National Women's Studies Association 2007-Jun-28 to 2007-Jul-01

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"(Re)Reading Intersectionality as a Heuristic: The Case of Black Male Crisis Narrative Texts."
 Lindsay, Keisha.

"A Politics Essentially Their Own": Women's Leadership in the Quit India Movement
 Mann, Harveen.

"Burying Stars": A Story of Adolescent Motherhood
 Carminati, Genevieve.

"Embodied Revolution: A National Look at Gender Based and Body Conscious Activism"
 Remick, Erin.

"Fashioning a New Self": Women's Identity Formation in Cuba
 Chambers, Lauren.

"For Colored Girls…"Revisited: Black Girls and Their Own Words
 Moore, Kristal.

"Gay? Fine by Me" vs. "Coming Out for Christ": The Role of Women's Studies on National Coming Out Day in the Bible Belt
 Johnson, Merri Lisa.

"Jane: Abortion and the Underground" performance
 Kamen, Paula.

"Learning to Stand Tall and Speak Loudly in the Bible Belt: Student Directors and Performers Reflect on Producing "The Vagina Monologues"
 Eichhorn, Jill.

"Louisa May Alcott: Living Little Women." A One-Woman Theatrical Performance Drawn from the Writings of Louisa May Alcott.
 Reed, Miriam.

"Only to you, Internet": Blogging as a Radical Redefinition of Mothering
 Rashley, Lisa.

"Re-Fashioning “Freaks”: Lesbians With Disabilities on the Web and Beyond"
 Landry, H.. and Clark, Denise.

"Step Inside That Screen": The Pleasures of Performing Queerness in _Better Than Chocolate_
 Stuart, Jamie.

"The Goddess Tries on Swimsuits": A Poem Sequence
 Rashley, Lisa.

"Thinking Beyond the Straight Mind: Towards a Non-Reproductive Feminist Futurity"
 Purvis, Jennifer.

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A Planet of Women
 Venkateswaran, Pramila.

A Radical Feminist Political Theory
 Leeb, Claudia.

A Stitch in Time: Third Wave Feminist Reclamation of Needled Crafts
 Chansky, Ricia.

A Study of Korean Mom's Performing Feminism
 Park, Eunjung.

Access Denied: A Black Feminist Critique of the Racial Politics of Consumption as a Substitute for Citizenship
 Walton, Courtney.

All Together Now: Transmen and Feminism/Transmen and Feminist Research
 Ryan, Maura.

American Virgin: Virginity, National Fantasy, and the Idea of Citizenship
 Novack, Rebecca.

An Empirical Deconstruction of the Two-Sex/Two Gender Paradigm
 McQueen, Kand.

An Ethnographic Study of Contemporary Dating in Los Angeles
 Lee, Kristen.

An investigation of the elements required for a cervical cancer awareness campaign in Miraflor, Nicaragua
 Hamilton, Rachael.

Anna Julia Cooper, Diaspora, and Revolution: Tracing New Genealogies of Feminist Inquiry
 May, Vivian.

Asian-American Women: Constructions, Re/Constructions, & De/Constructions of Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery
 Rhodes, Diana.


Barrier Island Blues
 Grant, Nicole.

Belize and Beyond: An Undergraduate Researchers Experience in the Caribbean
 Martinez, Aida.

Beyond the Force of Reason: Ecofeminism, Stories, and the Power to Effect Social Change
 Kheel, Marti.

Blessing the Barren: Childlessness or Voluntary Motherhood in Susan Glaspell’s Trifles
 Huebner Gloege, Erin.

Bodies in Clay
 Nathanson, Jessica.

Bodily Confessions: Corporeality and the Body as Palimpsest in Chicana Literature
 McMahon, Shannon.

Breaking down white-privilege through oral histories: Transforming ethnographic field research into classroom pedagogy
 Swearingen, Elizabeth.

Breast Cancer and Art: Legacies of Hope
 Koppelman, Connie.

Bringing Gender Variance/Variants to Traditional Women's Studies
 Strikeback, Simon.

Brotha...Wassup Sun? Including African American male voice in performance feminism.
 bohanan, veronica. and williams, camillia.


Co-located and Collaborative: Women's & Gender Studies within a Women's Center
 Hughes, Sheila. and Rismiller, Lisa.

Coming of Age in Oklahoma: Stories Girls Tell of Learning to Live Wisely & Well
 Shinn, Deborah.

Communicating Meanings of Home through Storytelling in the African Diaspora
 Frazier, Jlynn.

Composing Gender and Sexuality: Readers, Writers, and (Trans)formative Literacy Acts
 Wyble, Erin. and Raley, Jessica.

Constructing "Motherhood" in Second Wave Feminism: A Content Analysis of Ms. Magazine, 1972-1989
 Schultz, Jill.

Constructing Environmental “Others:” Environmental Security, Immigration and the Greening of Hate
 Urban, Jessica.

Contested Values in the Construction of Pan American Feminism, 1915-1928
 Wamsley, E. Sue.

Continuing Ntosake Shange's Choreopoem Tradition ~ Aqua Beats and Moon Verses: Volume I
 bohanan, veronica. and williams, camillia.

Creating Feminist Theatre and Performance in the 21st Century: Strategies for research, rehearsal and development by Guerrilla Girls On Tour
 Behn, Aphra. and Le Gallienne, Eva.


De-Militarizing Minds and Hearts: Teaching about Gender, Race & Militarization
 Sharoni, Simona.

Decentering the Margin: Creating a space in classroom by/for transnational feminist pedagogy
 Fujieda, Eri.

Deconstructing Hillary Rodham Clinton: A PostFeminist Perception of Rodham’s Gender Performance Portrayals
 McIntosh, Dawn Marie.

Deconstructing sexual stereotypes
 Miller, Bonnie.

Discovering Women's Sexuality: 1945-1975
 Ried, Jessica.

Distributions of Desire: Or, the Regulation of Reproduction Post- Reconstruction
 Weingarten, Karen.

Doing our work: Feminist theory, Zen Buddhism and peacemaking through individual consciousness transformation
 Corbin, Michelle.

Domestic Violence and Human Rights—Bringing the International Movement Home
 Morgaine, Karen.

Don't Call Me Crazy: Women's Autobiographical Zines and Mental Illness
 Eisenhauer, Jennifer.

Drench Me with Stories: A Reading by the Young Chicago Authors “GirlSpeak” Project
 Chavez, Felicia.

Drowning in the Family Tree: Still Feminist Despite the Metaphors
 LeBlanc, Diane.


Embodying the Other: Pedagogical Strategies from a Marginalized Body
 Foiles Sifuentes, Andriana.

Emerging Adult Women and Narratives of Self-restriction
 Rutstein-Riley, Amy.

Empowering women or institutionalizing women's agency?: An ethnography of the Mahila Samakhaya education program in India
 sharma, shubhra.

Exercising Power: Feminist Philosophies of the Fit Body
 Jolles, Marjorie.

Exhibiting Sex: Possibilities for a Queer Feminist Engagement with Museums of Sex
 Conlan, Anna.

Explaining the Women’s Liberation Message: Recognizing the Role of Women’s Page Editors
 Voss, Kimberly. and Speere, Lance.

Extreme Makeover: Labia Edition
 Krueger, Mary. and Richman, Lisa.


Fantasies of Space: Possibilities for Healing in Robin McKinley’s "Deerskin"
 Riegel, Katherine.

Fast and Fervor: How Contemporary Anorexia Nervosa Relates to Food Abstinence in Medieval Female Mystics
 Cobb, R. Niccole.

Female Genital Mutilation:The Way of The Ritual of Death
 Ibrahim, Abeer.

Feminism, Sexuality, and the Return of Religion: Lessons from Women’s Studies in the Bible Belt
 Mason, Carol.

Feminist Editing as Feminist Pedagogy
 Barron, Monica.

Femme-dyke agency: Poetic explorations of butch/femme social interaction
 Dark, Kimberly.

Finding Feminisms: Students, Teachers, Conversations, and Conflicts
 Wooten, Sara. and Parker, Bruce.

Forever a Victim: The Lack of Visible Agency in Anti-Sexual Assault Material
 Benatti, Lauren.

Franco-American Women's Literary Tradition: Canuck and Other Stories
 Cote Robbins, Rhea.

Friendship and Race: The Epistemology of “Getting It”
 Trigilio, Jo.

From Ethical Substance to Reflection: Hegel's Antigone
 Burke, Victoria.

From Soccer Moms to Security Moms: The Militarization of American Women’s Lives in One Small Town
 Morkert, Michelle.

Fun and Games while Performing with The Vagina: Teaching Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues to First Generation College Students in The Bible Belt
 York, Mari.


Gadget Age Girls’ and Anxious Adults: The Uneasy Origins of Babysitting in the U.S.
 Forman-Brunell, Miriam.

Gays in the Kitchen & Dykes in the Garden: Queer Domesticity in The Book of Salt & A Seahorse Year
 Parke, Michelle.

Gender, Race, and Class: An Intersectional Analysis of Body Image Development of Adolescent Girls
 Cleary, Linda.

Gendered Movement in Embodied Research: A conference demonstration and discussion on performance arts in Gender Studies and Women Studies
 Honsby-Minor, Evetie.

Gestation, Carework & Emotion Work as Visible, Productive & Prized: An Auto-Ethnography of High-Risk Pregnancy
 Fisher, Lisa.

Girls Constructing Identity and Transforming “Femininity”: Intersections between Empirical and Theoretical Understandings of 21st Century Girlhood
 Willis, Jessica.

Girls' History Online: Exploring Feminism, Diversity, and Technology through a Multimedia Oral History Project
 Freeman, Susan.

Girls' fiction: a route to feminism/activism
 Bowen, Angela.

Girls’ Literature: Sexuality and Language as Realistic Empowerment for Immigrant Girls
 Ashie, Christina.

Girls’ Studies Goes to College: The (Re)Production of Femininities in College Sorority Culture
 Jara, Brian.

Global Tensions, Local Responses: Women's Movements in Malaysia
 Kamrani, Marjon.

Going Against the Grain: Teaching Girls to be Activists in a Culture of Apathy
 Strzepek, Katy.


Human Rights as 'Literalized Metaphor'
 Zoelle, Diana.


I Only Looked Out the Window: Gazing at the First Lebanon War
 Szobel, Ilana.

I Rummaged Myself for Days: Gender, Illness and Disability
 Loftus, Charlotte.

Immigrants and Exiles: Iranian Women in the United States
 Hashemi, Mahasti.

Inside the Double Bind: Synthesizing literatures on women of color in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics
 Leggon, Cheryl.

Institutionalized Motherhood and Incarcerated Mothers
 Traylor, LaTosha.

Integrating Transgender Diversity in Women's Studies Curriculum
 Sikorski, Grace.

Intersectional Feminist Disability Theory and Practice: The Future of Women's Studies
 Miles, Angel.

Invasion of the Everygirl: The Death of Teenage Storytelling in Seventeen Magazine
 Moore, Carley.

Is That Rape on the T.V.?: A Feminist Analysis of Law and Order SVU
 Benatti, Lauren.

Islamic feminism and its implementation in American Muslim women’s everyday life
 Mansson McGinty, Anna.


Keeping it Silent: PostSecret, Women's Issues, and Why We Need to Talk About It
 Monyak, Amanda.


Language as Resistance: Reading Positionalities in "I Gave You All I Had”
 Chowdhury, Dalia.

Learning and Teaching Nature:Kingsolver’s Female Characters as Active Agents for the Environment
 Plotnik, Meta.

Lesbian / Dad: Masculine Mother, Feminine Father
 Pagenhart, Polly.

Lesbian Representation, Pornography, and the Search for a Usable Past: Lesbian Literature in the U.S., 1945 to the Present
 Keller, Yvonne.

Lesbians and Gays Talk Back in the Bible Belt
 Barton, Bernadette.

Lessons in Liberation: Citizenship, Activism, and Independence in 1970s Girl Culture
 Pike, Kirsten.

Liberating Desire: Playgirl and the Education of Women's Fantasy 1973-1983
 Roberts, Chadwick.

Liberating Women: A Method of Social Change?
 Parker, Juli.

Listening for gender in Katrina's Jewish voices
 Rosenbaum, Judith.

Locating Masculinities in Women['s Studies]: The Possibilities of a New Course on Masculinities and Men
 Jara, Brian.


Making Mathematics a Girl Centered Space
 Meyers, Tracy.

Marcha Por La Mujer Migrante: Gender, the Immigrant Rights Movement and Popular Feminism
 Espinoza, Dionne.

Margaret's Story: A Feminist Analysis of Insider/Outsider Status
 Kahmann, Lila.

Mary Daly as Political Theologian
 Riswold, Caryn.

Mentoring the Womb Seed: supporting pre-adolescent girls in retaining a deep communion with their inner voice
 Kumaraea, Araela.

Mentoring: What Goes Around Comes Around
 Littleton, Nan.

Merging Feminist Care with Child Protection to Forge New Directions for Mothers with Psychiatric Disabilities
 Dreuth Zeman, Laura.

Merging Market and Family: Gendered Burdens and the Limitations of Title VII
 Zeigler, Sara. and Stewart, Kendra.

Migrants, Gender, and Sexuality: Family Values Rhetoric in Immigration Reform Discourse
 Gerken, Christina.

Miles Franklin: "Red Cross Nurse" and the Chicago Years
 Lee, Janet.

Mirror Reflections: Mentoring in College Classes for Incarcerated Women
 Lempert, Lora., LaRose, Christina., Freeman, Laura. and Liss, Lesia.

Mommy Feminist: Intergenerational Conflict in Contemporary Girls’ Fiction
 Tarbox, Gwen.

Moving from Thought to Action: A Study Connecting Feminist Scholarship and Activism
 Morrow, Jenell.

 Rogers, Kimberly.

My Body, My Love, My Religion: Somatic Libratory Pactices within African American Post-Colonial Sacred Dance
 Green, Loretta.

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New Possibilities for Feminist Coalitions: Building on Anzaldúa’s Legacy of Conocimiento
 Zaytoun, Kelli.

New Woman (Re)Production in Rachel Crothers’ Alternative Maternities
 McDaniel, Bailey.

No Child Left Behind or Every Child Under Surveillance?: Feminist Pedagogy for Counter-Hegemonic Resistance
 Pitzer, Heidi.


On Harry/Harriet: Queer Mother of the Revolution in Michelle Cliff’s "No Telephone to Heaven"
 Galik, Angela.


Paper Equality: Ukrainian Citizenship as a Gendered Institution.
 Lutsyshyna, Oksana.

Pedagogical Frameworks and Transnational Feminism: South Asian Contexts
 Kumar, Alka.

Performance Art as a Transformative Tool
 Hoelzer, Carrie.

Performance as Feminist Pedagogy: Excerpts from "Stripped and Teased: Scandalous Stories with Subversive Subplots"
 Dark, Kimberly.

Performance, Protest, and the Academic Theatre
 Hartig, Andrea.

Performing Feminism at a Community College: Student Responses, Perceptions, and Identities
 Adams, Jill. and Taylor, Stacy.

Performing Feminisms in, on, and Around the L Word. The L Word as the L World: A 12-week auto-ethnography of the Falcon in Los Angeles.
 Battaglia, Judy.

Performing Pregnancy
 Shaw, Jennifer.

Peripheral Visions
 Buccola, Regina.

Picture This: From (Missouri) Farm to (East) Village-
 horn, barbara.

Pitfalls of Feminist Ethnographic Resesarch
 Williams, Rachel.

Politics of Knowledge in the Thai Women’s Movement: Postcolonial Critiques and Reclamation through Grassroots’ Archives
 sittirak, sinith.

Portrait of a Lady: Journey through the diary of Mrs. M. Taylor
 Bianchi, Georgia.

Portrayal of Women in Magazine Advertisements; A Comparison of Ads in Men's and Women's Magazines
 Rockey, Robin.

Producing Docile Bodies: Indigenous Women and Eurocentric Feminism
 Sanchez, Carleen.

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Queer Spaces, Places, and Gender: The Tropologies of Rupa and Ronica
 Badruddoja, Roksana.

Queering Feminine Performance: Neo-Burlesque, Femme Identity, and Female/Female Drag
 Loftus, Charlotte.

Queering Karen Carpenter: Sexuality and Rock and Roll in Second and Third Wave Feminism
 Burgess, Susan.

Queering the Mus(e)ic:Women’s Artistic Production and the Possibility of Queer Diasporic Identity(s)
 Micieli, Jacque.


Racialized Female Subject: Chinese Immigrant Women in Art
 Li, Dong.

Raising Hell and Fighting Back: Coming of Age in the Twenty-First Century
 Boudreau, Brenda.

Reclaiming the Kitchen: Feminism's Fourth Wave?
 Rivage-Seul, Marguerite.

Redefining Female Leadership in a Multicultural Context
 Ebner, Amanda.

Reframing Third Wave Feminism Through the Lens of Feminists' View of Ambition
 Weiler, Rebecca.

Reinterpreting Islamic Law: The Current Debate on the Zina Ordinance in Pakistan.
 Agarwal, Kritika.

Reproducing Hierarchies: A History of Parteria in New Mexico 1930-1950
 McQuade, Lena.

Responsibility and Relationship: Re-thinking the Abortion Debate
 Burge, Ashleigh.

Revisiting Cherríe Moraga’s Loving in the War Years: A Case of Postmodern/Postcolonial Hysteria?
 gaster, timothy.

Ribbons, Running, Research and Revolution: Making Feminist Sense of the Breast Cancer Movement
 Moffett, Jill.

Riding Grace: A Triumph of the Soul (Silver Light Publications, February 2007)
 Lukara, Alissa.

Russian-Western Women's Networks: The Dynamics of Transnational Relationships
 Shupiko, Denise.


Scriptural Prohibitions Limiting Female Religious Participation: Past Debates and Present Possibilities
 Woodyard, Kerith.

Second-Generation South Asian-American Women, U.S. Racialization Projects, and the Arranged Marriage : A Feminist Ethnographic Study
 Badruddoja, Roksana.

Sex Roles and Narrative Structure in Television Advertisements: A Content Analysis
 Hains, Rebecca. and Smirles, Kimberly.

Sexy Monsters: The Painful Rhetoric of Trans-as-Transsexual-Only
 Kohlsdorf, Kai.

Silencing Enables Voicing: Or How a Group of Girls Remain Friends as Women
 Holmes, Sarah.

Silent Pasts and Vocal Futures: Bodily Rhetorics in ‘Silent No More’ Slogans
 Chen, Mel.

Standpoint from the Stage: Aimee Semple McPherson’s Autobiographical Selves
 Lee, Suzanne.

Still Against Bureaucracy?: Reflections on Feminism, Bureaucracy and Labor within Academic Organizations.
 Kensinger, Loretta.

Strange Bedfellows: Transgendered Women in Feminist Spaces
 Parker, Bruce. and Wooten, Sara.

Strange Bedfellows: Transgendered Women in Feminist Spaces (2nd presenter)
 Wooten, Sara.

Sugar and Spice: The Development of the Nymphet from Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita to Sam Mendes’s American Beauty
 Lemaster, Tracy.


Talking Back: Exploring Black Girls' Resistance
 Sears, Stephanie.

Teacher Eyes Politicize: Using Post-Structural Analysis to Unpack a Provocactive Children's Text Dedicated Toward Inspiring Girls
 Reilly, Cole.

Teaching LGBT Literature in a High School English Classroom
 Manfrin, Jessica.

Teaching Sex and The City
 Leer, Amy.

The Abortion Debate in the Classroom: Teaching "Morality" from a Feminist Position
 Hasseler, Terri.

The Errant Thread
 Lipkin, Elline.

The Female Physician: Where Tomorrow's Medicine is Being Shaped Today
 Igel, Lee.

The Homemaker: Social Roles and Identity in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Mrs. Sen’s
 Larsen, Amy.

The Incarceration of Women and the Children they leave behind
 Gomez, Patricia.

The Incarceration of Women and the Children they leave behind.
 Gomez, Patricia.

The Janus Poems
 Wood, Jane.

The Political Unconscious of Science: Theorizing Heredity in the Age of Genomics
 Happe, Kelly.

The Professor Wore Leather: Butch Lesbian Identity and Teaching at the Collegiate Level
 Pionke, Katharine.

The Queen's Throne: The Gendering of the Anally Signifying Body
 Fulbrook, Denise.

The Rebuilding of a Tourist Industry: Immigrant Labor Exploitation in Post-Katrina New Orleans
 Redwood, Loren.

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Un Becoming, a play about the physical, political, economic, and social impact of hysterectomy
 Schweikert, Rick.

Uncovering Breasts: the Fluidity of Gender Performances in Spatial Patterns
 Oliver, Lisa.

Under the Influence: Sappho’s Female Models in Pauline Hopkins’s Contending Forces
 Houghton, Spring.

Understanding the Infertile Identity within the Framework of Volunteerism for the National Infertility Association: RESOLVE
 Lemos, Dianne.

Understanding “Everyday Colorism” in the Lives of Young Black Women
 Wilder, JeffriAnne.


Versions of Grandeur (and the Defiled): The Ideology of Purity or How Sex Becomes Text
 Amado-Miller, Moira.

Vietnamese American Women's Literature in a Diasporic Context
 Long, Lisa.

Violence and Motherhood in the Context of Welfare Reform
 Barrett, Betty.


What Do Women Want? Intimate Relationships of Women Without Children.
 Scrimgeour, Grace.

When Nanking Massacre becomes a Metaphor for Abortion: Reframing the Abortion Discourse in Taiwan
 Kuan, Hsiaowei.

White Racial Progressives: Do Women's Racial Attitudes Extend to Immigration?
 Kunkel, Charlotte. and Sojka, Carissa.

White Woman, Black Students: Interrogating Race, Gender and Nationality in the Historically Black Classroom
 Thompson, Helen.

Who will sing our songs for us? Examining the gendered impact of international migration and the redefined roles of African women
 Dawuni, Josephine.

Why (Some) Women of Color are (Still) in Science: What we can and should do
 Norlock, Kathryn., Johnson, Angela. and Anderson, Sybol.

Women Who Kill: Modern Anglophone Writers of Africa Debate Feminism, Womanism, and Africana Womanism
 Cruikshank Vogt, Jaclyn.

Women's Activisms in Egypt: Ethics, Psychology and Action
 Lewis, Leslie.

Women's Agency in International Marriage Migration: Filipina Wives in South Korean Rural Communities
 Kim, Minjeong.

Women’s and Gender Studies as Social Science: One Strategy to Resist Conservative Assaults
 Bonnekessen, Barbara.

Writing about Movements: Erasing Silences about Women's Protest
 Roth, Benita.
National Women's Studies Association 2007-Jun-28 to 2007-Jul-01
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