National Women's Studies Association 2015-Nov-12 to 2015-Nov-16

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"I Can Feel Every Wrinkle": Aging, Womanhood, and the Disappearing Sexuality of "Transparent"’s Maura Pfefferman
 Cattrell, Melanie.

"Jocks, and Twinks, and Bears! Oh, My!": Homopatriarchy and the Shaping of Queer Men
 Shupe, Kyle.

"Make Communication Better": Lee Lozano's Boycott Piece
 capper, Beth.

"My Kind of Woman": The Politics of Accomplishing Gender in "Mujer T" (2013)
 Martinez, Juliana.

"These Words Cover the Floor”: Narrative as Resistance to Domination in Toni Morrison’s "A Mercy"
 Spencer, Megan.

# Take Back The Archive
 Goff, Lisa.

(A)-Identity Politics: Asexual Exceptionalism and Precarity in Angela Tucker’s (A)sexual (2011)
 Sheehan, Ryan.

(In)Visible Agency: Relocating Activist Narratives at Community Colleges
 Adams, Jill.

(In)visible Working Mothers: Visualizing the Intersection of Work, Welfare and Motherhood in Postwar Industrial Milwaukee
 Moten, Crystal.

(Non)Maternal Desires: Bad Mothers, Non-mothers, and Other Un-women
 Womack, Malia.

(Un)martial Bodies in the British Imperial War Efforts: The Challenge of Colonial Participation in World War I & II
 Alvarez, Regina.

('Lit Fanm la se Lit Tout Mas Pèp la') Between Civil Society and the State: Haitian Feminists (Re)Define Nationalism (1915-2015)
 Dougé-Prosper, Mamyrah.

100,000 Homes: Ending Chronic Homelessness through the Neoliberal Logics of Vulnerability
 Wooten, Terrance.

53 Million Lives at Stake: The International Labour Organization, Gender, and Precarious Work
 Chakravarty, Debjani.

'Black Rage': Teaching Gender, Race, and Class Post-Ferguson
 Christopher-Byrd, Emerald.

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A Big, Fat Lie: The Examination of Fatphobia and Acephobia as Weapons of Policing Identity and Behavior inside the Current Sex-Positive Movement
 Travis, Kathryn.

A Black Feminist Pornographic Gaze: Engaging a Rebellious Critical Erotics in Scholarship on Porn and Sex Work
 Miller-Young, Mireille.

A Critical Analysis of the Women’s Advocacy Office of Puerto Rico: Reflections about Precarity and Women’s Anti-Violence Struggles
 Rodriguez-Coss, Noralis.

A Culinary Killjoy in the Soul Food Imaginary
 Walker, Jessica.

A De Facto Policy of Containment: How Bystander Awareness Intervention Training Can Only Go so Far
 Lietz, Irene.

A Delicate Balance: Afghan Mothering in the US
 Ahmed-Ghosh, Huma.

A False Sense of Security: “Rape Prevention” Products Do Not Prevent Rape
 Jandrey, Kelsey.

A Legacy of Art and Activism: The Kitchen-Table Politics of Dr. Margaret Burroughs
 Cain, Mary Ann.

A Life in the Country: Lesbians and Feminists Living on the Land
 Enszer, Julie.

A More Powerful Weapon”: Lesbian Feminists and the Revolutionary Underground
 Hobson, Emily.

A Mother that Leaves is a Mother that Loves: Labor Migration as Part of the Filipina Life Course and Motherhood
 Francisco-Menchavez, Valerie.

A Muslim Feminist Reading of Shariah in Aceh and the ‘Islamic State’ (IS)
 Taylor, Reed.

A Muxerista y Joteria Testimonio
 Nunez, Joanna.

A Necessity For Reflexivity
 House, Eric.

A Pedagogy of Ceremony
 McNeal, Frances.

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BDS to #BlackLivesMatter: Transnational Strategies against State Terrorism
 Klinker, Mary Jo.

Baby Safe Haven Campaigns and Saving Newborns from 'Unworthy' Mothers
 Oaks, Laury.

Bad Girls Gone Godz: Gendered Black Bodies and Transnational Surveillance of Il/Legibility
 Miller, Monica.

Beard Fetish, Phallic Exchange, and the Vulnerable Contours of Trans Masculinity
 Henningsen, Kadin.

Becoming Facebook Friends: What Does a Learning Community Look Like in Distance Education?
 Beins, Agatha.

Being Disintegrated <----> Reconstituting Communally
 Lugones, Maria.

Bestiary of Sexual Politics: Addressing Occupied Feminine Subjects in a Colonial Penal Code Reform
 Godreau-Aubert, Ariadna.

Between Imperceptibility and Recognition: Queering Affect, Intelligibility, and the Law
 Kimoto, Bryan.

Between Protection and Precarity: Race and the Criminalization of Purvi Patel
 Kandaswamy, Priya.

Between Womb and Home: Representational Precarity in Neonatal Intensive Care Units
 Davis, Dana.

Beyoncé Feminism: Female Pop Stars Queering Popular Music Spaces
 Duell, Olivia.

Beyond Affective Performances: The Bodily Experiences of Tahia Carioca
 Nasser, Aisha.

Beyond Metaphorical Evasions: Indigenous Girls’ Presencing as Decolonizing Force
 de Finney, Sandrina.

Beyond Risk and Protection: Girls of Color Resisting and Reinforcing Ideas about Female Adolescent Sexuality
 Wong, Jia-Hui Stefanie.

Beyond 'Crazy' Eyes & 'Fake' Legs: A Feminist Disability Analysis of 'Orange is the New Black'
 Carter, Angela. and Cleary, Krystal.

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Cada Mujer: Coalition Feminist Activism in Contemporary Peru
 Egger, Emilie.

Cairo 678: A Cinematic Critique of Sexual Violence Against Women in Public Spaces
 Shirazi, Mehra.

Call-Out Culture and the Precarity of Solidarity
 Vilanova, John.

Can Women Reclaim the Rape Joke?
 Brewer-Berres, Sofia.

Capacitating Disabled Mothers in Precarious Times
 Fritsch, Kelly.

Capitalism and Patriarchy in the Home: Women Home-Based Workers in India
 Boeri, Natascia.

Care, Connectedness, & Motivation: Keys to Supporting At-Risk Girls
 Tichy, Michelle.

Cat Labor in Precarious Japan
 Plourde, Lorraine.

Cat Talk: Feminist Strategies for Collegiate Feminist Student Organizations
 Neumann, Amanda. and Murfree, Lauren.

Catching on, Caught Unawares or Caught Out: Introductory Musings on the Idea of Precarity
 Kensinger, Loretta.

Catholic Bodies: German Women, the Catholic Church, and Negotiated Identities
 Brothers, Heather.

Challenge or Opportunity?: GWFS PhDs and the Transformation of Higher Education
 Burns-Ardolino, Wendy.

Challenges of Responsibility: Vulnerability, Sexual Violence, and Feminism Contra Neoliberalism
 Gilson, Erinn.

Challenging Embodied Containment in Chitra Divakaruni's 'The Ultrasound'
 King, Sigrid.

Challenging Neoliberal Ccivic Engagement through Feminist and Critical-Thinking Pedagogies
 LaMaster, Jeremy.

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Dancing Dolls: Mississippi's Hip Hop Feminists
 Smith, Tiffani.

Dancing a Route through This Dispersed and Fragmented Existence: The Power of the Amateur Image in Feminist Diasporic Documentary
 Grice, Eve.

Dancing the Divide: Re/Presenting Gender in Malian Popular Performance
 Kivenko, Sharon.

Dancing with Precarity: Lesbian Sexuality in the Dance Halls of Belle Époque Paris
 Lee, Amanda.

Danger in the Pleasure of the Image: The Feminist Sex Wars and Visual Discourse
 Galvan, Margaret.

Dangerous Bodies: Blackness, Fatness and the Masculinity Dividend
 Usiekniewicz, Marta.

De-masculinizing Funerals, Reclaiming Lives: Women Defying Precarity in Turkey
 Isik, Ruken.

Death by Corn Syrup: Food, Punishment, and Resistance in "Orange is the New Black"
 Okoomian, Janice.

Debility/Capacity and Margin-to-Margin Alliances: Forging a Trans* Disability Politic of Dis-similarity
 Ferri, Beth.

Debt and the Dispossession of the Self
 Sugata, M..

Declaring Ableist, Gendered, and Racialized Diversity or The Naming of Others and Ourselves
 Cobos, Casie.

Desired States: The Desire to Govern and the Governing of Desire
 Frazier, Lessie.

Development, Performance, and the Politics of Racialized Space
 Lawrence, Sidra.

Deviating Haunted Locations: Black Female Migrants, the Politics of Exclusion, and Potential of Embodied Entanglements
 Desai, Karishma.

Diaspora, Labor, and Refugee Women: A Feminist Reflection on Transpacific Grassroots Collaboration
 Zhou, Shuxuan.

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Eco-Paganism, Principles of Unity, and Precarious Governance
 Tise, Pam.

Economies of Ink: Affect, Disease, and Marked Bodies
 Valentine, Doug.

Ecstatic Therapies, Affective Treatments: Sexuality, Governance, & the Management of Low Female Desire
 Spurgas, Alyson.

Elders Speak Out about Their Own Experience: The Late Life Poetry of Maxine Kumin, Linda Pastan, and Alicia Ostriker
 Rubin, Lois.

Elsie Dinsmore, Religious Conversion, and the Unstable Borders of Class, Disability, and Death
 Hamilton-Honey, Emily.

Embodied Evidence: Contested Legal Subjectivities in Environmental Illness
 Orsini, Michael.

Embodied Precarity: Disability and Contingent Labor
 Jones, Cara.

Embodied Protest: Decolonial Dance Techniques in the 21st Century
 Carey, A\'Keitha.

Embodied Research and Teaching as Graduate Students
 Knop, Katherine. and Pirok, Jenna.

Embodied and Embedded: Anzaldúa’s Theory of Self in Resistance in Notas H-37-47
 Zaytoun, Kelli.

Embodying Compassionate Listening as a Form of Self-Care in Graduate School
 Wilson, Carla.

Embracing Vulnerability and Risk in the Feminist Classroom
 Ozment, Elizabeth.

Emotionally-Toxic Geographies of U.S. Higher Education
 Pavalow, Maura.

Employing Vulnerability in the Feminist Classroom: Writing our Herstories
 Palmer, Jamie.

Empowerment in a Global Space: Reflections on Women's Activism in China
 Feng, Yuan.

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Facebook’s Software Development, Site Governance, and Resistance to Technocultural Discourses
 Bivens, Rena.

Facilitating Coalition: Engaged Learning as Consciousness-Raising and Feminist Leadership Development
 Hua, Linh.

Fat Activists Negotiating Body Projects and Social Publics in the 'Obesity Epidemic'
 Pfeffer, Carla A..

Fat Feminists: Clothing, Size, and Activism
 Manthey, Katie.

Faustian Bargains and Academic Identity: Racialization of/by the Academy
 Cedillo, Christina.

Feeding Ourselves, Feeding the Institution: Saying 'No' in an Age of Precarious Employment
 Drabinski, Kate.

Feeding the Body Politic: Indigestion and Porous Borders in Early 20th Century U.S. Immigration Discourse
 Councilor, KC.

Feeling Labor: Divining Precarity in Turkey
 Korkman, Zeynep.

Feeling Post-neoliberal: The Queer (Im)possibilities of Ecuador’s Citizen Revolution
 Lind, Amy.

Female Bildungsroman as Catharsis: The Precarity 'Monstrous' Girls
 Wilson, Natalie Kate.

Feminism as 'Cruel Optimism': Transnational Feminist Engagements and/as Intersectionality-Based Challenges to Global Neoliberalism
 Craven, Sri.

Feminism for Whom?: A Quantitative Analysis of Public Opinion on Abortion, Pregnancy, and Criminalization
 Lee, Meggan.

Feminism’s Debt to Native American Elders
 Bobick, R..

Feminist Activism in Transnational China: The Case of Taiwan
 Chang, Doris T..

Feminist Biohealth Hacktivism
 Jen, Clare.

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Gallaudet University, Debt, and Future Workplace Success
 Madden, Jaime.

Game Over: Permadeath, Virtuosity, and the Mechropolitics of Precarious Masculinities
 Phillips, Amanda.

Gaming While Feminist: Fans, Developers, Gamers, and Hostile Digital Spaces
 Bezio, Kristin.

Gender Scripts on the Lebes Gamikos from Classical Athens
 Grensavitch, Krista.

Gender and Race in the Construction of the 'Struggling Middle Class'
 Swenson, Haley.

Gender, Violence, and the Extreme: Girls Going off to Fight in the Era of the War on Terror
 Ali, Isra.

Gender-Inclusive Practices in Campus Women’s and Gender Centers: Benefits, Challenges, and Future Prospects
 Marine, Susan.

Gendered Dimensions of Pentecostalism in Sub-Saharan Africa
 Neitz, Mary Jo.

Gendered Dynamics of Symbol & Ritual: Women’s Vulnerability to Abuse
 Scarsella, Hilary.

Gendered Self in the Digital Era: Digital Photography and Auto/Biographic Representation
 Huang, Xin.

Gendered Violence and the Erotic in the Visual Archive of Iquitos, Peru
 Daly, Tara.

Gendering Statelessness: ‘Symbolic’ Victimhood and Human Rights Discourses in the Levant
 Hamid, Sarah.

Geographies of Social Vulnerability and Precarious Labor in el Nuevo South
 Nelson, Lise.

Girl Incarcerated: The Criminalization of Trauma in Justice-Involved Girls' Lives
 Davis, Allison.

Girl Scouts and the Problem of the 'Stout Girl'
 Farrell, Amy.

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HIV/AIDS, Waste, & Reparative Production
 Grizzell, Trevor.

Hacking the Discourse: Queering Online Gaming Culture
 Condis, Megan.

Harvesting Life: Agrarian Crisis, Urban Precarity and Working Class Women in Karnataka
 Rudrappa, Sharmila.

Hawai‘i’s Women’s Prison: The Role of the Kailua Prison Writing Project and the Prison Monologues as Expressive Pu‘uhonua
 Sims, Leanne.

Head, Heart, Guts: A Method for Listening and Talking Across Difference and as a Challenge to Myths of Civility
 Mayfield, Kerrita.

Heartthrobs: Queer Romance and Decolonial Love in Theory and Popular Culture
 Gardin, Michael.

Hegemonic Masculinity and Precarious Representations in U.S. News Coverage of the “Honor Killing” of Almaleki
 Reed, Autumn.

Her Name Was Leelah: Remembering Trans Lives through Tumblr Art
 Vooris, Jessica.

Hesitant Grounds: Digging and Meeting in Audre Lorde’s 'The Black Unicorn'
 Reid, Tiana.

Hip Hop’s Early Introduction to Sex?: Queer Readings of Black Male 'Rape' in Popular Culture
 Bost, Darius.

Hmong Youth and Sport: Challenging Dominant Narratives about Gender and Racialization in the United States
 Vang, Chia Youyee.

Holding On: Gayl Jones and the Para-Possessivity of Black Life
 Cervenak, Sarah.

Homonationalism and Pinkwashing in Israel/Palestine: Queer Tactics of Traversing Colonialism and Gaining Recognition
 Alamour, Izzat.

Honoring The Bodies Beyond the Binary: Sexual Difference, Intersexuality and Inclusivity rhrough Spinoza
 Valentin, Alessa.

Hoodia Provocations: How Plant Materiality Matters to Law and Science
 Foster, Laura.

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I Bleed, Therefore I Research: Feminist Phenomenology and Research on Menstrual Suppression
 Álvarez, Diana.

Ideal Victims: Undocumented Female Agricultural Workers and Rape
 Odum, Jacquelyn.

Imaginaries of Immigration
 Luibheid, Eithne.

Imagine That: The Production of Lesbian Place-Making in Vancouver during the 1970s and 1980s
 Boulay, Nadine.

Immigrant Identity
 Wanniarachchi, Gayana.

Immigration and Detainment at the U.S.-Mexico Border
 Ahern, Dana.

Imperial Abjection and Racial Negation: Native American Female Subjectivity and Perpetual War
 Lee-Oliver, Leece.

Impermanence and Permeability: The Present as Membrane
 Jarvis, Sean.

Implicating Academia: A Black Feminist Call for Transformative Justice in the Ivory Tower
 Billingsley, Ahjane.

Impossible Voice: Affect of ‘Speaking’ in Making Chinese Feminism
 Ye, Shana.

Impotence and the Iran Hostage Crisis: Subverted Political Will as Sexual Dysfunction
 Smith, Aidan.

In the Face of Islamophobic Rhetoric: Negotiating Gender Identity and Religious Belonging within the Muslim Student Association
 Mansson McGinty, Anna.

In the Name of Happiness: The Precarity of Marriage in the South Asian Diaspora
 Singh, Angelee.

Incarceration and Representation: An Arresting Image of Precarity
 Dana, Lydia.

Individual Liability and Structural Responsibility in Tennessee Education Discourses
 Rys, Rachel.

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Jasbir K. Puar
 Puar, Jasbir.

Jodi A. Byrd
 Byrd, Jodi.

Joteria Activism
 Santillana, Jose.

Junk Politics: The Representational Dispossession of Transgender Men
 Keegan, Cael.


Karma R. Chávez
 Chavez, Karma.

Keeping “Women” Alive by Letting Women be Killed
 Atuk, Sumru.


LGBTQA Youth: Precarity and Resilience in Responses to School Bullying
 McCormick, Melinda.

La Feminista Presence: Working in the Margins, Writing Ourselves Into Existence
 Estremera, Cynthia.

La Virgen de las Panochas: Queer and Lesbian Bodies in the Transborder Archive
 Serna, Cristina.

Landscape and the Ethical Problematic of Intimate Violence in Guarari, Costa Rica
 Porter, Jennifer.

Latina Feminisms and the WGST Curriculum
 Fiol-Matta, Liza.

Layers of Oppression: Women Surviving Violence in the Conflict Zone of Kashmir
 Rashid, Mantasha.

Lesbian Motherhood and the Right to Parent
 Petersen, Kristin.

Letting Die?: Risk, Abandonment, and the Politics of Counting in the U.S.- Mexico Border Zone
 Smith, Sophie.

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: Race, Gender and Vulnerability in the Context of Sexual Violence Denialism in the United States.
 Molloy, Carla.

Liminality of Graduate Student Contingent Faculty: The Promises and Perils of Scholar Activism and Organizing While in Graduate School
 Allison, Marisa.

Linking the Contradictions: Sterilizations Campaigns in the United States and Peru
 Castro Bernardini, Maria del Rosario.

Lisa Marie Cacho
 Cacho, Lisa Marie.

Listening to Profound Silences: The Objective Power of Subaltern Histories in A Silent Life
 Lee, Jean.

Listening to Sangay Dolma's Dreams: Exploring Gendered Elements of Tibetan Self-Immolations
 Vehaba, Alana.

Live Through This: Feminist Care of the Self 2.0
 Ouellette, Laurie. and Arcy, Jacquelyn.

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MAKERS: Women in Nevada History
 Goodwin, Joanne.

Maid Cafes: The Affect of Fictional Characters in Akihabara, Japan
 Galbraith, Patrick.

Maintaining Public Order: Policing & Exclusion of Chicago Queers
 Steele, Sarah.

Making Story Out of Disaster: Representation and Alternative Human Patterns in 21st Century Native Women’s Literary Memoir
 Warburton, Theresa.

Making Test Subjects: Globalized Clinical Labor and Affect in the Case of Transvaginal Mesh
 Ducey, Ariel.

Making the Familial Visible in Modern Slavery: Slavery through Marriage, Adoption and Blood
 Alfredson, Lisa.

Making the Personal Political: Philly Feminists’ Discursive Activism
 Clark, Rosemary.

Malinche’s Precarious Jornada: Emotional health, Precarity and the Politics of Citizenship in Lives of U.S. Latinas
 Mejia, Angie.

Man-Talk: Developing a Language to Discuss New, Progressive, and Feminist Masculinities
 Clapper, Jordan.

Managing Whiteness: National Security for the “Whole Community”
 Thomas, Lindsay.

Manifested Vulnerability: Ethnic and Gender Subjectivities in Contemporary Tunisian Women’s Artwork
 Butler, Anne Marie.

Mapping Girls’ Educational Survivance and White Settler Colonialism in Education
 Krueger-Henney, Patricia.

Mapping Home: Visual Artifacts in Contemporary Caribbean Women’s Life Writing
 Stitt, Jocelyn.

Marital Precarity and Malawi’s Legal System
 Wilson, Anika.

Marjane Satrapi's "Persepolis": Immigration as a (Neo)-Liberal Rite of Passage
 Morrow, Colette.

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Narratives of Gendered Resistance in South Asia
 Kurian, Alka.

Navigating Ambiguity, Parenting Non-Binary Children
 Vooris, Jessica.

Navigating the Binary: An Outlier’s Autoethnography
 Strain, Gary.

Navigating the Precarious Academy: Critical Analysis of the Academic Industrial Complex in Collective Action Organizing
 Kizer, Sam.

Negotiating New Normals: Appropriate Powerful Selves Through Contemporary Pain Narratives
 Gregory, Shelly.

Negotiating the Break
 Miller, Gill.

Neoliberal Fantasies of Cosmopolitan Whiteness: The Promises of Biotechnology in East Asia’s Medical Tourism Industry
 Tanita, Kimiko.

Neoliberal Precarity and Transnational White Male Victimhood Narratives
 Owens, Christina.

Neuroimaging Trans*: A Call for a Trans* Critical Science Studies
 Gupta, Kristina.

New Materialisms, Ecowomanist Activism, and Agency: Reframing and Resisting Environmental Racism
 Clinard, Marcella.

Ni de aquí ni de alla: A Mythohistoriography of Growing Up In-Between
 Lopez, Andres.

Nirmala Erevelles
 Erevelles, Nirmala.

No Excuses: Family Precarity and Truancy Policy in Kansan Schools
 Woodward, Karinda.

No University Left Behind: Transforming Higher Education from Public Good to Profitable Commodity
 Corbin, Michelle.

North American Asian Feminism (NAAF) Pedagogies: Envisioning a Women’s Studies’ Future
 Lin, Yi-Chun Tricia.

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OMG! Look at Her Butt: The Role of Consumption on Twitter/Instagram in Nicki Minaj's Feminism
 Halliday, Aria.

Of Monsters and Men: Flipping the Script on Masculinity and Monstrosity
 Aiossa, Elizabeth.

Offending Children, Registering Sex
 Meiners, Erica.

On Cleaning: Activism as Contagion
 Melendez, Melissa. and Carey, Kristi.

One Health, Care Ethics, and Animal Culling: Addressing Marginalized Concerns in Communities Managing Zoonotic Outbreaks
 Mukherjea, Ananya.

Optimistic Infants: Attachment Theory and Lauren Berlant's "Cruel Optimism"
 Taggart, E.

Oriental Sexual Transgression: The Defective Female Adoptee Body
 McKee, Kimberly.

Our Bodies, Our Quantified Selves: Wearable Technology and the Politics of Debility
 Elman, Julie.

Oysters, Orgasms, and Old Men in Bowties: Critical Feminist Sex Research as a Permanent State of Unease
 Fahs, Breanne.


Panic-Inflected Imaginaries: A Focus on the Rhetorical Force & Function of the Non-Image
 Licona, Adela.

Passing Attachments: Identity and Love Objects in Nella Larsen's Passing
 Carroll, Rachel.

Pay with Lovin’: Disabled Girls’ Immaterial Labor and Economies of Affective Intelligibility
 Todd, Anastasia.

Performing Gendered, Nationed Identities: Unauthorized Mexican Immigrants and the Semiotics of Belonging
 Ullman, Char.

Performing Laïcité: The Banlieue Public School as Theater & Prison in Skirt Day (2009)
 Schaefer, Joy.

Performing Precarity: Using Performance Pedagogy to Teach about Social Class Inequalities
 Bloom, Leslie.

Persimmon/semen: Toward an East Asian Womanist-Queer Ecocriticism
 Pu, Xiumei. and Zhang, Charlie.

Photo-Shopping the ‘Real’ Body: Materiality, Digitality and the Making of Exceptional Bodies
 Sastre, Alexandra.

Photographs and the Face of Poverty
 Peres, Anushka.

Plastic Pollution, Precarious Bodies: Pamela Longobardi's Eco-Activist Aesthetic
 Wagner-Lawlor, Jennifer.

Playing with Disability: Toward a Crip Theory of Gaming
 Harvat, Zachary.

Playing with Time: Using Fetal Precarity to Disavow and Contain Affect
 Gentile, Katie.

Pleasing Self, Pleasing Family: Latina College Women, Princess Culture, and Dating Violence
 Gonzalez Guittar, Stephanie.

Pleasure and Regret: An Exploration of the Emotional Lives of World War I Airmen
 Lee, Janet. and Boovy, Bradley.

Pleasure, Capacitation, and Rhetorics of Queer Citizenship
 Barounis, Cynthia.

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Quebec Disquieted: Remembering the FLQ Crisis After Reasonable Accommodation
 Latella, Stephanie.

Queer Confusion and Lesbian Abjection in "Orange is the New Black"
 Ruderman, Ashley.

Queer Methods for Researching Empire
 Durban-Albrecht, Erin.

Queer Precarity: The Public Vulnerabilities and Unsettled Passages of Transgender Liminality
 Stewart, Amy.

Queer Professionals Of Color In Student Affairs: A Study Of Retention, Support And Resilience
 Labor, Saby.

Queer Ways of Dying: End of Life and Afterlife Care in Contemporary Taiwan
 Brainer, Amy.

Queering El Parque
 Ramirez, Irene.

Queering Reproductive Futurity: Fictional Representations of Lesbian Carework Vulnerability
 Dane, Penelope.

Queering Reproductive Loss: Precarity and Memorialization
 Craven, Christa.

Queering Teenage Pregnancy Prevention: Temporality and Happiness Rhetoric in the Milwaukee Campaign 2006-2015
 Tanner, Laura.

Queering Vulnerability: Re-conceptualizing the Erotic in Queer Refugee Performance
 Lewis, Rachel.

Queering the ‘Excessive’ Body: The Radical Potential of Fatness as a Refusal of Work
 Clark, Lauren.

Questionable Queers?
 Marinucci, Mimi.


Race and Sexual Violence
 Crawford, Sessyon.

Race, Nation and Transnational Feminist Pedagogies
 Mukherjee, Sanjukta.

Race-radical Black Feminists’ Transformative Justice Activism: Enacting Decolonial Resurgence in Montreal
 Palacios, Lena.

Racial and Ethnic Identity Development within Predominantly White and Minority-Interest Sororities
 Krueger, Julie.

Racialized Sexual Violence and Feminist Hashtag Politics
 Rentschler, Carrie.

Radical Congregants: Reimagining Religion in North Carolina’s Movements for Feminist and Gay Equality
 Rytilahti, Stephanie.

Radical Love / Radical Rage in Community Health
 Hickman, Amy.

Raising Fannish Consciousness: Accountability, Vulnerability, and Allyship in the Formation of Feminist Science Fiction Fandom
 Samer, Roxanne.

Rape on Campus and the Politics of Surveillance
 Siliman, Shadia.

Re/De-constituting Subjectivity in the Face of Neoliberal Biopower: The Radical Potential of Queer BDSM
 Parks, Alison.

Reading Death with Resilience in the Fiction of Gloria Anzaldúa and Clarice Lispector
 Zaytoun, Kelli.

Reception Theory and Deciding What Work is Worthy: Toni Morrison and the Oprah Effect.
 Davis, Elizabeth.

Reclaiming (Un)worthy Bodies: Grassroots Activism against Harassment in Egypt
 Nasser, Aisha.

Reclaiming Collective Vulnerability, Transforming Disability Politics
 Healy, Kennedy.

Recovering Latina Histories: Amigas Latinas’ and LLEGÓ
 Torres, Lourdes.

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Salvaging the Material: Embodying Feminist Science in the DIY Tiny House Movement
 Heiliger, Evangeline (Vange).

Same-sex Adoption in Colombia vs. the Dogma of Blood Ties: An Analysis of the Language Surrounding the Constitutional Court's Adoption Decisions
 Rutter-Jensen, Chloe.

Savage Homophobes: Homonationalism and the Figure of the Redneck
 Lemke, Angel.

Saving Afghan Women?
 Kitch, Sally.

Sayantani DasGupta, Feminist Physician-Writer of the South Asian Diaspora
 Nishihara, Laverne.

Scandal in Shondland: Affect and the Politic of Race
 Weber, Brenda.

Scandalized: The Social Consequences of Viewing the Black Female Body as a Fetish for the White, Male Gaze
 El-Burki, Imaani.

Scholarship in Transition: Incorporating Non/Artists’ Collective Experiences of Sexual Violence and Displacement into Academic Performative Writing

Scholarship of Engagement: County Status Report on Women
 Jacobson, Kristin.

Schooling Bodies: One School's Approach to Empowering the Precarious Student
 Sieger, Katherine.

Schooling and Gendered Vulnerabilities in Malawi
 Kendall, Nancy.

Scouting for Normalcy: Merit Badges, Cookies & American Futurity
 Rohrer, Judy.

Screening Treatment Activism: The Precarious Temporo-Politics of Illness
 Diedrich, Lisa.

Secularism, Islam, and a Broken Democracy: A Look at Women's Rights in Turkey
 Mazman, Ayca.

Seeing-Feeling the Image: Indigenous Feminisms, Intergenerationality, and an Archive of Embodied Looking
 Miller, Andrea.

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TW: Trigger Warnings, Trans Counterpublics, and the Production of Social Norms Online
 Dame, Avery.

Tales of Terror and Temerity: Reading and Reception of Women’s Narratives of the Totalitarian Experience in Central and Eastern Europe
 Waisserova, Hana.

Tania Bruguera’s Immigrant Movement International
 Perez, Vanessa.

Teaching Love in Women's Studies
 Costa, LeeRay.

Teaching Outside the Academy: Women’s Studies and Activism in the Public Sector
 Erickson, John.

Teaching The Namesake as Transnational Feminist Literature
 Deb, Basuli.

Technologies of Precarity: Surveillance of Migrants
 Amaya Schaeffer, Felicity.

Tectonic Shifts or Demonic Grounds: Rastafari Women’s Transatlantic Intellectual Genealogies
 Alhassan, Shamara.

Temporal Borders and Precarity in "Kindred"
 Simerka, Barbara.

Temporal Containment
 Morrissey, A. K..

Territories of Grief: Disappearance and Disquiet in Rural Colombia
 Rhodes, Heidi.

Terrorizing Transness: Necropolitical Nationalism
 Clarkson, Nick.

The Affective Labor of Essentialist Language in Asexual and Fat Acceptance Communities
 Rogers, Julia.

The African Turn in "The Black Unicorn": Exploring Audre Lorde’s Revolutionary Legacy of Re-defining, Re-naming, & Reclaiming Black Lesbian Feminist Poetic Articulation in the era of the Black Arts Movement
 Ifasheye, Shola.

The Afterlife of Death: Postcommunist Unsettlement of Romania’s Roma
 McElroy, Erin.

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U.S. Media Darlings: Arab Women Activists, Exceptionalism, and the 'Rescue Narrative'
 Muhtaseb, Ahlam.

US Black Women and Disposability: Revisiting 'Femicide' as a Category
 Hoagland, Tangere.

Un/Fit Mom: Latina 'Excess', Bio-citizenship, and the 'Obesity Epidemic'
 Villalobos, Roxanna.

Unavailable Mothers in Indian Fiction; Feminist Alternatives
 Venkateswaran, Pramila.

Unbounding American Muslims: Lived Experience as Challenge to Islamophobic Racialization
 Sincoff-Yedid, Ariel.

Uncontained Bleed: Teaching Graphic Memoir in Women's and Gender Studies
 O\'Brien, Casey.

Undead Feminism: Precarious Monstrosity Reconsidered
 Wilson, Natalie Kate.

Under the Mask: Creative Dispossessions of Borderlands Remembrance Practices
 bentley, elizabeth. and Sanchez-Avila, Joanna.

Understanding Rape-Victim Identity
 Kirkner, Anne.

Undoing Masculinity in the Feminist Classroom: Reclaiming Vulnerability as an Act of Solidarity
 Ergun, Emek.

Unscripted: Exploring Representations of Un-partnered Older Women’s Sexuality
 Montemurro, Beth.

Unstable Grounds: Excavating the Exclusionary Foundations of U.S. Gender-Based Asylum
 Gorman, Cynthia Sorousha.


Vicious Precarity: Economic Deportability and U.S. Trans Latina Lives
 Padron, Karla.

Violence, Disposability, and the Border Industrial Complex
 Perez, Cristina.

Virtual Beauty: Representing, Recreating, and Subverting Bodies through Online Communities
 Preston-Sidler, Leandra.

Visual Cues: The Coloniality of Gender In Immigrants Rights Advocacy
 Garcia, G. Melissa.

Voices of the Unheard: Introducing Feminist Scholarship from the Global South to Create New Directions in Women’s and Gender Studies
 Govindnathan, Pallavi.

Voicing Subjectivity in Hijra Badhai Music
 Roy, Jeffrey.


Wangechi Mutu: The Grotesque Female Body, Despised and Desired
 Andrews, Jjenna.

Wanted: Queer Foster Families
 Montegary, Liz.

Warrior Mamas: Voices of Loss and Womanist Spiritual Activism For Change
 Paul, Marcy.

We Are Not Throwaways: Community Collaboration in Memorializing Missing and Murdered Native American Women
 Hinzo, Angel.

Were We Too Civil?: The Unintended Consequences of Not Examining Internalized Systems of Surveillance While Working for Social Justice
 Lambert, Rebecca.

What Do You Mean, Shackled?
 Marti, Brigitte.

What Happens to the Sheep While the Sheepdog is Away?: The Vulnerability of War-Affected Women in American Sniper
 Abbasi-Lemmon, Laura.

What is the Goal Here?: The Precarity of the Tenure System, the Humanities, and Effective Online Education
 Hawkins, Tracy.

What of the Veil, the Turban, and the Hoodie?
 Chandrashekar, Santhosh.

What's Love Got to do With It?: Indigenous and Racialized Girls Resisting through Revolutionary Love
 Birk, Manjeet.

What’s So Funny About Women And Age?: Psychoanalysis, Humor, and Catherine Schine’s "The Three Weissmanns of Westport"
 Backes, Nancy.

When # Black Lives Begin to Matter: How 'Psychic Restlessness' Opens a Path to Activism
 Harriford, Diane.

When Margins Become Centered: Black Queer Women in Front and Outside of the Classroom
 Bailey, Moya Zakia. and Miller, Shannon.

When Parents Go Public: Issues of Identity, Power, and Privilege in the Food Allergy Blogosphere
 Hewett, Heather.

When Violence Happens 'Out There' to 'Those People': Problematizing the Discourse
 Wholley, JeShawna.

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Xicana Indígena Root Work: Decolonizing 1848, Borderlands, and Historical Trauma
 Zepeda, Susy.


Yezidi Women’s Narrative of Sexual Slavery
 Hassen, Suha.

Yoga and the Power of the Erotic
 Harriford, Diane.

You Can Be Black and Navy Too: Recruiting Difference in Ebony Magazine
 Favara, Jeremiah.

You Can't Subscribe to This, You Have to Keep Wanting It
 Levitsky, Rachel.

You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do?: Narratives of Constraint, Agency, and Resistance among Nursing Assistants
 Crocker, Jillian.

You Have a Body and a Mind: Decolonizing Academic and Public Space
 Dark, Kimberly.


Zombies and/as Women: The Precarious State of Not Being Recognized as Fully Human
 Wilson, Natalie Kate.
National Women's Studies Association 2015-Nov-12 to 2015-Nov-16
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