OHA Annual Meeting 2016-Oct-12 to 2016-Oct-17

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#Feminism: Speaking Up and Talking Back in the Digital Age
 Seidman, Rachel.

50 Years On: Reflections on Evolutions in Accessibility of Oral History Recordings
 McCartney, Leslie.

‘Is the recorder switched off?’ – Public interest, private narratives and Trailblazing Women lawyers in Australia.
 Henningham, Nicola.

‘The Continuous Thread of Revelation’: Chrononormativity and the Challenge of Queer Oral History
 Murphy, Amy.

“Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around:” Peggy Jean Connor, Oral History, and the Politics of a Local Movement
 Greene, Kevin.

“Attitudes Evolve”: Narrative as a Strategy for Social Change in the Freedom to Marry Movement
 Meeker, Martin.

“First, Do No Harm: Self-Reflexive Editing and Audience Engagement”
 Lennon, Mary Ellen.

“Getting Preserved”: The Gift of the Interview
 Morini, Ryan.

“I tell you this today, but tomorrow it will change”. Capturing the Messiness, Transitory, and Ephemeral Qualities of LGBT refugees’ Oral History
 Fobear, Katherine.

“I’ve never heard a story like that before:” Making queer histories visible through oral history and archiving in Vancouver, B.C.
 Boulay, Nadine.

“Ondare Bizia.” The return of Basque migrants and exiles’ histories to the homeland
 Oiarzabal, Pedro.

“Politics, Critical Practice, and Interlinking.”
 Tchen, John (Jack).

“Post-structuralism and Politics: Ronald J. Grele and a Theory of Oral History”
 Freund, Alexander.

“Recalling our Bitter Experiences”: Consciousness Raising, Feminism and the Roots of Radical Oral History
 Valk, Anne.

“Ron Grele: Intellectual Challenger”
 Passerini, Luisa.

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A Digital Gateway to Air Force Heritage: Fielding Interactive Oral History Kiosks at the United States Air Force Academy
 Wettemann, Robert.

A Methodological Framework about Pedagogical Approaches to Oral History in Schools: Stimulating Emotions, Reason, and Agency
 Christodoulou, Niki.

A Thousand Stories Never Heard Before - Beginnings of a Sweden Finns’s Digital Audio Archive
 Weckstrom, Lotta.

A journey to the Polish Yiddishlands - on the Yiddish roads of the oral history in contemporary Poland
 Ilwicka, Agnieszka.

After the State Hospital Closed: Patients and Families Look for Alternatives
 Meldrum, marcia.

Allan Nevins is not my Grandfather: The Roots of Radical Oral History Practice in the United States
 Kerr, Daniel.

Assessing “Silent Discrimination”: Community Persecution of LGBTI Individuals in Rwanda
 Jessee, Erin.

At Home With a New Deal: Oral History, Historic Preservation and the Christian-Trigg Farm Project in Western Kentucky
 Holler, Jess.


BLOOD SAGA/Susan's Saga: a 25-year long journey from doctoral dissertation to book to documentary film to digitized internet access.
 Resnik, Susan.

Back to The World: Reintegration and Incarceration of Disabled African-American Vietnam Veterans
 Higgins, Jason.

Beers and Queers: The Foundations of the Las Vegas LGBT Community
 Lundering-Timpano, Maryse.

Beyond The Hyphen: American Women and Ethnic Identity in the Twentieth Century
 Hill, Ruth.

Breaking Through Childhood Metanarratives of War
 Davey, Frances. and Salapska-Gelleri, Joanna.

Building An Oral History Program At West Point: Creating a Dynamic Organization that Supports the Academy Mission
 Siry, David.

Building Las Vegas: Finding and Shaping Identity in the Built Environment
 Evans, Stefani.


CCOH@China: the Practice of Connecting Oral History and the Public
 Kang, Xueping. and Li, Xiaoyan.

Capturing Coyote Flats: Exploring the Value of Collaborative Intergenerational Oral History
 Bailey, Jenna.

Capturing Student Voices Through Alumni Outreach: New Models for Documenting Institutional History at North Carolina State University
 Ferris, Virginia.

Challenging the Model Minority Stereotype with Tattoos and Oral Histories: “Inknography: A Digital Oral History Collection of Tattooed Asian Americans”
 Young, Jessea.

Changing the Game—from Oral History Project to Book to Documentary: a transformation in positionality.
 Goodwin, Joanne.

Chicano Testimonios as Oppositional Oral History
 Garcia, Mario.

Closing the Asylum: Interviews with Psychiatrists, Patients and Nurses from the Radical Psychiatry Movement in Italy
 Foot, John.

Computational Methods and Qualitative Data: Trailblazing Women Lawyers and their Networks.
 Baker, Louise.

Conflicted Histories: Internal Conflict in the ACT UP Oral History Project
 Howard, Franklin.

Continuing to Add Personal Dimension to the Interpretation of the Past
 Finchum, Tanya.

Creating Connections to Oral History Through Wikipedia
 Nykolaiszyn, Juliana.

Creating a “Dialogue” Between Narrators and the Community: The Schizophrenia Oral History Project
 McDonough, Tracy. and Crane, Lynda.

Creating an Aural History eBook: Opportunities and Challenges for Digital Oral History
 Thomson, Alistair.

Culture, Place, and Tradition: Cultivating Community-Based Art in Berks County, Pennsylvania
 Hensley, Elizabeth.


Dancers We Lost: Interviewing Family Members of Performers Lost to HIV/AIDS
 McElhinney, Glenne.

Del Mar Voices today: A pivotal role in planning the future
 Resnik, Susan.

Del Mar Voices: A Twenty-Year long quest to capture memories and reflections of mayors and oldtimers
 Duval, Annie.

Deriving Meaning from Silence: How Oral Histories of a Theater Illuminate the Legacies of Discrimination
 Grygo, John.

Dismantling the Myth: Female Educators at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
 Scriven, Linsey.

Displacing Narratives: Oral History & Popular Education
 Okechukwu, Amaka.

Documenting Advocacy: The Minnesota Commission of Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing Minnesotans Oral-Visual History Project
 Sommer, Barbara.

Does Voice/the Spoken Word Make a Difference? Audio Excerpting, Interpretive Authority and Ethical Questions for Online Digital Publishing
 Gluck, Sherna.

Dresses, Diamonds, and Duty: ‘Mixing’ Customs of the Las Vegas Showgirl
 Casey, Evan.


Employing new technologies: Honoring our narrators in a digital age
 Healey, Robert.

Erasing Arizona: The Purging of Mexican-American Educational Rights (An Oral History)
 Gutierrez Peraza, Salvador.

Estamos Abiertos: Cuba, the United States, and the Future of Transnational Feminist Collaboration
 Eszenyi, Marie.

Exploring the History of a Growing Medical School through Vivid Personal Stories
 Greenberg, Heidi. and Lombardo, Nancy.


Faster Access or Perfect Metadata: The Balance in Indexing and Cataloging Oral Histories
 Espinoza, Summer., Do, Gavin. and Sato, Erin.

Feminists on the City Council
 Fousekis, Natalie.

Fifty Years of Progress: Showcasing the Oral History Association’s Past as it Propels Toward the Future
 Keys, Jessica. and Silvio, Jodi.

Forty Years Later: Chronicles from the Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health
 Wilkerson, Jessica.

From Asylum to Treatment Center: The Anoka State Hospital, its Staff, and Patients Through an Era of Change and Deinstitutionalization
 Hilse, Audra.

From Legacy to Learning: Creating Interest and Promoting Use of State Hospital Materials in a University Setting
 Taylor, Evelyn.

From testimony to resettlement claim: A case study from Uganda
 Dolan, Chris.

Future Oral History in Exhibition——A Case Study of the Project “See and Say”
 Sun, Yi. and Zhao, Yigong.


Hanford Oral History Project
 Franklin, Robert.

Holy Innocents: An Oral History of Religion at an Institution for the Developmentally Disabled
 Rickord, Ashlynn. and Green, Laurence.

How does being a lawyer enable women to be active citizens and productive public beings?
 Rubenstein, Kim. and Halonkin, Larissa.


I Do? Australian Lesbian and Gay Life Stories and the Question of Marriage
 Robinson, Shirleene.

Illustrating the Birth and Growth of a Profession: National Library of Medicine Presents the Medical Informatics Pioneers Oral History Collection
 Goodwin, Rebecca., Sittig, Dean. and Ash, Joan.

Interviewing Gay Elders- Baby, You Are My Religion
 Cartier, Marie.

Interviewing professional interviewers: An oral history of foreign correspondents
 Dell\'Orto, Giovanna.

Into History: Inserting The Practices of Oral History into the Community College and Surrounding Community
 Turner, Danette. and McCarty, Julie.


Just What Do You Think About All Day Long?: The Sounds and Stories of Paul Graney
 Cosson, Fiona.


Limp Wrists and Clenched Fists: Living the 1970s Gay Left
 Hobson, Emily.

Looking back at Del Mar as we look forward
 Trejo, Tensia.


Making Visible the Invisible: Analysis of an Indigenous Community Oral History Program
 Reid, Jacqueline.

Managing Massive Amounts of Narrative Data to Write an Engaging History
 Gordon, Mary.

Migration with Dignity in Middle Tennessee: Challenges and Possibilities
 Vasquez, Antonio.

Mississippi Watermelons, Food and Flowers: Oral Histories from Chicago's South Side
 Barcliff Baptista, Lori.

More than a Riot: Listening to the Unheard Voices of Crown Heights
 Ali, Zaheer.

Museum Adventures in Technology and Interpretation: Two Challenges of an Ongoing Oral History Project
 Fagin, Stephen.

My Story: The SAHABIYE Neighborhood Oral History Project in Kayseri - Turkey
 Sönmez, Filiz.


Narrating Forgiveness: Rwandan Women’s Experiences of Reconciliation
 Green, Deidre.

Narratives of Displacement and Resistance: Deep Listening for Social Justice in the Bay Area
 Maharawal, Manissa.

Never Forget Where You Came From: Using Oral History in the Classroom to Further Historical Consciousness of Local Communities
 Stone, Heather.

Norwich Voices: Traditions and Transitions in a University Setting
 Cates, Joseph.


OHMSing for Access and Uniformity: Large-scale OHMS implementation at Yale's Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
 Naron, Stephen. and Hirsch, Rebecca.

Once Upon Time on the West… Czech Abroad Travelling through Iron Curtain Before Velvet Revolution (and After) in Oral History Perspective
 Mücke, Pavel.

One Quilt, One Person, One Camera, Three Minutes: Quilt Alliance's Go Tell It at the Quilt Show! Project
 Parker, Emma. and Smucker, Janneken.

Oral Histories of Home & Place in Gentrifying North Philadelphia
 Fischer-Hoffman, Cory.

Oral History As Surveillance? Digital Technologies, Internet Publicity, and Neo-liberal Economics
 Freund, Alexander.

Oral History Pedagogy in Situation of Conflict
 Vodniza, Guillermo. and Freund, Alexander.

Oral History Without Words: Representing Activism’s Traumatic Dimensions
 Plaster, Joey.

Oral History and Power: Black Women's Political Organizing in Washington D.C.
 Boose, Donelle.

Oral History and the Public: Creating Podcasts with Open Source Software and Social Media
 Maresco, Julie.

Oral History as Social Justice: Women in post-conflict South Africa
 Hoyt, Amy.

Oral History, Biography, and State Hospitals: Franklin Hunter Garrett and Camarillo State Hospital in the 1950s
 Yamane, Nan A..

Oral History, Cultural Memory and Highway Building: the Lincoln Park Community in El Paso, Texas
 Juarez, Miguel.

Oral History, Memory and Resistance: Japanese Mexicans during WWII
 Chew, Selfa.

Oral History/Hometown History: Performing Stories of Desegregation in My East Texas Hometown
 Melton, Elizabeth.

Out in the Rural: The Tufts-Delta Health Center in the words of those who built it
 Ward, Tom.

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Painting Stories and Giving Voice to Memory: Immigrants, the Homeless, and Minorities in the Digital Age
 Bloomfield, Martha.

Palestinians Envision Life Without Occupation
 Shiekh, Irum.

Palestinians Envision Life Without Occupation--The Power of Visuals in Narratives
 Shiekh, Irum.

Performing in Dark Times: Documenting the Theatre of Nazi Concentration Camps through Holocaust Survivor Oral Testimonies
 Kreilkamp, Emmy.

Plots and Subplots: Ronald Grele’s Passion for Narrative”
 Clark, Mary Marshall.

Portraits of Denial & Desire
 Halaka, John.

Presenting women’s life stories online, public and private: Rights, re-usage and research data management of oral history data
 Morgan, Helen.

Preserving the Story of AIDS
 Cunningham, John.

Press Record: The Podcast from the Southern Oral History Program
 Prince, Carol.

Priority on Preservation and Access: The Negro Spirituals Heritage Keepers Project
 MacKay, Nancy.

Project Oral History of the Brazilian Army, in particular, the recording methodology of the Military Operation in the “Alemão Slum”.

Promoting Education as a Tool of Liberation: How Gay and Lesbian Students Mobilized on California College Campuses in the 1970s
 Reichard, David.

Puerto Rican Women in Education: A Participant Observer Methodology
 Castro, Shakti.


Queer Counterpublics Then and Now: A reading of queer performances from the Pittsburgh Queer History Project Archives
 Apple, Harrison.

Queer nostalgia and the archive
 Balay, Anne.


Recording and Interpreting the World War II Suicide Squadron Legacy in Japan: Tadamasa Itatsu and the Chiran Peace Museum
 Yamamoto, Eriko.

Recovering a Populist Past in a Politicized Present: The Collective Memory of Children’s Lived Experiences during Argentina’s Peronist Era, 1946-1955
 Brinkerhoff, Thomas.

Remembering Fiction and Making Identities: What Can Book Groups Tell Us about Group and Individual Memory?
 Murphy, Amy. and Smith, Graham.

Roots Run Deep Here: Oral Histories in the Lower Ninth Ward
 Gelvin, Elizabeth., Dragoon, Stephanie. and Cooper, Rebecca.


Silent Voices No More: Memories of the Workers’ who Toiled the Orchards at Stahmann Farms
 Carmona, Judith., Araujo, Blanca., Chavez, Dr. Rudolfo. and Troncoso, Oscar.

Small boxes of sexual crimes: turning oral histories into evidence for the International People’s Tribunal for 1965
 Pohlman, Anne.

So You Want Your Oral Histories Used? Bridging the Gap Between Oral Histories, Librarians, and Patrons
 Corrigan, Jeff.

Staring Out to Sea: Oral History in the Immediate Aftermath of Disaster
 Perkiss, Abigail.

Start a NEW Tradition: Oral History as an Integrated Historical Inquiry and Language Arts Project in the Middle School Classroom
 Brockmann, Barbara.

Stories within the Steel: Collecting and Exhibiting Oral Histories on board the Aircraft Carrier Intrepid
 Williams, Jessica.


Taking Back Our Education: How Students Shaped California's Public Higher Education System
 Rael, Carie.

Talking about mental illness: life histories in modern Australia
 Holmes, Katie.

Taming the Tiger, Charming the Commissar: Collecting Underground Interviews from the Other Vietnamese Veterans
 Nguyen, Hai.

Teaching Social Justice: An Oral History of Anti-Gentrification in Harlem
 Petty, Adrienne.

Technology in the Field: The Power of Radio as a Transitional Force for the Sandinista Movement in Nicaragua
 Podber, Jacob.

Testimonios of the Mexican Revolution; Memory, Legacy, and Significance
 Herrera, Daisy.

The African American Experience in Las Vegas from Cassette Tape to Historical Documentary
 White, Claytee.

The Chicano Vanguard: Rescuing the Little Known History of Mexican Americans in the United Auto Workers Union
 Espino, Virginia.

The Daughters of Charity Foundation and Systemic Change
 Gunnell, Kristine.

The Eastwick Place and Community Memory Project: Refuse, Refuge and Oral History in the New Public Environmental Humanities
 Nagle, Jeffrey. and Holler, Jess.

The Effects of Deindustrialization on Mining Communities like Sabero
 Canett, Luis.

The Elephant in the Room: Settler Memories of Famine and Wildlife Conflict Underlie Resistance to Conservation in an Indian Forest Fringe
 Oommen, Meera., Gladstone, William. and Goodall, Heather.

The History of KLSU
 Willcox, Mary.

The Law and the Transcript: Providing Equal Access to Online Oral History
 Breaden, Craig.

The Living Wage Project: The Challenges of Capturing Social Movements in the 21st Century through Oral History
 Cowick, Carmen. and Cowick, Jeff.

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UCSB Memorial Archive
 Barthelemy, JD, MA, Melissa. and Larson, Julia.

Unlocking the Closet Door: Issues of Gay/Straight Relationships in an Oral History Project
 Ali, Mehmed.

Untangling a Complicated Dialogue: “Diversity” and the Reproduction of Whiteness in Pro-choice Activism
 Dulken, Danielle.

Using Oral History to Map the Social and Political Landscapes of Queer Youth in the U.S., 1950-1980
 Littauer, Amanda.


Whose Home of the Blues?: Narratives of Race and Community Surrounding Antone’s Blues Club in Austin, Texas
 Gatchet, Roger.

Writing Migrant Histories in Canada: Conversations with Mexican Farmworkers in British Columbia and Manitoba
 Calnitsky, Naomi.
OHA Annual Meeting 2016-Oct-12 to 2016-Oct-17
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