National Women's Studies Association 2016-Nov-10 to 2016-Nov-14

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"Begging Me To Hit Him Harder": Black Masculine Pain and Pleasure in Paul Beatty's The Sellout
 Manning, Brandon.

"Black and White Unite": Dr. Margaret Burroughs' Legacy of Art and Social Justice
 Cain, Mary Ann.

"Counter-mapping Dangerous Geographies"
 Burman, Jenny.

"Everyday (De)colonialism" and Trans* Health Activism
 Psihopaidas, Demetrios.

"Final and Irreversible": Comfort Women and the Broken Arc of Justice
 Park, You-me.

"I Don't Wanna Wipe Him Away:" Imagining Queer Trauma in TLC's My Strange Addiction
 Grizzell, Trevor.

"Imperial Homonationalism and Transnational Queer Solidarity At the 2015 Seoul Queer Parade."
 Ji, SeungGyeong.

"Is Mindy Kaling Real?": Unruliness, Desire and Belonging
 Collier, Cassandra.

"Israeli Women/Feminists Reframing and Reconfiguring Colonial Geographies
 Young, Gay.

"Neither Here Nor There": Anti-Blackness in the Quebec Discourses on Secularism and the Organizing Against Islamophobia
 Mugabo, Delice.

"Next You'll Break My Leg so You Can Buy Me a Cane:" How Narratives of Lesbian Aging Unsettle the Aging-As-Decline Narrative
 Hess, Linda.

"Radicalness and Feminism are Just Like a Pair of Stinky Socks"-- Radical Disruption in Repressive Regimes
 Wang, Di.

"Shapeshifting" in Theory and Fiction: New Approaches to Exploring Young Black Women’s Agency
 Meirosu, Madalina.

"We All Held Up Candles": Black Lives Matter Poetry
 Thompson, Becky.

"Women in Prison, "Bitch Planet", and "OITNB": What Do We Know, What Do We Imagine, What Can We Do"
 Williams, Rachel.

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A Cultural Misstep: Erasing the Racial Roots of the Lindy Hop
 Unruh, Kendra.

A Decolonial Feminist Analysis of the Movement Against Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in the United States
 Baker, Carrie.

A Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis of Abortion Restriction Policy: An Examination of the Social Constructions of Women Embedded Within the Policy Discourse.
 Budwitz, Michelle.

A Feminist Critique of the Continuous Journey Regulation
 Singh, Milan.

A Feminist Re-reading of the Psychosomatic Register and Hauntings: Understanding My Mother’s Lived Experiences in the Afterlife of the Cambodian Genocide
 Chhun, Lina.

A Letter Home: Crossing the Border Between Christianity and Transgender Identities
 Davis, Jobin.

A Little Queer – Ambivalence and the Work of Gender Play in Children’s Literature
 Miller, Jennifer.

A Mixed-Methods Inquiry into Trans* Collegians’ Experiences with Environmental Microaggressions
 Joslin, Jessica.

A New Wave: #HSfeminism in the Single Sex Classroom
 Merchant, Krystle.

A Pedagogy of Witnessing: Writing With Trauma Testimonies in Literacy Classrooms
 Johnston, Emily.

A People’s Investigation Against the Militarization of Care: the In-Custody Death of Kayla Xavier Moore
 Paradise, Annie.

A Woman’s Work: Subject Positioning and the Indigenous Masculinities Scholar
 Anderson, Kim.

Ablenationalism in Life and Death: Trans Necropolitics and the Affective Value of Interspecies Entanglements
 Todd, Anastasia.

Academia: A Transnational Network of Solidarity?
 Korkman, Zeynep.

Access Through Disruption
 Adley, Melanie.

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Bathroom Biometrics: Surveillance and Citizenship in the “Bathroom Bills”
 Beauchamp, Toby.

Be Ugly, Know Beauty: Mark Aguhar’s Queer Lessons
 Watson, Xavier.

Behind “Victims’ Voices”: Denaturalising Testimonial-Analytical Divides in Truth-Telling
 Rosser, Emily.

Between Toombs County and Tombs of the Press: Life Magazine and the Lynching of Amy Mallard
 Gray, Erin.

Between the Privileged and the Margins: Navigating through United States and Peruvian Scholarship
 Castro Bernardini, Maria del Rosario.

Beyond Birth Control: an Analysis of Scientific Risk Models for Contraceptive Pills
 Geampana, Alina.

Beyond Internationalization: Women's Studies and Curriculum Transformation
 Montague, Clara.

Beyond the Gaze: Mixedness as an Act of Looking Within
 Storti, Anna.

Beyond “Decolonized Skies”: Unsettling Civilians and their Anti-Drone Artwork
 Soomal, Sajdeep.

Big People on the Airplane
 Dark, Kimberly.

Biometrics and the Speed of Intimacy: Queer Citizenship and Surveillance Technology
 Jarvis, Sean.

Biopolitics and African American Women’s Bodies: The Obesity Epidemic, Pathologization, and Mediating Factors
 Taylor, Marcia.

Biopolitics, the Earth and the Anthropocene
 Clare, Stephanie.

Birthing Modernity: Spatial Discourses of Cesarean Birth in São Paulo, Brazil
 Whitson, Risa.

Black Feminist Calculus Meets Nothing to Prove: A Mobile Homecoming Project Ritual toward the Postdigital
 Gumbs, Alexis.

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Can Gender Be Decolonized?
 Tushabe, Tushabe.

Can We Call It Eugenics?: The Biopolitics of Abortion and Disability Rights
 Weingarten, Karen.

Can You See Me Now? Reimagining Black/Queer Longing and Loss
 Clarke, Michele Pearson.

Carceral Domesticities: Securitizing the Family in the Age of Terror and Neo-Colonialism
 Bhandar, Davina.

Carceral Domesticity and the Coloniality of Gender in Family Detention Centers
 Castaneda, Michelle.

Celebrating Los Raymis: Performing Indigenous Identity in Cañar and Saraguro, Ecuador and Minneapolis, Minnesota
 Adrian, Allison.

Challenging Eurocentric Notions of Political Identity: Perspectives from Women's Personal Narratives
 Frederick, Jennifer.

Challenging Patriarchal Eurocentrism, Invoking Indigenous Agency: Dismantling the Rhetoric of Anti-colonial Resistance
 Neitch, Kenna.

Challenging Patriarchy from Within: Women in Caste Associations
 Chitnis, Varsha.

Challenging Settler Financial Logics through Latinx Student and Family Financial Practices and Pedagogies
 Villalon, Kathy.

Chicana Manual of Style: Practicing Border Herstory in the Anzaldúan Tradition
 Oviedo, Laura.

Chicana/Latina Professors Path of Conocimiento: A Pedagogy of Cariño and Apoyo
 Martinez, Vanessa.

Childhood Traumas: The Legacy of Slavery in Girlhood Constructions
 Adomako, Andrea.

Chinook Jargon and Feminist Resistance
 Lee, Karin.

Choices without Options: Re/Productivity and De/Coloniality in 21st Century Film
 Ludlow, Jeannie.

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Dalit Feminism in Tokyo: Transnational Feminism as Decoloniality
 Mehta, Purvi.

Dangerous Classes of the Contemporary World: The Lumpenproletariat and the Precarious as Subjects of Decolonial Power
 Beltrán-Álvarez, Luis.

De-Linking Sexuality in the Search for Justice
 Puri, Jyoti.

De/Colonizing Economics: De/Constructing Muslim’s Women’s Empowerment
 Shroff, Sara.

De/reifying Japanese Colonial Order in “Comfort Women” Struggle
 Yulee, Jiwoon.

Death, Dignity and Doulas: Interrogating Embodied Autonomy in Canada’s End-of-Life Debates.
 Pringle, Wendy.

Debunking Metaphors of Decolonization: Living Solidarity in Meaningful and Respectful Ways
 Birk, Manjeet.

Debunking the Myth: A Diasporic Response to Colonial Beliefs
 McCrae, Kimberly.

Decentering Sexualcentricity and Anthropocentrism
 Morrissey, A. K..

Decolonial Design in Feminist Science Fiction
 Elerding, Carolyn.

Decolonial Gaming and the Queer-Feminist Pleasure, Peril, and Potential of Storytelling in Gone Home
 Martin, Londie.

Decolonial Gestures: Experimental Art and Gender-based Violence in Central America
 Cornejo, Kency.

Decolonial Gestures: Love and Hip Hop, Black Lesbian Illicit Eroticism, and the Southern Black Ratchet Imagination
 Glover, S. Tay.

Decolonial Love and Women of Color Feminisms: Courage, Debt, and Land
 Finley, Chris.

Decolonial Movements in Jain’s Gulabi Gang
 Stephens, Amanda.

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Early Modern Medical Texts and the Regulation? of the Female Body
 Murphy, Jessica.

Eastern European Female Prostitutes in European and East European Film
 Bardan, Alice.

Ecological Thinking and Feminist Ethico-onto-epistemologies: Towards Decolonizing Epistemic Subjectivities and Knowledge/World Making
 Doucet, Andrea.

Economies of Emotion and the Criminalization of Abortion
 Linton Villafranco, Mellissa.

Ecstatic Freedoms in Queer Political Imaginaries
 Bunch, Mary.

Effect and Counter-Effort: An Exploration of Cultural Reassignment in Dance and Contemporary Artists in Mitigation
 Hagan, Cara.

Elaborating a Decolonial Education Practice in the Puerto Rican Context, a Transgression of the Policies
 Blanco, Grace.

Electric World: TV’s Revolution, Settler Landscapes, and the Metaphysics of Power
 Scott, Rebecca.

Embodied Invisible Labor and Sexual Carework: Women’s Roles in Sexualized Social Reproduction within Intimate Relationships
 Spurgas, Alyson.

Embodying Matrilineage through Ritual in Nora Okja Keller’s Comfort Woman
 You, Sunhay.

Embodying Resistance Online: Trans Youth Reconfigure Discursive Space(s) of Visibility on YouTube
 Reinke, Rachel.

Embracing the Margins: Race and Sexuality in Young Adult Fiction
 Chaudhri, Amina.

Emma Pérez’s Decolonial Literary Imagination: Forgetting the Alamo and Remembering “Sitio y Lengua”
 Maese Cohen, Marcelle.

Engaging the Myth, Complicating the Stereotype: Young Black Woman Characters in Contemporary African American Popular Fiction
 Saffold, Jacinta.

Entanglements, Articulation, and the New Structure of Domestic Violence Survivorhood
 Sweet, Paige.

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FEMEN’s Fame and Feminist Shame: White and Intersectional Feminisms Online
 Groeneveld, Elizabeth.

Fables of Response-ability: Storytelling after the Anthropocene
 Kenney, Martha.

Family Life between Queens and Manila: Researching Care Work in Transnational Families through Migrant Women’s Epistemologies
 Francisco-Menchavez, Valerie.

Fat Pregnancies: Extending “Fetal Rights” to Protection from Risk of Fatness
 Herndon, April.

Feeling Blue While Black: Blackness, and the Aberrations of Affect in Black Female Experimental Films
 Dozier, Ayanna.

Feeling D’Lo’s D’FunQT: Building Queer Kinship by Decolonizing Family Narratives
 Perez, Kimberlee.

Female Masculinity and Butch Aesthetics in Indigenous Literatures
 Tatonetti, Lisa.

Feminism, Religion and the Reproduction of Caste in South Asian Graphic Novels
 Krishnamurti, Sailaja.

Feminist Art Teaches That Colonialism Is Not Dead
 Kwon, Hyunji.

Feminist Decolonial Praxis and Instituionalized Contempt: On Steven Salaita and Hannah Arendt
 Husting, Ginna.

Feminist Ethics: Beyond Vulnerability
 Davis, Heather.

Feminist Imaginaries for Pollution Research in the Laboratory?
 Liboiron, Max.

Feminist Politics of Prison and Police Reform : Prioritize Pro Se Prisoner Empowerment
 Duley, Kolleen.

Feminist Reflections on DIY Science and Technology as Manifested in the Maker Movement and the New Domesticity
 McGowan, Michelle. and Field, Meredith.

Feminist World-Making: Performative Reimaginings in the Work of Djuna Barnes
 Brandel, Darcy Lee.

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Gay Married…with Children
 Briggs, Laura.

Gay Pornography and Settler Colonialism
 McGlotten, Shaka.

Gay Soy Beans, Terminator Seeds, and Alex Jones: Gendered Food Fear Mongering
 Vaughn, Rachel.

Gender Oblivion in Concept and Practice: The Integration of Women into Military Combat Arms
 Portillo, Shannon. and Doan, Alesha.

Gender and Genre: A Study in Kind
 Coan, Casely.

Gender, Politics, and Asylum Law: A Feminist Analysis of Gender-Based Claims by Unaccompanied Minors
 Gerken, Christina.

Gender, Race and Gaming Space: Interrogating Intersectional Experiences in Commercial and Indie Game Culture and Praxis
 Gray, Kishonna. and Richard, Gabriela.

Gender, Race, and Violence in the (Post)colonial Context: Black Lives Matter as a Case Study
 Mitcho, Sara.

Gender, State Violence and Resistant Embodiments in South Africa’s #FeesMustFall Movement
 Sizemore-Barber, April.

Gendered Haunting and the Cultural Memory of Mexico’s Armed Struggles
 MacManus, Viviana.

Gendered Implications of Increasing Clinical Integration of Preconception Risk Assessment
 McGowan, Michelle. and Fishman, Jennifer.

Gendered Narratives of Violence in the Indonesian Genocide
 Lim, Shirley.

Gendered “Late Style”: New Relationships between Memory, History and Form in the Archive of Jewish American Anthropologist, Ruth Landes
 Gondek, Abby Suzanne.

Gendering Asexuality and Asexualizing Gender: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Intersections between Gender and Asexuality
 Gupta, Kristina.

Gendering Disposability
 Razack, Sherene.

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HBO and The Appropriation of Girls’ Food Activism
 Hensley, Anna.

Hablemos Claro: Acts of Violence Committed in Mexico and U.S. Soil Against Central American and Mexican Women & Children Refugees
 Ramirez Arreola, Elizabeth.

Haunting Memories, Cartographies of Healing: Guatemalan Diaspora and K’iche’ Futurism
 Lopez, Andres.

Haunting as Decolonial Method? Unsettling Historiography, Revisiting the Politics of Evidence
 Dean, Amber.

Healing and Empowering Our Mind and Heart
 Picard, Angela.

Hegemonic Pronatalism and Other Disasters: Biopower and the Regulation of Women’s Bodies in Russia
 Gotlib, Anna.

Henrietta Lacks: An Encompassing Symbol for Body Politics and Structural Oppression
 Dibo, Natalie.

Here is What I Know: Black Women Going Further in Love
 Pope, Ebony.

Hidden Issues of Jewish Adolescent Girls
 Weiner, Cheryl.

Hindu Theology and Sexuality in Nepal
 Gharti Chhetri G C, Sanju.

Hip Hop Guerreras: Emerging Radical Queer Contestations to the State in Guatemala
 Kolenz, Kristen.

His/her/stories of be/longing: Shifting Cultural Identities and Places
 Campbell-Ghazinour, Ashley.

Historical Memory in Brazilian Feminisms: Perspectives from Oral History
 Caulfield, Sueann.

Hmong International Marriage Migration: Towards a Decolonial Marriage
 Xiong, Nancy.

Homegrown Chicana Epistemologies and the Academy: Race, Space, Gender, and Knowing
 Núñez, Joanna.

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I Dwell in (Im)possibility: Rebellious Motherhood and Gothic Domesticity in Novels and Memoirs of the Twentieth First Century.
 Baran, Linn.

I Twine, I Am: An Affective Teaching Tool for Exploring Identity
 Surkan, K.J..

I Will Be Silent No More: Responding to Rape Culture in Virginie Despentes’ Baise-Moi and Roxanne Gay's Bad Feminist
 Bonvillain, Mary.

Identifying the Needs, Missing the Point: Institutionalized Heteronormativity and Gender Minority Students
 Gurr, Barbara.

Identity of Distance: Construction of Risk and Employment of Feminist Ideals Among Marginalized Black and Latina Women
 Ray, Ranita.

Ignorance, Colonialism and the Environment--Why It Starts with Me
 Murphy, Claudia.

Imagine That: Indigenous Speculative Fiction and the Disruption of Settler/Colonialism
 Miceli, Victoria.

Imagined Futures Past: Afrofuturism and Liminal Spaces Deployed for the Disruption of Future Past in the Present for AfroDiasporic Women
 Young-Scaggs, Sakena.

Imagining Freedom: Woman, Nation, Archive
 Mehta, Rijuta.

Imperial Feminist Nostalgia and Oriental Fantasies: Belly Dance in Western Harems
 De Souza, Trina. and Zine, Jasmin.

Imperial Legacies and the Question of the Human at the Nexus of War and Disease
 Wondergem, Taylor.

In Place and Time: Towards a Decolonial Understanding of Sexual Violence in the Peace Corps
 Johnk, Lzz.

In Search of a New LGBTQ Politic Beyond the Pink Curtain: Feminist Caravans, Radical Queer Justice Movements, and the Myth of Liberalist Liberation in Postsocialist Spaces
 Gabbard, Sonnet.

In defense of Critical Reflexivity: Decolonial Feminist Research Ethics Born from Flesh, Praxis, Nepantlas & Ubuntu
 Guishard, Monique.

In, Out, and In-between the Academy: Pedagogy from the Third Space
 Gardner, Tia-Simone.

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K-12 Institutional Sexism and Racism: A Personal Story
 Guillory-Lacy, Veneice.

Kasi to her Homegirls: A Performative Memorial for those of us who are forgotten
 Robinson, Jessica.

Khwara sara, Hijra and the Struggle for Rights in Pakistan
 Khan, Shahnaz.

Knowledge Production and the Removal of Traditional Birth Attendants in Post-War Sierra Leone
 Brown, Lauren.


La Brujería de las Dos Celias: Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Psychopathology in "Ataque de Nervios"
 Hart Suárez, Sonia.

La Prison Raciale: Interroger le Système Pénal Québécois
 Coulombe, Sophie.

La Que Sueña Con Serpientes: Queer Xican@ Futurities and Visionary Representations
 Ramirez, Irene.

Land is not a Commodity: How the Commodification of Land Enables the Prison-Industrial Complex
 Lumsden, Stephanie.

Language Haunting Waters: Anti-Meaning and Counter-Poetics in M. NourbeSe Phillip’s Zong!
 Johnson, Amber Rose.

Las Des-chi-cha-das: Intoxication as Feminist Pleasure
 Garcia Hernandez, Yessica.

Las Politicas: Latinas in the U.S. Congress
 Lavariega Monforti, Jessica.

Latinx Positionalities, Feminist Pedagogies and Unsettling the Neoliberal University
 MacManus, Viviana.

Law and Legacy: The English Colonial System and Indian Rape Jurisprudence
 goomar, sarah.

Laying Our Stories Bare: Communities of Colour, Colonization, and Decolonization
 Chatterjee, Sabina. and Yalamarty, Harshita.

Le génie des femmes au service des femmes/Women Engineering for Women
 Mujawamariya, Donatille.

Leaky Condoms: Exploring the Tenuous Relationship Between Sex Workers and the State
 Krishnan, Shweta.

Learning and Practicing Kapwa: Educators and Students Cultivating Healing and Decolonizing Educational Spaces
 Abustan, Paulina.

Learning to Love The(ir) World: Feminist Spaces and Cosmopolitan Impulses in Queen (2014) and English Vinglish (2013)
 Dora-Laskey, PrathimMaya.

Leaving “Home” in Search of the “Homeland”: Transnational Subjectivity Formation by Adopted Korean Returnees
 Lee, sina.

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Mad Desire, Transfeminista Queer Chronicle
 Frazier, Lessie.

Making Meaning of Gender Transition: Decolonizing Mental Models to Affirm Transgender and Non-binary Identities
 Hinesley, Christopher.

Making Nice with Lesbian Existence
 Nguyen, Kim Hong.

Making Strange: Science in Context, Taken out of Context
 Jen, Clare.

Man Camps and the Construction of Colonial Citizenship
 Petit, Cecilia.

Manifesto of the Erased: Mujeres, Decolonize El Dios Americano
 Zaragoza, Crystal.

Mapping Access as a Decolonial Crip Feminist Project
 Hamraie, Aimi.

Marathoning and Menstruation: The Myth of Frailty
 Wilkinson, Liz.

Margarita With A Straw: Queer World Making and the Politics of the Possible
 Malhotra, Sheena.

Marginal Voices and the Illusion of Choice: Reproductive Rights in contemporary Canada
 Berger, Rachel.

Masculinité et Métissage Sans L’empreinte : l’Indien dans l’identité Québécoise
 Scott, Corrie.

Media and Message: Television Depictions of Male Sexual Assault Survivors
 Bartgis, Lindsey.

Mediating the Māhū Body: Liberal Visuality, Queer Indigeneities, Dispossession
 Morgenstern, Tyler.

Meditation as a Practice of Resistance to Colonization
 Coates, Kimberly.

Memory and Bodypolitics: The Invention of the ‘Buchona’ for the ‘Macho’ World of the ‘Narcos’ in the Mexican Borderlands
 Goergen, Juana.

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NGOization as a Settler Logic: Lessons from African Feminist and Queer Organizing
 Currier, Ashley M..

Nalo Hopkinson and Larissa Lai: Decolonizing Speculative Fiction, Race, and Sexuality
 Ho, Tamara.

Naming Transitional Justice Cisheteronormativity
 Bueno-Hansen, Pascha.

Narrative and Transgender Studies in the Neoliberal University: On the Possibilities of the Refusal-to-Narrate
 Powell, Michelle.

Narratives that Heal: Decolonizing School Discipline for Black Girls
 Williams, Latoya.

Native Multi-Ethnicity: Hawaiian Women’s Everyday Resistance to U.S. Multiculturalism
 Soon-Ludes, Jeannette.

Necropolitics and Neoliberalism: The Disposability of Racialized and Gendered Bodies on the U.S.-Mexico Border
 MacManus, Viviana.

Negotiating Knowledge, Privilege, and Power in a Race, Class, and Gender Course on a Historically Black College
 McConatha, Melina.

Negotiating Post/coloniality: Filipina Femininities in Letters to Montgomery Clift
 Sarmiento, Thomas.

Negotiating the Break: Fifty Years of Black Dance in White College Programs
 Miller, Gill.

Neither Body nor Thing: Collage Aesthetics and the Violence of Colonial Subjectivization
 Kennedy, Jen.

Neocolonial Intimacies: Refugee Rights and Queer Kinship
 Shakhsari, Sima.

Neocolonialism at the Border: Hieleras and Racialized Violence against Central American Women Seeking Asylum
 Rodriguez-Arguelles, Sara.

Neoliberal Biopolitics in Transnational Perspective: Blessed and Unblessed Children of Turkey
 Korkman, Zeynep.

New Mestizas in Guatemala: Utopian Racelessness and Indigenous Genocide in Activist Identity Formation
 Kolenz, Kristen.

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Obligations of Indigenous Consciousness and Protectors of Indigeneity: Building Movements and Making Social Change through Ancient Interrelated Principles.
 Martinez, Doreen.

On Being Black Queer and A Student of SOLHOT: Reflections on Hill L. Waters a Continuation of Love, Collective Action and Genius
 Hill, Dominique.

On Being a “Pregnant Elder”: Ageist Surveillance and/of the Occupied Body
 Preston-Sidler, Leandra.

On Decolonizing the Culture of Safety and Security
 Sinha, Jyoti.

On Disjuncture in Transnational Labor Organizing
 Siddiqi, Dina.

On Radical Coalitional Practices
 Tanjeem, Nafisa.

On the Decolonial Desire of the Child in Mayotte Capécia's "I Am a Martinican Woman"
 Chamberlin, Christopher.

On the Front Lines of Reproductive Politics: A Historical Comparative Analysis of U.S. Military Policy
 Rowley, Sarah.

One Hundred Years of Forgotteness: Between Decoloniality and Trauma in Latin American Literature
 Acosta Lopez, Maria.

Operatic Retellings to Resist the Fade of Black History
 Ozment, Elizabeth.

Operations of Power Across Imaginaries: Intersectionality and the Vulgarized Social Construction Thesis
 Morrissey, A. K..

Orientalism, Eugenics, and Birth Control: Margaret Sanger and Asia
 Kuo, Karen.

Our Bodies as Sites of Knowledge
 Case, Alissa.

Out in the “middle of nowhere”: Rural Queer Geographies and Settler Colonialism
 Boulay, Nadine.

Outside of the Settler State: Black Fugitive Relationality in Thomasine and Bushrod
 Jafri, Beenash.

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Page, Stage, and Rage: Black British LGBTQ Poetry and Performance
 Batra, Kanika.

Panza Revolution: Chicana Fat Aesthetics
 Minich, Julie.

Parasitic Politics: Blackface, Diversity, and Decoloniality in Quebec
 Latella, Stephanie.

Parrhesiac Performances of Protest in Amar Kanwar’s The Lightning Testimonies
 Padmanabhan, Lakshmi.

Pedagogies Crossing/Across Borders: From Palestine to the US- México Borderlands
 Hamzeh, Manal.

Pedagogies of Disavowal and Decolonization in Lee Maracle’s Celia’s Song
 Ruddy, Karen.

Pedagogies of Displacement: On “Playing Indian” and Growing Up Queer
 Luhmann, Susanne E..

Pedagogies of Time and Space: Traveling Through the Work of Camille Turner and Tom Cho
 Choi, Alvis Hoi-Ying.

Pedagogy of Palestine: Teaching the Israeli-Palestine Conflict Using Decolonial Theory
 Oueslati-Porter, Claire.

Perceptions and Experiences of Poverty among Mexican Immigrant Women in the U.S. and its Relation to Globalization
 Gutierrez, Julia.

Performance and Narrative Memory in Cristina Rivera Garza’s U.S./Mexico (Non) Fictional Crossings
 Munoz Davaslioglu, Thania.

Performing Gender Under Surveillance, or ‘Traveling While Trans’: TSA, Airport Security, and Identity Management
 Surkan, K.J..

Performing Mami on Social Media: Refusing to Reproduce the Coloniality of Gender and Sexuality
 Pabón, Jessica.

Performing “Gringa Rituals”: Latinas Working (Out) the Intersections of Race, Gender, and Fitness
 Mercado-Lopez, Larissa.

Peripheral Transgressions: On Female Deviance in the Colonial Imaginary
 Esteves-Wolff, Cristina.

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Queer Citizenship in Neoliberal Times: Men Who Walk Between Pleasure and Danger
 Zhang, Charlie.

Queer Consumptions: Paris is Burning, The Aggressives, Tongues Untied, and Pedagogies of Decolonization
 Lewis, Mel Michelle.

Queer Dreams: Queer Desires as Chicana Hysterical Resistance Emma Perez Gulf Dreams.
 Shaw, Marilee.

Queer Pasts, Queer Futures: Imagining Black Motherhood beyond Pathology and Respectability
 Merritt, Candice.

Queer Resistance to Refugee Exclusions: Perils and Potentials of Research-To-Advocacy Praxis
 Jordan, Sharalyn.

Queer Survival in Decolonial Times
 Gomoll, Lucian.

Queer(ing) Family-Based Immigration
 Brainer, Amy.

Queer/fluid Identities: Exploring Chican@ Masculinities, Patriarchy and Feminism
 Martinez, Adan.

Queering Gender, Dragging Tradition in South African Lesbian Pageants
 Moreau, Julie.

Queering Place: Indigeneity, Diasporic Workers, and Food Justice
 Thomsen, Carly.

Queering the Everyday: Communal Nudity and Affect in Iranian Bra Shops
 Aghdasifar, Tahereh.


Race, Space and Radical “Mamas”
 Castledine, Jacqueline.

Race/Disability Divides in the University Enterprise
 Titchkosky, Tanya.

Racialized Girlhoods: Fighting through Writing and Family Stories
 Charania, Gulzar R..

Racialized Masculinity in Flight: Syrians, Mexicans, and White Supremacy
 Brennan, Melinda.

Radical Hospitality, Queering Kinship and Unsettling Canadian Refugee Resettlement
 Kouri-Towe, Natalie.

Radical Pedagogies of the Feminist Manifesto: Pushing Back against “polite” Feminisms within the Academy
 Fahs, Breanne.

Radical Queer Feminist Politics: Understanding Coalitions through Immigrant Rights Activism and Chicana Feminisms
 Santillana, José.

Radical Vulnerability against Imperial Desire: Dene and Chhara Praxis
 Da Costa, Dia.

Rape Culture Amongst Black Activists: When Will the Revolution Start at Home?
 Eyob, Hirut.

Re-Colonizing Desire: Straight White Men and the Assimilation of Women’s, Trans*, and Queer Sexualities
 Gilbert, Andrew.

Re-Imagining Eighteenth Century Race and Gender: Interruption of White Subject Status in Amma Asante’s Belle
 Anderson, Janice.

Re-Imagining the Mental Health of Black Women in Baltimore
 Barlow, Jameta.

Re-Imagining “The Block”: Nostalgic Images of Sexual Liberation, Upward Mobility and Boundary Crossing in Post-World War II Baltimore
 Gissendanner, Cindy.

Re-Introducing Identity Politics: Notes on a Decolonial, Black Feminist Praxis
 Dotson, Kristie.

Re-Shaping the Future with Art: Latin@ Imagination Decolonizing Science Fiction
 Ruiz, Maria.

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Sacred Clowns and Settler Colonials: Colonial Discourse and Queer Resistance in the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
 Wilcox, Melissa.

Safety Nets, Trans Visibility, & Gender Normativity: Healthcare in the Neoliberal Age
 Thompson, Hale.

Safety, Comfort, and Access: Biopolitical Understandings of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
 Mog, Ashley.

Save Our Children and the Russian Gay Propaganda Ban: Anti-Gay Sentiments in Russian Exceptionalism and American Religious Conservatism
 Novitskaya, Alexandra.

Saving Babies from Manhattan to Johannesburg: AZT Denialism as a Failed Decolonial Rhetorics
 Booth, Karen.

Scandal of the Trial: HPV Vaccines, Public Health and Knowledge / Value
 Sunder Rajan, Kaushik.

School Inscriptions of White Settler Colonialism On Young Women’s Bodies
 Krueger-Henney, Patricia.

Scrubbing Away Legacies of Colonialism: Race, Domestic Workers, and Labor Activism
 Phillips, Danielle.

Searching for A Woman: Fugitive Knowledge and/in the Pakistani GeoBody
 charania, moon.

Searching for an HIV/AIDS Internet Archive
 McKinney, Cait.

Secular Governmentality: A Feminist Analysis of Turkish Secularism and Sovereignty
 Arik, Hulya.

Seduction Interruptus: Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and the Academic Industrial Complex
 Musial, Jennifer.

Seeking Pleasure Queerly in the Early Arab American Diaspora
 Karem Albrecht, Charlotte.

Seeking a Common Language in the Medico-Industrial Complex: “Cinemeducation,” Cognitive Change, and Otherness
 Gotlib, Anna.

Segregation Inside: Institutional Level Racialized-Gender Disparities in Solitary Confinement Practices
 Schlesinger, Traci.

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Taking to the Air Waves: Sexual Violence, Affect, and Feminist Media Activism in the Anglophone Caribbean
 Shaw, Barbara.

Tapestries of Life, Fragments from the Rubble: Encountering Art for Feminist Pedagogy and Possibility
 Holt, Ann.

Teachers, Twitter Chats and the Gender Digital Divide
 Schmeichel, Mardi. and Kerr, Stacey.

Teaching Activism: Using Interdisciplinary Theory to Teach Decolonial Ways of Knowing and Inspire Engagement
 Rellihan, Heather.

Teaching Assata: Reflections from a Black Feminist Studies Scholar
 Lewis, Brittany.

Teaching “Bad Girl Novels”: Decolonizing the Classroom Space by Creating Subversive Centers
 Dutt-Ballerstadt, Reshmi.

Tejanas and World War II: Militarization and Citizenship on the Home Front
 Oviedo, Laura.

Telescopophilia: Unsettling Astronomy’s Gaze on Mauna Kea
 Casumbal-Salazar, Iokepa.

Temporary Arrivals: The Komagata Maru And 100 years of Foreign Labourers
 Bhandar, Davina.

Terrains of Solidarity: The Migration Narrative of a Black Revolutionary
 Johnson, W. Chris.

Terror in the City: Punishment and Violence Against Enslaved Black Women in Québec City
 Mugabo, Delice.

Testosterone at the Top: College Women and Student Government Leadership
 Bunn, Colleen.

The "Criminal Alien," the "Indian" Father, and the Political Production of Containability
 Mayers, Leifa.

The Academic Well-Being of Indigenous, Black and Student of Colour: Contesting White Entitlement in Academia
 Bunjun, Benita.

The Aesthetics of the "Feminine" in Chilean Graffiti: The Alternative World-Making of Las Crazis Crew
 Latorre, Guisela.

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UN Human Rights for Women: How Race Becomes an Organizing Principle
 Jensen, Brandy.

Unbinding Cold Flesh: Staging Politics and Unsettling the Sediments of Colony, Nation, and State
 Abbas, Asma.

Uncovering the Roots of Feminism in Secondary Education in the South
 Thomas, Jocelyn.

Under Our Own Roofs: Glamr of Mothering in Islamic State Recruitment
 Fine, Zoe.

Understanding Psychiatric Violence in Immigration Detention in Ontario
 Tam, Louise.

Undocumented and Mad: The “Unworthy” Immigrant
 Perez, Katherine.

Undoing Binaries Through Entangled Empathy
 Adams, Sharon.

Undoing Border Imperialism in the Feminist Theory Classroom
 Sciachitano, Marian.

Undoing Mansfield's 'Pearl Button'
 Fischler, Devorah. and Lubin, Joan.

Ungrid-able Ecologies: Becoming Sensor in a Black Oak Savannah
 Myers, Natasha.

Uniform Feelings: U.S. Police Psychology and Emotional Labor
 Jackson, Jessi Lee.

Unpacking Capitalism’s Impact on Food, Animals, and Workers
 Marshburn, Jessica.

Unsettling Affects: Queer Decolonial Humour in the Americas
 Rault, Jasmine.

Unsettling Colonial Intimacies: Erotics, Violences, and Solidarities
 Upadhyay, Nishant.

Unsettling Colonial Logic in France: From Charlie Hebdo to Génération Bataclan
 Raissiguier, Catherine.

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Variation and Rhetorical Resistance in African American Blues Language and Black Female Performers
 McGee, Alexis.

Veiling and Vampirism: Imperialism and Resistance in A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
 Begley, Ashley.

Violence Against Native Women by Non-Native Men:Analysis of Historical Legislation and Colonialist Attitudes
 Le May, Genevieve.

Violence Against Postsocialist Women: Challenges to Decoloniality and Transnational Feminisms
 Todorova, Miglena.

Violent Intimacies of the Postcolony
 Smith, Faith.

Violent Pimp, No Freedom, 30 Men A Day, Indebted, Enslaved
 Wright, Kelsey.

Visionary Domesticity: Craft and Domestic Labors as Decolonial Heuristic
 Schmidt, Suzanne.

Visual Aesthetics and Digital Politics: Age, Race and [Black] Femininity on Pinterest
 Crider, Juanita.

Visualizing Black Girls in Barbie Culture: Nicki Minaj as “Barbie Bitch”
 Halliday, Aria.

Voices from Behind the “Overbearing Brown Woman” and Docile Asian Girl”: An Affective Cartography of Shame and Performativity in Academia
 Kong, Tina.

Voices from Behind the “Overbearing Brown Woman” and Docile Asian Girl”: An Affective Cartography of Shame and Performativity in Academia
 Nozari, Roza.

Voices in Longitude and Latitude: Decolonizing the Screen and research methodologies.
 Gonick, Marnina.


Walking the Walk: Decolonial Approaches to Queer Theory and Activism
 Canfield, Elizabeth.

Water Warriors: Gendered Frontiers of Indigenous Water Security
 Leonard, Kelsey.

Water is Life: The Santa Ana River
 Sepulveda, Charles.

Water, War and Empire: Refugee Bodies at Sea
 Barton, Violet.

We Come in Pee-ce: Social Media Transgender Artivism in the Bathroom Debate

We Do What We Want!: The Spirit of Black Girl Resistance and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex
 Thompson, Amoni.

We Have to be Alive in Order to Marry”: Black LGBT Youth and An Ethnographic Mapping of Geographies of Violence
 Oliver, Devin.

We Never Named It "Decolonial" It's Just Us...
 John, Kelsey.

We’re Not in Their Plans: Reimagining Latinx Space in San Francisco’s Mission
 Guzman, Connie.

What the Numbers Don’t Say: Exploring Black Mother and Daughter Health Practices
 Berger, Michele.

What’s the “Privilege” in Being A “Woman”?: A Decolonial Feminist Response
 Mendez, Xhercis.

When All the Women are "White": An Editor’s Overview
 Hobson, Janell.

When Politics Were Fun: Retrieving the History of Humor in U.S. Feminism
 Leng, Kirsten.

Where Fat Shame Meets Mother Blame: Fat and child “protection”
 Friedman, May.

Where Have All the Feminists & Queers Gone?: A Genealogy of Gender and Sexuality in American Studies
 Brandzel, Amy L..

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XXXChurch: Pornography, Sex Trafficking, and Evangelical Empire
 Pendleton, Kimberly.
National Women's Studies Association 2016-Nov-10 to 2016-Nov-14
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