National Women's Studies Association 2008-Jun-18 to 2008-Jun-22

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"Animal, Vegetable, (Feminist) Miracle: Kingsolverian Strategies in a Sustainability Classroom”
 Lidinsky, April.

"Be the Bomb You Throw"
 Teutonico, Angelina.

"Brothers and Sisters: Adolescent 'Love' in the Fiction of Lee Smith"
 Billips, Martha.

"But will it get me a job?": Interdisciplinary Work in Women's Studies and the Academic Job Market
 Wilson, Cheryl.

"Can We Talk?": Jewish Women Fighting Hegemony Through Humor
 Safran Naveh, Gila.

"Chokher Bali: A Historico-Cultural Translation of Tagore"
 Mukherjee, Srimati.

"Culture, Courtesy, Courage:" Women's Literary Clubs in Turn-of-the-Century Arkansas
 Rowley, Sarah.

"Deterritorializing Ecofeminism?: Deleuzian and Chicana Interventions"
 Holmes, Christina.

"Don't Tell Them She's a Feminist!" The Introduction to Women's Studies at a Tech University
 Bonnekessen, Barbara.

"Feminist Smut (?): A Study of Anais Nin's Erotica"
 Carter, Angela.

"Have You Seen Her?"
 Ayes, Olivia.

"I Am Not My Hair: Political Sheroes in the Crossfire"
 Dunn, Stephane.

"Inherited Racism: White Practice (or Performance) of Colorblind Racial Script"
 Wray, Amanda.

"Lessons from their Silence: Twentieth Century Relinquishment and 'Expert' Discourse"
 Ninivaggi, Cynthia.

"Live Dangerously": Rejecting Motherhood in Fannie Hurst’s Back Street
 Branham, Kristi.

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A Comparison of the Construction of Gender Among Transsexual and Natal Women
 Dykes, Stephanie.

A Critical Analysis of Utilizing Abortion Narratives for Abortion Rights Activism
 Thomsen, Carly.

A Decade of Research: What Have We Learned About Aging Lesbians?
 Averett, Paige.

A Dialogue across the Racial Divide
 Von Huene Greenberg, Dorothee.

A Global Perspective on Women's Work and Family
 Song, Jing.

A Mystery, a Man and a Makeover: Are “Dime-store” Novels Oppressive or Empowering?
 Wilson, Pamela.

A Path to Rights: The Discourse Analysis of the Legislative Processs of Abortion Law in Taiwan
 Kuan, Hsiaowei.

A Transnational Feminist’s Guide to the Process of Queering Pedagogy
 Comas, Allegra.

A witness to myself: Self-reflexivity and teaching
 Iverson, Susan.

Abuse-Reactive Children: Caught within the Matrix of Domination
 Davenport, Julia.

Academic Mobbing: Is Gender A Factor?
 Stokes, Sandra.

Academic in the Underground: Women's Studies in Support of Local Anti-Violence Against Women Initiatives
 Barnes, Sharon.

Activism in the Bailey Transsexualism Controversy Compared to Intersex Patients’ Rights Activism
 Dreger, Alice.

Acts of Exclusion and the Militarized Boundaries of Citizenship
 Munem, Bahia.

Ado(red), Abhor(red), Disappea(red): Re-Scripting Race, Poverty and Morality under Product (Red)™
 Heiliger, Evangeline.

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Balancing Act: Working in Two Locations Simultaneously
 Koppelman, Connie.

Baptist Preacher Girl: Research to Stage
 Freehling-Burton, Kryn. and Shaw, Susan.

Battered Immigrant Arab Women’s Assessment of Law Enforcement, Health and Court Services
 Ammar, Nawal. and San Antonio, Jaclyn.

Battered Women Negotiating Gender, Race, and Class in Women’s Police Stations in Peru
 Alcade, M. Cristina.

Becoming a Fat Activist in 12 Easy Steps! : How People Get Involved with the Fat Acceptance Movement
 Hazelton, Molly.

Being Gay, Being Rural: Connections to Landscape and Culture
 Kazyak, Emily.

Beyond Beyonce, Britney and Tyra--How Girl Geeks Resist Popular Sexual Scripts: Qualitative Analysis from Teen Media: The Mass Media and Adolescent Health Project
 Berger, Michele.

Beyond Generation: Taiwan Women in Dialogue
 Yu, Su-lin.

Beyond Talk: Global Human Rights and Pedagogy Within a Learning Community
 Taylor, Stacy.

Beyond the Welfare Queen: How Personal Responsibility Discourse Has Redefined the (Ir)Responsible Woman
 Weber, Katherine.

Biphobia—“You’re Bi? Bye!”
 Miller, Andrea.

Black Eye Blues: The Role of Parody in Popular Music's Treatment of Domestic Violence
 Burgess, Susan.

Black Feminism: Critical, Queer, and Transnational?
 Mitchell, Anne.

Black Mothering on Welfare: The Possibility of the Self-definition
 Nakagawa, Shihoko.

Blogging activism: Anti-hegemonic expression of mothers raising children in the autism spectrum
 Dreuth Zeman, Laura.

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C. Taylor: one woman, two countries
 Taylor, Capuchina.

Can High Necklines Cure Low Morals? Policing Women’s Bodies Through Modesty and Fashion
 Tarrant, Shira.

Can Overcoming Sexism Be Separate from Fighting Capitalism? Women in Poland's Solidarity Movement
 Wislanka, Urszula.

Can they theorize?: Empowering West African immigrant girls through their narratives of ethnic identity construction
 Okpalaoka, Chinwe.

Career Commitment among Undergraduate African American Female Students in STEM Majors
 Jenkins, Felysha.

Changing Evolution: Rethinking Diversity in Introductory Biology Laboratory Instruction
 Olson, Cora.

Changing Landscapes of Gender and Power in Latin America
 Paulson, Susan.

Changing Selves On The Dance Floor: A Black Girls’ Counter Narrative To The Video Vixen
 Taaffe, Claudine.

Chicana/o Artivism: Judy Baca’s Digital Work with Youth of Color
 Sandoval, Che. and Latorre, Guisela.

Childfree Women in Diana Abu-Jaber’s Origin: A Critique of Compulsory Motherhood
 Tebbe, Sarah.

Choices and Regret: A Narrative Analysis of Abortion Ideology in the News
 Miller, Melissa.

Cisgendered researcher on trans-focused research
 Bender-Baird, Kyla.

Citizen Bravery: Hubert Howe Bancroft, Jodie Foster and the Vigilante Ideal
 Arellano, Lisa.

Cleavage, Midriffs, and Designer Heels: Third Wave Hegemonic Resistance through Dress
 Schroot-Mitchum, Lisa.

Colonial Citizens of the World: Caribbean Girl Guide Associations and the making of Empire
 Calixte, Shana.

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Dangerous Intersections: The Right's Exploitation of Cross-Cutting Issues in Black Communities for Conservative Gains.
 Washington, Patricia.

Death to the Mothers!: ABC’s Lost as Feminist Dystopian Vision
 West, Jennifer.

Declaring War: Matrices of Domination and Octavia Butler's Parable of the Talents
 Ruffin, Valerie.

Defying Femininity: Connecting Feminist, Lesbian, and Trans Subjectivities
 Shand, Aimee.

Denials and Displacements: Anti-Trafficking Advocacy
 Bickford, Donna.

Desire and Conquest: The Language of Mestizaje, in the Spanish chronicles of the XVI Century
 Heinze Balcazar, Ivonne.

Developing Effective Strategies in Domestic Violence Service Provision: Feminism, Race, and Meeting the Needs of Women of Color
 Douglas, Emma.

Difference and Development: Queer Practices and Oppositional Politics in Bolivia
 Paulson, Susan.

Dimensions of Disparity: Causes of Inequity between Boys and Girls in Access to Education in sub-Saharan Africa
 Messing-Mathie, Andrea.

Disabling Inequalities and Intersecting Identities
 Miles, Angel.

Disclosing Experiences of Whiteness and Regionalism when Teaching about Race Inequality
 Redlin, Meredith.

Discovering Sources of Women's Sexual Self-Efficacy
 Carothers, Lauren.

Discursive subversion and H(e)rstory: Dionne Brand (re)visioning the African Diaspora in At the Change and Full of the Moon
 Turpin, Cherie Ann.

Discussing the Un-discussable: Importance of Queer Theory in Women’s and Gender Studies Courses
 Ruchti, Elizabeth.

Dislocation and workplace discrimination: the lived experiences of skilled Filipina migrants in Australia
 Limpangog, Cirila.

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Embodied Participatory Learning: A Case Study from a Catholic University
 Viau, Jeanine.

Emily Prager's Feminist Mothering of her Adopted Daughter from China
 Novy, Marianne.

Empire’s Appropriations of Feminism: A Critical Feminist Response to “Islamo-Facism Awareness Week”
 Levitt, Rachel.

Empowerment and Resistance: Ghanaian Women’s Roles in Mzbel’s “16 Years”
 Jabbaar-Gyambrah, Tara.

Enacting Empire: Military Intelligence and the Transformations of the Gendered Self
 Godfrey, Phoebe.

Epistemic Challenges in Historic Theological Consciousness: Revisiting the “Matrix of Domination”
 Nash, CL.

Exclusive Inclusivity: Tensions in Feminist Pedagogy at Polytechnic Universities
 Kuhn, Devin.

Experiences of Queer Adolescents of Color in Queer Schools
 Sharkey, April.


Fair Comment, Foul Play: Populist Responses to J. Michael Bailey’s Exploitative “Controversies”
 James, Andrea.

Fatality Review: Calculating and Analyzing Domestic Violence Fatalities in Toledo, OH 2003-2006
 Davis, Gabrielle.

Female Guest Workers in Taiwan during the Era of Globalization
 Chang, Doris.

Feminism and Fallacies
 Hundleby, Catherine.

Feminism and Farming: Are the Trends for More Women in Agriculture Progress, or Just the Feminization of Another Low-Wage Occupation?
 Janke, Rhonda.

Feminism in Black and White
 Jennings, Maude.

Feminism in the Heartland(?!): "Middle American" Women, the Women's Liberation Movement, and Television in the 1970s
 Clark, Jennifer.

Feminist Initiative: Creating a Space for Women's Studies in a Graduate Program in Literature
 Marino, Allyson.

Feminist Mothering as Conservative: American Indian Sons in Literature
 Burstrem, Jessica.

Feminist Pedagogy in Teacher Education: helping early childhood educators embrace feminism.
 Tichy, Michelle.

Feminist Scholarship: Excavating the Archives
 Coogan, Kelly.

Feminist and Faithful: L.D. S. Women and the Relief Society Resisting Hegemonies
 Davis, Mary Jayne., Bown, Louise. and Blackburn, Clyda Rae.

Feminist v. Pharmacist: The Battle for Access to Emergency Contraception
 Baker, Carrie.

Femme FATales: Transgressions in Fat, Queer Performance
 Giusti, Jessica.

Femme Sexuality: A Hidden Discourse in Lesbian Erotica
 Weissman, Abi.

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Gender Differences in Correlates of Homophobia and Transphobia
 Brzuzy, Stephanie.

Gender Display: From Feminist Struggle to a Singularly Trans Issue?
 Shand, Aimee.

Gender Equitable Development Planning in the Context of African Education Reform
 Kendall, Nancy.

Gender Gap in Law School Students’ Career Aspirations in China: A Comparative Analysis
 Gao, Simin.

Gender Identity in Everyday Performance
 Dark, Kimberly.

Gender Is, As Gender Does: A Study Merging Cherokee Women’s Autonomy and Gender Performativity
 Morrow, Jenell.

Gender Practices among Afro-Trinidadian Muslims
 Baptiste, Jeanne.

Gender and NCAA Recruiting Policies
 Chawansky, Megan.

Gender factors affecting female labour input in the Nigerian university system
 Ogbogu, Christiana.

Gender perceptions of intimate partner violence: how much is too much?
 McLean, Donna.

Gender, Race, Class, and Modernity in the IUD Bodies
 Takeshita, Chikako.

Gendered Nationalism and Sexuality: Japanese State-Sanctioned Prostitution for The U.S. Occupation Forces
 Takeuchi, Michiko.

Gendering National Identity within Birth Control Politics
 Wall, Jessica.

Gendering Philanthropy for the 21st Century: Getting Development Out of the Red?
 Rowley, Michelle.

Getting In By Coming Out: United States Immigration Policy in an LGBT Context
 Del Valle, Damaris.

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Haitian Immigrants to the US: Theories of Representation and Gendered Migration
 Durban, Erin.

Harriet Wilson's Mentors
 White, Barbara.

Having It All: Revisiting the Work/ Family Conflict Through a Feminist Lens
 Williams, Brionnea.

Heat's Half Life
 Beins, Agatha.

Hegemonic Textbooks: Content Analysis of "Global" Women's Studies Textbooks
 Kaye, Dr. Pamela.

Hegemonies and Hermaphroditism: Julia Ward Howe's The Hermaphrodite
 Ashworth, Suzanne.

Hetero-Hetero-Sexualities and the Hommo-Sexuality of Desire: Queering Feminism, Queering Sex
 Purvis, Jennifer.

High Heels and Vintage Funk: Fashion, Feminism and Contested Waves in the U.S. Women’s Movement
 Reger, Joanne.

Hijab, marked bodies, and questions of freedom: Reading male identity in colonial and post-colonial settings.
 Saul, Laina.

Holistic Sickening: What Causes Breast Cancer? Complementary and Alternative Practitioners Speak
 Sered, Susan. and Agigian, Amy.

Holy Custody Battle, Batman: A Feminist (Re)Framing of Fathers' Rights Rhetoric
 McKenzie, Caroline.

Homosexuality Is African: The Dilemma of Fighting Homophobia in Southern Africa
 Currier, Ashley.

Hope Solo: Controversy at the Women’s World Cup
 Williams, Williams.

How IT Makes Citizens: Neoliberalism and Computerization in the Welfare Office
 Eubanks, Virginia.

How the Sex Industry Affects Women’s Relationships with Each Other
 Hockenberry, Katie.

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I Need a Soldier": A Preliminary Analysis of Militarism, (Hyper) Masculinity and Manufacturing Consent
 Peoples, Whitney.

I Rummaged Myself for Days: Visibility and Disability in Cancer Narratives
 Loftus, Charlotte.

I am a Black Lesbian, and I am your Daughter: Coming Out as Resistance
 Miller, Shannon.

I'm an Activist: Intro to Women's Studies Students Turn Education into Action
 Adams, Jill.

Identity markers that don't add up: Analyzing discourses of female preservice teachers
 Mallozzi, Christine.

If Nike Is a Goddess Why are Female Athletes Depicted as Sex Objects? Teaching “Women, Sport and Culture” 35 Years after Title IX
 Scala, Arlene Holpp.

If the Personal Is Political, Then the Technological Is …? Technology as Liberatory Practice
 Gott, K.C..

Imagining Acceptable Citizens: The Scripts of Size, Class, and Gender in Bagdad Café and Real Women Have Curves
 Risch, Brenda.

Impossible Body: I sing the body androgynous
 Waite, Stacey.

In Search of the “Real Me”: Self Representations of Fat Girls and Transgendered Lives
 Bullington, Sam.

In the Aftermath of Duke: Responding to the “Nifonging” Backlash
 Kennedy, Tanya.

In, Out and In Again: Shifting Queer Identity, Teaching, and the Academic Closet
 Jennings, Patricia.

Incorporating Art into Sexual Violence Prevention Education
 Klein, Ashleigh.

Individual Rights as Social Rights: Women's Health Activism and Public Responsibility
 Wilson, Jan.

Inside/Outside: Women's Voices
 Wade, Barbara.

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Just Not on My Turf: Student-Athletes Perceptions of Homosexuality
 Sandler, Amy.


Kindergarten is Too Late: Feminist Praxis, The Idealization of Childhood, and the Politics of Care and Curriculum for Young Children
 Howard, Rebecca.

Kinswomen: Poems in Relation
 Hughes, Sheila.

Kumu 'Öiwi: Haunani-Kay Trask, Multiply Conscious Pedagogies, and Applied Intellectual (International) Revolutionary Praxis
 Bodhrán, Ahimsa Timoteo.


Laboratories of Our Own: Teaching Science in Women’s Studies
 Subramaniam, Banu.

Language for Hegemonic Resistance: Wily Ways to Disrupt Domination via Sneaky Syntax
 Pitzer, Heidi.

Las Vegas Activist Crew and the Immigrant Rights Movement: 'How We Transformed Sin City'
 Revilla, Anita.

Latina Beauty vs. American Beauty: Exploring Latinas' Self-Esteem and Body Image in Relation to Contrasting Models of Beauty
 Bernal, Viviana.

Latinas; Gender and Welfare in the US Media
 DeNoon, Brittany.

Lessons from Jane Addams on Power Relations Inherent In Philanthropy and the Differences They Construct For Mothers
 Dreuth Zeman, Laura.

Lessons in Transgression: Nellie and Abdullah’s younger daughter, Zainunnissa (Cissie) Abdurahman, Cape Town, South Africa.
 van der Spuy, Patricia.

Live Wild or Die: The Women of the Green Scare
 Kintz, Theresa.

Local Spheres, Global Contexts: Intersecting Militarism, Racism, and Sexual Violence
 Hobson, Janell.

Lynched Bodies in the Fiction of Pauline Hopkins
 abdur-rahman, aliyyah.


Madame President: Contemporary Receptions of Victoria Woodhull and Hillary Clinton
 Carpenter, Cari.

Making Feminist Sense of Genocide in the Era of Empire
 Beyene, Helina.

Making Trouble: Funny Jewish Women and the Cultural Costs of Comedy
 Goldman, Karla.

Making a UTURN: Challenges in Shifting the Focus of Campus Violence Prevention Messages
 Docis, Diane.

Making the Personal Political: Deconstructing the Invisibility of Bisexuality within the Institution of Marriage
 Moss, Alison.

Mal-Martification: Shaping Place and Space with in the Matrix of Domination
 Weston, Joan.

Mapping a Feminized Militarized Landscape: Exposing the Subtle Militarization in a Small Midwestern Town
 Morkert, Michelle.

Marked Bodies: Empowerment or Self-Hatred
 Miranda, Marta.

Marxist-Humanism as the Unity of Struggles Against Hegemonies of Race, Sexual Politics, and Globalized Capitalism
 Moon, Terry.

Marxist-Humanism--Raya Dunayevskaya's Development of an Original Philosophy
 Moon, Terry.

Maternal Ethics and Political Violence: The “Betrayal” of Motherhood in German Left-Wing Terrorist Groups
 Melzer, Patricia.

Medicine, Morality and the Epidemiology of Cervical Cancer
 McMullin, Juliet.

Methodology of the privileged: Self-reflexivity in white anti-racism activism
 Sholock, Adale.

Metro-Textuals: Women Write the City
 Udel, Lisa.

Michigan Womyn's Festival
 Groves, Patricia.

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Namibian Feminists Confronting State-Sponsored Homophobia
 Currier, Ashley.

Narrating Citizenship: North Korean Migrant Women and Ethnicized Citizenship
 Choo, Hae Yeon.

Narratives of Consumption in the New Economy: The National, the Transnational and the Imperial in Asian American Chick Lit
 Thoma, Pamela.

National Memory and Reproduction of the Nation in Israeli Newspaper Coverage of the Feminist Anti-Occupation Movement
 Weinberg, Jess.

Nationalism and reproductive politics in Estonian Republic and American diaspora
 Tammeveski, Peeter.

Native American Gynocracies Point the Way for the Women’s Movement
 Sellers, Stephanie.

Neoliberalism and the Medico-legal Response to Rape: Framing the Feminist Possibilities and Limitations of a Forensic Technology
 White, Deborah.

Neoliberalism and the re/production of gender inequality in Thailand.
 Yatskevich, Anna.

No More Swimming Through Quicksand: Addressing Race Issues in the U.S. Domestic Violence Movement
 Morgaine, Karen.

Nongovernmental Activism and Rural Women in Contemporary China
 Wesoky, Sharon.

Not (Only) a Women’s Issue: Involving Men in Sexual Violence Prevention Programs on College Campuses
 Sipes, Katie.

Not Born That Way: On Choosing to Queer the Discipline of Women’s Studies
 Johnson, Merri Lisa.

Numbers Tell the Story: Politics and Women in Athletics
 Hogshead-Makar, Nancy.

Nurses as an "Organizational Problem": Managerial Regimes of Surveillance in Hospitals
 Fisher, Jill.


Objectifying the Subject: Body, Desirability and Self Image in Fat Women's Experiences of Sex Work
 Turullols, Valerie.

Online Versus Face-to-Face: Musings on Gender Expression and Fatness in Different Classroom Contexts
 Ryan, Joelle Ruby.

Oppression dimensions in the lived experience of Black women living in distressed households in New York
 Windsor, Liliane.

Over the Hill and to Sanders: Examining the Ethnosexual Politics of Sexual Harrassment Lawsuits
 Douglas, Natasha.


Pansexual Identity as Resistance: Erotic as Power in Shay Youngblood’s Soul Kiss
 Rossi, Jennifer.

Participatory Policy Making in Wisconsin Welfare Policy
 Statham, Anne.

Paved with Good Intentions: The Politics of Inter-Racial Adoption in Barbara Kingsolver’s Bean Trees
 Abele, Elizabeth.

Peaceful Eating: The Journey to Christian Anarchist Veganism
 Alexis-Baker, Nekeisha.

Performing Gender and Writing Self: A Case Study of Women’s Internet Dating in Taiwan
 Wang, Yow-Jiun.

Performing Gender, Performing Race and Critical Amnesia in Goat Alley (1921)
 Johnson, Katie.

Performing Gender/Negotiating Sovereignty: Japan at the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893
 Langlois, Lisa.

Performing Motherhood: Why We Love Lucy
 Liebling, Heather.

Performing Queer Wedding Rites: Setting the Stage for Civil Rights Beyond Marriage
 Oliviero, Kathryn.

Performing Queerness: Negotiations around Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Ecuador
 Viteri, Maria Amelia.

Poetic Resistance: Making a Dent in the Hegemonic Armor
 Venkateswaran, Pramila.

Policing the Others: Race, Body and Sexuality the Foreign Brides in Taiwan
 Hu, Yu-Ying.

Political Pollution: Environmentalism, Labor, and Gendered Representations in West Virginia Campaigns
 Brescoach, Sharon.

Portraits of Filipino Mail-Order-Brides
 Crespo, Jessica.

Postcard on Parchment
 Stewart-Nunez, Christine.

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Queer Embodiment: Defining the Boundaries of Normative U.S. Citizenship in the Early Twentieth Century
 Skidmore, Emily.

Queer Haitian Diaspora(s) and the State
 Durban, Erin.

Queer Moms: Resisting Norms and Re-conceiving Motherhood
 Gildae, Catherine.

Queer Spaces, Places, and Gender: The Tropologies of Ronica and Rupa
 Badruddoja, Roksana.

Queering Lesbian Studies
 Bacon, Jen.

Queering the Promised Land
 Glaser, Jennifer.

Questioning the notion of hybridity: feminist solutions to contradictions in unity and diversity
 Miller, Bonnie.


Race for Redemption
 Carrillo Rowe, Aimee.

Race, Poverty and the Interrogation of Masculinity: Results from an Ethnographic Evaluation of a Youth-Centered Sex Education Program
 El-Hinnawy, Naela.

Race, Power, and Sexual Politics in Cincinnati: Counter-hegemonic Narrative of Morrison’s _Beloved_ and _Margaret Garner_.
 Clingan, Joan.

Race, Religion, and Victimization: Examining Incitation to Violence in Anti-Abortion Rhetoric
 Huber, Jamie.

Racial and Ethnic Imaginary: “Second-Generation” South Asian-American Women & Projects of (Re-)Negotiation
 Badruddoja, Roksana.

Racialized Sexual Violence and Racist Biopolitics: Public Cathexis to the Life of the Central Park Jogger
 Foley, Megan.

Racialized Spatial Policy: The Case Study of Palestinian Women
 Shalhoub-Kevorkian, Nadera.

Radical Action on a Conservative Campus: Creating a Women’s and Gender Studies Program at a Small Midwestern University
 Morkert, Michelle. and Settje, David.

Radical Pedagogy for the Women’s Studies Classroom: Challenging the Boundaries between High School/College, Reader/Author, and Computer-Mediated/Face-to-Face
 Ryan, Sarah.

Re-contextualizing Eggs: Biopolitics of Egg Donation and Stem Cell Research in South Korea
 Jeong, Yeonbo.

Reaching out for liberation: Expanding ideas of feminist activism in the Global South
 Whitson, Risa.

Reclaiming the Oral Tradition of the Active and Bawdy Heroine in Comic Tales: Fairy Tale Re-visions in the Classroom
 Kavaloski, Laini.

Reconfiguring Queer Mourning: "Monday Night in Westerbork" and the Theatricality of Memorial
 Baron, Michelle.

Redefine Gender: calling Chinese women for the war effort, 1937-1945
 Zhang, Dewen.

Reflections on Institutional Politics or What Happens When the Golden Child is a Black Woman
 Berry, Malinda.

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Saving the Fallen Woman: Discourses on “the Prostitute” in Meiji Japan (1868-1912)
 Davis, Ann Marie.

Selecting for "Normal": Feminist, Queer, and Disability Perspectives on Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis and Reproductive Technologies
 Surkan, Kim.

Sex Acts in the Canadian Criminal Code
 Shearman, Mary.

Sex Work: Stigma Comes with the Job Description
 Fiore, Michelle.

Sex and Sacred Texts: Creating Emancipatory Speech in the Classroom
 Browning, Melissa.

Sex, Power, and Politics: The Movement Against Sexual Harassment in the United States
 Baker, Carrie.

Sex, Romance and the Carnivalesque between Female Tourists and Caribbean Men
 Weichselbaumer, Doris.

Sexploitation of Wonder Woman
 Weaver, Leslie.

Sexual Assault on Campus: A Women's and Gender Studies Program Response
 Woodard-Meyers, Tracy.

Sexual Education and Human Papilloma Virus in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas
 Galvan, Marlene.

Sexual Politics and the Bible: Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori and the Episcopal Split
 Woodyard, Kerith.

Sexual Transgression, Spatiality and the Theorization of Power in Black Community Politics
 Isoke, Zenzele.

Sexuality and Sovereignty: The Erotic Politic in Qwo-Li Driskill’s _Walking with Ghosts_
 Erhart, Erin.

Sexuality in Historical Experiences:Joan Chen’s Film "Xiuxiu" and the Chinese Cultural Revolution
 Li (Isbister), Dong.

Sexuality in Post-socialist Academic Czech Discourse
 Fojtová, Simona.

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Taboo Bodies, Omnipotent Flesh: Visually Translating the Miscegenous Body
 Jenkins, Jeni.

Take Back the Night: Coalition and Cross-Pollination in Local Nonviolence Initiatives
 Schwartz, Debbie. and Norwood, Ce Ce.

Teaching and Learning Appropriate Womanhood: The Political and Cultural Policy Project of Gender Mainstreaming in Vietnam
 Kelly, Kristy.

Tears of Frustration and Anger: Queer Black Womyn in Academia
 Hollinquest, Marilyn.

Testing the Saturday Night Live Hypothesis: A Study of Hillary Clinton’s Press Coverage
 Miller, Melissa K.. and Boulton, Brittany.

The "Ladder" to Security: Lesbians and U.S. Nationalism in the 1950s
 Galik, Angela.

The Bad Girls of Jewish Comedy: Gender, Ethnicity, and Whiteness in Post-WWII America
 Del Negro, Giovanna.

The Closeted Crime of LGBT Domestic Violence
 Adams, Kimberly.

The Construction of “Lesbian” identity, Making “Authentic” Selves in Africa
 Tushabe, Caroline.

The Death an Indigenous Mother; The Birth of a Brazilian Nation: Race and Gender in José de Alencar’s Iracema
 Klink, Becky., Strobel, Leah., Madan, Aarti., Canedo, Monica. and Ohmer, Sarah.

The Development of a STEM Stereotypes Scale
 Schneider, Jennifer.

The Falling Hegemon: J. Michael Bailey’s Responses to Trans Criticism as a Defence of Power
 Hendrick, Élise.

The Fashion Paradox
 Witzig, Denise.

The Female Embodiment of Human Being: Women as Instruments of Conflict in Battlestar Galactica
 Cranshaw, Joy.

The Feminist Zine Movement: Clearing the Way for Young Feminists
 Orr, Rebekah.

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Unborn, unloved and unwanted: Female feticide in India Personal narratives in light of the current socio-political scenario
 Kavathe, Rucha.

Under Western Eyes (Or Not?): Sophia Lane Poole’s The Englishwoman in Egypt
 Zonana, Joyce.

Urgencies of Love: To Whom May I Speak?
 davis, dawn.

Using Black Feminism to Understand Political Economy in the Global South
 Hossein, Caroline.

Using Feminist Legal Theory to Combat Surging U.S. Nationalism
 Tuttle Bell, Cara.


Veganism as An Ethical Ideal: Ecofeminist Considerations
 Kheel, Marti.

Veiled Intentions: The Construction of Identity in Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis
 Pipino, Mary.

Veiled Interferences – questioning modern secular corporeality
 Gresch, Nora.

Vera, from Lunar Eclipse
 Carminati, Genevieve.

Violence Against Women: Cross-Cultural Considerations
 Shively, Kim.

Voices From the Slums: Brazilian Women on Work, Family, and Poverty
 McCoy, Nicole.

Voices from the Table: Women of Color, Third Wave Feminism, and the Politics of Personal Narrative
 Russell, Hope.

Voices of Cameroonian Women Living In Poverty
 Weinger, Susan.

Voices of Girls in Urban Schools: Collaborative Field Research with Undergraduates
 Hughes, Sheila., Ridenour, Carolyn., Roberts, Lauren., Whitman, Elizabeth. and Jennings, Nora.


Waiting for Jackie: Why American Girls Don't Play Baseball
 Ring, Jennifer.

Walking (and Wavering Along) the Line of Politicized Dualism in A Taste of Honey
 Renzi, Kristen.

We: Educating Black Women, Educating Black Girls
 Kwakye, Chamara.

Weighty Speech: Addressing Body Size in the Classroom
 Tirosh, Yofi.

We’re Talking about Real People’s Lives, You Know: Teaching about Bisexuality, Intersexuality, and Transgender
 Lucal, Betsy.

What do Women Want? The 2008 Presidential Election
 Pilver, Erika.

When N = 1-2: Justice, Privacy and Women of Color in Science
 Ginorio, Angela.

When Speech is not Enough: the Role of Listening in Women's Studies Politics and Student Activism
 Birky, Beth.

Where have all the faggots gone? Exploring Anti-Essentialist Constructions of Black Gay Men on Television
 Freeman, Heidi.

Whistling at Wild Oats: Autobiography and the Constructed Power of the Body
 Gravagne, Pamela.

Whiter Than Snow: Constructions of White Womanhood in Southern Gospel Music
 Lee, Suzanne.

Who speaks for whom? Examining where reflexivity and autoethnography fits in academic research
 Sims, Yvonne.

Whose Honor? Honor Killings in Jordan
 Ibrahim, Abeer.

Who’s Out There? Establishing Rapport with Students and Encouraging Discourse in the Online Classroom
 Collier, Jamie.

Why Feminists Should Counteract the Bush Administration Changes to Increase De Jure Sex Segregation in Education
 Klein, Susan.

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You Are What You Eat: Gender, Ethnicity, Food and the Social Construction of Identity.
 Ceisel, Christina.

Your Body is a Borderland
 Espinoza, Lauren.
National Women's Studies Association 2008-Jun-18 to 2008-Jun-22
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