National Women's Studies Association 2017-Nov-16 to 2017-Nov-20

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"Bitch Out of Hell": The Queer Urban Maroonage of Assotto Saint
 Joyce, Ryan.

"Fuck Shit Up, Dykes Rule!”: Lesbian Avengers, SCUM Manifestos, and Radical Rhetoric as Survival
 Goldberg, Sasha.

"I Find it Comforting to be Around Old People”: The Intersection of Age, Race, and Gender in Netflix’s "Orange is the New Black"
 Cattrell, Melanie.

"Let My Children Live!" Black Mothering and Desire in Sarah Wright's This Child’s Gonna Live
 Benton, Loron.

"Looking Behind the Curtain": A (re)understanding of Asian-American femininity via intergenerational narratives
 Remoquillo, Andi.

"No Hate Under the Rainbow": Negotiating Queer Politics within Anti-Racism Movements in Japan
 Shaw, Vivian.

"Not All of Us Are...": Black Girl Lessons on Being Reliable
 Hill, Dominique.

"Raceteenth or Various Observations About American Blacks...": Disidentifications and the New Racism in Adichie's Americanah
 Carpenter, Sandra.

"Rent a Gun From a Gang": Reflections on Intersectionality, Feminism, and Gun Control
 Latella, Stephanie.

"So I Cannot Smile?": Visions of Black (Trans)Masculine Liberation
 Jourian, T.J..

"Washwomen Have Come to Clean the Laundry": Baltimore Women and the Garvey Movement
 Duncan, Natanya.

"Wholeness Ain't No Triflin' Matter": Archiving Black Feminism
 Smith, Holly.

"You Can Only Run So Much, Right?" Migration and Settlement Experiences of Trans Refugees in Vancouver, British Columbia
 Fobear, Katherine.

#BlackLawyersMatter and the Consequences of Increasing Diversity in the Legal Profession
 Kessler, Mark.

#BlackLivesMatter: Black Women Archiving A Movement In Digital Space
 DeClue, Jennifer.

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A Black Feminist Reimagining of the Relationship between the Black Body and Hardcore Pornography
 Jackson, Teresa.

A Black and White issue? The Racialized Dimensions of Gynecological Pain
 Labuski, Christine.

A Calling of Names: Black Women and Witness as Protest Tradition
 McNair, Kimberly.

A Coda for Nothing and Nobody:Exploring Blackness, Queerness, and Pedagogies of Freedom
 Callier, Durell.

A Critical Look at Higher Education Policies Surrounding Intimate Partner Violence in the Black Community
 Barry, Taylor. and Alvarez, Alexis.

A Language of Danger: Black Trans Women’s Experiences with Verbal Violence
 Vaughn, Edward.

A Much Needed Transformation in Higher Ed
 Garagiola Bernier, An. and Darling, Patricia.

A New Cultural Capital? The Influence of Globalising Narratives of LGBTQ Lives in Japan
 Wallace, Jane.

A Politics of Tenderness
 Johnson, Jasmine.

A Psychic Attack on Black Women
 Campbell, Samantha.

A Red Resistance: Native American Studies in the Women’s Studies Classroom
 Carpenter, Cari.

A River Runs Through: Transnational Perspectives from Combahee to La Colectiva
 Contreras Capo, Vanesa.

A Seat At The Table: A Repetitive Narrative of Abuse
 Coghill, Ka\'Lyn.

A Source of Hope Among Horror: The Feminist Revolution in Rojava
 Yesiltas, Ozum.

A Transnational Analysis of Chinese Feminist Organizing 
 Wang, Yingyi Stephanie.

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Bad Form: Queer, Broke & Amazing!
 Griffith, C. A..

Bearing History: The Hieroglyphics of the Flesh in Alison Saar’s Visual Art
 Spencer, Megan.

Beauty in Places of Horror: Testimonies of Women Survivors of Clandestine Detention Centers in Argentina
 Sutton, Barbara.

Becoming Grievable Subjects: Narratives of Queer Asian American Racial Melancholia and Diasporic Dreams
 Liu, Wen.

Before Transsexuality: Glands, Eugenics, and the Human/Animal Divide
 Amin, Kadji.

Behind the Scenes: Reflections on the Paris based Artist Collective Sister Sider: Les Voix Sont Libres!
 Joseph-Massena, Cae.

Being Dominican in Different Shades: Dominican Female Authors Challenge Dominican Ethnic Establishment.
 Villanueva Nieves, Natalia.

Between Disability and Debility: Black and Intersex Vulnerability in Jeffrey Eugenides’ Middlesex (2002)
 Middleton, Kianna.

Between Father God and Mother Earth: Whiteness, Masculinity, and First World Privilege in Evangelicals' Anti-Environmentalism
 Vandermeade, Samantha.

Between Fracture and Fluidity: The Watery Interstices of Black Masculinity
 Hollis, Erik.

Beyoncé and the Radical Reimagining of Black History
 Howard, Jasmin.

Beyond Benevolent Violence: Trans of Color and the Decolonization of Affect
 Di Pietro, Pedro.

Beyond Dougla Poetics: Ethnic Ambiguity and Embodiment in Trinidadian Music and Videos"
 van Leeuwaarde Moonsammy, Patricia.

Beyond Policy Asks
 Tlaib, Rashida.

Beyond Prevention: Teen Pregnancy and the Movement for Young Parents’ Rights
 Daniel, Clare.

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Campus-Based Women’s Center Staff Negotiating Racial Identities: A Critical Phenomenological Study
 Vlasnik, Amber.

Can Black Feminism a Transnational Movement Make?
 Mama, Amina.

Can Social Media Transform Labor Activism? Exploring the Case of Women Garment Workers’ Organizing in Bangladesh
 Tanjeem, Nafisa.

Can We Hear the Dalit Woman Speak? Intersectionality in Postcolonial Contexts
 Moorti, Sujata.

Can the Subaltern Run?
 Rubin, David.

Cancer Femme as Biopossibility: Queer Feminist Science Studies, Transfeminisms, Audre Lorde, and Breast Cancer Surgery
 Heiliger, Evangeline (Vange).

Can’t Buy Me Baby: Rethinking Privilege and the Class-Based Rhetoric of “Choice”
 Konchan, Virginia.

Captivity Narratives: Teaching Early American Literature in Prison
 Baumgartner, Barbara.

Carceral Imaginaries and Prison Memoirs
 Subramanian, Shreerekha.

Care, Ecofeminism, and the Complex Dialogues and Solidarities Between French and American Feminisms
 Tissot, Damien.

Caring for The Community amidst #Asians4BlackLives
 Zhou, Shuxuan.

Cartography of Black Girl Spirituality in Saving Our Lives Hear Our Truths, SOLHOT
 Garner, Porshe.

Case Studies for Freedom Making: Teaching Group Collaboration in the Introductory Classroom
 Bonar, Lacey., Carter, Matthew., McGee, Megan., Sokoto, Kalo., St. Clair, Briea. and Jackson, Jennifer.

Centering Black Muslim Narratives: A Critical Examination of Anti-Islamophobia Discourse of Brown Muslims
 Patel, Shaista.

Challenging Brazilian Racial Democracy through Celebrity Activism: Camila Pitanga and Mixed Blackness
 Mitchell, Jasmine.

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Dalit women’s disruption in a GWSS classroom
 Kurian, Alka.

Dancing Girls of Bollywood. Gender and Sexuality in Public Spaces of Performances
 Deshpande, Ketaki.

Death by Association: Carrying Incarceration from Her Womb to Her Tombstone
 Muhammad, Bahiyyah.

Decolonizing Higher Education Pedagogy
 Aldawood, Danielle.

Decolonizing Intersectionality: Towards a White Pessimism Feminist Praxis
 Winnubst, Shannon.

Deconstructing Systemic Gender Inequity via A Womyn’s Research Collaborative
 Bubar, Roe.

Defiling the Body: Purification Practices in the Campaigns of Ethnic Cleansing During Yugoslav Wars 1991-1995
 Otasevic, Snezana.

Defining Reproductive Justice and Public Health Advocacy
 Roberts, Lynn.

Destruction and Coalition, Pessimism and Optimism
 Thoma, Pamela.

Differential Margins: Intersectionality for Dalit and Adivasi contexts
 Charusheela, S..

Diffusions - Queer Black Disruptions of Place and Power
 Eaves, LaToya.

Digital Communities: The Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony (ALOT)
 Chenier, Elise.

Digital Literacy for Social Justice: Asexual Activism and Women of Color Feminisms Online
 Vanderzee, Vanessa.

Digital Rhetorics and the Virtual Realities of Feminist Pedagogy
 Mann, Joelle.

Digital Sister Circles: Negotiating the Politics of Black Hair in an Alternative Media Production Platform
 Cudjoe, Joseanne.

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Early Intersectionality: Margaret Burroughs and the South Side Community Arts Center
 Cain, Mary Ann.

Economic Spaces Occupied by African Immigrant Women
 Kakooza, Martha.

Educated, Empowered, Essentialized?: Locating Girls within Development Discourses
 Subramanian, Sujatha.

Education as Freedom-Making in Red State Classrooms
 Basiliere, Jae.

Educator Perspectives toward Immigration and Education Policies in Post-Charlie France
 Toure, Judith.

El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido: Reimagining "The People United" and Struggles for Justice in the Trump Era
 Plankey-Videla, Nancy.

El mismo: Chocquibtown’s Trans-genre Performance and the Transing of Gendered, Racialized, and Nationalized Boundaries
 Gutierrez Lopez, Daniela.

Elena of Avalor: A Latina Princess & the Celebrity Praise for Disney’s Diversification
 Leon-Boys, Diana.

Elizandra Souza, Raquel Almeida, Jenyffer Nascimento: Corporeal Poetics of Resistance and Solidarity in 21st Century Sao Paulo
 Ohmer, Sarah.

Elma Lewis and Boston’s Black Arts Movement Building, 1950-1970
 Pryor-Ramirez, Judy.

Embodied Intersectionality: Theorizing Teaching Moments as a Faculty Woman of Color
 Ruby, Tabassum.

Emergence of Migrant Women’s Political Agency in Korean Multiculturalism
 Seo, Akwi.

Enabling Strategic Sexism: Urban-Rural Divides and Cultural Conflict
 Schweighofer, Katherine.

Enclosing Femmes Folles in the Colonial French Caribbean
 Williard, Ashley.

Encounters: History Haunting and Memory
 Petigny, Naimah.

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Faces of Domestic Violence: The Need for Intersectionality and Cultural Relativism in Addressing Partner Abuse
 Szurgyi, Melissa.

Facing the Impact of Structural Discrimination: Welfare Reform 20 Years Later
 Broussard, Lauren.

Fatness, Gender, Food Lifestyle Writing and Food Justice Movements
 LeBesco, Kathleen.

Fatness, Government Oversight, and Pragmatism in the WIC Office
 Mason, Katherine.

Felt Disjunctures and Affective Gaps: Realigning the Avant-garde through Black Women’s Political Activism
 De Berry, Misty.

Feminism in 3D!
 Bauer, DB.

Feminisms’ Others: The Challenges of Alternative Modernities
 Subramaniam, Banu., Asher, Kiran., Chatterjee, Sushmita. and Roy, Deboleena.

Feminist Game Design: Creating Change, Crafting Inclusive Spaces
 Karabinus, Alisha.

Feminist Ludus: Intersectional Methodologies in Feminist SF Criticism and Feminist Game Studies
 Batti, Bianca.

Feminist Resister? Commodification of Victimhood in Chinese Young Queer/Feminist Activisms
 Ye, Shana.

Feminist Self-Help Contraceptive Politics: Speaking Back to State, Medical, and Religious Experts
 Oaks, Laury.

Feminist Solidarities and Epistemologies of Ignorance: Lessons from the Birth Control Movement
 Crandall, Emily.

Feminists Take Back the Economy: Using Student Research to “Decolonize Radical Imaginations”
 Rio, Cecilia.

Fictions that Refract: Cheryl Dunye’s and Zoe Leonard’s Civil Rights-Era Lesbian
 Bobier, Kim.

Fighting for Ketanommuck: Activism, Coalition-Building, and Resistance on Long Island Beaches
 Leonard, Kelsey.

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Game Culture, National Consciousness and Black Lives: Intersections of Gender and Race in Digitized Play and Sociocultural Learning
 Richard, Gabriela.

Gender References in Brazilian Hip Hop Narratives
 Lima Santos, Jaqueline.

Gender Studies in Year of Trump
 Davis, Dawn.

Gender and Power Politics: Reclaiming Tradition through Dagbanli Video-Films
 Mohammed, Wunpini.

Gendered Conflict: Occupied Palestine and the complexity of refugee status
 Derkas, Erika.

Gendering "Bare Life": Slavery, Comfort Women, and Sexual Violence
 Park, You-me.

Genealogies of Resistance: The Coalitional Feminism of Audre Lorde and the “Sister Outsider” Poets
 Rehm, Maggie.

Genocidal Intimacies: Settler Colonial Belonging, U.S. Militarization, and the Consumption of Black and Indigenous Dead
 Urbanski, Claire.

Ghar and Bahir: Negotiating Digital Publics
 Gajjala, Radhika.

Ghost in the Kitchen: Mixed-Race Korean Americans (Re)Defining Cultural Authenticity
 Sprague, Justin.

Ghost in the Machine: Kitchen Table Press and the Third Wave Anthology that Vanished
 Gilley, Jennifer.

Gimme Shelter? Interspecies Intersectionalities and Animal “Rescue”
 Weaver, Harlan.

Girls of Color as Agents of Social Change
 Smooth, Wendy. and Richardson, Elaine.

Give Us Our Roses Now
 Bennet, Wriply.

Global LGBTQI Activism and the Production of Intersex and Transgender Speciation
 Durban-Albrecht, Erin.

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HUES Magazine and the Politics of Alliance
 Groeneveld, Elizabeth.

Hacking the Syllabus: Engineering a Trans-Inclusive Course
 Sasala, An.

Hard Feelings: Service and the Gendered Affective Economies of Academe
 Langstraat, Lisa.

Healing, Resistance and Resilience: The Power to Name
 Stocks, Shawntay.

Hegel and Pornography: Feminist Readings of ‘Lordship and Bondage’ in Latin American Erotic Writings
 Pichon Riviere, Rocio.

Hemispheric Sapatão: Annie Gonzaga’s Queer Artivism
 Wood, Naomi.

Hero mom or Scapegoat? An Analysis of Media Portrayals of Baltimore Mom Latoya Graham
 Williams, Sherri.

Heteronormativity as HIV Prevention in Francophone West Africa
 Cynn, Christine.

Highlighting The Housing Experiences of African American Women with Disabilities
 Miles, Angel.

Hortense Spillers, Black Life, and the Critique/Creativity of “Ungendering”
 Paris, William.

How Black Feminism Contributed to the Limited Use of the Death Penalty
 Alfonso, Cessie.

How Can We Facilitate Creative Encounters With Others’ Worldviews?: Intersections of Aesthetics & Ethics in the General Education Classroom 
 Masturzo, Holly.

How Does Shonda Rhimes Shift the Oppositional Gaze?
 Dinwoodie, Frances.

How I Got Over: The Artfulness of Black Feminist Bridging
 Green, Kai M..

How Shall We Learn to “Sing our sacred song”?: An African-centered Paradigm for Healing and Empowering Students of African Ancestry
 Bethea, Sharon.

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I Can Because She Did: Madam C.J. Walker, Black Film & the Early Film Industry
 Bentley, Carol.

I See You: State Violence Against Black Girls and Women
 Lewis, Deana.

I am Curious (Black)!: How a Superman Comic from 1970 Perpetuates Teaching Black Womanhood as Exotic Other in the United States Today
 Hicks, Veronica.

I am my Sisters’ Keeper: Black Women Challenging White Supremacy in Community College Education
 Woodley, Xeturah.

Identity, Again
 Moya, Paula.

Imagined Architecture: Self-Definition, Temperance, and Public Drinking in the Age of Social Darwinism
 Fagan, Abigail.

Impatient Revolutionaries or Heroic Nationalists: Gender, Writing, and Agency in Anticolonial Militancy
 Kachwala, Shahin.

In Motion But Not Displaceable: Mobile Home Residents and Collective Claims
 Calvo, Nejla.

In the Name of Protection: Vaccines, Suspicion and Political Aesthetics of Refusal in Barbados
 Charles, Nicole.

Inclusive Relationality in Queer Times: Re-Centering Aromanticism in the Asexual Movement
 Payne, Geoffrey.

Incriminating Women of Circumstance: The Gendered and Material Implications of the War on Drugs
 Morrissey, Mary.

Indian Muslim Women: Resistance, Activism, Agency and Action
 Samanta, Suchitra.

Indigenous Feminism on the Screen: Confronting Anti-Blackness, Challenging Settler-Colonialism
 Rule, Elizabeth.

Inside, Outside, Upside Down: Transformative Education Inside and Out
 Darling, Patricia.

Institutional Inhabitations: Feminist Strategies within The University
 Desai, Jigna.

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Jewish Feminist Theorizations of Intersectionality: Addiction, the “Deviant” Disability
 Leder, Sharon.

Jineoloji Institutes: A Place for Community Organizing
 Isik, Ruken.

Jockeying for Play: Trans* Athletes and Resistance Practices from the Field
 Jones, Chelsea.

Joining the Resistance: Strategies for Cultivating Critical Consciousness with Jewish Teen Girls
 Benjamin, Beth.

June Jordan's Affective Environment
 Rogers, Jamie.

Jungle Fever 2.0: Muslim as a Racial Formation in Gendered Trajectories of Youth Desire in Maine
 Breau, Andrea.

Juridical Humanity in the Transatlantic Public Sphere
 Richards, Jill.

Just a Warrior at the end of the World: the Meaning of Max
 Gurr, Barbara.


Kept Out or Kept In: The Evolution of Nursing Homes into Racialized and Class-Based Spaces of Confinement for Disabled Elders
 Yoshizaki-Gibbons, Hailee.

Kink & Cannibals, or Why We Should Probably Ban American Football
 Fischel, Joseph.

Kinship Trails: De-settling Trauma-Informed Practice in Indigenous Child Welfare
 de Finney, Sandrina.

Kleenex for Breakfast: First Wave Punk, 21st Century Social Justice and Why Both Matter Today
 Tsamardinos, Lea.

Kosher Activism: Jewish Girls Resist, Reclaim and Reimagine the Patriarchal Roots of Judaism
 Edell, Dana.


LA Latinx Youth Negotiating Space and Identity in the Times of Gentrification and Gang Injunctions
 Soriano, Kimberly.

Land and Literary Formation in Brandy Nālani McDougall’s The Salt-Wind: Ka Makani Pa’akai
 Rubinsky, Leah.

Language and Social Justice: Cristina Rivera Garza and Translocal Academic Activism
 Munoz Davaslioglu, Thania.

Latina Lesbian Desire, Queer Ethics, and the Mariachi-Punk of Las Cucas
 Ramos, Ivan.

Leadership: Advancing Black Women in Community College Administration
 Patterson, Felicia.

Leaning into Culture : Overcoming Settler Colonialism in Spite of Living on a Reservation
 Morrow, Rebecca.

Legalize This: Trans Law and Its Discontents
 Bender-Baird, Kyla.

Legibility, Obscurity and Power: Shimmer as an Aesthetic of SOLHOT
 Robinson, Jessica.

Lessons in Anti-Carceral Black Feminist Praxis
 Ellison, Treva.

Libraries are Not Neutral: Radical Librarian Allies in the Movement for Black Lives
 Gohr, Michelle.

Life-Times of Misoprostol: Transnational Reproduction, Off-Label Pharmaceuticals, and Axioms of “Health”
 Lie, Cecelia.

Lifted with Love: Stolen Principles from Combahee Found in Trans Studies
 Hinesley, Christopher.

Like Shamans and Oracles: Examining the Transformative Possibilites of Women of Color Science Fiction
 Alder, Kristin.

Like the Stars With the Light of a Future Tense: Blackness, Oceanity, and Epistemologies Otherwise
 Rhodes, Heidi.

Literary Lessons from the Cold War Era: Alice Childress's "Have-Not" Stories and Administrative Violence
 Kennedy, Tanya.

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Making Fun of White Hetero-Masculinity: Comics, Empire, and Vanishing Critiques
 Owens, Christina.

Making Ida B. Wells Matter: A Pop Culture Survey
 Stetz, Margaret.

Making Lemonade for Generations: Womanist Artistry and Ancestry
 Gooch, Catherine.

Manifesting Liberatory Futures
 Currans, Elizabeth.

Maoist Gender Legacy and Contemporary Chinese Feminist Activism
 Huang, Xin.

Mapping Right-wing Repression in the U.S., Palestine, and India: Connecting Struggles and Building Feminist Solidarity
 Jaffee, Laura.

Mapping the Will for Otherwise: Towards an Intersectional Critique of Global Neoliberalism
 Zhang, Charlie.

Margaret Cho’s #12daysofrage: Sexual Violence and the Violence of Virtual and Neoliberal Activism
 Saraswati, L. Ayu.

Marginalized Yet Resilient: Mississippi Hurricane Katrina Black Women Survivors
 Davis, Ophera.

Market Alternatives
 Chiu, Mignonette.

Marooning with the Ancestors in Beyonce’s Lemonade
 Brooks, Kinitra.

Mastectomy and the Intersection of Cancer, Trans*, and Queer Identities: From FTM Top Surgery to the Flattopper Pride Movement
 Surkan, K.J..

Me against Heteropatriarchy: Articulating a Third-Wave, Sex-Positive Feminist Stance in Wendy Delorme’s Quatrième Génération
 Schaal, Michele.

Mediated Resistance and Feminist Praxis
 Moorti, Sujata.

Mediating the Margins: Queer Girls and the Performance of Identity in Online Videos
 Berliner, Lauren.

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Naming People “Black”—rather than “alive”
 Laird, Holly.

Narrating the (Non)Human in the BP Oil Spill
 O\'Laughlin, Logan.

Narrative Disruption and the Desiring Gaze: What Do You Want from Me?
 Stonecipher, Rachel.

Necropolitics and Narratives of Expendability
 Venable, Jennifer.

Negotiating Silence in Barbara Smith's Short Story "Home" and Home Girls: A Black Feminsit Anthology (1983)
 Hopson, Cheryl.

Negotiating the Ambivalent Political Outcomes When States Recognize Vulnerability: the Black Lives Matter Movement’s Feminist and Queer Solidarities.
 Oliviero, Katie.

Nepantla sitios y lenguas: Translation as a Site for Decolonial Bridge Building
 Gilfrich, Christine.

Networks of Struggle, Networks of Solidarity: Transnational Activism around Lolita Lebrón
 Soto Vega, Karrieann.

New Feminist Paradigms of Contact and Exchange in Translation
 Shread, Carolyn.

No Name in the Street: Black Women and the Spatial Politics of Legibility
 Mallory, Aaron.

No Photography Allowed: A Sensorial Analysis of Violent Performative Acts in the Operation Streamline Courtroom
 Negrete-Lopez, Gloria.

No Room of Their Own: Teaching Gender Studies in a Men’s Prison
 Ake, Jami.

No Social Purity Here: Sappho as Queer Anti-Racist Protest
 Welsh, Kiki/Kerrie.

Normalizing Queer (Sex)Lives: Disrupting Heteronormativity through Representations of Working-Class Queer Women in Michelle Tea’s Valencia
 Wilson, Leah.

Not Dead Yet But Not Quite Alive: Postmortem Pregnancies and the Indeterminacy of Life and Death
 Breitwieser, Lindsey.

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Of (the Feminist) Bureaucrats’ Writing on the ‘Other’ ThaiWomen: A Reading through Postcolonial Feminist Lens
 Sittirak, Sinith.

Of Mother Born: Exposing Cisgenderism in Breastfeeding Literature
 Feroli, Mikaela.

Older Black Women’s Lives Matter: Elder Self-Neglect and Health Justice
 Cromer, Françoise.

On Not Leaving “the Arena To The Fools”
 Dill, LeConte.

One Day at a Time: Latina Empowerment in Television Shows
 Foulis, Elena.

Online Feminism and #TERFLogic: Examining Online Feminist Communities, Trans Inclusion, and TERF Debates
 Herling, Jessica. and Nanney, Megan.

Orange-Washing Queer Loss: Trump’s Homonationalism
 Diamond-Lenow, Chloe.

Organizing Intersectionality: Bounded Emotionality and Organization of Possibility and Change
 Mease, Jennifer., Huffman, Eliana. and Stephens, Olivia.

Other-Sex Sexuality Among Lesbians of Color and the Limitations of Normative Models of Sexual Identity Development
 Franklin, Kolbe.

Our Lady of Perpetual Desire: Religious Discourses of the American Pin-Up Girl in World War II
 Kohr, Kaitlyn.

Our Sacrifice Should Not Be Required: Black Women’s Ambivalence and Refusal to Mother the Race
 Merritt, Candice.

Out of the Classrooms and into the Streets, then into Committees: Building Organizational Memory and Resisting University Suppression
 Watson, Jolana.

Out of the Classrooms and into the Streets, then into Committees: Building Organizational Memory and Resisting University Suppression?
 Watson, Jolana.


Pain, Pleasure and (Assisted) Death: Barbiturates and the Right to Die
 Pringle, Wendy.

Passing While Fat? Transgender Bodies, Gender Dysphoria, and Anti-Fatness
 Barron, Rory.

Patriarchy as Justification for “Uncitizening”: The Case of Muslim Refugees
 Fatima, Saba.

Pauli Murray as a Black Eccentric Performer: History and Queer World Making
 Scriven, Sarah.

Pedagogy of Transgressing Colonial Feminism: Teaching Feminist Transnational Literature of War to American Students
 Hamidi, Yalda.

Pedagogy of the Heart: Evoking Empathy through Literature and Film
 Wheeler, Durene.

Pedaling a Bike with No Chain: Engagement, Universalism, and Hostility
 Birch, Jessica.

Performance Theory of Gender and Social Justice in the Work of Mimerose Beaubrun
 Pierre, Beaudelaine.

Performing Queer Intersections in Transnational Student Uprisings
 Brown, Andrew.

Performing Trauma: Race, Rape and Sexual Assault Adjudication
 Mulla, Sameena. and Hlavka, Heather.

Performing Visibility: Young Womanhood and the Paradox of Passing
 Todd, Anastasia. and Switzer, Heather.

Persistent Insurgency: The Defiance of Queer Black Mothering
 Kelow-Bennett, Lydia.

Places to Be: The Spatial Politics of Black Girls’ Visuality
 Wade, Ashleigh.

Poetics of Resistance, Poetry against Punishment
 Subramanian, Shreerekha.

Poland, the Most Women-friendly State Administration in the World. But Where is the Equality?
 Kulicka, Karolina.

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Queens of Welfare, Pawns of Capital: The Endgame of the National Welfare Rights Organization
 Austin, Arlen.

Queer Intimacy, Privacy Violation, and the Politics of Caste
 Shahani, Nishant.

Queer Lines: Gay Liberalism and the Barriers to Transnational Queer Solidarity
 Parks, Alison.

Queer Miscegenation: Interraciality, Naturalism, and Failed Nationhood in Adolfo Caminha’s Bom-Crioulo (1895)
 Mundell, John.

Queer Phenomenology in Sarah Oppenheimer's W-120301
 Metzger, Cyle.

Queer(ing) Transnational Community: Fiestas, Tiaras, and Discourse of Gender and Sexuality
 Padilla, Omar.

Queer, Cuir, Joto? Creating Homes for LGBT Communities in Mexico
 Borges, Sandibel.

Queering Black Freedom: Black Mothering Under State Repression in the African Diaspora
 Jackson, Jenn. and Mann Carey, Alysia.

Queering Receptivity: Parasexual Pleasure, Compulsory & Feminized Trauma
 Spurgas, Alyson.

Queering STEM: Harassment, Discrimination, and Identity Disclosure of LGBTQ+ Scientists
 Russell, Dorian.

Queering the African Archive: Reading Simon Nkoli's Epistolary Practice as a Politics of Black Queer Intimacy
 Imma, Z’étoile.

Queering the Circle: Love Language Healing Through Inclusiveness in the Movement for Black Lives
 Harris, Lakeesha.


Race Work is all Women’s Work: The Interracial Feminist Vision of Lucy Diggs Slowe, Howard University Dean of Women, 1922-1937
 Beauboeuf, Tamara.

Race and/as Subduction
 Lee, Regina.

Race, Age, Class and Gender – My Lorde…It’s a Woman’s World!
 Davis, Pamela.

Race, Gender, and Homelessness: Memoirs of Contemporary Displacement
 Speer, Jessie.

Raceswapping, Genderswapping: Tumblr Fancasting as Art and Activism
 Connor, Megan.

Racializing Intimate Partner Violence and Resistance, 1890-1900
 Baggett, Ashley.

Racism, Heterosexism, and Homophobia: Challenges in the Lives of Older Black Lesbians
 Woody, Imani.

Rad Women A-Z and Rad Women Worldwide: the Combahee Collective for Girls in Children’s Literature
 Hubler, Angela.

Radical Honesty: A Black Feminist Politic of Teaching & Organizing with Emotion
 Williams, Bianca.

Rape, Robot: Sexuality, Consent, and the Raced-Gendering of “Artificial” Bodies
 Cipolla, Cyd.

Rastafari Women’s Transnationalism
 Alhassan, Shamara.

Re-Foliating the World: Grounded Spirit in Four Activist Artworks
 Caputi, Jane.

Re-Visioning the Bryn Mawr College Archives
 Dobrzynski, Christiana.

Re-working Trauma through BDSM
 Hammers, Corie.

Re/membering Lesbianism at Villa Grimaldi: Collective Embodiment in a Chilean Memorial Site
 Bueno-Hansen, Pascha.

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Saltando en el charco: The Parahuman Work of Trans Women in "Mala Mala"
 Rodriguez, Judith.

Same-sex Marriage in Russia? “Why on Earth would Anyone Want to Do That?”
 Vainker, Ellie.

Saving “the Witch-child”: Representations of Africa and the Making of White Benevolence
 Perales Murahwi, Henar.

Say Her Name: Re-membering Black Female Subjects, Re-envisioning Artists in the Movement for Black Lives
 Dobson, Abbygail.

Scaffolding for Justice: Deploying Intersectionality, Black Feminist Thought, and the “Outsider Within” for Curriculum Design and Development
 McCoy, Shane.

Seed-folk, Black Women, Power and (Under)Representation
 Powell Young, Toni.

Self-Reflection as Covert Activism in the Research Composition Classroom
 Caronia, Nancy.

Sestra-hood is Powerful: Orphan Black on Race and Reproductive Justice
 Craig, Layne.

Sex Education and State Violence
 Howlett, Caitlin.

Sex Education and Transnational Desires in Schools in India and Turkey
 Misra, Akanksha.

Sexual Subjectivities: Locating Intersectional Embodiment in College Students’ Sexual Narratives
 O\'Quinn, Jamie.

Sexuality as Liberation: Tracing Combahee’s Legacy for HIV Millenials in the work of Mary Bowman and Paige Rawl
 Day, Allyson.

Sexualizing Petroleum: A Queer Analysis of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Disaster
 O\'Laughlin, Logan.

Sexy, Mature Black Women in Movies
 Fuerst, Saskia.

Shade and Survival: A History of House and Ball Culture in 1980-1990 New York City
 Bene, Victor.

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Talk Back: The Ethics of Black Feminist Stories and Engaged Dialogue
 Miller, Shannon.

Tamil Dalit Feminism: Forging a Transnational Aesthetic
 Venkateswaran, Pramila.

Tangled in Power Lines: Feminist Alliances and Women’s Orgasm Research in Baltimore
 Frischherz, Michaela. and Rowe, Desiree.

Teaching Citizen: An Experiment In Discomfort
 Doire, Louise.

Teaching Fat Feminisms and Body Positivity: Intersectionality as Activist Embodied Pedagogy
 Manthey, Katie.

Teaching Feminisms During the Backlash: Strategies from Feminist Pedagogy
 Mardorossian, Carine. and Thomas, Gwynn.

Teaching Intersectionality and Technological In(ter)ventions in Women’s Studies Courses
 Saraswati, L. Ayu.

Teaching Transformation in Turbulent Times
 Glick, Elisa.

Teaching Women's and Gender Studies in Trying Times
 Canatella, Holle. and Veazey, Linda.

Teaching about Intimate Partner Violence: Insights from Black and Transnational Feminisms
 Rosenberg, Karen.

Teaching in the Context of Anti-Academic Provocation
 Mayo, Cris.

Teaching in the Time of Trumpism: Lessons from the University of Missouri #BlackLivesMatter #ConcernedStudent1950
 Martinez, Rebecca.

Teaching the Literature of Sexual Violence in the Era of the Trigger Warning
 Spampinato, Erin.

Technologies of Racial Gendering and Black Trans Women’s Lives
 Chen, Jian.

Television Narratives as Activism? The Movement for Black Lives in Popular Culture
 Savit, Lauren.

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Un Cuerpo Propio: Colombian Women’s Embodied Resistance to Militarization
 Paarlberg-Kvam, Kate.

Unborn Lives Matter: Co-opting the Language of Liberation
 Malone, Lydia.

Understanding Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Experiences through Human Rights Activism
 Krafchick, Jennifer.

Undocumented Solidarities: Interracial/ethnic Coalitions Against State and Religious Violence in a Trumped Era
 Gutierrez Lopez, Daniela.

Undoing Borders: A Feminist Exploration of Erotic Performance by Queer Women of Color
 Khan, Cristina.

Unpacking Pariah(s): The Black Queer Feminist Liberation Plot and the Politics of Black (Sexual) Articulation
 Roach, Shoniqua.

Unpacking Post-Soviet Feminist Epistemologies of Solidarity Around Women’s March
 Shchurko, Tatsiana.

Unraveling the Logics of State Protection in Refugee and Asylum Policy
 Mayers, Leifa.

Unsettling Cripistemologies
 Lee, Meredith.

Uplift, Radicalism, and Performance: Angelina Weld Grimké’s Rachel as Community Project
 Nolan, Rachel.

Urgent Reproductions: Biology, Time and the Fetus in Poland’s New Nationalism
 Holc, Janine.

Using Queer Feminist Science Studies to Analyze The Dolezal Affair
 Gupta, Kristina.

Utopias in Postconflict Times: Humanitarianism and Activism in Chocó, Colombia
 Lizarazo, Tania.


Vertamae’s Strategies for A Hospitable Black Liberation Kitchen
 Walker, Jessica.

Violable Bodies: Sexual Iim)purity, Feminized Labour and the Supremacist Nation-state
 Singh, Taveeshi.

Violence Represented: Silence at the Border
 Vilanova, Núria.

Violence against Disability Affect: Revisiting Police Brutality against Disabled People of Color in Chicago
 Nishida, Akemi.

Violent Entanglements and (Be)longings: Anti-Black Constructions of Citizenship in Resistance Narratives
 Zecena, Ruben.

Visual Manifestos: Zanele Muholi’s Faces and Phases and the Matter of Black Lesbian and Trans Life
 McCarthy Blackston, Dylan.

Vulnerability as Resistance: Kurdish Women’s Funerals in Turkey
 Isik, Ruken.


Waifs and Willows: Representations of Gender Nonconformity and the Androgynous Body
 Coppala, Margaret.

Wailing Black Women: A Cautionary Tale and Response to State-sponsored Violence
 Celeste, Manoucheka.

Walk Fast Tek Time
 Guishard, Monique.

Watch your Weight!: Ideologies of Infodemiology
 Price Herndl, Diane.

We Are Activists and We Do Not Keep Silent
 Rosenwasser, Penny.

Weaponized Racial Identity and the Struggle for Black Students
 Harley, Justice.

Weaving Dreams Within the Critical Feminisms Club: Black and Latinx Girls Reimagine Possibilities for Freedom
 Wong, Casey.

Weaving Memory into Presence: Protest and Transformation in Latin American Visual and Performance Art
 Strobel, Leah.

Wet, Slippery, and Gooey: The Queer Pedagogy of Excess in Chocolate Remix’s Lesbian Reggaeton
 Igartuburu, Elena.

What Does it Mean when We Say “Trauma”?: Multicultural Understandings beyond Pathologizing Western Medical, Mental Health and State Narratives
 Glick, Stephanie.

What Gets under the Skin: Social Experiences and Health of Korean LGB Adults
 Yi, Horim.

What Happened to You?: Online Dating, Hookup Culture, and Asexuality
 Kopper, Christina.

What Is “Black” in Transnational Black Feminist Movement?
 Okazawa-Rey, Margo.

What Justice is Beyond these Walls?: Practicalities and Possibilities of Non-State-Sanctioned Alternative Justices
 Elizabeth, Autumn.

What is “Intersecting?”: Intersectionality as Post-Raciality
 Thomsen, Carly.

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Xandra Ibarra's Gloves: Racial Contamination and Listening with Latex
 Musser, Amber.


Yardies Epistemologies: Evaluating the Impact of Western Organizing Principles on Gay Rights Advocacy in Jamaica
 Hylton-Patterson, Nicole.

You got it....right? Faulty Attributions, Micro-aggresions and Costly Consequences
 Russell, Erica.

Young Trans Women of Color (Re)creating Visibility on YouTube
 Reinke, Rachel.
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