National Women's Studies Association 2010-Nov-11 to 2010-Nov-15

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"A Khan in New York": Gender, Religion, and Bollywood post-9/11
 Shah, Priya.

"A Place to Speak Our Minds: Locating Women’s Activism Where North Meets South”
 Frederickson, Mary.

"And Then I Met This Woman": Women Coming Out After Marriage and The Challenge to Queer Theory
 Harper, Susan.

"Blurring the Outsider/Insider Divide: Race, Class, and Gender in the Welfare Rights Movement"
 Edmonds-Cady, Cynthia.

"Don’t call me a victim”: Rethinking public and feminist discussions of prostitution
 Majic, Samantha.

"Electronic Skins: Community Building and the Digital Diaspora"
 Valezquez, Maria.

"I Have Something to Tell You": Testimonio, Theater, and the Performance of Solidarity
 Vigil, Ariana Elizabeth.

"I Want to be Evil" - Eartha Kitt's Feminist Interventions and the Outsider Within
 Royster, Francesca.

"I am not like foreign brides from other countries!": The Internal Politics among Foreign Brides in Taiwan
 Chen, Tzu-Hui.

"If I win I might tattoo my face." Mike Tyson as Maori Artifact?
 Erai, Michelle.

"It's Not About Religion": LGBTQ-related Problems, Uganda, and Managing Intersectionality Under U.S. Foreign Policy
 Juskewycz, Alicia.

"I’m Not Skinny:” Reclaiming Fat Latina Body(s)
 Valladolid, Patricia.

"Militarizing Desire: Violence and Embodiment in the U.S. Military"
 Kosakowski, Jennifer.

"On the Fly": Counter-Narratives, Motherwork, and Literate Selves
 Richey, Amanda.

"Out, Loud and Proud"?: The Negotiations of Queer Women in the Rural Midwest
 Thomsen, Carly.

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A Bitter Inheritance
 Kurian, Alka.

A Call to Love in Remembrance of our Quare Saints
 Callier, Durell.

A Comparison of Women’s Political Activism in the United States and Germany in Relation to Women’s Movements and Green Parties
 Larrimore, Ellen.

A Conversation about the Potentials, Challenges, and Definitions of Indigenous Engineering
 Strobel, Johannes.

A Fat Studies Approach to Teaching about Body Image
 Watkins, Patti. and Doyle, Andrea.

A Feminist Critique of Restorative Justice
 Wood, Jennifer.

A Feminist in My Head: One Woman's Reflection on Fieldwork in Jamaica
 Williams, Bianca.

A Living Legacy: American Catholic Nuns and Social Justice
 Coburn, Carol.

A Queer Ethics of Care: Redefining Politics and Responsibility in Adoption
 Petocz, Jessica.

A Queer Transnational Feminist Reading of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity
 Russo, Ann.

A Return to the Fundamentals: Three Rs, SOLHOT & Hip Hop Feminist Media Studies
 Durham, Aisha S..

A Sex Worker Speaks: Contestations of Indian Feminism
 Mokkil, Navaneetha.

A Temporary Worker with a Permanent Title: Living and Working in the Borderlands
 Gott, K.C..

A Utopian Fairyland Crossing Gender and Sexual Lines: An Empirical Study of Dan Mei Culture in Mainland China
 Zhang, Yi (Charlie).

Ableist Colonizations: What We're Missing When We Diminish Disability Studies in Gender Studies
 Lacom, Cindy Marie.

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 Hart, Claudia.

Barbara Kingsolver’s The Lacuna: Commitment and its Consequences
 Leder, Priscilla.

Barriers to Full Citizenship: The Experiences of Trans-Identified Students, Staff, and Faculty on Colorado Campuses
 Walls, N..

Behaving like White Women: Invoking Race, Cultural Authenticity, and Tradition as a means to Regulate Dagara Women’s Bodies in Northwest Ghana
 Lawrence, Sidra.

Best Practices in Online Women's Studies and Feminist Pedagogy
 Doyle, Andrea. and Freehling-Burton, Kryn.

Beyond Burnout: Feminist Explorations of Resilience in Women Mental Health Professionals
 Turner, Diane.

Beyond Choice: Reimaginings of Reproductive Politics in an Era of Globalization
 Bakhru, Tanya.

Beyond the Plate: Girls, Food, and Empowerment
 Williams, Erin.

Beyond ‘Softening Capitalism’s Rough Edges’: Transformational Possibilities of the Microcredit Model of Economy
 Montes Ireland, Heather.

Biologizing Difference: Reflections on the Place of Race in Sexuality Studies
 Willey, Angela.

Biology as Consent: Problematizing the Scientific Approach to Seducing Women’s Bodies
 Denes, Amanda.

Biometrics at the Border
 Schaeffer-Grabiel, Felicity.

Birth Activism as Feminism
 Clements, Jessica.

Black Female Fantasy Writers, New Media, and Finally Getting the Story Right
 Curtis, Tracy.

Black Feminism After Agency: A Difficult Conversation
 Davidson, Maria.

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Can Heteronormative Chinese Practices Queer The Hegemonic Heteronormative?
 Chiu, Mignonette.

Caster Semenya, Racialized Gender, and Extraordinary Bodies
 Rubin, David.

Casual Encounters: The Sexual Politics of
 Wheeler, Sarah.

Centering Infant Mortality in Reproductive Health Care Debates
 McQuade, Lena.

Challenges From Within: Re/imagining the Christian Church as a Home for Feminist Queers
 Beshers, Maxwell.

Challenging the Conventional Wisdom: Fat Women’s Sexual and Dating Histories
 Gailey, Jeannine.

Chic of Queer, Homo-Politics, and the Iranian Diasporic Opposition
 Shakhsari, Sima.

Chicana Por Mi Raza: Uncovering the Hidden History of Chicana Feminism (1965-1985
 Cotera, Maria.

Chicana/o LGBT Disidentification: Strategic Silences and Sites of Visibility
 Oaks, Laury.

Child's Play: The Gendered Politics of Queer Childhood
 Lane, Bradley.

Children in the Public Sphere: Black Girls' Performance of Citizenship in Public Schools
 Bibbs, Tonya D..

Churnings of a movement: Sangtin’s diary
 Nagar, Richa.

Cis/Transgender in a Predominately Gay Male Context: Interrogating Both Sides of the Coin
 Costello, Kelly. and Walls, N..

Citizenship in the Home and in the Cosmopolitan World: Women's Work and Rights
 O\'Brien, Cheryl.

City Bear, Country Bear: Space, Masculinity, and Feminist Possibility
 Clarkson, Nick.

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Dangerous Subjects: The Obscenity Trials of Ismat Chughtai and “John” Radclyffe-Hall
 Jaffer, Sadaf.

Daughter of Pakistan? Aafia Siddiqui, Honor, and Nationalism
 Khan, Azmat.

Decoding Discrimination Law
 Mercier, Adele.

Defending Helpless Victims: The Press, Chivalry, and U.S. Militarism in Cuba, Europe, and Afghanistan.
 Bernhardt, Mark.

Defining Chinese feminisms during the inception of the women’s movement
 Capuzza, Jamie.

Defining Minorities in India: Sexual Morality and Difference Among Christians
 Thomas, Sonja.

Deity, Nurturer, Protector, Warrior: Indigenous African Conceptualizations of Womanhood
 Ojelade, Ifetayo Iyajoke.

Demons! Demons! Demons! Tulle! Tulle! Tulle!: On not Exorcising the Teenage Girl
 Pafunda, Danielle.

Desiring in the Archives, Desiring in Theory: Rethinking Queer Women’s Visibility in a Rural Southern Landscape
 Al-Sayyad, Ayisha.

Development in “New Times”: The Nation and the Subaltern Woman in Contemporary India
 Murty, Madhavi.

Dialogic Blackness: Urban Fiction and Post-Civil Rights Femininity
 Bragg, Beauty.

Difficult Collaborations: Constructing Critical Spaces through Participatory Action Research using Feminist, Anti-Racist and Decolonizing Methodologies
 Khanna, Nishad.

Difficult Dialogues Among Pro-feminist Men and Women in the U.S. Suffrage Movement
 Capuzza, Jamie.

Difficult Translations: Antiracist Feminist Praxis and its Geopolitics
 Chatterjee, Piya.

Digging For Queers: Disrupting Boundaries with Archeology
 Grubbs, Jenny D..

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EKU SAFE: Deconstructing Stereotypes and Designing Peer-led Models of Resistance and Accountability
 Miranda, Marta. and Brooks, Courtney.

Eco-spiritual Activism: Notes on Contemporary Bonism in Tibet
 Pu, Xiumei.

Ecofeminist Characters, Sustainable Selves: Readings and Renderings
 Black, Christina.

Egalitarian Pluralism and Cosmopolitan Democracy
 Keating, Christine.

Embodied Knowing/Creative Practice
 McCaleb, Nona Middleton.

Embodiment of Resistance: Iranian Girls as Fashion Guerrilla
 Gerami, Shahin.

Embracing the Terror of Speaking the Unspeakable: Developing a Public Voice through Performing Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues”
 Eichhorn, Jill.

Employing Intersectionality: Black women legislators and Anti-Domestic Violence Legislation
 Brown, Nadia.

Empowering Female Student Advocates by Co-creating Gender-Based Violence Programs and Services
 Thomas, Allen.

Emptied Selves and “Playful ‘World’-Travel”
 Roshanravan, Shireen.

En Memoriam of la cueca sola
 Babic, Karolina.

En la Lucha: The Transnational Struggle for Environmental Justice in Chilpancingo
 Prado, Carolina.

Enacting “Double Vision”: Contextualizing Critical Race and Feminist Consciousness in Asian American Mother-Daughter Relationships
 Nam, Victoria Eunkyung.

Engaged Pedagogy in the Feminist Classroom and Yoga Studio
 Musial, Jennifer.

Engaging women’s critical and creative agency through personal memoir
 Barbour, Nancy.

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Facilitating Complex Dialogues.
 Martin, Courtney.

Facilitating Difficult Dialogues in the Women's Studies Classroom: Using Intersectional Autoethnography and Creative Multimodal Projects to Engage Students
 Canfield, Liz.

Facing the Nation: Education in Women's Prisons
 Darling, Patricia.

Failures of Fearlessness: Girl-Power and Self-Defense
 Blake, Brittany Elyse.

Fair Labor, Citizenship, and National Narratives
 Miraglia, Sarah.

Farmed Animals and Epistemic Responsibility: An Ecofeminist Vegan Response
 Kheel, Marti.

Fashioning a Feminist Style, Or, How I Learned to Dress from Reading Feminist Theory
 Henry, Astrid.

Fat Denigration and Claims to Citizenship among Suffrage Activists, 1870-1920
 Farrell, Amy.

Fatness and Queerness: Connections to discourse
 Buss, Candice.

Fatties of the World Unite! : Sex-Positive Resistance
 Zolala-Tovar, Virginia.

Fear and Love
 Piepmeier, Alison.

Fear, Shame and Difference in Rabbit-Proof Fence
 Spoor, Suzanne.

Feederism: A Content Analysis of Erotic Weight Gain on the Web
 Prohaska, Ariane.

Female Iconicity In Indian Popular Media: Public Discourse and Secular Feminist Space
 Subramanian, Shreerekha.

Female Sexual Expression and Repression in School-Based Sexuality Education: Adult Women Reflect on Their 7-12 Grade Educational Experiences in the Midwest
 Daugherty, Jacque.

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Gay Rights are Human Rights?: Subverting the Progress Narrative in Queer Studies
 Kubala, Juliana.

Gender Faith, Trans Gender Epistemology
 Marvin, Amy.

Gender and Power in Restaurants
 Adams, Samantha.

Gender, Democracy and Citizenship in India’s Northeast: A Postcolonial Feminist Analytics of Power
 Bora, Papori.

Gender, Race, Privilege and Innocence as Factors in Judgments of the Importance of Climate Change
 Norgaard, Kari.

Gender, Sexuality and Marginal Positioning of the Pengkids and their Girlfriends
 Wong, Yuenmei.

Gendered Artifacts on ‘Webkinz’
 Roper, Shannon.

Gendered Migration: Sex Change as Immigration in the Autobiography of Christine Jorgensen
 Schewe, Elizabeth.

Gendered Resistance: Caribbean Slave Women’s Sexualities as Modes of Resistance
 Williams, Emily.

Gendered Subaltern Practices Trouble Democratic Claims
 Parker, Joe.

Gendered Transnational Politics of Family, Work And Motherhood in the Asian Diaspora
 Kang, Miliann.

Gendering National Political Spaces: Explicitly Gendered Marches on Washington in the early 21st Century US
 Currans, Elizabeth.

Gesturing Cartography and the Examination of a Personal Epistemology
 Smith, Sarah Stefana.

Getting Precious: To Pity the Girl or to Rise Up With Her
 Jarman, Michelle.

Girls Empowering Together (GET): Fostering Empowerment Through an After-School Leadership Program for High School Girls from Underserved Urban Neighborhoods.
 Haworth-Hoeppner, Susan.

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Hairy Woman: A Cultural Tale
 Martin, Nina.

Haiti Queerscapes: (Im)Migrations and (Im)Mobilities
 Durban, Erin.

Haitian Feminism: The Reshaping of a Movement to Meet the Needs of Women
 Jones, Allie.

Half-Sister Outsider: Toward an Ethics of Diverse Feminisms
 Troutman, Stephanie.

Headed for Wholeness: GLBT, BDSM, and Feminist Movement Toward New Consciousness Through “Common Difference”
 Halena, Megan.

Healing Faces, Healing the World? Operation Smile and the Humanitarian Mission
 Mazzaschi, Andrew.

Heated Debates: Teaching Climate Change in the Women's and Gender Studies Classroom
 Sutton, Barbara.

Hell is a Postfeminist Horror Film: Exploring Patriarchal Subversion and Complicity in Jennifer's Body
 Walleser, Lauren.

Her Safety as “Object”?: Discourses of (Non)Personhood in Marina Abramović’s Rhythm 0 (1974)
 Renzi, Kristen.

Heriberto Ramírez’s Activism: Performing Alternative Latino Masculinities
 Torres Narváez, Beliza.

Heteroflexibility: Disruptions in Theory and Practice
 Apple, Jennifer.

Hip-Hop [in] along transnational localities: Glocal exchange, knowledge on stage
 Benitez, Michael.

History, Native Sovereignty, and Eden Robinson’s Monkey Beach
 Clare, Stephanie.

Hot Moms, Impossible Standards: Resisting Oppression Through Fat Acceptance Discourse
 Ganz, Johnanna.

Hypercommercialism and Activist Publishing: Selling Feminism, Selling Feminists: The Case of Ms. Magazine
 Jurisz, Rebecca.


I Am Girl: An Invocation of Native Girls’ Power
 Clarke, Patricia M..

I am 64 and Paul McCartney Doesn’t Care: the Transgender Archive and the Challenges of Queer Historiography
 Lewis, Abram.

I have made a home for you: Poetry and reclamation in South Africa
 Baderoon, Gabeba.

Identity Negotiations among Partners of Transgender People
 Sojka, Carey Jean.

Illegitimate Mother, Illegitimate Child: Rethinking Infanticide in Colonial India
 Mitra, Durba.

Iltezam and the Women’s Contingent in Budrus: Documentary Film as Feminist Intervention and Solidarity Praxis
 Devaney, Jessica.

Imagining Intersectional Understandings and the Spaces-in-Between
 Ropers-Huilman, Rebecca. and Winters, Kelly.

Immersed in Girl Culture: Teaching Girl Studies through Service-Learning
 Badia, Janet.

Imperialism, Sexuality and Liberation: Queer and Muslim
 Charania, Gulzar Raisa.

Impossible Motherhood: Irene Vilar's Misconceived Metaphors of Addiction
 Thompson, Mary.

In the "Twilight" Zone: An Exploration of Teen Dating Violence
 Ghorbani, Shireen Sarah.

Inadvertent Social Action: Online Muslim American Women’s Conversion Stories as Social Action
 Mathews, Katie.

Inclusive Science
 Murphy, Claudia.

Indian Immigrant IT Workers in the US: Intersections of Racial Feminization and Hetero-patriarchal Masculinities
 Banerjee, Payal.

Indigenous Americans and Quaker Women: Mary Vaux Walcott and the U.S. Bureau of Indian Commissioners
 Jones, Marjorie.

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Jewish Feminist Studies: Pedagogical and Political Possibilities
 Nayak, Meghana.

Jihad Against Violence
 Fawzia, Afzal-Khan.

Jobnik!: Representations of Sexual Violence, Militarization, and the Nation-State in an Israeli-American Graphic Novel
 Kavaloski, Laini Kasia.

Judicial Gender Perspectives in Resolving FMLA Conflicts
 Martin, Elaine.

June! Discovering the Tools of an Activist Teacher
 Russo, Stacy.


Kara Walker: Cut as Masochistic Liberation
 Trench, Carolyn.


La Filles du Régiment: Sexual Ambiguity, Girlhood and Herculine Barbin
 Saint Jacques, Jillian.

Laboring in Intimacy: Labor Relations and Intimacy among Black Women and White Women in Nineteenth-Century African American Women’s Narratives
 Fulton Minor, DoVeanna S..

Layers of absence: Women of color in STEM
 Ginorio, Angela.

Learning How to Make (the most of) It: Liz Kennedy - Feminist Mentor
 Al-Sayyad, Ayisha.

Legalizing Prostitution: Western Feminist Interventions and Challenges of Creating an Indigenous Czech Feminism
 Fojtovâ, Simona.

Lessons Learned and Unanswerable Questions: Flannery O'Connor's "Good Country People" as a Feminist Parable
 Streiff, Kristina.

Liberatory Media Making as a Response to Feminist ‘Theory-into-Action’
 Power, BrownFemi.

Life in song: Life writing for students in the margins
 Montes Ireland, Heather.

Linking transnational feminism and intersectionality: the interplay between the Brazilian women’s movement and global feminism agendas.
 Simões, Solange.

Liz Kennedy: Lesbian/Queer Oral History Pioneer
 Alamilla Boyd, Nan.

Localizing Global Feminisms: A Socialist, Transnational Perspective
 Aristarkhova, Irina.

Locating Difficult Dialogues in Feminist Research Methods
 Hutchinson, Janet.

Locating Feminist Disability Studies
 Knoll, Kristina.

Long-Term Community-Academic Partnership for Undertaking Collaborative Creative Work via a Communication Department/Women's Studies Service Learning Classroom
 Weiss, Betsy.

Lost Earrings and Life Stories: A Feminist Visual Research Project
 Carpenter, Laura.

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Madmen/Madwomen: Retro-Revolution and the Female Body
 Witzig, Denise.

 Frueh, Joanna.

Mainstreaming intersectionality.
 Mukhopadhyay, Samhita.

Making Fat Feminisms Intelligible and Useful to Feminist Scholars and Pedagogues
 Null, Michaela A..

Making Good Mothers: Women, Midwifery, and the State in Colonial Ghana
 Amponsah, Nana Akua.

Making Mamas Militant: Gender and the Politics of Dissent in the U.S. Welfare Rights Movement
 Sparks, Holloway.

Mapping Women’s Lives: Theorizing and Teaching the Graphic Memoir
 Kyler, Carolyn.

Margaret Cho at/as the Intersection of Queer, Feminist, and Asian American Identity
 Sagara, Reid.

Maria Lugones’s Pilgrimages/Peregrinajes and the thirding of the spatial imagination
 Di Pietro, Pedro.

Masculinities Narratives in the Immigrant Workplace
 Saucedo, Leticia.

Material Community: The L Word and Post-Feminist Ideology
 Kane, Kathryn.

Meaningful Conversations: The Small Consciousness-Raising Group as a Tool for Collaboration across Differences
 Freedman, Janet Lois.

Meat and Potatoes?: WIC Policy, Childhood Obesity, and 'Appropriate' Parenting
 Herndon, April.

Melodrama, and HIV Prevention in West Africa
 Cynn, Christine.

Metaphors and Realities of Transformative Recovery and Community Re-Building in Post-Disaster Service-Learning
 Calvert, Bea.

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Naming Violence: Strategic Women’s Rights Frames and the Policy Process
 Medie, Peace.

Native Women and the Native Voice in Public Policy and Politics
 Wilde, Karen.

Native and Black Feminist Formations
 Lethabo King, Tiffany.

Natra Bareed? Mobilizing New Media in Queer Beirut
 Ayoub, Dima.

Natural Mothers: Catholic Mothers and the Breastfeeding Movement in Post-World War II America
 Martucci, Jessica.

Nature or Virtue? Gender, Embodiment and Failed Performance
 Mason, Kate.

Navigating Feminist Space(s): Interdisciplinary Challenges and Opportunities in the Context of Catholic Higher Education
 Vasko, Elisabeth.

Navigating Nepantla: Anzalduan Theory as a Space for Dialogue
 Ranft, Erin.

Navigating Postcolonial Spaces in Muslim Feminism(s): Women’s Agency and Shari’a in Aceh, Indonesia
 Taylor, Reed.

Navigating a Feminist Video Pedagogy
 Jara, Brian.

Navigating the recession: immigrant students’ stories of resiliency and resistance
 Revilla, Anita.

Needed but not Wanted: The Intersection of Policy and Preference for Taiwan’s Foreign Laborers
 Yutani, Jeanine.

Negotiating Authority and Power in a Feminist Classroom
 Arcy, Jacquelyn.

Negotiating Colombian Women's Citizenship
 Arango Vargas, Carolina.

Negotiating Sustainable Citizenship
 Holmes, Christina.

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Occupying the Female Body: Exploring the Role of Body, Memory, and Feminist Activism in the Occupied Territories
 Azeb, Sophia.

Of Oppression and Resilience: The Experiences of Women Formerly on Death Row in the Philippines
 Veloso, Diana Therese.

Of Rights and Representation: A Transnational Feminist Analysis of "Lakshmi and Me."
 Bandi, Swati.

Old Women, The “Lesbian Continuum” and Late Life Intimacies
 Loe, Meika.

On Gendered Markets and Market Feminism: a USAID Case Study
 Galusca, Roxana.

On NOT Being a Tool: Audre Lorde’s Poetic Challenge to Feminist Theory
 Barnes, Sharon.

On University Collaboration Exploring and Documenting the Art, Performance, Teaching, History, and Politics of a Root Cultural Community
 Harrison-Nelson, Cherice.

On being a woman in a time of war: The Filipino comfort woman in poetry
 Mendoza, Katharina.

On learning to teach fat feminism
 Boling, Patricia.

One Very Special White Lady: Intersections of Feminism and Racism on NBC’s “30 Rock”
 Cattrell, Melanie.

One Woman's Life: Surviving Oppression through Poetry
 Venkateswaran, Pramila.

Organizing Muslim Women Students and the Transformative Effects On the Organizer
 Au, Sau Fong.

Our Raison d’être: A Performance Manifesto
 Callier, Durell.

Outdoor Girls and Motor Maids: Early 20th Century Young Women’s Adventure Fiction
 Meaney, Shealeen A..

Outsider Feminists in Science
 Subramaniam, Banu.

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Partition in Contemporary Visual Art: A Transnational Memory Discourse
 Chowdhry, Pritika.

Pedro Almodovar’s Representations of Straight Spanish Women and Male-to-Female Transsexuals: Healthy Queering or Post-feminist Co-optation?
 Franks, Jill.

Performance, A Call to Feminist Activism
 Huber, Jamie.

Performances of Care and Intersectionality
 Hamington, Maurice.

Performing Breast Cancer: Diseased Bodies, Embodied Poetics, and Latina Cancer facultad
 Gutierrez, Christina.

Performing Law: The Case of a Trans-Inclusive ENDA
 Karalekas, Nikki.

Performing Marimacha: Staging Latina Butch Gender and Sexuality
 Cuevas, Jackie.

Performing Progressive Masculinities: The ‘Subversive Confusion’ of TV’s Modern Family
 Chojnacki, Margaret.

Performing the Grade: Urban Latino youth, gender performance, and academic success
 Foiles Sifuentes, Andriana.

Pieces…of a memoir: An emotional space for intellectual thought and personal reflection
 Doyle, Andrea.

Planting Roots and Making Claims: Chicanas Navigating Notions of Home and Belonging in the Midwestern "Borderlands/La Frontera"
 Creel Falcón, Kandace.

Playing at Science: Theatrical consciousness-raising about women in science
 Rodriguez-Coss, Noralis.

Podcasts and Creating an Original Feminist On-line Archive
 Jacobson, Kristin.

Poetry Networks: Subjugated Knowledge, Cultural Politics and the Writings of Sri Lanka's Global Garment Workers
 Hewamanne, Sandya.

Poetry as Activism: Frances Harper and Audre Lorde
 Hakima, Rabi\'a.

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Quantifying the Meaning of “Passing” to Male to Female Transsexuals
 Dykes, Stephanie M..

Queer Katrina: Gender and Sexual Orientation Matters in the Aftermath of the Disaster
 D\'Ooge, Charlotte.

Queer Media Justice: Approaches to Health and Well-Being in Communities of Color
 Clay, Andreana.

Queer Mother or Queer Nation?: Exploring the Letters of Gabriela Mistral and Doris Dana in the Liminal Spaces of Literature and the Nation
 Glaser Danton, Maria Fernanda.

Queer Reflections on Workplace Well-being
 Gates, Trevor.

Queering Gender Norms through Disability Studies
 Wheeler, Stephanie.

Queering History and Theorizing Indigenous Feminisms in a Transnational Framework
 Burford, Arianne Lynne.

Queering Hurston: Reading Gender and Sexuality in Zora Neale Hurston's Tell My Horse
 Freeman Marshall, Jennifer.

Queering the Fat Body
 Zolala-Tovar, Virginia.

Queering the Gaze: Lesbian Representation in the Queer New Wave and Contemporary Lesbian Cinema
 Tobin, Erin.

Queering the Good Book: Analyzing Itineraries of Emotion in “For the Bible Tells Me So”
 Gailey, Elizabeth.

Queering the Mic: From Hip Hop to Human Rights
 Trevenen, Kathryn.

Queering the Queer: Gender Nonconformity in Queer Women of Color
 Vieira, Mallory Kiersten.

Queering the civil rights movements in Japan: the Zainichi-Korean and transgender activisms in the1970s-1990s.
 Kinukawa, Tomomi.

Queerness in the Wilderness: Gender Transgressions on the U.S. Frontier, 1901-1911
 Skidmore, Emily.

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Race and Queer Studies: Challenging Norms of Whiteness
 Mount, Elizabeth.

Race, Gender, Class and the Law
 Carney, Christina.

Radical Action on a Conservative Campus: Creating a Women’s and Gender Studies Program at a Small Midwestern University
 Morkert, Michelle.

Radical Reflexivity: Theorizing “Passing” at the Margins
 Hudson, Kimberly.

Ray/e Bourbon: Performing Transgender Cosmopolitan Citizenship
 Romesburg, Don.

Re-Presenting the Navy WAVES: A Performance of Oral History
 Huber, Jamie.

Re-Reading Female Masochism: Unveiling the Challenges of the Perverse Heterosex
 Noonan, Estelle.

Re-thinking Gender, Domesticity and the Cold War in US-occupied Okinawa (1945 – 1972)
 Koikari, Mire.

Reading Government-based Science Policy Initiatives Through the Lens of Progressive Science-based Social Movements
 Darcangelis, Gwen.

Reading Right to Left: Coopting Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis
 Morrow, Colette.

Reading Trans/formational Bodies: Spaces of Transformation in Mestiza Maternal Subjectivity
 Mercado-Lopez, Larissa.

Real Girl Dances in Mummer Throng: Towards a Poetic Understanding of Women in History
 Leighton, Cora.

Reclaiming Memory: Bridging Gaps and Blurring Boundaries Through Memoir Writing
 DiPrince, Dawn.

Reconstructing Prosthetized Women, Reinvigorating Docile Bodies
 Booher, Amanda.

Reconstructing a Chicana Lesbiana’s Relationship with Home and Border through Words, Art and Film
 Flores, Anel.

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Sailing Away from The Jersey Shore: Ethnic Nullification and Sights of the Italian American Female Body from Connie Francis to Lady Gaga
 Quinn, Roseanne Giannini.

Sanger v. Palin: Applying the Birth Control Review’s Representations of Disabled Children to Contemporary Reproductive Justice Movements
 Craig, Layne.

Saving the World Two Lives at a Time: Alvarez's Meditations on Medical Missions, Colonialism, and Other Fictions
 Levin, Amy K..

School Configuration for Early Adolescents as an Unexamined Factor in Unplanned Teen Pregnancy
 Lange, Monica.

Science in WS100: response, resistance, rewards
 Bender, Anita.

Secular National Memory versus Sacred Tribal Memory: The Politics of Memory in Times of Disaster
 Tucker, Susan.

Secularizing Religious Difference: Making Muslim Women Legible as Subjects of Human Rights During the 1990s Civil War in Bosnia
 Atanasoski, Neda.

Self-Fashioning/Self-Policing: the Stakes of Labels for Women on the Web
 Bowser, Rachel.

Service Learning in South Africa: Transnational Feminist Alliances and Challenging Rescue Narratives
 Fisher, Barbara.

Sex and Migration of Color in Spain: The Ultimate Crimes in Today's Neoliberal World.
 Borges, Sandibel.

Sexual Myths and Black Women’s Sexual Sense of Self: Importance of Big Mama
 Dorsey, Martha Dickerson.

Shifting politics of the (trans) nation and of reproduction
 Bhatia, Rajani.

Should Same-sex Queer Women Get Married? Making a Home on the Contested Terrain of Feminism, Queer politics, and Gay Rights Legislation
 Ziegler, Kathryn.

Singing Awry: Reading the Falguni Pathak Performance
 Kumar, Elakshi.

Sins of the Mothers: Anger and Ambivalence as Emotional Inheritance in Post Feminist Black Women’s Writing
 Downing-Bryant, Cynthia.

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Tactile/Textile: Extravisual Broadcast, 1974
 Dublon, Amalle.

Taking Back the Kitchen as Visionary Resistance
 Rivage-Seul, Peggy.

Tasting Loyalties: Nurses, food, and the Civil War
 Ross, Kristie.

Taxing: A Feminist and Queer Analysis of the United States Internal Revenue Code
 Bazemore, Mary.

Teacher Positionality and the Politics of Teaching Feminism
 Sagara, Reid.

Teaching Art Appreciation Using a Workbook Model
 Eckert, Carol A..

Teaching Cross-cultural Gender Issues through Novels from the Global South
 Oberhauser, Ann.

Teaching Feminist Blog Wars and the Production of Feminist Thought
 Nathanson, Jessica.

Teaching Girls Studies in the Composition Classroom
 Pitts, Martha.

Teaching Mao: Queering Narratives of Women’s Progress within Transnational Studies
 Sinnott, Megan.

Teaching Women’s Autobiographies for Cross-cultural Competency
 Stitt, Jocelyn.

Teaching about Women and Islam in U.S. Universities
 Kang, Alice.

Telling Knowledges: Narrative as Theoretical Mediation in Mayra Montero's In the Palm of Darkness
 Gillman, Laura.

Text and Context in Global Women’s Life-Writing
 Hubler, Angela Elizabeth.

Texturing Identity: Frida Kahlo and Politics of Representation Through Appearance
 DeMIrjyn, Maricela. and Sanders, Eulanda.

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U.S. Christian Women Waging War and Advocating Peace: The Complex Relationship between Christian Women and Their Militarized Spiritual Beliefs since 1945
 Settje, David. and Morkert, Michelle.

Uncertain Thoughts about the Intersexed Body in Is it a Boy or a Girl?
 Edwards, Linda.

Unchartered Territory: Native Feminisms and Violence Against Urban Indian Women
 Robertson, Kimberly.

Under Lock and Key: Liberating the Power of Culture for Women Prisoners
 Weizenbeck, Nichol.

Understanding Female Ex-Offender Re-Entry into the Workforce: Connecting the Local to the Global
 Dernberger, Brittany.

Unimaginable Futures: The Exiles and the Emergence of the Native Mother
 Morrill, Angela.

Unpacking Girls’ Agency Regarding Cultural Ideologies of Food
 Murray, Dara.

Untypical Girls: Feminism and Punk Rock, 1975-1990
 Kvaran, Kara.

Upstaging Sociology: Using Critical Dramaturgy to Center the Black, Queer, Female Voice in the Sociological Canon
 Perry, Gary.

Using Consiousness-Raising for Difficult Dialogues in Women's Centers
 Parker, Juli L..

Using Theatre to Change the Prevalence of Sexual Assault on Campus
 Christensen, M. Candace. and Ghorbani, Shireen Sarah.

Using Women’s Studies to Facilitate Institutionalization of ADVANCE
 Rosser, Sue.


Veiled Propaganda: Representation and the Circulation of Images of Women in the War on Afghanistan and Iraq
 Riley, Robin.

Victim Erasure?: Questioning the de- and re-gendering of sexual assault prevention programs
 Beechey, Susanne.

Violence and Young Women in Oakland: Victims, Advocates or Criminals
 Crain, Crystallee.

Violence and the Everyday: Occupation and Militarization in the West Bank, Palestine
 Sharif, Rana.

Violent Exclusions: Feminist Grievances Beyond the Power of the State
 Knisely, Lisa.

Violent Sex or Sexual Violence?
 Greenwood, Ashley.

Virile Bodies, Docile Subjects: The Representation of Caribbean Masculinities in International Women’s Magazines
 Gordon, Nickesia.

Voices From Prison: The Composition, Revision, and Re-envisioning of Self
 Leuschen, Kathleen.

Voices from the Table: Third Wave Feminism, Girls' Studies, and the Politics of Personal Narrative
 Russell, Hope.


Wailing the Veil in the Time of War: Neo-Colonial Rescuers And Liberal Interpreters Of Muslim Women
 Dar, Huma.

Walking Contradictions: Immigration Meets Sexual Citizenship Among Latina Lesbianas
 Lopez, Candace.

Walking the Hire Wire: Balancing Personal Integrity and Academic Politics
 Currier, Danielle M..

Ways of Knowing, Feeling, Being, and Doing: Toward an Asian American and Pacific Islander Feminist Epistemology
 Yee, Jennifer.

We Can Rebuild Her, or A Leap of Faith in Exploration of Feminist New Media and Academic-Community Practice
 Kile, Crystal.

What Counts As Knowledge
 Spelman, Cornelia Maude.

What I Saw but Momma Wouldn't Say: Listening to daughters and their critiques of strong Black womanhood
 Beauboeuf, Tamara.

What Should an Eco/feminist Eat?
 Godfrey, Phoebe.

What does Native Feminism Look Like?
 Rand, Jacki.

What the City Re-members: Towards Mapping Visceral Memory Post-9/11
 Micieli, Jacque.

What’s Human in Human Rights: Disorienting Colonial Censors, Textual Bodies and Punitive Policies
 Tushabe, Caroline M..

When Being is Not A Burden: Naomi Ayala and the Re-embodying Poetics of Neo-Riqueña Discourse
 Barki, Roberta.

When Black Girls Look At You: A Visual Analysis of School, Home, and Community
 Brown, Ruth Nicole.

When Predator Becomes Prey: Tracking the Evolution of Gendered Terminology in Popular Culture
 Ames, Melissa. and Burcon, Sarah.

When “Too Much” Is Just Enough: Disidentifying Terrorism in Queer Stand-Up Performance
 Sibbett, Megan.

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Yarn Bombing: Women Challenging Spatial Invisibility through Knit Graffiti
 Wheeler, Sarah.

Youth Feminisms: What girls really want!
 Albright, Alison.


Zines and Women’s Studies 101: Fostering a Creative Approach to Research Assignments through Zine Workshops at the Library
 Knight, Annie.

Zines in Third Space
 Licona, Adela.
National Women's Studies Association 2010-Nov-11 to 2010-Nov-15
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