National Women's Studies Association 2009-Nov-11 to 2009-Nov-16

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"Babies Havin' Babies": Examining Visual Representations of Teenage Pregnancy
 Merritt, Candice.

"Black girls don't get raped, Black girls entice their rapists": African American Storytellers and the Silence of Intraracial Rape
 Sanders-McMurtry, Kijua.

"Difficult Dialogues": Critical Race Theory & Feminist Disability Studies
 Ferri, Beth.

"I Just Want Them to Know Me": The Politics of Remembering, Recording, and Resistance
 Mendoza Covarrubias, Alexandra.

"Masked Asian/American Woman": Matters of Risk, Responsibility, and (Trans)National (In)Security
 Jen, Clare.

"Queer" Looks at "Straight" Books: Working at the Intersection between Queer Studies and Women's Studies
 James, Jennifer.

"Responsible" Reproduction: Remembering a History of Abortion Through Film
 Weingarten, Karen.

"Women's Studies" vs. "Women's and Gender Studies"
 Weiss, Penny. and Hedrick, Elisabeth.

‘Broken Memories, Incomplete Dreams’: Notes towards an ‘Authentic’ Partition Cinema
 Munjal, Savi.

‘Writing Red’: Miles Franklin's Unpublished Plays ( Chicago, 1906-1915)
 Lee, Janet.

“ 'A Curtain of Secrecy': Zora Neale Hurston and the Trial of Ruby McCollum”
 Marshall, Courtney Denine.

“Buried in the Good Earth: Pearl S. Buck and the Gendered Politics of Literary Condescension”
 Whitney, Sarah.

“Discipline vs. Dissent? Submission, Agency, and Women’s Jihad in Bangladesh”
 Huq, Maimuna.

“I Don’t Want a Biographer”: Memory, Experience, and Silence in the Whedonverse
 Price, Jessica.

“Interrelationship across Margins and between Sexuality, Spirituality and Women’s Bodies”
 Donofrio, C. Julianna.

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A vision of engineering education today: using YouTube to challenge engineering’s disciplinary boundaries in the classroom
 Pawley, Alice.

ACCESS DENIED: U.S. Restrictions on International Family Planning
 Franz, Chelsey Ann.

Adding "Women and Leadership" to the Curriculum
 Jolna, Karon.

Addressing difficult sexual health dialogues between African American mothers and their daughters
 Warren-Jeanpiere, Lari. and Warren, Alicia.

Adoption, Family, and Race: Domestic Post WWII Transnational Asian Adoptions and Domestic Transracial Adoptions
 Cheng, Emily.

African American Women: Emptying the Cache of Trauma and Negotiating Memory
 Conner, M. Shelly.

America's Next Top Women's Studies Course: Amalgamating Popular Culture and Third Wave Feminist Theory
 Saurage, Francoise Monet.

An Intersectional Analysis of Untouchability in Bangladesh
 Ahmed, Fauzia.

Ancient Hatreds, Postmodern Violence: Depictions of Gender, Ethnicity, and Religion during the 1990s Balkan Conflict
 Atanasoski, Neda.

Appropriation Acts: PEPFAR, Feminism and Anticolonial Nationalism
 Cynn, Christine.

Are We Feeling Better Yet? Women Speak About Health Care in America
 McKee, Colleen Beth.

Asking Different Questions: Responding to The Advocate's "Is Gay the New Black?"
 Guzaitis, Chris.

Assembled Agency and Intersectional Selves: A Phenomenological Study of Black Girls' Cultural Projects
 Bibbs, Tonya D..


BLACK BODIES IN WHITE SPACES: Colonial Practices within the Nursing Profession
 Prendergast, Nadia.

Black Feminism and Activism: Call and Response between the Combahee River Collective and Patricia Hill Collins
 Canty, Jayme Nicole.

Black Women, Intersectionality, and Identity Politics: A Reassessment
 Lindsay, Keisha.

Body Contours and Contexts: Feminist Disability Studies from Margin to Margin
 Loftus, Charlotte.

Brazilian Women Artists: A Gendered Discourse of Brazilian Identity in the 20th century
 Mehrtens, Cristina.

Building the “House of Difference”: Intersectionality as Narrative Strategy and Critical Lens
 Sullivan, Mecca.


Can we be ‘sisters’? : Arguing for an African American and Dalit Women's coalition
 Paik, Shailaja Deoram.

Cassandra Radical Feminist Nurses Network 1982-1990 and Beyond: Resistance, Memory, and Praxis
 Kagan, Paula.

Child Protective Services in the U.S.: Controlling Black Women’s Bodies
 Nakagawa, Shihoko.

Class in the Classroom: Memories of an Outsider
 McEvoy, Kathleen Anne.

Complicating Intersectionality: The Relationship between Women of Color and Non-Human Animals
 McWeeny, Jen.

Controlling Nature, Controlling the ‘Other’ at the US-Mexico Border
 Williams, Jill.

Conversations with Cape Verdean Women on the Meaning of Feminism
 Thomas, Dawna.

Cross-Cultural Politics of Embodied Memory: Feminist Disability Perspectives
 Parekh, Pushpa Naidu.


Deciphering Liu Xiang—the Chinese National Hero and Air Asia
 Zhang, Yi (Charlie).

Difficult Dialogues and Critical Coalitions: Disability Rights & Reproductive Justice
 Kafer, Alison. and Jesudason, Sujatha.

Difficult Dialogues: Reflections from two Women's Studies Program
 Bartlow, R. Dianne.

Difficult Dialogues: Feminist Theorizing in the Classroom, Margin to Margin
 Brandel, Darcy.

Dis-membering Cultural Amnesia and Directives to “Never Forget”: Embodied Memory as Resistance?
 Oliviero, Kathryn.

Displacement, Home, and Transnational Feminist Media Practices
 Lee, Sohyun.

Do Gender Quotas Work? An Exploratory Study of Gender Quotas and Political Efficacy in sub-Saharan Africa
 Von Hagel, Alisa. and Messing-Mathie, Andrea.


East European Sex Tourism in a Neocolonial Context: The Czech Republic and Latvia
 Dean, Laura Anne.

Embracing Feminism, Peace, and Justice in Education
 Tichy, Michelle Lee.

Empowering Women through Photovoice: Images & Stories of Women from La Carpio, Costa Rica
 Morgan, Mary Y.. and Cecil, Joy.

Encouraging the Missing Fourth Wave Dialogue in High School Classrooms: Transforming the High School Curriculum and its Students
 Mayfield, Kerrita Kimberly.

Engendering citizenship and non-governmental organization movement in India
 Roy, Raili.

Esperanza: The Bandana Project
 Redwood, Loren.


Female Voice and Feminist Text: Testimonio as Resistance in Latin America
 Smith, Katy.

Female victims, feminist threats: Women studies and anti-violence work
 Ginorio, Angela Beatriz.

Feminism and Mechanisms: The Role of Technology in Women’s Self-determination
 Buhrmann, Jan.

Feminism, Literacy and the Politics of Neoliberal Global Governance
 Ruddy, Karen.

Feminist Pedagogy: Planting the Seeds, Sowing the Future, Undergraduate Scholarship in Women’s and Gender Studies
 Gilbert, Charlene.

Feminist Pedagogy: When age talks to youth
 Kaplan, Carey. and Kuntz, Susan.

Femmes, Transmen, and the Labor of Forgetting
 Ward, Jane.

Finding a Bridge to Call Home: South Asian-German-Postcolonial Reflections on Transnational Feminism and Intersectionality
 Vogt-William, Christine.

From "Sexual Perversion" and "Yellow Peril" to "Asian-American gays": Intersectionality and Intertextuality in Library of Congress Subject Headings Regarding Nationalism and Sexuality
 Adler, Melissa.

From Center to Margin: Disidentificatory Performance and the Disruption of Gender Normativity
 Ruchti, Elizabeth.

From Cyborgs to Cybergrrrls: Redefining ‘Girl Power’ Through Technology and Media
 Preston, Leandra.

From Youthful Sexuality to Chaste Tradition: The Politics of Cultural Authenticity among Indian Immigrants in the United States
 Agarwal, Kritika.

From the Academy to the Streets: A Black Feminist Continuum through Black Female Poetry, Blogging, Memoirs and Neo Soul Black Feminist Artists
 Riley, Tunisia Love.


Gender Realism, Poor Black Women, and the Politics of Hoin’ and Hustlin’
 Horton-Stallings, LaMonda.

Germline Ruptures: Genetics, Reproductive Tourism and the New Feminist Bioethics
 Roy, Deboleena.

Getting Real With Women's Studies Politics: Breaking The Binary Of Inclusion
 McNeill, Liz.

Gianna - the Personal Narrative of an Anti-Abortion Activist
 Hunt, Adele.

Global Assimilation and Global Alienation: Lives of Professional Women in Contemporary China
 Song, Jing.

Going Queer: Choosing Sexual Orientation in the Age of Genetics
 Herndon, April.

Grassroots Renegotiation: How Anti-Poverty Activists Work to Confront Theories of Transnational Feminism
 Kock, Stacia.


Hard to Remember, Harder to Forget : Intergenerational Voices of Female Resistance
 LeSavoy, Barbara.

Hearing Into Subjectivity: Creative Language in the WS Classroom
 Doire, Louise.

Historical representations of Harriet Tubman in her Spiritual Memory
 Davenport, Keisha Ann.

Homo-social bonding in the Nation-State: Intersectionality as a method of analysis of 19th Century American literature
 Taylor, Gail D..

How the X and Y became the Sex Chromosomes
 Richardson, Sarah.

Human Security and Violence Against Women: Non-Citizen Advocacy and Value Bridging in Human Rights Creation
 Alfredson, Lisa S..


Impact of transnational and neoliberal politics on cross-class and cross-race coalitions in the Brazilian women’s health movement
 Lebon, Nathalie.

Incredible Women: A Feminist Refiguration of Women's Agency Post-Katrina
 Faunce, Becki.

Integrating feminist intersectionality in health disparities research: Practical Applications
 Kelly, Ursula. and Rogers, Jamie Leigh.

Integrating transnational/global perspectives and US-forced intersectional perspectives in teaching and learning
 Semaan, Ingrid. and Venkateswaran, Pramila.

Interrogating Intersectionality: The Problem of Coalition Building Across Borders
 Riley, Robin.

Interrogating “Truth”: Rape, Zoë Wicomb’s David’s Story, and South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission
 Boswell, Barbara.

Intersectional analysis of oppression and resistance among impoverished African American women living in New York.
 Windsor, Liliane.

Intersectionality and the Globalization of Food
 Robinson, Sarah.

Intersectionality and the Transnational: The Case of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, 1915-1938
 Cochran, Molly.

Intersectionality as a Response to “Embedded Feminism” and “Homonationalism” in the Netherlands
 Jusova, Iveta.

Intersectionality, Quantitative Methods, and the Study of Political Representation in U.S. State Legislatures
 Reingold, Beth.

Intersectionality: Lugones’ Colonial/Modern Gender System and the Multiplication of Genders
 Garry, Ann.

Intersectionality: Functional or dysfunctional for exploring intra-group differences?
 Jordan-Zachery, Julia.

Iranian Women Make Films at Home and Abroad: Politics of Location, Cultural Productions, and Representation of Women in the Aftermath of the Post-Islamist Iran
 Haghani, Fakhri.

Is It Acquaintance Rape?: Women Name Their Experiences with Forced and Unwanted Sex
 Harris, Kate.

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Justice and the Jezebel: Media Stereotyping and the Duke Lacrosse Sexual Assault Case
 Huff, Jamie.


Lambasting Boundaries: Indigenous Women Aligning Transnationally
 Conover, Lindi.

Letter to a Sister Underground: Extended Remix
 Buccola, Regina.

Living Ideas: Creating Women's Studies at Berkeley, 1973-85
 Bowles, Gloria L.. and Anaporte, Jean.


Making Memories, Sharing Memories: Queer Feminist Pedagogy and a Service-Learning Project with The AIDS Memorial Quilt/Names Foundation
 Wood, Andrea.

Margin-to-Margin Coalitions Beyond Identity Politics: Medically Unnecessary and Nonconsensual Female and Intersex Genital Cutting
 Sojka, Carey Jean.

Marketing and Managing Women’s Political Representation: Lessons for Transnational Alliances
 Kalaramadam, Vidya.

Max-ing Out the 'T' in LGBTQ: Pregnant Men, Transphobia, and Border Wars on Showtime's The L Word
 Haney, Stacey.

Mean Women Studies
 West, Lois.

Milk Markets: Feminism and the Global Politics of Breastfeeding and Milk Sharing
 Hassan, Narin.

Mind the class and geo-politics: The role of langauge and location in African transnatinal women's fiction
 Kabwila-Kapasula, Jessie.

Mnemonic Communities and the Feminist Legacy
 Yount, Lisa M..

Moms with Guns: Women’s Political Agency in Anti-Apartheid Visual Culture
 Miller, Kim.

Morrison's "Magical" Reality: Disrupting the Politics of Memory
 Littke, Amanda.

Muslim Women and Globalization: Mapping the Positions of Muslim Activists within the Transnational Feminist Movement of the Twenty-First Century
 Eshqaidef, Layali.


Navigating "Schomeunity": Towards a Black Adolescent Feminist Standpoint
 Porterfield, Laura.

Negotiating Identities: An Exploration of Stateless Bihari Women’s Politics of Memoirs in Bangladesh
 Tanjeem, Nafisa.

Negotiating Irreconcilable Differences: Gender, Sexuality, and Stories of Uncoupling
 Bacon, Jen.

Negotiating the Politics of Memory, Myth and Family Secrets in Rita Dove’s The Darker Face of the Earth
 Johnston, Judith L..

Nomadic Subjects in Americas: A Comparative Reading of Maxing Hong Kingston and Olive Senior
 Huang, Yi.


Observations from a New Male Director of a Women, Gender, and Sexualities Studies Program
 Younger, John.

Opening Chests: Translating Women's Writings
 Sithole, Patricia Mercy.

Outraged Citizens: Mexican Women Journalists Make Their Voices Heard
 Reyes, Andrea.


Patent Law as Transnational Feminist Inquiry
 Foster, Laura.

Pedagogy, Intersectionality, Transnationality: Teaching from a position of privilege on the gendered scene of racism and imperial war
 D\'Harlingue, Benjamin Arthur.

Portraits of Her: Life Stories of Women Healers
 Pelicci, Gabrielle.

Post-feminist Amnesia: Negotiating Resistance to Feminist Histories
 Trim, Michelle.

Pushing at the Edges of the Margins Moving Beyond the Closet:A Queer Post Colonial Analysis of the Sakia Gunn Murder
 Kozlowski, Tanya.


Queering Citizenship in the Age of Obama: Black Presidents, Gay Marriages, and Hawaiian Nationalism
 Rohrer, Judy.

Queering Theories of Black Female Heterosexuality
 Weekley, Ayana.


Re-writing Memory: Mining Feminist Politics in Mainstream Superhero Comics, 1960-1980
 D\'Amore, Laura.

Real Housewives: Feminine Mystique Redux?
 Cadenas, Kerensa.

Real Women Have Curves: Examining the Interstices of Memory
 Petruska, Karen.

Reconceptualizing the Gendered Knowledge of Taiwanese Kindergartners in Mixed-Gender Play From Feminist Poststructuralist Perspectives
 Chou, Yu-Hui.

Reconstructing Her Narrative Story: Using Diaries to Explore the Life of a 19th Century Freeborn Black Woman
 Wise Whitehead, Kaye.

Recovering Motherhood and the Voice of the Disenfranchised in Contemporary Novels by American Women Writers
 Pantuso, Terri.

Reproductive Health and Biological Citizenship among “Korean Residents” in Japan, in the 1940-1970
 Kinukawa, Tomomi.

Resisting Feminism: Lessons from East/West Encounters for Building Cross-cultural Feminist Alliances Today
 Fojtová, Simona.

Resisting Intersectional Myopia within Feminist Scholarship Production: From the Politics of Location to the Politics that Deconstruct “Race” as a Cultural Category.
 Sotelo, Xiana.

Restructuring the Autobiographical Text: Exploring Memories of Gender, Race, Class and Sexuality
 Carter, Nicole April.

Rethinking Feminist Radicalisms/Rejecting Taxonomy
 Cuomo, Chris.

Rethinking Self and Other in Transnational Feminist Research
 Baderoon, Gabeba. and Bhattacharya, Himika.

Rethinking Transnational Women’s Rights in and through Anti-Trafficking Humanitarianism: an Intersectional Perspective
 Galusca, Roxana.

Rethinking Work & Identity: The American Diner Waitress
 Taylor, Candacy.

Revolution and Resistance: The Philippines Women's Movement in the Age of Terror
 Lacsamana, Anne.

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Scapegoating the Black Community in Contemporary Quests for Human/Equal Rights
 Razak, Arisika.

Searching for Feminist Praxis: A Study of Women’s Studies Mission Statements and Courses
 Siddiqui, Shereen.

Sharia in Britain: Are We Sure of the Feminist Position?
 Ajinkya, Julie.

Silent Rage: Resistance, Empowerment and the Politics of Silence for Women of Color in the Academy
 Rodriguez, Dalia.

Simultaneous Resistance and Embrace of Intersectionality by students in the course Women & Environmentalism
 Carroll, Valerie.

Sisters Outsiders: Lesbianism in Philippine's Marginal Feminist Politics
 alojamiento, sheilfa.

Social Justice Values at Work: Integrating Curriculum Design with Community Change Initiatives
 Risch, Brenda.

Southern Regimes of (In)Sanity, the Georgia Mental Hospital at Milledgeville, and the Southern Surreal
 Segrest, Mab.

Spatial analysis and intersectionality: Beyond geographies of gender
 Muller Myrdahl, Tiffany.

Still Alive: Her-story of Comfort Women and Female Artists
 Lee, Joo Young.

Storm Fallout: The Post-Katrina Rise in Immigrant Women Farmworkers in the Southeast and the Response of Legal Advocates
 Redwood, Loren.

Street Fiction: Black Femaleness, Identity and Representation
 Berry, Patrice.

Street Fiction: Identity, Representation, and Black Femininity
 Berry, Patrice.

Sworn to Tell the Truth: Rape Narratives and Popular Memory in Postwar Chicago
 Flood, Dawn Rae.


Teaching Morrison’s “Recitatif”: Difficult Dialogues as Text
 Rashid, Anne Marie.

Teaching to Transgress: Deconstructing Normalcy and Re-Signifying the Marked Body
 lacom, cindy.

Techno Mindfulness and Critical Pedagogic Praxis in Third Wave Feminist Classroom Spaces
 Musto, Jennifer Lynne.

Tellin', Namin', and Living with Memory: Personal Narratives and Civic Engagement
 Radford-Hill, Sheila.

Telling Stories in a De-storied World – The Afgan Woman’s meta-narrative in The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns.
 Munjal, Savi.

The Construction of Masculinity among Female to Male Transsexuals: Results of a Qualitative Research Study
 Dykes, Stephanie M..

The Dean of Women as Feminist Advocate, 1925-1940: Why did the position disappear?
 Benson, Lynne Byall.

The F Word and Women’s Studies (WS): Conflating Feminist Subject with Academic Discipline
 LeSavoy, Barbara.

The Feminist Making of "Made in L.A."
 Boris, Eileen. and Carracedo, Almudena.

The Gordian Knot: Race, Class and Nationalism In the Politics of the U.S. Women’s Peace Movement
 Plastas, Melinda.

The Healing Power of Memory in Erna Brodber’s Jane and Louisa Will Soon Come Home
 Thomas, Jennifer.

The Inclusion of Old Women in Women's Studies: A Necessary Dialogue
 Friedenfels, Roxanne.

The Larynx of Testimony: Transnational Testimony in Edwidge Danticat's _Brother, I'm Dying_
 Kavaloski, Laini Kasia.

The Meaning of “Passing” to Male to Female Transgender Persons: A Qualitative Research Study
 Dykes, Stephanie M..

The New York City Butch/Femme Society: A Feminist Herstorical Critique
 Scala, Arlene Holpp.

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United States Work and Family Integration Policy: Moving From an Individualistic to a Collectivist Framework
 McClintock-Comeaux, Marta.

Unveiling the Gatekeeper: The White, Able-bodied APA Stylistic Guidelines
 Granger, Dene.


Vendidas y Devueltas: Queer Times, Color Lines, and the Gendered Politics of Exchange
 Carrillo Rowe, Aimee.

Violence, Sexuality, and the “Problem” of Chicana Adolescent Pregnancy
 Mendoza Covarrubias, Alexandra.

Voices Heard and Unheard: American Women Writers’ Debate on the “Authentic Chinese Woman’s Voice”
 Zhou, Haipeng.

Voices of Girls in Urban Schools: A Women's Studies & Teacher Education Collaboration with Undergraduates
 Hughes, Sheila Hassell.


WGS 101 "Intro to Intersectionality:" Replacing Field Foundations
 Davis, Dawn Rae.

Water Under the Bridge?: The Black Body Reinterpreted Through Feminism and Contemporary Art
 Troutman, Stephanie. and Johnson, Brenna.

Weaving Unbound Sites: Cultural Enzymes, Rhetorical Matrices, and Contemporary Haudenosaunee Confederacy-Making: A Queer/Womanist Genealogy
 Bodhran, Ahimsa Timoteo.

We’re all Corporate Whores Here”: Memory and Threatened Masculinity in AMC’s Mad Men
 Gailey, Elizabeth.

What’s Missing from this Picture? Starting a Women’s Studies Minor 40 Years after the Fact
 Getty, Amy C.. and Tumpek-Kjellmark, Katharina Christine.

Where's My Hood At?: Mapping Environmental Injustice and The Prison Industrial Complex in Hip Hop
 Craft, Chanel.

Within a Higher Education Framework: Professional Socialization as a Model for Constraining and Facilitating Working across Margins
 Sule, Venice.

Without Air One Cannot Breathe or Fly: The Collective Trauma of Academic Suicide
 Rosovsky, Candace.

Witnessing and Recording: Archiving Women's Conversations
 Venkateswaran, Pramila.

Women and Work in Azerbaijan: Gender Activism and Sustainability in a Post-Soviet Republic
 Mandaville, Alison.

Women in Black: Transnational Feminist Resistance to Militarism
 Klinker, Mary Jo.

Women’s Studies at a University in the Deep South: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going
 Murray, Meg McGavran. and Robbins-Herring, Kittye.

Writing Power and Identity on the Bodies of Muslim Women
 Steet, Linda Mary.


Zora Neale Hurston's Conjure Aesthetic
 Lester, Julie L..
National Women's Studies Association 2009-Nov-11 to 2009-Nov-16
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