischel, An. and Robbins, Christopher.


New Farm Ventures—Working with Natural Systems
 Thurgood, John.

Northern Michigan Small Farm Conference – Building A Strong Community Supported Agriculture System – Youth Sessions
 Bartlett, Benjamin., Miller, Dee. and Cook, Waneta.


Observations on Production and Constraints of Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas) in Northern Illinois
 Theuri, James.

On-Farm Sustainable Integrated Systems
 Dagher, Magid.

Online Investment Education for Farm Families
 Johnson, Jason., Hipp, Janie., Schuchardt, Jane., Hambleton, Ruth., Wells, Bob. and Eggers, Tim.

Opportunities and Challenges for Developing a Small Ruminant Industry
 Okpebholo, Fidelis.

Organic vs Conventional Strawberry Production Research
 Baldwin, Keith.


Pasture Pork: Considerations for Small and Limited Resource Livestock Producers
 Eley, Michelle. and Whitley, NIki.

Preparing County Extension Staff to Help with Consumer Energy Questions
 Coffin, Donna. and Hopkins, Kathy.

Producing and Marketing Two Acres of Fresh Asparagus – What Was I Thinking?
 Oswald, Dean.

Program for Small Acreage Stewardship Results in Implementation of Land Management Practices
 Fery, Melissa.

Providing Socially Disadvantaged Farmers With Technical Training To Produce, Add Value & Market Alternative/Specialty Crops.
 Gardner, Cassel. and Queeley, Gilbert.


Reaching New Markets and Building the Buy Fresh Buy Local Movement in Central Illinois
 Record, Lindsay.

Reaching out to Minority Small Farmers: Coping with Changing Times
 Grim, Trisha., Nixon, Katie., Gu, Sanjun. and Paul, KB.

ReadyAG: Disaster and Defense Preparedness for Production Agriculture
 Filson, David.

Reconnecting the Middle: Building the Organizational and Physical Infrastructure for a Local and Regional Food System
 Pfeiffer, Anne., Miller, Michelle. and Day Farnsworth, Lindsey.

Retirement and Estate Planning for Farm Families Website
 Simon, Marion. and DeVaney, Sharon.

Risk Management Training Needs of Small and Minority Farmers in Tennessee and Alabama
 Tegegne, Fisseha.


Schoharie Co-op Cannery
 Pehrson, Peter.

Singing the Songs of Home in a New Land
 Vaughn, Gladys.

Small Farm Ag-Emergency Planning
 Jarman, James.

Small Farmer Agricultural Leadership Institute
 Mellion Patin, Dawn.

Small Scale Farmers of African-American Descent and Contamination Events
 Rivers, Louie., Simon, Marion. and Rivers, Jr., Louie.

Small Scale Technology Information Templates
 Simmons, Cheryl.

Soil Sampling to Direct Farm Management on Diverse Organic Farms
 Collins, Doug., Cogger, Craig., Ostrom, Marcy. and Benedict, Chris.

Southeast Nebraska Diversfied Agriculture Tour Explores Alternative Enterprises.
 Lesoing, Gary., Jones, Jessica., Heidzig-Kraeger, Sarah. and Hammond, Vaughn.

Sprinkler VTS - New Technology in Runoff Water Treatment
 Gross, Jason. and Henry, Chris.

Starting From Scratch – Working with Residential/Lifestyle Farmers
 Mayerfeld, Diane.

Starting a Small Apple Orchard and Pruning Fruit Trees
 True, Jim.

Supporting Small Farm Viability through Improved Local Markets and Livestock Processing Opportunities
 Rangarajan, Anusuya.


The Benefits Of A Successful Partnership: The Evolving Relationship Between The USDA and The CBO Community
 Sherrod, Shirley.

The Business End of Organic - Farm Financial Performance and Education in Minnesota
 Moynihan, Meg., Nordquist, Dale., Dvergsten, Ron. and Mold, Doris.

The Economics of Dairy Systems Across the U. S. A.
 Kriegl, Tom.

The Economics of Grazing, Organic and Confinement Dairy Farms
 Kriegl, Tom.

The Evaluation of Three Feeding Regimens and Three Anthelmintics in a Meat Goat Production System: a Florida A&M University Research/Extension Project
 Mobley, Ray. and Peterson, Thomas.

The Kentucky CASHN Project
 Simon, Marion., Andries, Kenneth., Rivers, Jr., Louie. and Degenhart, Shannon.

The New York Organic Dairy Task Force
 Benson, Fay.

Tips, Techniques & Free WEB Tools for Farm & Farm Market Websites
 Bucqueroux, Bonnie.

Tools to Enhance the Success of Farmers' Markets
 Stephenson, Garry.

Training, Engaging and Marking Support for Small Farm Sustainability
 Barker, Dorathy.

Transferring the Farm and Creating a Retirement “Paycheck” from Farm Income and Assets
 Brumfield, Robin., O’Neill, Barbara., Komar, Stephen. and Mickel, Robert.


UMaine Extension Equine Program
 Coffin, Donna.

University of Minnesota Extension Educators Create Small Farm Team to Address Needs of New Audience
 Wieland, Betsy. and Winter, Nathan.

Urban Backyard Farming - Feeding our Communities One Farm at a Time
 Smith, Donna.

Use and Management of Water in Sustainable Agriculture
 Gardner, Cassel.

Use of Brewers-Grade Rice as Alternative Energy Feed to Corn or Milo for Finishing Pigs
 Gekara, Ondieki.

Using FSA Farm Loan Programs to Purchase Land and Begin or Continue Farming
 Radintz, James.


Wasatch Front Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Collective: Growing Possibilities and Seeking Local Solutions to Food Production
 Williams, Jeff.

Weed Management Using Cover Crops in Integrated Systems
 Taylor, Erin.

What Do Small Farms and Small Farm Operators Look Like? Results from the 2007 Census of Agriculture
 Barnes, Kevin. and Harris, Virginia.

What Factors Affect Whether Off-Farm Work Interferes with Farming Operations?
 Koory, Ryan. and McCann, Laura.

Where's the Beef? Markets for Organic and Grass-Finished Beef
 Schahczenski, Jeff.

Which Niche Markets Can You Fill?
 Shepherd, Mary.

Working with Nature: Ecological Knowledge You Can Use to Create a Better Functioning Farm
 Dufour, Rex.


York County Farmers’ Network - Strengthening Local Agriculture
 Wertheim, Frank.
5th National Small Farm Conference 2009-Sep-15 to 2009-Sep-18
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