National Women's Studies Association 2011-Nov-10 to 2011-Nov-14

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"A Picture of Me and My Mother:" Precious, Racial Uplift and Reproductive Excess
 Kaplan, Sara Clarke.

"Are the Chilean Miners the Big Brothers of Neoliberal Exploitation?"
 Glaser Danton, Maria Fernanda.

"Bearing Gifts?: Theoretical and Organizational Tensions Between Anarchist and Feminist Responses to the 2010 Greek Economic Crisis"
 Warburton, Theresa Anne.

"Could You Find a Different Word?": Power Structures and Feminist Work in Higher Education
 Jones, Rita.

"Developing a Girls’ Studies Service Learning Course"
 Cislo, Amy.

"Don't Agonize, Organize": The Displaced Homemakers Movement and the Politicization of Housework in the 1970s
 Levenstein, Lisa.

"Fat Women Can Really Have Fun": The Israeli Fat Acceptance Movement
 Maor, Maya.

"From Farm to Table to Classroom: Harvesting the Fruits of Women’s Labor"
 Kerby, Molly.

"Gender inequities"
 Harris, Betty.

"Glorifying Obesity": Blogging Fat Acceptance
 Franco, Nicholas.

"I am a Woman, I am Egyptian, I am the Revolution"
 Azeb, Sophia.

"I am a Woman, but Not That Woman": Black Queer Womyn Attending Women’s Colleges in the South
 Miller, Shannon.

"If Boys Would be Men, Would Women be Ladies?": Gender in Christian Youth Culture
 Shively, Beth.

"It's Not a March on Washington": Deploying Feminism from within the Academy
 Howton, Amy.

"Make Me Over": The Merging of Dichotomies Within the Artist B. Slade.
 Chester, Tabitha.

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A "Fate Worse than Death": Literary Perspectives on Women Who Kill
 Fisher, Jerilyn.

A Girl’s Place is In the Struggle: Gendered Identities and Resistance
 Shaaban-Magana, Lamea.

A Glimpse into the Families of Latina Immigrants Using Photovoice
 Cecil-Drykacz, Joy. and Morgan, Mary Y..

A History of Resistance: Flight Attendants of the 2nd Wave
 Maley, Carney.

A New Narrative about Subverting the Master’s Tools: Consciousness-Raising and the Constructions of Gay Anti-Racism by Black and White Men Together in the early 1980’s
 Broad, K..

A Pile of Hope: Zine-Making as Pedagogy in the Women's Studies Classroom
 Groeneveld, Elizabeth.

A Place of Their Own: In Search of Political Identity Among Black Female Activists in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 Harrington, Jaira.

A Postfeminist Community: The Packaging, Promotion, and Representation of Postfeminism within NBC's Situation Comedy
 DeCarvalho, Lauren.

A Spectrum of Intersectionalities: Latin American Immigrant Women in South Florida
 Sabogal, Elena.

A Visual Rhetoric of Racial Vulnerability: Young Women of Color, Conservative Media Campaigns and Hyper-reproduction
 Oliviero, Kathryn.

A Woman at Walden: Feminist Impacts and Applications of Transcendentalism in American Culture
 Agee, AC.

Abject Subject: Desiring The Tragic Mulatta
 DeClue, Jennifer.

Ace Ideas: Asexuality and the Abolition of Whiteness
 Owen, Ianna.

Acting Up In and Out of Class: An Example of Student Social Justice Activism in a General Education Class
 Langlois, Lisa. and Chamberlain, Amy.

Active Bodies and Distributive Agency: Rethinking the Political in Contemporary Social Justice Activism
 Robertson, Lindsay.

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Back to the Land – Back to Pure Womanhood?
 Risk, Shannon.

Battleground and Ballroom: The DIY Transition Narrative
 Zanichkowsky, Anders.

Battling Beauty: Re-Presenting Global REELalities in the Search for Self
 White, Theresa.

Before Blogs: Alternative Feminist Publications and Intergenerational Activism
 Welch, Miranda.

Between a Scalpel and a Hard Place: Transgender and the Politicized Body
 Koch-Rein, Anson (Anne).

Beyond Stigma: Life Histories as a Method in Sex Work Research
 Dewey, Susan.

Beyond Tantric Tricks: Racialization of Asians and Asian Americans on Sacred Sex Websites
 Saraswati P., L. Ayu.

Beyond University Walls and National Borders: Service Learning in Jamaica
 Swauger, Melissa.

Beyond the Classroom Walls: Service Learning and Applied Feminism
 McCarver, Virginia.

Beyond the Norms: An Inquiry into the Queering of Motherhood
 Story, Lacey.

Beyond the University Classroom: College Students Negotiate Privilege in a Community-Based Violence Prevention Project
 Catlett, Beth. and Proweller, Amira.

Beyond ‘Softening Capitalism’s Rough Edges’: Women of Color, Microcredit and Economic Crisis
 Montes Ireland, Heather.

Black Canadian feminisms: Problems, Prospects and Possibilities
 Flynn, Karen.

Black Feminism(s), Black Feminists and Women's and Gender Studies
 Lindsey, Treva.

Black Rebel Teacher: Feminist Consciousness and the Shifting of Identities in High School Classrooms
 Troutman, Stephanie.

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Camaleona Caribeña: Rita Indiana’s Queer Media Performances and the Construction of the Dominican and Puerto Rican “Hip”
 Rivera, Celiany.

Can I Really Call Myself a Feminist and Defend Nicki Minaj
 Kwakye, Chamara Jewel.

Can the Current Trend of Gender Fluidity Bring Parity to the Masculinist Museum Hierarchy?
 Stein, Linda.

Can the Subaltern Blog?: An Exploration of Gender in Blogging, Representation, and Global Capital
 Carnahan, Sarah.

Can we cope with a State Funding Crises in a Chilly Political Climate and Still Thrive?
 Hackstaff, Karla.

Care, Neoliberalism, and Disposable Populations
 Barker, Drucilla.

Challenging Scientism: Feminist Qualitative Research within Education
 Happel, Alison.

Challenging Tradition to Transform Society: Community-Based Tanzanian Women’s Group Leaders and Transnational Feminism
 Filipczuk-Baker, Amanda.

Changing Career Paths of Women’s Studies Graduates 1990-2011: A European Perspective
 Griffin, Gabriele.

Changing Face of the University: How Pre-college Programs Are Shaping University, Women’s Studies and Agency
 Murphy, Nicole.

Changing Representations of Gender in China in Personal Photo Albums: A Feminist Participatory Research Approach to “Life Photo-autobiography"
 Huang, Xin.

Choosing Crip in a Culture of Life: Or, How to Think Disability in Time
 Kafer, Alison.

Choosing Women’s and Gender Studies: How Students Negotiate Disciplinary Hierarchies of Regard
 Dever, Maryanne.

Cinematic Autoeroticism and Feminism: Exploring Power and Agency in Depictions of Female Masturbation
 Tomei, Megan.

Classical Ballet: The Land that Feminism Forgot
 Rigles, Anna.

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Dancing Across the Diaspora: Foundational Contributions the Katherine Dunham
 Glocke, Aimee.

Dancing Autobiography: Movement Narratives of Feminist Subjectivities
 Bory, Alison.

De-Gendering Intimate Partner Violence Curriculums: New Strategies for Victims of Same-Sex Intimate Partner Violence
 Shadowens, Whitney.

Dealing Cards, Listening to Women: A Qualitative Research Technique to Elicit Embodied Experiences
 Sutton, Barbara.

Decolonizing Research: A Case Study from a Kenyan Slum
 Swart, Elizabeth.

Defying Gender Stereotypes and Racial Norms: Naming African American Women's Realities in Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul Music
 Bartlow, R. Dianne.

Deploying Feminism to Create Collective Responsibility for Gender-Based Violence
 Cantalupo, Nancy.

Deploying Feminisms at the Crossroads: Radical Political Subjectivity in Margaret Cho's Comedy
 Gailey, Elizabeth.

Deploying Feminisms in Last Acts: A Feminist Approach to Death and Dying
 Hutchinson, Janet R..

Deploying Motherhood in the Third Wave: Re-Mythologizing the 'Biological Clock'
 Fox, Pamela.

Deploying and Disciplining Feminism: Debating “Undoing” Gender
 Simula, Brandy.

Desiring Cuba: Eroticized Representations of Cuban Women
 Pena, Susana.

Destabilizing the ‘Men and Masculinities’ Course
 Jara, Brian.

Diary of Mad Black Men?: Melodrama and Post-Feminist, Post-Civil Rights Ideology in Tyler Perry’s Films
 Alexander-Floyd, Nikol.

Digitizing Activism and Blackness: Cyber Black Visual Culture Through a Women’s Community Based Organization
 Grigsby, Juli.

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Eat, Play, Leave: Americans Abroad and the Literature of Privilege
 Barbour, Nancy.

Effects of Participation in Cultural Practices on Elder Native Women
 Bobick, R. Saya.

Embodying Intersectionality: Practising Feminist Science Studies Within the Sciences
 Weasel, Lisa.

Embracing Chaos: A Queer Analysis of Disability Narrative
 Carter, Angela.

Empowered Food Security: Creative Approaches to Food Pantry Operation
 Woodbury, Alicia.

Empowering Lies: Masking the Emotional Self to Survive
 Suarez, Cecilia.

Enacting Masculinity: Gender Performance in the Southern Baptist Convention
 Snyder Furr, Rita.

Engendering the Non-Governmental Organization Movement in India
 Roy, Raili.

Enriching the Feminist Discourse: Women of Mountain Top Removal Activism in Appalachia and Feminist Identity
 Cohen-Jordan, Jennifer.

Evangelizing orgasm: On the Capitalistic, Social, and Political Implications of Women’s Sex Toy Usage in the U.S.
 Fahs, Breanne.

Even at Home, I’m Not at Home: Marginalization, U.S. Black Women and Postcolonial Feminist Frameworks
 Kelow-Bennett, Lydia.

Everything I learned while you were in kindergarten is illegal: Focusing on the knowledge homeless youth and drug users cultivate and share.
 Panichelli, Meg. and Workman, Jessie.

Expanding Our Research on Campus: Developing a Cross-listed, Interdisciplinary, Cultural Immersion Experience
 Woodard-Meyers, Tracy.

Exploited Women's Labor in the Global Market
 Acosta, Juan Carlos.

Exploring Muslim Women's Lives Through the Medium of Storytelling
 Marouan, Maha.

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Facebook and the Transformation of Agency and Feminist Activism
 Hawkins, Tracy.

Fact and Value: Service Learning Can Enhance Scientific Content While Adding Social Value and Context
 Mead, Kristina.

Fall and Rise of Czech Feminism
 Fojtova, Simona.

Farm-Fresh Milk and Blue Cupcakes: Ethnographic Research on Children's Food, Parenting, and Value in the United States"
 Patico, Jennifer.

Fat Bias Among Social Work Practitioners
 McCardle, Melissa.

Fat Pedagogies of Discomfort: Using Productive Discomfort in the Classroom
 Null, Michaela A..

Fat and Happy: Fat Performance, Affect, and the Politics of (Joyful) Resistance
 Director, Sheana.

Fat on Campus
 Stevens, Corey.

Fat on Fridays and veiled on Saturdays: exploring some limitations of identity politics and human rights discourse.
 Vazirova, Aysel.

Feeling the Pulse, Sensing the Change, Sharing the World: Irigarian Thought and Feminist Politics.
 Tewari, Ridhima.

Feminism and Erotic Dance in U.S. History
 Tremmel, Red.

Feminism and Sex Work: The Subaltern’s Speaking but Nobody’s Listening
 Lopez, Susan.

Feminism and the Representation of Sexually Dangerous Persons
 Cipolla, Cyd.

Feminism, Familism and Academia: Ideological Barriers to Latina Education
 Stalzer, Amy.

Feminisms in Motion: Girls’ Acceptance of Feminist Values and Identities in Junior Roller Derby
 Konrad, Cynthia.

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Gender Transgression in Early 20th Century African-American Vernacular Dance
 Woolner, Cookie.

Gender in Disaster Management Plan
 Khakimova, Sitora.

Gender in the Corporate Academy: A Qualitative Assessment of Disparities
 Coffey, Kathryn. and Fodge, Holly.

Gendered Natures: Masculinity and Extreme Adventure
 Jacobson, Kristin.

Gendering U.S. Foreign Aid: Co-Opting Feminist Anti-Violence Advocacy to Wage the "War on Terror"
 Williams, Kimberly.

Girl “Effects”: Feminist Fables or Cautionary Tales?
 Switzer, Heather.

Girl-Leaders Confront White Privilege: Young Women Bridging Difference to Build Community
 McFadden, Caroline.

Girls as Reading Subjects: Retrospective
 Atkinson, Becky.

Girls, Food and Power: Reclaiming the Earth
 Wilson Keener, Rachel.

Girls, Gardens and Community Building
 Franzen, Trisha.

Girls, Memory, and Stranger Danger in the 1950s
 Helgren, Jennifer.

Gladys Bentley and A’lelia Walker: Queering Black Women’s History
 Thompson, Shantala.

Going Undercover: Hip Hop Feminism and African American Young Adult Literature
 hood, yolanda.

Greatness Makes Tragedy: Achebe and Emecheta on Gendered Heroes
 Wimby, Monique.


Haunted by Stories: The Life of a Storykeeper
 Kwakye, Chamara Jewel.

Haven't We Been Here Before? Feminist Pedagogies of Service Learning
 Drabinski, Kate.

Healing Words: Women’s Studies in the Abortion Clinic
 Ludlow, Jeannie.

Hear Your Voice, Own Your Shine: Black Girls Expressing Self through Performance
 McMillion, Desiree "Dee".

Hearing the Subaltern Voices Speak: Women in the Naxalite Movement of West Bengal, India (1967-75)
 Chaudhuri, Pooja.

Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife and Hide Ya Husbands ‘Cause They Rapin’ Erbody Out Here: Blackness, Gender, Class and Appropriation in Popular Culture and the Media
 Peoples, Gabriel.

Historicizing African-American perspectives on abortion: Connecting research and activist praxis
 Greenlee-Donnell, Cynthia.

History for Otome: Japanese Girls (and Women) Asking New Historical Questions
 Hasegawa, Kazumi.

Holly Hughes, The Visible Lesbian
 Mullins, Brighde. and Schachter, Beth.

Home is Where...Well, Where is it?: Investigating Intersections Between Femme Gender and Sexuality
 Suellentrop, Elizabeth.

Homonational Subjection: Localizing Transnational Intimacies
 White, Melissa Autumn.

Homonormals, Homonationals & Healthy Children: Prop 8 and the 'Importance of Being Ordinary’
 Rohrer, Judy.

Hormone Nostalgia: Menopause Discourse Since 2002
 Gullette, Margaret Morganroth.

Housewives, Divorcees, and Professionals: Zora Neale Hurston, Feminist Ethnography, and Black Male/Female Relationships
 Barnes, Riche.

How Did We Get Queer? Sex, Politics, and Queer Neo-Burlesque
 Ryan, Maura.

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I Dare You to Look At Me: Divine and the Feminine Grotesque
 Zanichkowsky, Elizabeth.

I am Visible - You Choose Not to See Me: How to Situate Research on Black Women’s Lived Socio-Political Experiences Within the Study of Black Politics
 Nelson, Claudia.

If "No Means Yes" and "Yes Means Anal", What Does Anal Mean?: Problematic Feminist Responses to Yale's Call to Sexual Violence
 Drake, Lena.

If He Have Money in His Purse: The Celebrity Cult of the “Gold-digger” in British Literature and American Culture
 Gross, Kaitlyn.

Ignorance, Willful Ignorance and the Persistent Problem of Campus Peer Sexual Violence
 Cantalupo, Nancy.

Imagined Spaces for (Turkish) Women (of Germany): The Fictional Narratives of Alev Tekinay
 Yilmaz, Hulya.

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery? Using Feminist Surveillance Studies to Theorize Biomimetics
 Magnet, Shoshana.

Imperial Feminism and the U.S. Female Soldier: Women's Equality in the Service of Empire
 Mesok, Elizabeth.

Implementing Syariah in Aceh, Indonesia: Feminism and Religious Ethics from the Periphery
 Taylor, Reed.

In the Kitchen with the Local Food Movement: a Feminist Theory of Food from Farm to Table
 Stovall, Holly.

Increasing Visibility Through Blogging
 Salsbury, Lysa.

Indian Feminism, Feminisms in India and the Internet: New Media as New Agency?
 Chakravarty, Debjani.

Indigenous Activism of Kay Walking Stick: Art, Identity and the Politics of the Quincentenary,
 Seppi, Lisa.

Indigenous Feminist Activism in the Amazon
 Williford, Beth.

Indigenous Girls: Raising the Grandmothers of the Next Generation
 Clarke, Patricia.

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Janelle Monae’s Collective Vision: Post-Soul Eccentricity as Black Feminist Intervention
 Royster, Francesca.

Julie Dash's Optic of US Slavery and US Settler Colonialism: Visualizing Methods for Intersectional Work
 Lethabo King, Tiffany.


Karma Eaters: The Politics of Food and Fat on Women's Lands in the United States
 Luis, Keridwen.

Kashmir: Racisms of State, a feminist analysis
 Chatterji, Angana.

Katrina Evacuee Reception in Rural East Texas: The Limits of Empathy
 Miller, Lee.

Korean Women in Visual Documentations: Suffering, Representation and Actuality
 Kim, Miduk.

Kyriarchy, Feminism and the Promise in Adolescent Girls in Postfeminist Times.
 Doire, Louise.


Latin American Experiences Informing Identity and Activism
 Inzunza, Teal.

Latina Girls and Sexual Health Education
 Guzman, Bianca.

Leading a Women's Students Association at the Community College Level
 Juszczak, Melissa.

Learning Teenage Black Girls' Experiences in a Social Club: A Qualitative Case Study
 Williams, Jeena.

Learning to Live: Coping with Life After Acid Attack
 Karim, Rehnuma.

Letting Kitsimba Speak Through Me
 Alexander, M. Jacqui.

Liminality, Kyriarchy and Intersectionality: If it’s All Edges and Fluid Spaces Where am I?
 Mayfield, Kerrita.

Listening to Their Images/Seeing Their Stories: Making Meaning Out of the Photographs of Aging Black Women in Brazil
 Henery, Celeste.

Living Dolls and Female Chauvinist Pigs
 Franks, Jill.

Localizing the Global, Ruralizing the Queer: Theorizing and Materializing Queer Women in the Rural Midwest
 Thomsen, Carly.

Look at the Baaaaaaaaybeeeeeee: an Autoethnographic Exploration of Ultrasound Discourses
 DeFlavis, Cheryl.

Low Down on the Down Low: Black Press Writers, Urban Nightlife, and “Negro” Culture
 Babbitt, Derk.


 Afzal-Khan, Fawzia.

Madwoman in the Diaspora: War, Displacement, and Female Subjectivity in Asian American Women's Fiction
 Edwards, Naomi.

Mainstream Feminists to the Rescue: The Impact of Anti-Trafficking Discourses on Undocumented Sex Workers in Spain
 Borges, Sandibel.

Making Feminism and Women Visible in Cyberspace
 Bethman, Brenda.

Making It Legitimate: Maintaining the Possibility of Women’s Studies Within the Academy
 Dayton, Debra.

Making Sense of Success: Women Sociologists and their Experiences in Academia
 Marsh, Kristin.

Mammies, Maids, and Mothers: Representations of Race and Motherhood in Popular Culture
 Ganz, Johnanna.

Manfood: Masculinity on TV Food Programming
 Bevacqua, Maria.

Marketing Desire: Women, Work, and Sexual Practice
 Dodson, Leigh.

Marla is a Man!: Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club as a Challenge to Social Constructions of Gender.
 shaw, marilee.

Mastering the Methods: Investigating the Performance of Black Queer Feminist Pedagogies
 Lewis, Michelle (Mel).

Maternal Vampirism: Ambiguity, Abjection, and Desire in Le Fanu's 'Carmilla'
 Struder, Cory.

Maybe Next Year?: Gendering HIV/AIDS Activism
 Weekley, Ayana.

Medical Care for Sex Workers
 Andelloux, Megan.

Memories of Domesticity: Family Values and National Belonging in Katrina Oral History
 Daniel, Clare.

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Narrating Eroticism: Black Female Public Intellectuals Disrupting the Culture of Dissemblance
 Cooper, Brittney.

Native American Girls: Human Healing and the Young Prisoner as Intellectual
 Andrews, Tria.

Navigating Positive Change: Gender-Based Initiatives in Ghana’s Higher Education
 Adusah-Karikari, Tina.

Navigating my "Tight Spaces": Breaking Bread with Audre Lorde, a Critical Discourse Analysis of Sister Outsider
 Ricks, Shawn Arango.

Negotiating Language and Violation in Arielle Greenberg’s Poetry: Creative Intervention for an Empowered Sexuality
 Brandel, Darcy Lee.

Negotiating Memory and Violence in Lucille Clifton’s Poetry: Creative Intervention for Racial Equality
 Rashid, Anne.

Negotiating Poverty and Religion in Taslima Nasrin’s Poetry:Creative Intervention for Gender Equality
 King, Sigrid.

Negotiating Transnational Masculinities In/Through Grassroots Organizing
 Jaksch, Marla.

Neither Annies nor Annettes: American Girlhoods and Popular Culture Before and After the Introduction of the Small Screen
 Hains, Rebecca. and Thiel-Stern, Shayla.

Neoliberal U.S. Constructions of Female Desire in Iran
 Aghdasifar, Tahereh.

Networking Arguments: Towards a Transnational Feminist Rhetorical Pedagogy
 Dingo, Rebecca.

Never Ending Questions: The Politics of Self-Critique
 Henry, Astrid.

Nick Cave’s “Soundsuits” and The Politics of Queer of Color Life
 Fair, Freda.

No Talking, Please: Narrative Subtexts in Lesbian and Gay House Museums in the United States
 Adair, Joshua.

Normative Gender Attribution: An Analysis of “Cisgender” Terminology in the Trans- Community
 Wright, Regina.

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Obstacles to Our Authority: Re-Examining Feminism in the Academy
 Bisignani, Dana.

Of Course, We Shall Rebuild: Unheard Voices – Mississippi Women Survivors of Hurricane Katrina Speak
 Davis, Ophera.

On My Honor I Will Try: An Open Correspondence to the Girl Scouts of the USA...
 Wallace, Anya.

On The Inside Looking In: Intersectionally Contextualized Burden of Empowering Praxis in Disempowering Settings
 Edwards, Arlene E..

Our Classroom is the Big Sky and the Diverse Culture and Landscape of the US Desert Southwest
 MacKenzie, Gordene.

Our Roles and Methods: Street Sex Work and Activists
 McCracken, Jill.


Partnering to Support Local Teen Moms
 Byrd, Deborah.

Passionate Patriotism: Intersectionality and Discourses of Anger in the Tea Party Movement
 Sparks, Holloway.

Patriarchal Boots: Women Who Reenact the American War of Independence
 D\'Amore, Laura.

Penelope and Her Sisters: Weaving Tradition and Modernity in Transnational Italian Settings
 Balzano, Wanda.

Performative Mothering: Care, Intersubjectivity, and Love in Miyazaki Films
 Stewart, Matthew.

Performing Global Feminism: "Seven" from Page to Stage
 Capo, Beth.

Performing in Blue-Face: Colonial Fantasies and Postmodern Identity in Avatar
 Portillo, Juan.

Perspectives from a Major in Biosciences and Minor in Women’s Studies
 Trivedi, Deepa.

Picturing Hers: Memory of Survivors of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery in Asian American Arts
 Lee, Joo Young.

Picturing Subjectlessness: Performing Sexuality in Nikki S. Lee’s "Projects"
 Hernandez, Jillian.

Pink and Blue Heroics in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Purple Hibiscus and Half a Yellow Sun
 Casey, Heather.

Pleasuring Promiscuities: A Postfeminist Analysis of Sexuality on Bravo TV's The Real Housewives
 Cox, Nicole.

Poetry Networks: Subjugated Knowledges, Cultural Politics, and the Writings of Sri Lanka’s Global Garment Workers
 Hewamanne, Sandya.

Politicizing the Personal: PostSecret Feminist Activism
 Motter, Jennifer.

Politics of Being Black, Feminist and an Anthropologist
 Bolles, A. Lynn.

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Queer Constitutions? Disability, Diabetes and Justice Sotomayor in Popular Media
 Havlin, Natalie.

Queer Dilemmas: Methodological Challenges when Researching Youth
 Sharkey, April.

Queer Disability Blogs: Subject (Re)Formatting in the Twenty-First Century
 Fine, Zoe.

Queer Resolutions: 9/11 and Muslim Masculinities in Kabir Khan’s New York
 Misri, Deepti.

Queer and Gender Identity Performances by Latinas: The Trans-Border Spaces of Labor, Life and Love
 Munoz, Lorena.

Queering Normative Femininities?: CODEPINK’s Disruptive Deployments
 Currans, Elizabeth.

Queering Sikh American Women & Visual Representations of Genocide
 Singh, Gitanjali.

Questioning the Metanarrative of Global Capitalism: Towards Intersectional and Multi-sited Understandings of Systemic Power
 Dutta, Aniruddha.


Rape Crisis and Sexual Assault Services of Augusta and Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault (GNESA): Helping Sexual Violence Survivors Through a Feminist Framework
 Foss, Rachael.

Re-Deploying Gender Norms in Disabled/Nondisabled Relationships
 Rainey, Sarah.

Re-Presenting Lives and Representational Limitations
 Dube, Pankhuree.

Re-creating Palestine
 Deb, Basuli.

Re-defining Islam through the Voices of Non-literate Moroccan Women
 Marouan, Maha.

Re-imagining Campus Sexual Assault Policy: An Exploration of Organizational Knowledge and Response
 Ghorbani, Shireen.

Re-making Race for a National Security State: Packaging a Nativist Hispana
 McSherry, Carolyn.

Re-privileging Boundaries: the Discourse of the Nation-State in Global and Transnational Feminism Studies
 Alder, Kristin.

Re-visioning Academia - A Diversity of Libratory Pedagogies Designed by Women of Color
 Razak, Arisika.

Reading Women's Cyber Health Dialogue as a Meso-level Mechanism of Power in Foucaultian Feminism
 Takeshita, Chikako.

Reclaiming American Regionalism: Zitkala-Ša’s Ecofeminist Vision
 Lopez, Esther.

Reclaiming Indigenous Feminist Cultures: African Women in Their Own Words
 Ngo-Ngijol Banoum, Bertrade.

Recollecting and Reconstructing Queer Girlhoods of the 1950s U.S.
 Littauer, Amanda.

Recovering Black Women’s Voices and Lives: Integrating Research, Teaching, Professional Service and Outreach, and New Possibilities for Actualizing Women’s Studies
 Fulton Minor, DoVeanna S..

Recovery Missions: Imaginative Narratives that Encourage a “Total Body Compass” for Girls
 Davis-Faulkner, Sheri.

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Same Mammie Different Queenie: Race, Place, and Gender in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008).
 Louis, Diana.

Sandeep Has Four Mommies: Social Constructions of Gender and Family In Nepali Orphanages
 Rothchild, Jennifer.

Scheduled Life of Grandma
 Wilińska, Monika.

Schooling Diaspora: Female Education and the Overseas Chinese in British Malaya and Singapore, 1900s-1950s
 Teoh, Karen.

Scream Like a Girl: Young Women, Girls, and Today’s Activism
 Albright, Alison.

Service Learning: A Student's Perspective
 Goodman, Shaina.

Sex work, intersectionality and creating art for social justice: Challenging stereotypes and stigma through photography
 Capous-Desyllas, Moshoula.

Sex, Stereotypes and Stigma: Exploring Representations of HIV/AIDS in Queen Latifah's "Life Support"
 Melton, Monica.

Sex, Sustainability Politics and Neoliberalism
 Lind, Amy.

Sex-Talk between Korean Men and Correcting Male Citizenship: Homo-sexual/national Male-Bonding on a Transnational Match-making Site in Vietnam
 Lee, Eunsung.

Sex/Sexuality and the General Education Student: Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj or Beyonce Loves Gaga
 Morgan-Curtis, Samantha.

Sexting as Feminist Media Production? Gender, Sexuality, and Discourses about Technology
 Hasinoff, Amy.

Sexual Citizenship and Reproductive Rights: Moving Beyond the Neoliberal Framing
 Naples, Nancy.

Sexual Politics and Transitional Governance in Post-Conflict Serbia
 Gabbard, Sonnet.

Shared Spaces and Shared Positionalities: Using Performance to Address Discourses of Multi-Generational Feminist Divides
 Thomsen, Carly.

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Teaching About Science as a Feminist Tool: Challenging the Fact/Value and Reason/Emotion Dichotomies
 Castagnetto, Susan.

Teaching Emerging Feminist Practices in Ethics and Science
 Giordano, Sara.

Teaching Gender When There is No Gender to Teach: Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges for Teaching Gender at Liberal Arts Colleges
 Dawuni, Josephine J..

Teaching Upper-Level Women's Studies Courses at a Community College
 Venkateswaran, Pramila.

Teaching Without Walls: A Graduate Student Perspective on Queer Theory, SB1070, and Pedagogy
 Bucci, Giovanina.

Teaching to a New Beat: Queer Hip Hop Interventions in the Feminist Classroom
 Trevenen, Kathryn.

Telling Stories with Youth: Creating Visual Dialogues on Queer Identities and Communities
 Chancellor, Calla.

Terror and the Queer South: Exposing Cultural Narratives of Regional Supremacy and Heterosexual Patriotism
 Purvis, Jennifer.

The Accidental Girl Effect
 Bent, Emily.

The Beauty of State Construction: Crisis Resolution through Pageantry in Contemporary Colombia
 Hunt, Stacey.

The Bound Yet Persistently Moving Critical Distance Between My Body and "Woman"
 Bakst, Lauren.

The Calling Forth of the Virtual Queer Witness in AIDS Cinema: The Films of Wojnarowicz, Riggs, and Demme
 Canfield, Liz.

The Case of Liberia: When and What is "Post-Conflct"
 Williams, Korto.

The Cost of Empire: Slavery and Reproduction in Feminist Science Fiction
 Ranft, Erin.

The Crescent and the Cross: Negotiating Norwegian Womanhood within Religious Communities
 McKown, Lauren.

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Unearthing Birth Control Narratives in the Archive: Rewriting the History of The Pill as a Eugenics Tool
 Wagman, Jamie Schmidt.

Untamable: Gender, Technology and the Politics of Excess in Children’s Animated Film
 Ganz, Johnanna.

Uppity Women Howling: Making Space for Working Class American Women Poets
 Barnes, Sharon.

Using Feminist Research Methods to Study Sexual Minorities
 Sheff, Elisabeth.

Using Film to Flex an Accessible Feminist Voice
 Fitch, Janet.


Violent Effects: Puertorriqueñas, Domestic Violence, and the Artistry of Resistance
 Hurtado, Roberta.

Virtual Feminisms: Girls’ Blogging Communities as Feminist Counterpublics
 Keller, Jessalynn.

Visibile/Invisible Fat: Strategies of Resistance and Resilience in Tiptree, Jr. and Reed’s Short Stories
 Risch, Brenda.

Visual Healing: The Ageing Black Body as Signifier of an Alternative Black Body Aesthetic
 Crider, Juanita.

Visualizing Theory: Inviting Students to Transform Through Art
 Eichhorn, Jill. and Gray, Barbara.

Voice, Inclusion, and Interdependence: The Youth Media Advocacy Project as Feminist Pedagogy
 Snyder-Duch, Jennifer.

Voices, Bodies and Writing: Taking Back Our Tools
 McDermott, Lydia.


War and Justice Transformed by Indigenous Women in Leslie Marmon Silko’s Novel Almanac of the Dead
 Stamper, Cambria.

War on Gaza: the Hidden Crises for Women
 Gorelick, Sherry. and Rosenwasser, Penny.

We Are Not Disposable: People with Pyschosocial Disabilities Claiming Epistemic Authority
 Moeller, Carol.

We Meet Again: Academic and Activist Roots of Feminist Fat Studies
 Garber, Linda.

We Say We Love Each Other: Dialogues on Love, Gender, and Justice
 Callier, Durell. and Hill, Dominique.

We've Been Studied to Death, We Ain’t Gotten Anything: (Re)claiming Knowledge Production Through Writing Collectives
 Kohl, Ellen.

What Makes This Documentary Queer?: Engaging Visualities in Introduction to LGBTI Studies
 Hart, Carrie Elizabeth.

What is ‘Feminist’ Knowledge about Violence
 Knisely, Lisa.

What is “Comparative” about “Comparative Feminisms?
 Arora, Kulvinder.

What’s Feminist About Crip Theory Now?
 Kafer, Alison.

What’s a Feminist to Do? How New Anti-abortion Strategies and Technologies Reconfigure Debates over Sex, Race and Abortion
 Jesudason, Sujatha.

When Demand Exceeds Supply: Disaster Response and the Southern Political Economy
 Weber, Lynn.

When the Spirit Speaks: Sacred Politics with Pedagogical Implications
 Callier, Durell.

Where is Home?: A Feminist Ethnodrama
 Gillon, Kathleen. and Place, Lissa.

Where’s the Justice? how spaces affect social justice organizing on university campuses
 Dolhinow, Rebecca.

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Yesterday's Orientalism and Today's French Muslim Women
 Hasden, Kelsi.

You Just Keep on Pushin’ My Love: Discursive Power and the Borderline Personality Memoir
 Janus, Melanie.

Young Women's Sexual Agency: What does Feminism Have to do with it?
 Thompson, Elisabeth Morgan.
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