National Women's Studies Association 2013-Nov-07 to 2013-Nov-11

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"Building Bridges": Forging an African-American and Dalit Women's Coalition
 Paik, Shailaja Deoram.

"I know I'm Wrong And Right...I'm the Dark and Light": Using Hip Hop to Explore the Contradictory Past, Present, and Future of Black Feminist Thought
 Carter, Nicole April.

"It’s Lonely At The Center": The Prison of Anthropocentric Privilege
 Merenda, Kimberly.

"Like Crabs In A Barrel": An Exploration of Personal Truths and Liberatory Desires in the Lives and Literacies of Black Mothers and Daughters
 Smith, Jamila.

"Listening to '[t]hat Voice At The Edge Of Things': Womanist Speculations Into the Not-So-New Materialisms"
 Keating, AnaLouise.

"Methodologies of Detection: Articulating Nonhuman Contributions to 'Fracktivism' in North Texas"
 Spain Sadr, Jessica.

"Pleasing Jesus: Flexing the Sacred in Chicana Fiction"
 Adams Androne, Helane.

"Pussy Riot and the Strategy of the Political Prayer"
 Aristarkhova, Irina.

"Sister Warrior: Black Women Musicians and the “Voicing” of the Civil Rights Movement"
 Kernodle, Tammy.

"Standing at the Threshhold": Dissolving Cisgender Gaze in Religious Studies
 Layton, Joel.

"Tell Our Stories before Going to Heaven”: Remembering Impossible Love through Social Media
 Isbister, Dong.

"The Art of Losing": Girls and Self-Discovery through Relationships
 Greene, Cantice.

"Towards a Queer Echophenomenology"
 Vancil Robertson, L..

"U.S. Immigrant Mothers' Narratives of the Past: Temporality, Motherhood, and Memory, 1920-1940"
 Kolbert, Kathryn.

"Why Am I Black?" Hip Hop, Cultural Agency, and Resistance in Dubai, UAE
 Isoke, Zenzele.

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A Feminist Interpretation of Jacques Derrida on the Animal
 Chatterjee, Sushmita.

A Feminist in the Foodscape: An Auto/ethnography
 Costa, LeeRay.

A Panoply of Political Paradoxes: “Nuns on the Bus” and Election 2012 in the United States
 Marilley, Suzanne.

A Theater of Healing: Humberto Robles’s Women of Sand: Testimonies of Women in Ciudad Juárez
 Tai, Yu-Chen.

A Transnational Feminist Analysis of Life and Career Narratives of International Women Students from Turkey
 BALIN, Elif.

A Vibrant Revival: Contemporary Mormon Feminism and a New Approach to Reconciling Fear and Faith
 Hardman, Lisa.

Abandoning ‘Choice: ‘Lessons from (and for) the Contemporary Midwifery Movement in North America
 Craven, Christa.

Academia, Activism, and Apologetics: A New History of Feminist Social Movements
 Dake, Elizabeth. and Ojuri, Afton.

Accessing the Past—Transforming the Present: Archiving Local Memory through Distributive Pedagogical Networks
 Cotera, Maria.

Activism in Academia: Strategies and Limitations for Feminist Scholar/Activists
 Peretz, Tal.

Adolescent Sexuality: Friends With Benefits
 Williams, Jean. and Jovanovic, Jasna.

Affective Orientations: Emotions, Gender, and Transformation in de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex
 McMahon, John.

Affinity Without Affection?: Wives, Workers, and the Play of Self-Interest in the Montgomery Bus Boycott
 Smith, Sophie.

African American Congresswomen: An Intersectional Analysis of Issue Priorities
 Brown, Nadia. and Knutsen, Amy.

African Women's Literary Activism: Recording the Undocumented Lives of African Sex Workers in Europe
 Rice, Anne.

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Baklang Bayani: Overseas Contract Divas on the Global Stage
 Diaz, Robert.

Bearing the Body in Paradox: An Exploration of Selfhood, Later Motherhood, and Life Threatening Illness
 Zaytoun, Kelli.

Becoming American: Shifting possibilities for race and nation on the eve of Hawaiian statehood
 Soon-Ludes, Jeannette.

Becoming a New Media Cyborg: Belonging and Exclusion through Social Media Education
 Hawkins, Tracy.

Before Science, before Feminism: Contesting Nature vs. Culture
 Clayton, Jacob.

Between Heaven and Earth: The Necessity of Interdisciplinary Thinking in Studying the Intersection of Gender, Religion, and Politics
 Baxter, Emily.

Between Objectification and Self-Empowerment: Representations and Self-Representations of Figure Skater Katarina Witt's Performing Body
 Johnson, Molly.

Between Text and Context: Epistemological Collisions Between Feminisms and Trans Knowledges
 Nordmarken, Sonny.

Between or Beyond Loyalists and Feminists in Accounts of Chicana Feminist Emergence
 Espinoza, Dionne.

Beyond Infinite Loop: Un-debating Nature versus Nurture
 Hamilton, Jennifer.

Beyond Non/Monogamy: Lessons from Audre Lorde’s Biology of the Erotic
 Willey, Angela.

Beyond Tokenism: Art History and the Transgendered Space
 Simmons, William.

Black + Queer: The Affective Spiral of Love and Rage.
 Jordan, Taryn.

Black Bodies at Stake: From Wollstonecraft to Beyonce
 Tait, Althea.

Black Girlhood Disrupted: "All the Girls are White, All the Blacks are Male"
 Covington, Lisa.

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Call for a Good Time: Self-Representations of Fat Black Women on
 Marcotte, Alexa.

Caribbean Women’s Interventions in Empire and Sexual Violence: Practicing Restorative Justice
 Shaw, Barbara.

Carry A. Nation in Public Memory: Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Women’s Rhetorical History
 Woodyard, Kerith.

Cast Iron Skillets: Reading Black Female Subjectivity in Popular Representations of Black Women and Food
 Walker, Jessica.

Celebration of the Female Geek
 Stuller, Jennifer.

Challenges and opportunities for a human rights frame in South Korea: Context and strategizing in the anti-domestic violence movement
 Rakowski, Cathy.

Changing Feelings: Fallen Women, Sentimentality, and the Activist Press.
 Sanchez, Maria.

Chicana Artevistas Inspiring Points of Convergence
 Salazar, Sara.

Chinese Beauty Pagents and Transnational Escapes: Saving Women and Gender, But from Whom?
 Chiu, Mignonette.

Chinese Migrant Brides in Taiwan: Facing the Paradoxes of Marginalization, Integration, and Citizenship
 Liu, Shan-Jan.

Choice in Childbirth: The Irish Home-Birth Movement
 Houtman, Leah.

Circumventing Consent to Heal the Body: Anorexia Nervosa, a Paradigm
 Breitwieser, Lindsey.

Coding Bodies: Feminist Science, Social Genomics and the Genetic Revolution
 Hausbeck Korgan, Kathryn.

Collusion or Strategic Appropriation? Pandita Ramabai and American Discourses of Women’s Work in India
 Mondal, Sharleen.

Come Closer to Feminism: Gratitude as Activist Encounter in WS 101
 Hogan, Katie.

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Dancing Queens: Derision and Desire in Egyptian Cinema
 Shomali, Mejdulene.

Dangerous Waves: Metaphors, Feminism and Community Building/Maintenance in Higher Education
 Deno, Vivian.

DapperQuestions: On the Political Stakes of Masculine-of-Center Fashion Blogging
 Lemke, Angel.

Dargha and Gurudwara Encounters: Sharing the Sacred in Polarizing Contexts
 Chatterjee, Anshu.

Decolonizing Cross-Cultural Encounters with Muslim Others: An Appeal for a Hospitable Rhetoric and Pedagogy
 Oweidat, Lana.

Decolonizing Masculinity: The Political Economy of Post-Colonial Hong Kong Martial Arts Movies
 Zhang, Charlie.

Deconstructing Body Politics: The Evolution of Sexuality and Gender through Animals and Humans
 Davidson, Leah.

Deconstructing Gendered Microaggressions and Perceptions of Women of Color Doctoral Scholars at the University of California
 Earl, Rosalyn.

Deconstructing Sex and Innocence
 Wondergem, Taylor.

Deconstructing and Decolonizing the East-West Binary, Backwards/Barbarism Tropes, and Modernization Myths in Balkan LGBT Politics
 Gabbard, Sonnet.

Decriminalizing Homosexuality, Legitimizing Homonormativity: The Story of the Queer Movement in India
 Suhail, Sarah.

Defending Local and Sustainable: Opportunities for Feminist Intervention in Community Discourses
 Wright Cron, Amanda.

Deferred Desire: The Asexuality of Chronic Genital Pain
 Labuski, Christine.

Defining Asexuality Into (Or Out Of) Its Radical Potential
 Chasin, CJ.

Depicting Femininity: Conflicting Messages in a “Tween” Magazine
 Velding, Victoria.

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East-West Encounters over Agency in Sex Work: Feminist Subjects or Subjects to Feminism?
 Fojtova, Simona.

Eat Me: An Application of Womanism to Diet from a Raw Food Perspective
 Hasan, Kamilah.

Eco-Memory and the Great Migration: Unearthing Ecowomanism
 Harris, Melanie.

Eco-sensoriums and Geographies of Risk: Detroit, Michigan's Affective Circuitry
 Perryman, Sara.

Educated Feet: Tap Dancing and Feminist Pedagogies
 Thomas, Sonja.

Effecting Change - Whiteness in the Food Justice Movement
 Szakal, Kari.

Effecting Change for Whom? Feminists, Invisibility, and HIV-Orphaned Children
 Jordan-Zachery, Julia.

Effecting Social Change in Brazil: The Battles of President Dilma Rousseff
 Ramalho, Tania.

Elder Indigenous Women Renegotiating Points of Encounter
 Bobick, R. Saya.

Elliptical Bodies, Perforated Masculinities; Or, Back-To-Harlem Politics in the Late Twentieth Century
 St. Clair, Cody.

Elusive Belonging: Women Marriage Migrants in “Multicultural” South Korea
 Kim, Minjeong.

Embodied Epistemology at the FDA: Rhetoric, the Body, and Biomedical Activism
 Barr, Liz.

Embodied Masculinity: Challenges to Normative Constructions of Fatherhood
 Snitker, Aundrea.

Embodied Resistance: Civil Disobedience in the US
 Stanger, Anya.

Embodied, Embedded, Emerging: Feminist Psychology in Transition
 Wyer, Mary.

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Faces of Change: Returning Women Community College Students in Women’s Studies
 Fairchild, Sheryl.

Fair Trade Porn?: Utilizing Feminist Theory to Enact Change in the Pornography Industry
 Gonzalez, Jaqueline.

Faith in Public Life: Peace Activism and Sister Anna
 Buker, Eloise.

Family Dynamics, Dating, and Disclosure: Negotiating Intimate Relationships as an LGBT Teen
 Chapman, Kelli.

Fast Mamas: Considering Gestation and Athletic Success in the Context of Gender Politics
 Snyder, Katie.

Fatness, Affect, and Rethinking Embodied Identities: New Paradigms for Theorizing Fat Subjectivity
 Director, Sheana.

Female Sexual Violence Prevention-Response Advocates in Higher Education Institutions: Experiences, Perceptions and Power Dynamics
 Arenberg, Molly.

Female, Muslim Bridge Bloggers: Diasporic Currents on Women’s Rights and Islam
 Robinson, Rebecca.

Feminism(s) Reunified: The Somos Latinas Oral History Project, Eloisa Gomez and The Women of Color Newsletter
 Garcia Merchant, Linda.

Feminist (Art) World(s)
 Keltner, Katherine.

Feminist Activism Across the Women’s and Gender Studies Curriculum
 Mihaly, Deanna.

Feminist Catholic Theologians: Transformation from the Margins
 Siejk, Catherine.

Feminist Enablings of Jesus
 Minister, Meredith.

Feminist Food Studies, Food Allergies, and the Field of WGS
 Hewett, Heather.

Feminist Media, Rhetorical Analysis, and the First Year Writing Classroom
 Harris, Rebecca.

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Game-Based Learning in the Basic Composition Classroom
 Arduini, Tina.

Geek Girls 2.0: Breaking Boundaries of Female Gender Roles in Television
 Pasztor, Sabrina.

Gender and Contemporary Psychoanalysis
 Strong, Dana.

Gender and Professional Rivalries: Infant Health in Late Colonial South India
 Ramusack, Barbara.

Gender in the Archive: Online Periodicals as Point of Encounter
 Drews, Marie.

Gender, Prostitution, and the Making of Dalit Literature in Mumbai, 1950-77
 Shaikh, Juned.

Gendered Sentences: Chronicling Feminist Thought in Women’s Prison Periodicals
 Alami, Sarita.

Gendering Democracy: Expanding the Reign of Women in Mali
 Bagayoko, Mahamadou.

Gendering Medicine: A Politics of the Trans-Surgical Assemblage
 Blackston, Dylan.

Gendering Tahrir Square: Negotiating Boundaries of a Public Revolutionary Space
 Nasser, Aisha.

Gendering the Team Based Learning Classroom
 Wayland, Coral. and Walker, Lisa.

Genderventions: Gendering Genitalia
 Hill, Brandon.

Getting Intersectional in Museums
 Robert, Nicole.

Ghostly Gay Children, Homophobic Hauntings, and Fabulous Futures: Story-telling and Community-Building on the Blog Raising My Rainbow
 Vooris, Jessica.

Girlhood, Violence, and Class on the Border: Desert Blood and “Women of Juárez”
 Butcher, Kasey.

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He Ain’t (Just) Heavy, He’s an Anchor Baby: Anti-Fat and Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric and the Production of the Immigrant Threat
 Griff, Ellen.

Hillbilly Women, Affrilachians, and Queer Mountaineers: Qualitative Accessibility of Belonging
 Terman, Anna.

Hip Hop Tell-All Memoirs as Family Values Counter-narrative
 Bragg, Beauty.

Historical Epistemology as a Feminist Disability Methodology
 Hamraie, Aimi.

History, Memory and Narrative: Recovering the Writings of Anandibai Jayawant
 Chitnis, Varsha.

Hollaback Against Street Harassment! Online Communities as Spaces for Social Change
 Acevedo Callejas, Liliana.

Homepage Sweet Homepage: Foundations of Departmental Online Presence
 Collins, Shay.

Honor, Privacy, And ‘Naming’ The Rape Victim: Reflections on the New Delhi Rape
 Chandrashekar, Santhosh.

Hopes and Dreams: A Visual Memoir
 Macko, Nancy.

How CEDAW Sparks Change: Documenting Improvements in Women's Rights Through Domestic Legal and Institutional Structures
 Miller, Melissa K..

How Sweet the Sound – Engineering Women’s Music
 Haddad, Carol.

How the Politicization of Homosexuality Polarizes Civil Society: Gay Rights in Malawi
 Currier, Ashley M..

How to do Science Using Feminist Standpoint Epistemology
 Bentley, Vanessa.

How ‘Critical Mass’ Became a Buzzword
 Erkut, Sumru.

Human and Post-Human: Age, New Media, and Cyborg Feminism
 Gerdes, Kirsten.


Identity, Behavior, Risk: Public Health Surveillance and Sexual Minority Women
 Baldwin, Aleta.

Ideological Erasure: Black Girls and the School to Prison Pipeline
 Lewis, Deana.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Don’t Join Them: Mobilizing Social Media to Counter Pop Culture Representations of Asexuality
 Cerankowski, Karli.

Imagining Citizenship Otherwise: Gender and Politics in the Oaxacan Borderlands
 Rodriguez, Gilda.

Imperial Sensations: Border Anxiety & Bodily Transgression in “A Thrilling and Exciting Account of the Sufferings and Horrible Tortures Inflicted on Mortimer Bowers and Miss Sophia Delaplain”
 Whitmore, Lindsey.

Imperialismus Interruptus: Confronting Gay Imperialism in Mexico
 De La Maza Perez Tamayo, A.

Improper Objects, Novel Embodiments, and Profane Materialism
 Brennan, Melinda.

In Between Borders: Docudramas, Trauma, and Inter-Disciplinary Practices
 Siddiqui, Gohar.

In a Maternal Time and Place: Geographies of Motherhood Revised
 Schwarz, Corinne.

In the Footsteps of the Jazz Patriarchs: An Intersectional Analysis of the Lindy Hop and Jazz Dance Revival as Interpreted by Women
 Sekine, Anais.

Incarcerated Native Youth and Embodied Practices
 Andrews, Tria.

Indeterminate Spaces: Cahun and Moore's Resistance to National, Gender, and Political Boundaries
 Levin, Amy.

Indigenous Women-Centered Religion: Saint Kateri’s Contribution to Native Feminism
 Jacob, Michelle.

Informed Consent Policies for Transgender Hormone Replacement Therapy of Three U.S. Gender Clinics
 Murawsky, Stef.

Innocence as Legal Fiction in the Settler Colonial Nation-State: Immigration Law, the War on Terror, and the Protection of Immigrant Women from Violence
 Wang, LeeAnn.

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Just Two More Bites: Family Food Negotiations, Power Dynamics, and Mother Blame
 Elliott, Sinikka.


Kindred Spirits: Alice and Rebecca Walker on “Truth,” “Truth-Telling,” and the Black Feminist Status Quo
 Hopson, Cheryl.

Kinky Canon of Saints
 Rapier, Nikodemus.


Laboring in Administration: The Feminist Lesbian Body at the Middle Management Table
 Savage, Ann.

Latina Girls Speak Out: Stereotypes, Gender, and Relationship Dynamics
 Lopez, Vera.

Lead Us (Not) into Transgression: The Profanities of Religious and Atheistic Feminism(s)
 Woodyard, Kerith.

Leading Feminism: The Pedagogy of Developing Women’s Studies Student Capacity for Cross-Sector Feminist Leadership
 Welch, Leseliey.

Leaky Bodies and Bodily Matters That Matter: Female Comportment in the Films of Catherine Breillat
 Whitworth, Lauran.

Lena Dunham’s Generational Voice: Girls, Identity Politics, and Consumption
 Lewis, Melinda.

Lesbian Fiction as Historical Fiction: Gender, Nationalism, and Lesbian Politics in the South Asian Novel
 Nair, Sridevi (Sri).

Lesbian-Feminist Theory as a Resource for Contemporary Debates in Feminist and Queer Theory
 Ball, Kelly.

Lessons from Crazy Ladies and Women’s Studies on Social Change
 Freeman, Susan.

Let’s Get “Real”: Inoculating Tween Girls against Unreal Body Expectations
 Szabo, Erin.

Life Matters: Reproduction, Futurity and the Matter of Life in Code 46 and District 9
 Latimer, Heather.

Lift and Separate: How the Media Report and Distort Gendered Neuro-variation
 Bergvall, Victoria.

Like a Tumbleweed in Eden: Indigeneity, Colonialism and the Ontology of “Science”
 Hamilton, Jennifer.

Listening to her Desires: Using Participatory Action Research to Re-imagine and Restructure Black Adolescent Female “Empowerment” Programs
 Stevenson, Stephanie.

Living the Dream: The Effect of Princess Culture on Women’s Self-Perceptions and Life Goals
 Anthony, Amanda.

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Maintaining Patriarchy at Home and Abroad
 Wondergem, Taylor.

Making Abortion Racist: Anti-Abortion Narratives in U.S. Medical and Policy Discourses on “Maternal” HIV/AIDS and Drug Use
 Booth, Karen.

Making Queer Life: Post-Earthquake LGBTQ Biopolitics in Haiti
 Durban-Albrecht, Erin.

Male-On-Male Sexual Assault: Recognizing Our Interconnectedness and Affecting Change through the Law
 Bartgis, Lindsey.

Manipulating Margins: Queer(y)ing Motherhood in Patricia Powell’s The Pagoda
 Palko, Abigail.

Map Abortion! Wit, Wisdom, and Websites to Increase Abortion Access for Young Women
 taro, gerda.

Marketing Control: Birth Control Advertising & the American Family
 Martinez, Melissa.

Material Feminist Practices in a Body Politics Seminar
 Stein, Rachel.

Maternal Flexible Citizenship: Tiger Mothers as Neoliberal Transnational Actors
 Kang, Miliann.

Matter Out of Place: Agency and Anal Sex in Mainstream Porn
 LaCom, Cindy Marie.

Mayawati’s Safarnama: Narrating Gendered Dalitness in “New” India
 Murty, Madhavi.

Meaningful, Lived Feminism: Theoretical Approaches for Practicing Feminism and Performing Change
 McCarver, Virginia.

Meme Girls: Culture Craze or Crazy Culture
 Valadez, Jessie.

Memory, Place and Generations in Queer Mexico City
 Russo Garrido, Anahi.

Mentoring Student Mothers: Narratives of Connection at a Community College
 Milillo, Diana.

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Narrating the “Silent Disorder”: How Mother Warriors Battled Dominant Autism Discourse
 Chamberlain, Elizabeth.

Narrating “French Feminism”: The Rise of Feminist Theory in the U.S
 Costello, Katherine.

Navigating the Margins and Transcending The borders as a Pathway to Identity.
 Tichy, Michelle.

Negotiated Identities: Making Meaning of Athlete Self-Representations
 Krane, Vikki.

Negotiating Feminism when Color and Credo Trump Gender
 Greene, Cantice.

Negotiating Gendered Labor at the Margins: Economic Crisis and Strategies of Flexibility
 Swenson, Haley.

Negotiating Hybrid Identities: Young Refugee Women’s Encounters With(in) Global Digital Spaces
 Omerbasic, Delila.

Negotiating Points of Encounter: Bridging Researchers, Practitioners and Parallel Movements for the Colorado Project
 Alejano-Steele, Annjanette.

Negotiating Sacred Justice: Mormon Feminism in Online Spaces
 Lawson, Marylynne.

Negotiating Shifting Borders and New Marginalities: Talking about Reproductive Justice in Jesuit WGS classrooms
 Diaz, Sara.

Negotiating the Boundaries of ‘Being’ and ‘Doing:’ An Analysis of Body Politics in the Age of Transnational Feminisms
 Bozzetto, Renata.

Negotiating the Sacred Bond: Graduate Student Mothers Performing Conflicting Mothering and Work Ideals.
 mutti-driscoll, Catherine.

Negotiating with Bodies? Emily Davison as Martyr, Femen Activists as Exhibitionists
 Laird, Holly.

Neoliberalizing Queerness: Homonormativity as the Linkage of Cultural, Social and Economic Capital
 Zhang, Charlie.

Nerdlesque: The New Burlesque
 Stiletto, Jo Jo.

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Of Difference and Orientation: What Irigaray has to offer to Sara Ahmed
 Otasevic, Snezana.

Old is Beautiful. Indigenous Acceptance of the Aged Body.
 Moertl, Heidrun.

On Black Lesbian Femme Invisibility
 Allen, Stephanie.

On the Frontiers of Gender? Theorizing Agency and Temporality in Trans* Studies
 Malatino, Hilary.

One Billion Rising: Theorizing Bodies, Resistance, and Artistic Representations across Disciplines
 LeSavoy, Barbara.

Online activism and Syrian Refugee Women's Rights
 Alhayek, Katty.

Origins of Belonging: Contemporary Stories of the Miami Nation and Native Intelligibility
 Falzetti, Ashley.

Overcoming Obstacles to Effect Change within Community-Academic Partnerships
 Sheridan, Mary.


Pakistani Hijras’ Performative Identities: From TV to the Supreme Court
 Pamment, Claire.

Paradoxes of Effecting Change Through Community Engaged Learning in a Local Public Middle School
 Power, Cathleen.

Paradoxes of Effecting Change Through Pedagogy of the Moment in a Gender Studies Classroom
 Hackford-Peer, Kim.

Paradoxes of Effecting Change Through Student Affairs Work in a Women’s Resource Center
 Netto, Jennifer.

Pedagogical Approaches to Asexuality in the Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies Classroom
 Wright, Regina.

Pedagogical Femme: Teaching Gender and Sexuality Studies Through “Feminine” Embodiments
 Lewis, Mel.

Perceptions and Notes from a Graduate Special Assistant to a University Chancellor: Empowering and Advocating for Marginalized Doctoral Students
 Earl, Rosalyn.

Performing Freedom Summer 1964-2014: Leveraging Locative Media, Civil Rights history and Civic Dialogue to Cultivate Activists for the 21st Century”
 Armstrong, Ann Elizabeth.

Performing Self-Pleasure: Female College Students’ (Dis)Embodied Experiences of Masturbation Via Telephone, Text, and Video “Sex”
 Frank, Elena.

Plants for Patients: The Role of Ceramic Art, Plants and Community-Engagement in Reducing Abortion Stigma
 Roberts, Meg.

Pleasure in the Margins: Centering ‘Outercourse’ in Feminist Sex Research
 McClelland, Sara.

Pleasure, Danger and Activist Critique in Music Education at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls
 Dougher, Sarah.

Points of Transnational Convergence in Bodies…The Exhibition
 Pauliny, Tara.

Polish Exceptionalism in the European Union: The Politicization of Women’s Bodies in Postsocialist Poland
 Chandler, Meagan.

Post-9/11 Identity Politics and Transnational Representations of Muslim Americans
 Shaikh, Hina.

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Queer Appetites: The Embodied Politics of Remembering in Monique Truong’s Novels
 Hinrichsen, Lisa.

Queer Attachment: Dis/figuring Anti-Sociality through Feminist Critique
 Hammers, Corie.

Queer Feminist Science Studies: Rethinking Embodiment at the Nexus of Biomedicine and Activism
 Rubin, David.

Queer Health: Everybody’s Babies
 Meservie - Montecalvo, Michele.

Queer Ideology, Political Practice, and the Indian Queer Movement: A Discourse on the Inclusion and Exclusion of Gender Variant Identities Within Contemporary Indian Queer Politics
 Althen, Kayden.

Queer Spaces, Feminist Histories: Revisiting Times Square Red, Times Square Blue
 Barounis, Cynthia.

Queer and Now?: The Radical Futurity of Queer Punk (sub)Cultural Production
 Canfield, Elizabeth.

Queer(ing) Girlhood(s) Online: Subjectivity Formation and Cultural Resistance on Rookie, a Website for Teenage Girls
 Reinke, Rachel.

Queer(y)ing Food
 Beetham, Gwendolyn.

Queering Safe Dates: Bridging Public Health and Feminist Theory in Dating Violence Prevention Curriculum
 McClure, Stephanie.

Queering/Cripping Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
 Gupta, Kristina.


Race, Gender and Body Politics in the West Indian Diaspora
 Gentles-Peart, Kamille Alicia.

Race, Gender and the Deadly Logic of Looking: Night of the Living Dead
 Glasgow, Adryan.

Race, Social Networks and Navigating Reproductive Health
 Erbaugh, Betsy.

Racializing is Queer: Racialized Bodies and the Construction of Gay and Lesbian Identities
 Lopez, Andres.

Racially Marking the Body: Interracial Porn and the Blackening of the Black Body
 Dines, Gail.

Radical Queer Art: The Active Politics of the Digital Counterarchive
 Ziegenfuss, Jessica.

Rape of the Disabled: The Politics of the Abject Body
 Schroot, Lisa.

Re-Animating the Social Order: The Zombie and Queer Failure
 Grizzell, Trevor.

Re-Negotiating Points of Power: Neo-colonization in the Caribbean
 Reynolds, Courtney.

Re-Reading Caribbean Bodies: An Analysis of Identity Performativity in Hispanic Caribbean Literature
 Paulk, Kayla.

Read My Lips: A Feminist Rhetorical Analysis of Mabel Bell’s 1895 ‘Subtle Art of Speechreading’
 Brueggemann, Brenda.

Reclaiming Feminist Epistemologies of Our African Foremothers
 Ngo-Ngijol Banoum, Bertrade.

Reclaiming Tehran’s Demolished Red-Light District
 Hosseini, Fatemeh.

Reconceptualizing Leadership: Feminist Perspectives
 Iverson, Susan.

Reconsidering Harriet Tubman’s Place in Women’s Studies
 May, Vivian.

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Sacred Encounters: A theoretical roadmap of intersections
 Elawar, May.

Sacred Sex, Profane Lack: The Intersection and Divergence of Asexuality, Celibacy, and Platonic Love in a ‘Go Forth and Multiply,’ ‘Sex Sells’ Society
 Erro, Nathan.

Sacred Space and Profane Bodies
 Doire, Louise.

Sacred and Profane Identities in a Postcolonial Feminist Framework: Re-shaping the Self-images of Girls Rescued from the Sex Trade in Southeast Asia
 Dickson, Sue.

Same-Sex Marriage and the Politics of Difference in France
 Migraine-George, Therese.

Sanctification and Sin: Masculinities, Islam, and Women’s Agency in Bangladesh
 Ahmed, Fauzia.

Saving the World One Breast at a Time: Contradictory Messages, Breastfeeding & Guilt in the United States
 Clark, Meredith.

Saying 'I' as a Woman, a Mother, a Feminist: Memoir and the Complexities of Selfhood
 Frye, Joanne.

Science Technology Engineering and Math: Gender Inequity in STEM and 4H
 Baker, Kathleen.

Securing Our Future: U.S. Public School Reform in Neoliberal Times of War
 Nguyen, Nicole.

Seeking Justice for “India’s Daughter”: The Aftermath of the Delhi Gang Rape
 Lodhia, Sharmila.

Self-Diagnosis as Agency in Trans Health
 Winck, Jessica.

Self-Othering, Subjectivity, and the Normative
 Sincoff-Yedid, Ariel.

Ser Femenina or the Metaphysics of Racialized Gender
 Di Pietro, Pedro.

Service Divides Us: Undervalued Women's Work or Transformational Opportunity for Activist Feminists?
 Carney, Terri.

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Taking Up Space: Indigenous Feminist Storying Practices as Historiography
 Riley-Mukavetz, Andrea.

Tantalizing or Taboo: Cinematic Sex and the Older Woman
 Gosselink, Carol.

Tattooed Housewives in Drag: Liberating 1950’s Feminine Styles
 Lundahl, Audrey.

Teachable Moments: Negotiating Identity and Self in Relationship in Girls’ Groups
 Rutstein-Riley, Amy.

Teacher Authority and the Mimic Response
 chatterjee, Anu.

Teaching Boys Feminism
 Jimenez, Ileana.

Teaching Critical Intolerance: Teaching GWS in an Environment of Extreme Religious Tolerance
 Hawkins, Tracy.

Teaching GWS Guerrilla-Style: Sneaking Feminism into “Intolerant” Spaces
 Gerdes, Kirsten.

Teaching Intersex: Beyond Additive and Exceptional Approaches
 Rubin, David.

Teaching Introductory WGSS Concepts through an Online, General Education Women of Color History Course
 Turner, Jessie.

Teaching about Abortion through an Intersectional and Reproductive Justice Framework
 Baralt, Lori.

Teaching the Conflicts in Feminist History: Re-Decentering White Women
 Barnes, Sharon.

Teaching ‘Ways of Knowing’ By Doing Together: Collaborative Review as Participatory Action Research
 Nickoson, Lee.

Technofeminist Community Outreach as Political Action
 Blair, Kristine.

Telling My Story, Telling Our Story: Feminist Subjectivity and Feminist Historiography in Contemporary U.S. Memoirs
 Henry, Astrid.

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Unavoidable Collisions: Interpretive Authority in Feminist Oral History Research
 Filipan, Rhonda.

Understanding Same-Sex Attraction: The Role of Emotions, Partnering, and Desire
 Rubin, Jennifer., McClelland, Sara. and Johns, Michelle.

Understanding Social and Public Policy Changes and What It Means for Women
 Bussey, Timothy.

Undocumented Migrant Women and the Interlocking Web of Oppressions
 Simmons, William.

Uneven Commentary: Gabby Douglas’ (In)Visibility
 Slaughter, Michelle.

Unheard and Unimagined: Black Women Agnostics and Atheists
 Nash, Shondrah.

Uniforms of Power: Women Athletes, Radical Fashion, and Financial Autonomy
 Wilkinson, Elizabeth.

Unmanning Mr. Monk: Towards a Feminist Narrative Theory of Disability
 Schewe, Elizabeth.

Untenable Lives: Arab Women Peddlers and the Social Welfare Archive
 Karem Albrecht, Charlotte.

Until Dis/ability Do We Part: Intersectional Visibility in Frida Kahlo’s Embodied Subjectivity
 DeMirjyn, Maricela.

Up for Debate: Feminist Principles and Sexist Practices in the High School Debate Community
 Brown, Adriane.


Vera Chytilova’s Daisies and Fruit of Paradise: Feminism by Any Other Name
 Jusova, Iveta.

Vice and “Virtue”: Poverty and Prostitution in Stella Miles Franklin’s New Woman Writing
 Lee, Janet.

Virginity for Sale: Commodifying “Traditional” Values of Purity in the United States
 Katis, Mercedes.

Visceral Possessions and Queer Haunting in “The Dybbuk”
 Brager, Jenna.


WILL: Culturally Responsive Leadership Training that Connects Classroom Learning with Application in the Community
 Marra, Tiffany.

Wade in the Water: Emerging Experiences with Social Change
 Adams, Jill.

Wait, Weight, You Broke Your Back? A Fat-Embodied Tale of Spine Surgery
 Buss, Candice.

Walking Out of Abjection: Erykah Badu’s Performance of Embodied Memory and Monstrosity in “Window Seat.”
 Szaniawska, Aleksandra.

Watching a Revolution: Visual Media as Social Media Narrative
 Andrews, Jjenna.

We'll Take it From Here: How the Professionalization of Victim Services and Advocacy Closets Victims
 Lilley, Terry.

Wearing Rebellion: Zoot Suiters Dancing the Lindy Hop During WWII
 Unruh, Kendra.

Wearing Your Kimchi: Marking a Korean Identity on the Mixed-Race Body
 Sprague, Justin.

Weighty Talk: Obese Women’s Stigmatizing Weight Discussions with Physicians
 Kramer, Jennifer.

We’re Recording: Podcasts and Agencies
 Carrasco, Nicole.

What Can We Learn from Sally Hemings?: Exploring Issues of Agency and Consent
 Kohlman, Marla.

What Does This Question Mean? Surveys, Sexual Health, and Feminist Analysis of Quantitative Data
 Holland, Kathryn. and McClelland, Sara.

What Sexuality? Whose Knowledge?: Transnational Feminisms and the Mapping of Heterosexuality and Homosexuality in Kenya
 Njambi, Wairimu.

What's Feminism Doing in a Nice Field like Civic Engagement?
 Iverson, Susan.

What’s Law Got to Do with It? Law in Transdisciplinary Women’s and Gender Studies
 Kessler, Mark.

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You Remind Me Who I Am: Exploring Feminist Subjectivity in the Unraveling of Dementia
 Hughes, Sheila.

You Want to Talk About Violence? Let’s Talk About Violence: Engaging Christopher Dorner’s Actions as an Analytic of Redefinition
 Lovelace, Vanessa.
National Women's Studies Association 2013-Nov-07 to 2013-Nov-11
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