National Women's Studies Association 2012-Nov-08 to 2012-Nov-11

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"An Unnamed Blank that Craved a Name": A Genealogy of Intersex as Gender
 Rubin, David.

"Disposable Women," Border Mentalities, and Militarization in Academia: The Deep Structures in Exploitative Institutional Patterns
 Lisberger, Jody.

"Fitting in" Sociocultural Adaptation Experiences of Female International Students
 Mathew, Sera.

"Hear my Call" Cuz I Am Here!: A Black Girl's Tale of Schooling
 Hill, Dominique.

"Hey Girl": Feminist Ryan Gosling and the Intersection of Academia, Race, and Pop Culture
 Henderson, Danielle.

"I Am Not Broken, I Am Broken Open": An Interrogation of the Political Economy of Black Women's Sexuality
 Jarmon, Renina.

"I Found California Seething with Discontent": Reflections on a Moment of Solidarity and Struggle
 Kensinger, Loretta.

"I was Enchanted to Meet You": Queering Fandom on Taylor Swift Fan Forums
 Brown, Adriane.

"Meu Energia Sexual": Therapeutic Ethics and Lesbian Subjectivities Contesting Brazilian Gynecological Biopolitics
 Falu, Nessette.

"Sex in the City in Asia": Facebook, Race and Gendered Bodies
 Koh, Adeline.

"Shipping" for Survival: Queer Youth in Online Fan Communities Enacting Expression, Resilience, and Resistance
 Drake, Lena.

"The Right to Opacity": Traveling with Glissant Through Feminist Theory
 Leon, Christina.

"Together We Thrive": Discourses of Nationalism and Grief in the Wake of the Tucson Shooting
 Martinez, Jessica.

"Transforming Religious Language to Destigmatize Abortion"
 Turner, Rebecca.

"What the Public Doesn't Want": Queer Autonomy and Conversation in The Little Review
 Swanson, Cecily.

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A Case Study of the Log Cabin Republicans: Colonization of Gay and Lesbian Bodies Manifest in Bipartisan American Politics
 Walsh-Haines, Grant.

A Communicative, Intersectional Methodology: Writing Qualitative Research
 Harris, Kate.

A Conversation with Gloria Anzaldua; Identity Borders and Conocimiento’
 Sotomayor-Zoebisch, Leslie.

A Feminist Approach to Political Rhetoric and a Call for Transnational Feminism
 Wondergem, Taylor.

A History of Feminist Reflections on Childhood
 Weiss, Penny.

A New Generation of Queer Activists: the View from an LGBTQ Youth Center
 Robertson, Mary.

A New Spin: The Role of DIY Culture and Sexualized Resistance in Women’s Roller Derby
 Becker, Suzanne.

A Pedagogy of Empowerment: Possibilities of Testimonio
 Flores Carmona, Judith. and Del Pino, Stephanie.

A Second Second-Act?: The Post-Performance Discussion as a Creative Pedagogical Space
 Speer, Annika.

A Town Without a Mexican: The Colonization of Latino/Hispanic Populations in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Dollhouse
 Squier, Helena.

A Transnational Feminist Approach to Teaching Nanook of the “Global” North
 Sciachitano, Marian.

A Tribute to our Foremothers
 Guy-Sheftall, Beverly.

A University-Based Young Women Leaders Program: Challenges and Lessons Learned
 Sollie, Donna.

A Whiter Shade of Pink
 Bubriski-McKenzie, Anne.

A “Bastard and Dubious Sub-Genre”?: Finding the Pedagogical and Activist Merits of Docudrama for Feminist Theatre
 Speer, Annika.

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Bacha Bazi: Outside Cultural Culpability
 Hassell-Schafer, Sharina.

Back to What I Believe In: Being and Becoming a Scholar Artist in the Shadows of Post-Positivism
 Callier, Durell.

Balanchine: Molding and Mutilating the Ballerina
 Rigles, Anna.

Be Prepared: Girls Imagining Their Future Selves through Scouting
 Goerisch, Denise.

Becoming Digitally: ‘When did this become hotter than that?’
 Henning, Tempest.

Beginning (Feminist) History Again: "Baby Zero" and Emer Martin's Activist Agenda
 Balzano, Wanda.

Best Practices for Imagining a Future of Feminist Leaders: The Social Change Model of Leadership
 DeMaeyer, Melanie. and Riggle, Colleen.

Beyond Conventional Soldiers: Women as Allies for Nuclear Security
 Emmanuelle, Catherine.

Beyond Experience: Pedagogical Foundations of Feminist Transnationalism
 Bauer, Carrie.

Beyond Regionalities in Understanding Conflict: Lessons from a Transnational Feminist Pedagogical Perspective
 Sen, Debarati.

Beyond Slash: The Queer, Feminist, and Antiracist Labor of Star Trek Fandom
 Hames-Garcia, Michael.

Birthing Poverty: Teenage Motherhood and its Discontents
 Crossen, Elizabeth.

Black Women, Modernism, and Nature: Black Female Identity Formation through an Ecocritical Consciousness
 Frazier, Chelsea.

Blacking the Queer Classroom
 Boson, Crystal.

Bleeding Across Borders: Menstruation and Shame among High School Girls
 Held, Shawna.

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Can Revolution Survive Washington? Feminists in the Carter Administration
 Mattingly, Doreen.

Can We Still Dance in the Revolutions? An Analysis of Emma Goldman’s Contributions to Feminist Theory
 Scripter, Claire.

Can the Subaltern Speak Before the Tenth Week of the Semester? Exploring Postcolonial Pedagogies of Not-Knowing
 Chevrette, Roberta.

Carceral Empowerment: The Impact of Transnational Sex Trafficking Discourse on Prevention Projects
 Dubyak, Erin.

Care Work and Justice: Labor, Community, and Families Organizing Across Traditional Boundaries
 Lee, Pam.

Catalyzing Possibility: The NO! Film Documentary as Community Accountability Technology
 Simmons, Aishah Shahidah. and Kigvamasudvashti, Theryn.

Ceremonial Change Process: Using an Indigenous Model to Decolonize Women’s Bodies
 Diaz, Teresa.

Chican@ artivistas at the Intersection of Imagination and Hope
 Gonzalez, Martha.

Chicana Activism in the 1960's in the Midwest
 Gutierrez, Julia.

Chicas, Divas, and Dirty Girls: Transforming Latinidad in the Chica Lit Works of Sofia Quiñtero
 Hurt, Erin.

Chika Unigwe's On Black Sisters Street and the Criminalization of Human Trafficking
 Szaniawska, Aleksandra.

Chlamydia Testing Day: Innovative Ideas for Safer Sex Education
 Sholock, Adale.

Choosing Change?: Representations of Fat and Re-defining the Body in Pacific Islander Communities
 Rondilla, Joanne.

Climate Science Literacy: The Urgent Need to Counter Climate Change Denialism and Geoengineering
 Brault, Claire.

Collecting Data, Building Power, Changing Policy: The National Domestic Workers Survey Project
 Burnham, Linda.

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Dance (A$$) Remix: An Historical Context for the Performance Art of Nicki Minaj
 Bell, Christa.

Dancing to the Tune of Occupation: Decolonizing Knowledge in the Time of Emerging Powers
 Dar, Huma.

De-colonizing the Erotic Imagination: U.S. South Asian Community Formation and the Politics of Sexuality
 Roshanravan, Shireen.

De-stressed Damsels: Cultivating a Lineage of Creative Revolutionary Women in the Marketplace.
 Wood, Mandisa.

Decentering the Human: Ecofeminism and Ecojustice Education
 Happel, Alison.

Decolonizing "the girl effect": Imagining New Forms of Policy and Practice in Girls' Education
 Moeller, Kathryn.

Decolonizing 1890s Feminism: Representing the Bicycling African-American Woman as Cyborg
 Lidinsky, April.

Decolonizing Feminisms through Cross-Cultural Experiential Education
 Lutterman-Aguilar, Ann.

Decolonizing Feminist Journal Publishing
 Sotirin, Patricia.

Decolonizing Feminist Thought: A transnational perspective of feminist publications in francophone Africa
 Lohmann, Jessica.

Decolonizing Knowledge in the Classroom Through Participatory Action Research
 Weber, Christina.

Decolonizing Knowledge with Hatty and CeCe
 Reeder, Terry.

Decolonizing Knowledge: Social Justice aims of Women's and Gender Studies
 Eudey, Betsy.

Decolonizing Knowledge: The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
 McNeal, Frances.

Decolonizing Narrative Time with Helena María Viramontes and Gerald Vizenor
 Garcia, Armando.

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Editing C189
 Ormiston, Robin.

Effective Processes: Feminist Directing Strategies for Activist Theatre
 Johnson, Kellyn.

Embodiment and Dialogue: Changing regimes of knowledge for Urban Youth
 Truax, Heidi.

Empowering Young Women of Color Through Media Literacy and Media Activism
 Cabral, Nuala.

Engendering Forgiveness: The Post-apartheid Narratives of Antjie Krog and Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela
 DeShazer, Mary.

Engendering National Bodies in Neoliberal China
 Zhang, Charlie.

Engendering Transnational Environmental Justice: Feminist Epistemologies, Pipeline Imaginaries and the Queer Ecosocialist
 Diddams, Margaret.

Engendering Violence in Deterritorialized Spaces: Border Militarization, National Security, and Violence Against Women at the US-Mexico Border
 Williams, Jill.

Enhancing decolonization: Embracing complexity and cultivating immigrant women’s health through community based research
 Shirazi, Mehra., Popal, Rona., Shirazi, Aida., Taher, Yasamin. and Nevin, Zohra.

Enlightened Sexism?: A Closer Look at Neoliberalism and Postfeminism within the HBO Series
 DeCarvalho, Lauren.

Envision a Feminist Future In Which Elderwomen Are Respected And Care Of The Aged Valued
 Bobick, R. Saya.

Envisioning Feminist Environmental Health Movements: Lessons from the Komen Controversy
 Baralt, Lori.

Epistemologies of Resistance: Peasant Women in the Land Rights' Movements in Punjab, Pakistan
 Suhail, Sarah.

Epistemologies of Violence and the Politics of Making Sense
 Bierria, Alisa.

Eradicating the Girl-Mom: The Rise of a Multicultural Politics of Teenage Pregnancy
 Daniel, Clare.

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Fabulachia: Urban Black Girls/Rural Migration, College, and Hip Hop Feminism
 Troutman, Stephanie.

Facebook and Feminist Pedagogy: From Social Network to Activism Forum
 Redela, Pamela.

Factory Farming, Soy Production, and the Women of South America
 Schipper, Shannon.

Fat Bodies/Thin Critique: Embodiment, Race, and Class in Contemporary Feminist and Queer Scholarship
 Ward, Anna.

Fatness and Visual Culture: Several Contemporary Fat Feminist Art Projects
 Snider, Stefanie.

Fatphobia in Food Advocacy: Addressing the Lack of Scholarly Interventions
 Clark, Lauren.

Feeding Ourselves and the Planet: A Feminist Vision of Nourishment for Health and Justice
 Stovall, Holly.

Feminism From the Inside Out: Yoga in Theory and Practice
 Champ, Amy.

Feminism Meets Fist-Fucking: Everyday Feminist Sexual Theory from 1969-1977
 Warner, Alex.

Feminism and Facebook: Can Social Networking Really Be Radical?
 Breuer, Heidi.

Feminism and Multiculturalism Revisited: a Transnational Perspective
 Perpich, Diane.

Feminism in the Academy: A Current Look at Campus Climate Research
 Hume, Wendelin.

Feminism, Antifeminism, and the Politics of Gender in the United States
 Johnson, Emily.

Feminisms and New Masculinities in Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
 Peel, Katie.

Feminist Classrooms Unbound: Civic Engagement, Feminist Theory, and the Public Humanities
 Meaney, Shealeen.

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Gay People on “Gaydar”
 Barton, Bernadette.

Gender Deviance in South Asia: The Aravanis
 Rajgopal, Shoba.

Gender Non-Conformity in the Caribbean: State Support for Queer Cuban and Dominican Organizations
 Rivera-Velazquez, Celiany.

Gender Violence, Subjectivity and Uneasy Privilege: Situating Human Rights Workers in Guatemala’s CEH and REMHI truth and memory processes
 Rosser, Emily.

Gender and Transgression in Feminist Spanish Science Fiction
 Bolanos, Patricia.

Gender, Identity Politics, and the Future of Feminist Research: Archives as Agents of Social Change
 Anderson, Bethany.

Gender, Nation and Islamophobia: A Comparison of Violence in Gaza and Gujarat
 Thobani, Sunera.

Gender, Race, and Identity: Invisible Labor in the Feminist Classroom
 Borges, Sandibel.

Gendered Migrant of the Global South: Gaddamma
 Subramanian, Shreerekha.

Gendered State Violence Beyond the Nation-State
 Escobar, Martha.

Genderqueer Aztlán? Nationalism and Disability in Like Son by Felicia Luna Lemus
 Minich, Julie.

Genetic Articulation of Indigeneity
 TallBear, Kimberly.

Gestational Television: Teen Pregnancy and Motherhood in Reality TV
 Hinsman, Abigail.

Gesture in Mambo Time
 Rodriguez, Juana Maria.

Getting “Un-Stuck”: Exploring the Affective Dimensions of Iranian Diasporic Male Images
 Aghdasifar, Tahereh.

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HIV Prevention Media in West Africa
 Cynn, Christine.

Hairtofore and Hairafter: Fourth-Stage Women’s Life-Course Experiences with Power, Status, and Beauty in Relation to Their Hair
 Barr, Courtney. and Jones, Vanessa.

Hegemonic Horizon/Queer Horizon: Politics of the Constitutive Outside
 Carusi, Tony.

Historicizing fatness in women’s studies
 Farrell, Amy.

History of Expect Respect, SF
 Simon, Leslie B..

Home is Where the Work is
 Lanoix, Monique.

How Does Your Garden Grow?: Using Vandana Shiva’s Earth Democracy as a Lens for Understanding Community Gardens
 McIlvaine-Newsad, Heather.

How Will the Revolution be Televised? Western Feminist Reporting on the Arab Spring
 Nichols, Alicia.

How Women's Studies Lost Its Way and How It Can Regain Its Heart
 Bullington, Sam.

How Women’s Issues Can be Addressed in an Undergraduate Class
 Holmes, Marionette.

How the Matrix of Domination Influences Social Policy: The Success and Failure of ENDAs
 Boeshart, Sarah.


Icons and Devils: Rape Vengeance Mythologies of the 1970’s
 Arellano, Lisa.

Imagination Unbound: Were there Mississippi Black Middle-class Women Survivors of Hurricane Katrina?
 Davis, Ophera.

Imagining New Approaches to the Teaching Assistantship
 Jara, Brian.

Imagining and Realizing Queer Environmental Futures
 Grizzell, Trevor.

Imperial Sentiment: Colonialism and Consequences in Owenson’s The Missionary
 Shannon, Ashley.

Improving Student Research Papers in Women’s Studies through Staging the Information Seeking Process and Academic-service Learning
 Simoes, Solange. and Gray, Suzanne.

In Our Hands: Community Accountability as Pedagogical Strategy
 Rojas, Ana Clarissa.

In Our Own Words: Women of Color Write Resistance and Resist Injustice
 Crump, Helen.

In Pursuit of Dialogic Knowing: Deploying Feminist Epistemological Transgressions
 Shaaban-Magana, Lamea.

In the Belly of the Monster: Politics of Liberation and Representation in the Third World Women's Alliance
 Beins, Agatha.

In the Name of Health: Weight-Centered Health Frames and Anti-Fat Attitudes
 Powroznik, Karen.

Indigenous Eduaction in Ecuador: Decolonizing Knowledge and Reformulating Citizenship
 Celleri, Maria.

Indigenous Girlhood and its Disruptions Under Western Neocolonialism
 de Finney, Sandrina.

Indigenous Women’s Ways of Knowing: Critical Interruptions
 Cavino, Hayley Marama.

Inside the "Black Box": Avenues for Future Research on Homophobia, Rights, and Health among Men who Have Sex with Men
 McKay, Tara.

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Jeopardizing Imperial Boundaries: The Third World Women’s Alliance (TWWA) and International Reproductive Rights Organizing
 Kokayi, Assata.

Jitterbugging Outside National Boundaries: Australian Women Dancing with American Servicemen during WWII
 Unruh, Kendra.

Joanna Russ, Sally Gearhart, and Octavia Butler and the Arc of Aging
 Cruikshank, Peg.


Kashmiriyat and Kashmiri Women
 Khan, Nyla.

Kicking Out the Dinosaurs: The Legacy of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition
 Gauch, Alicia.

Knitting for Good? Affective and Political Economies in the Global Yarn Trade
 Butler, Pamela.

Knowledge's Borders and Boundaries: Learning and the Politics of Knowledge Distribution
 Quiroz-Becerra, M. Victoria.

Kumin and Pastan: “Revolutionary” Poets
 Rubin, Lois.


Latinas/Chicanas and Incarceration
 Diaz-Cotto, Juanita.

Legislating the Reproduction of Citizens: A Feminist Analysis of Arizona Politics
 Leong, Karen.

Liminal Laughter: A Feminist Vision of the Body in Resistance
 Fryett, Sarah.

Lingering over Lingerie: Engendering 'Bodies' through Social Media Networks
 Lim, Merlyna.

Linking Feminism and Faith-Based Activism: The Important Role of Religious Progressives in Sexual Education Debates in the U.S.
 Moles, Katia.

Liquid Trauma, Decolonization and Racialized and Indigenous Girls
 Lee, Jo-Anne.

Listen to Our Voices: Awakening Truths Through Poetry
 Hindes, Jennifer.

Little Monstresses: Girl Resistance and Agency within Lady Gaga's Fan Community
 Roig-Mora, Arnau.

Live Sex Acts! Revisited: Decolonizing Knowledges about Sexuality in Haiti
 Durban-Albrecht, Erin.

Locating Black Disabled Transmasculinity
 Gill, Michael.

Long Goodbyes, Leave-Taking, and Liberating our Lives: Reimagining Caregiving
 Gosselink, Carol.

Loose Lips: Reclaiming Yoni
 Venkateswaran, Pramila.

Lost Voice from the Other Side: A Glimpse into Transnational Dialogue through Major Feminist Publications in China
 Han, Shuli.

Lost in Translation: Françoise d'Eaubonne, Essentialism, and the Materialist Origins of Ecofeminism
 Roth-Johnson, Danielle.

Love For Sale: The "Kept Man" in African American Literature Love For Sale: The "Kept Man" in African American Literature
 Poulson-Bryant, Scott.

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Mad Men and the Pathos of the New Woman
 Masciarotte, Gloria-Jean.

Mad Men’s History of Sex
 Witzig, Denise.

Making Scientific Knowledge and Learning Accessible through Zine Creation
 Szakal, Kari.

Making Sense of Giving Blood: LGBTQ Blood Drives, 1953-2009
 Hutchison, Beth.

Manjuben Truckdriver: Complicating Fe/male Masculinities in Postcolonial North-India
 Kumar, Elakshi.

Mapping a Cultural(ly) (Painful) Embodiment
 Patsavas, Alyson.

Marginalized Women of South Asia: Current Struggles and Community Mobilization Strategies
 Khan, Mahruq.

Marisol’s Border-Crossing Story: Challenging the Anti-Immigrant “Threat Narrative” and Fashioning a Sense of Belonging
 Martinez, Rebecca.

Mark Driscoll Thinks Utopia is a Feminist Plot: Authority, Masculinity, and Protection in the Mars Hill Church Discipline Debates
 Williams, Mara.

Married Queers or Queer Married?: Reconsidering the Practice of Marriage From Queer Women’s Perspectives
 Epstein, Robyn.

Masculine Doubt and Sexual Wonder: Asexually-Identified Men Talk About Their (A)sexualities
 Przybylo, Ela (Elzbieta).

Menstrual Activism: Decolonizing Patriarchal Knowledge of Women's Menstruation
 Loiacono, Marisa., Robinson, Stephanie. and Gonzalez, Jaqueline.

Mexican-origin Farm Worker Women and their Integration into Industrial Agricultural and Rural Society in Washington State, 1985-2012
 Madrigal, Tomás.

Miles Franklin’s Adultery Narratives: Contributions to New Woman Protest Literature
 Lee, Janet.

Military Masculinity and the Paranoid Militarization of the Homefront
 Belkin, Aaron.

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NWSA and Fat Studies Past, Present, and Future
 Nowell, Michaela.

Naming Silences: Decolonizing Knowledge in a Kenyan Slum
 Swart, Elizabeth.

Narrating the Gendered Indian Diasporic Self and Challenging Filmmaking Practices
 Mesana, Virginie.

Needing to Be Scene: Building Empathy Through Feminist Flash Fiction
 Craig, Chauna.

Negotiating Girl Power: Tween Participants at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls
 Dougher, Sarah.

Negotiating Race, Gender and Safety in Community Accountability Strategies: Challenges and Contradictions
 Kim, Mimi.

Networking on the Web: Finding Female Burmese Political Prisoners
 Arruda, Elisabeth. and Soe, Khin.

Neuroparenting, School Shooters, and Superpredators: The Disability Politics of the Teen Brain
 Elman, Julie.

Nicki Minaj and the New Politics of Consumption in Hip-Hop
 Hunter, Margaret.

No Such Place as Home: Spatial and Gendered Performances of Migration in the film Paper Dolls
 Bahar, Shirly.

Nosotras versus We: Translating the Implicit Feminism in Pensamientos, Prácticas y Acciones del GAC
 Herbert, Laura.

Not Born This Way: Critical Trans Politics and a Feminist Ethics of Choice
 Keegan, Cael.

Not Only Rosewood: Feminist Challenges to Legacies of Racial Violence in 1990s Central Florida
 Gilmore, Dorcas. and Talcott, Molly.

Not Your Average Jo: Lady Gaga's Drag Persona, Jo Calderone, and Creative Technological Transgressions
 Bauer, Danielle.

Now I Play My IRL Gender”: Gender Swapping, Gender Accountability, and Massively Multiplayer Online Games
 Stabile, Carol.


Objects of Desire
 Musser, Amber.

Occupy Twitter: #FeministFuture
 Wilson, Natalie Kate.

Occupy Wall Street and the Roots of Retroactivism: The Impacts of ACT UP and Women’s Peace Camps on Contemporary Activism
 Klinker, Mary Jo.

On Conducting Participatory Action Research with Privileged Jewish Teen Girls
 Benjamin, Beth.

On “The Moon Is Rounder in the West than in China”: the Decolonial Imaginary in Literature by Chinese Women Writers in Diaspora
 Pu, Xiumei.

Ontological Epistemology of Participation: Ritualized Arrest as Embodied Pedagogy: Bringing Together Community and Classroom in the Occupy Movement.
 Swearingen, Elizabeth.

Our Bodies, Our Crimes: Policing Women's Reproduction
 Flavin, Jeanne.


Palindromes and Anal Relations: Miranda July's Me and You and Everyone We Know
 Clare, Stephanie.

Paper #1 Title: “Slave Narratives: House Elves and Hidden Oppression in the Harry Potter Series”
 Haynicz-Smith, Kathryn.

Paper #2 Title: “White Audience, Comfort, and The Help”
 Njambi, Wairimu.

Paper #3 Title: “Redefining Access: Narratives of Racialized Medical Bodies and Intersectionality in Community Clinics”
 Lopez, Andres.

Paper #4 Title: “Drawing ‘Ethnosexual Frontiers’: Sexualized Politics and Immigrant Bodies in the United States”
 Bozzetto, Renata.

Partnering with Girl Scouts to Study Girlhood: An Outcome Report
 Cislo, Amy.

Passivity, Agency, Transformation
 Stigler, Elizabeth.

Pathologies of Self, Masculinity, Race & Sexuality: A Photographic Discourse Analysis of Bishop Eddie Long and Col. Russell Williams
 Smith, Sarah.

Paved with Good Intentions: Paths and Possibilities for/with Male Colleagues in Women's Studies
 Laker, Jason.

Pedagogical Politics and Practices: Re-Imagining Central American Violence in Young Adult Literature
 Martinez, Susana.

Performing Creative Resistance: Lorena Wolffer’s Activist Art
 Martinez Noriega, Adriana.

Performing Youth, Performing Community: Decolonizing Spaces of Queer Youth Activism
 Martin, Londie.

Peripheries of Resistance: Trans*feminizing Homonational Times
 De La Maza Perez Tamayo, A.

Personal Narrative in Social Organizing: Rent Girl and Narrativizing Identity
 Nelson, Patricia.

Planned Parenthood vs. Susan G. Komen
 Smith, Andrea.

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Queer Eye for Sports Illustrated
 Lease, Megan.

Queer Families at the Sperm Bank: Exploring the Materiality of the Duty of Care
 Marvel, Stu.

Queer Feminist Humor: Hope in a Laugh
 Reed, Jennifer.

Queer Possibilities
 Sharkey, April.

Queer Religiosity: The Political Potential of the Black Church
 Prince, Michelé.

Queer Theory as a Methodology for Liberation of Religious Identities and Desire: The Case of Edith Stein and Regina Jonas
 Silverman, Emily Leah.

Queer at the Jersey Shore?: “Yeah Buddy”
 DeSipio, Brooke.

Queer of Color: Genealogies and Pedagogies
 Cuevas, Jackie.

Queer(y)ing Feminist Knowledge Production: The Politics of Documenting Transgressive Visual Art in the Academy
 Lee, Ruthann.

Queering Black History Month: Canadian Racial Spectacle or The Greatest Love of All
 Dryden, Omisoore.

Queering Israeli Exceptionalism
 Deb, Basuli.

Queering Pornography: Queer Activism & Sexuality in the Bay Area
 Ingraham, Natalie.

Queering the Mas’ Camp: Caribbean Diasporic Art-Making Practices in the Toronto Pride Parade
 Lord, R. Cassandra.

Queering the Seed: Decolonial/Queer Knowledges from the Perspective of Food Sovereignty
 Galup, Mari.


Race and Object Intimacies
 Chen, Mel.

Racial Literacies in Higher Education: Conversations with Women of Colour Undergraduate Students
 Charania, Gulzar R..

Racialized Fantasies and Romance Tours: How Colombia Compares
 Meszaros, Julia.

Raising Bloody Hell: Inciting Menstrual Panics Through Campus and Community Activism
 Fahs, Breanne.

Re-Framing History: Photography, Knowledge Production, and Embodied Resistance in Erased Faces
 Vigil, Ariana.

Re-Inventing Creative Awakenings
 Crenshaw, Erica.

Re-embodying Feminist Research
 Ellingson, Laura.

Re-presenting Hmong Women’s Lives in Academic Text: The Constraint of Tradition, Culture, and Patriarchy
 Her, Leena.

Reading SlutWalks: Social Media Outlets as Discursive Spaces For Feminist Analysis
 Watts, Rachel S..

Reading for the Indigenous: Interrogating the Settler-Coloniality of Anti-Racist Feminist Scholarship
 Patel, Shaista.

Real Housewives, Real Agency?
 Baldwin, Martina.

Reclaiming Our Staff: Structures, Competencies, and Feminist Practices
 Cottledge, Anitra.

Reclaiming Our Staff: Structures, Competencies, and Feminist Practices
 Vlasnik, Amber. and Cottledge, Anitra.

Reclaiming the “Bad Mother” in Resisting Segregation
 Walsh, Camille.

Reconceptualizing a Framework for Social Work Engagement
 Roland, Jennifer.

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Sacred Sights: Environmental Racism and Invisible Labors in Philippine Disaster Recovery
 Villalba, Tara G..

Sacred Spaces or Sacred Struggles?
 Hughes, Crystal.

Safe Dams by and for Whom?: Supradisciplinary De-colonizing Perspectives on Large Scale Hydropower Dams
 Idenfors, Annika.

Scholarship, Activism, and Activist Scholarship in the Americas
 Shayne, Julie.

Schooling Resistance: A Black Feminist Analysis of Homeschooling
 Ferri, Beth.

Science and Mrs. Sanger: The Boundary Objects of Demography
 McCann, Carole.

Searching for Black Girls: Old Traditions in New Media
 Noble, Safiya.

Separate but Together: Chicana and Black Women Struggle for Welfare Rights in Los Angeles
 Marchevsky, Alejandra.

Servant Mothers? The Gendered Carceral Regime of Faith-based Prison Programs
 Erzen, Tanya.

Sex and the Carceral Body: Incarceration and the Production of Masculinities among Bisexually Active Black Men
 Mackenzie, Sonja.

Sex and the City: Blues Music, Black Sex, and the Great Migration
 Snorton, C. Riley.

Sex, Gender and the Brain: Building Bridges between Biology and Women’s Studies
 Vetter, Kristina.

Sexual Labor at the Mobile Interface: Pornography and the “Sensory-Inscribed” Body
 Palmer, Lindsay.

She Needed Us as Much as We Needed Her: Multigenerational Family of Fox’s Raising Hope
 Cattrell, Melanie.

She’s Scared of Getting Old: Aging, Vampirism, and the Female Body in "The Hunger"
 Cattrell, Melanie.

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Taboo Subjects: Conversations between a Black Trans Man and a White Trans Man on Feminism, Racism, Sexism, Sexuality, and the Body
 Kelly, Reese.

Tag me! Facebook: Relationships, Friendships, and Feminism on the world's largest social networking site
 Alvarez, Diana.

Taking Control: RealTouch and the Politics of Camgirls
 Pozo, Diana.

Taking Writing Public: Feminist Pedagogy and Web 2.0
 Drabinski, Kate.

Talking About Pub(l)ic Hair: Pubic Hair Removal Practices of College Women
 Moore, Jessica.

Teaching About the Role of Gender Role Constructions and Performance as a Vehicle to Understand Violence Against Women
 Spence, Cynthia.

Teaching Activism and African American Women's Literature
 Barrio-Vilar, Laura.

Teaching Agency against the Backdrop of Sport Illustrated and Stilettos
 Gerami, Shahin.

Teaching Feminism and Social Media
 Beckmeyer, Kelsey.

Teaching Feminist Art: The Women’s Studies Classroom as a Feminist Learning Community
 Staking, Kimberlee.

Teaching Girls Feminist Activism for Gender Justice
 Jimenez, Ileana.

Teaching History without Drowning: Moving Beyond the “Waves"
 Musial, Jennifer.

Teaching Inside a Women’s Prison: Organizational Behavior as Topic and Practice
 Beatty, Joy.

Teaching Transnational Feminism with Multi-Media: Re-inventing WMNS 101
 Deb, Basuli.

Teaching gender and globalization, women and/of the “worlds:” Lessons in De-centering
 Chakravarty, Debjani.

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Unbinding Athena: Strategic Change in Higher Education to ADVANCE Women Scientists
 Laursen, Sandra.

Unbreaking Her Back: Unlearning Socially Constructed Notions of “Strength” for Mexican American Women
 Suarez, Cecilia.

Understanding the Science of Love: Exploring the Nature of Difference
 Willey, Angela.

Undesirable Subjects and Gendered Outlaws: Mapping Filipino TNTs in the U.S. Cultural Imaginary
 Guevarra, Anna Romina.

Unforeseen Internationalisms: Unheeded Dreams on a Vanishing Horizon
 Spira, Tamara.

Ungovernable Delinquents: Teenagers, Mass Institutionalization, and Sexual Citizenship in the Puerto Rican Diaspora, 1950-1965
 Amador, Emma.

Unseen, Unread: Gertrude Stein’s Fragmentary Revolutions
 Brogan, Jacob.

Unsure of my perception…
 Hall, Grenita.

Uprooting Internalized Anti-Semitism: Choosing Justice Despite Our Fears
 Rosenwasser, Penny.


Vaginas Without Histories: Neo-Genital Embodiment, Experience, and Exploration After Sex Reassignment Surgery
 Vernon, Muriel.

Victorian Anthropology, Gender and the Colonial "Other"
 Maor, Roi.

Virtual Vixens: Countering Patriarchal Hegemony from the TweetDeck
 Saurage, Francoise Monet.

Visibility of Women’s Sexuality in France: a Liberating Multifaceted Visual Discourse
 Marti, Brigitte.

Visibility, Voyeurism, and Cross-Dressing Crimes
 Sears, Clare.

Visual Discourses of Women's Health/Repro Health/Rights: From Kosovo, Haiti, France to a US Gynecologist's Office
 ritter, carol.

Vixens, Vibrators, and Adolescence: Picturing a Liberation- Sex Therapy for Youth
 Wallace, Anya.

Vulnerability's Ambivalent Relationship to Transnational Feminism and Biopolitics
 Oliviero, Katie.


Wage Theft and New Solidarities in the 21st Century: Celebrating Victories in Hard Times
 Liu, Shaw San.

War Makers and Peace Makers: Conceptualizing the Masculine and Feminine in Gender and Violence Research Studies
 Abdulhadi, Rabab.

Watch Me Disappear: Gendered Bodies, Pro-Ana, and Self-Harm in Virtual Communities
 Preston-Sidler, Leandra.

We Are Feminists, Too: A Discussion on the Absence of AA in Traditional Feminist Discourse
 Bond, Lindsay.

We Are What We Consume: Capitalist Consumption and the Transgender Identity
 Trujillo, Marcos.

Western Feminist Subject as the Other
 Fojtova, Simona.

What Does It Take to Silence 54 Million Women?
 Taft, Charlotte. and Oram, Shelley.

What Does it Require to Queer the Curriculum?
 Burford, Arianne.

What Young Adult Fantasies Reveal: The Hunger Games, Twilight, and the Modern Heroine’s Journey
 Frankel, Valerie.

What are the Curricular Conundrums of ‘Feminisms” in WGS?
 Hackstaff, Karla.

What the Body Remembers
 Kurian, Alka.

What the Disloyal Daughter Saw: Becoming Simone de Beauvoir
 Altman, Meryl.

When Feelings Are Too Risky: Finding a Stable Place for Spoken Word in Higher Education
 Escoto, Jerrica.

When Girl Meets Girl Child: A Critical Literature Review of Girlhoods in a Global Context
 Switzer, Heather. and Bent, Emily.

When Love and Violence Meet: Women’s Agency, and Liberatory Politics in Meherjaan
 Chowdhury, Elora.

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Yesterday’s Cartoons Queering Today’s Youth through HUB and Netflix Streaming
 Jones, Rita.

You Say I'm a Bitch Like That's a Bad Thing: on Black Women, Memoir and Reclamation
 Pough, Gwendolyn.

Youth Rights Activism From an Intersectional Perspective
 Butler, Kate.


Zine Grrrls! Creative Theorizing and Girls' Empowerment
 Murphy, Nicole. and Cornelius, Jeremy.
National Women's Studies Association 2012-Nov-08 to 2012-Nov-11
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