Oral History Association Annual Meeting 2017-Oct-04 to 2017-Oct-09

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"Are You Ready for that Great Atomic Power?" Oral History, Bluegrass Music and a Museum/Archives Partnership
 Boyd, Doug.

"What Does Reparative Citizenship Mean to You?" The Spanish/Portuguese Sephardic Citizenship Oral History Project
 Benmayor, Rina.

: Embracing Ambiguous and Flexible Memories of Community: Teaching Oral History through the Lens of Memory Studies
 Versen, Christopher.

'It was a f**king drag’: Remembering and Communicating the Lives of Homosexual Men in London using Oral History, 1953-1967.
 Sturgess, Samantha.

'Nine-One-One': A Study of Two Individual Remembrances of September 11, 2001
 Brenner, Rebecca.

‘I’ve never told anyone this before…’ The Challenge of Accuracy in American Trans Life History Narratives
 Barton, Lorna.

“Hearing Their Stories”: Rethinking Power in American Indian Oral Histories
 Miron, Rose.

“It has always been a tradition”: Lakota Veterans and the Vietnam War
 Little, John.

“Other People’s Business”: An Oral Historian Looks at Psychoanalysis
 Yow, Valerie.

“Surviving Memory” Workshops: Salvadoran Civil War Refugees, Internacionalistas, and the Construction of Counter-Hegemonic Historical Narratives
 Todd, Molly.

“Turn Off the Recorder, Now I Will Tell You”: Talking about the Soviet Past in Eastern Ukraine
 Skubytska, Iuliia.

“Using Readers’ Theater to Invite Deep Discussion of the St. Kate’s Voices of Homelessness Oral History Project
 Edwards-Simpson, Louise.

“You ask many questions, but you don’t give many answers”: Learning how not to know about conflict
 Sheftel, Anna.


A new development - Using oral history to improve public policies and programs
 Hoffman, Marella.

Active Oral History Interviewing: Notes from the Field
 Roseberry, Jessica.

Adults’ Childhood Recollections of World War II: Engaging Audiences Across Culture and Language
 Davey, Frances. and Salapska-Gelleri, Joanna.

After the Shots: Publishing the Kent State Shootings
 Simpson, Craig.

America Left Out: Rethinking Oral Historians’ Approaches to Building Archives of and for the Marginalized
 Kaplan, Anna.

An Oral History of the Inclusion of Gays and Lesbians in a Progressive Episcopal Church
 Gilgun, Jane. and Moulton, Laura.

An academia-military partnership: the General John W Vessey, Jr Oral History Project
 Ewer, Daniel. and Saylor, Thomas.

Audiences Embody Racialized and Gendered Geographies
 Norkunas, Martha.

Australian Lives: An Intimate History—Experimenting with Digital Aural History
 Puri, Anisa.

Automatic for the People: Engaging Communities through the Athens Music Project
 Lopez, Christian.


Becoming and Being Teachers: An Oral History of Teacher Education in Shanghai, China (1949-1982)
 Jiang, Hong.

Being Public As Part of the Ceremony of Research
 Allaire, Franklin.

Beyond the History Factory: Using Oral History to Study the History of Business
 Thiessen, Janis.

Breaking Out the Fine-Tooth Comb: The Process of Editing Transcripts at BUIOH
 Holland, Michelle.

Breaking the Southern Part of Heaven: University-Community Engagement Through Documentary and Oral History
 Fryar, Charlotte. and Ridder-Beardsley, Emily.

Bridging Past and Present with a Rhetorical Approach to Oral History
 Stone, Heather.

Bridging the Gap: Producing Community Oral History Projects from within a University
 Bailey, Jenna.

Building a Bicentennial: The Indiana University Bicentennial Oral History Project
 Leaman, Kristin.

Building a Community-Centered School in Anti-Community Times: Teachers’ Voices from the South Bronx, 1968
 Kaplan, Laura.


Campus Life Histories: Oral History, Intersectionality, and the Future of Higher Education
 Alvarez, Mario. and de la Piedra, Benjamin.

Climate Refugees: The Vanishing of Isle de Jean Charles, Louisiana
 Stone, Heather.

Cognition and the Problem of Memory for Oral History Methodology
 McNamara, Patrick.

Cold War in Alaska: Nike Missile Sites Project Jukebox
 McCartney, Leslie.

Collecting Oral Histories in the Speak Easy Recording Studio
 Klehr, Kathleen.

Computational Analysis of Texts and Nonverbal Communication in Oral History
 Burnett, Paul. and Gano, Gretchen.

Creating a Niche: Communicating Relevance in New University-Based Oral History Programs
 Little, Michelle.

Creating and Preserving Community: The Anoka State Hospital Oral History Project
 Holtan, Neal.

Critical Oral History: Connecting School and Community
 Lemley, Christine.

Cultures of Writing at a Community College
 Zino, Dominique.

Curating a City Mosaic: Centering Oral History in the "Stories of Atlanta"
 Lee, Calinda.


Disassembling Neoliberal Education through Collecting Family Oral stories
 Vodniza, Guillermo.


Empathy is Everything: Bringing an Oral History Background to Nonprofit Community Development Work
 Seltzer-Schultz, Erica.

Engaging Audiences: Oral History and the Public (Library)
 Nelson, Cyns.

Engaging the Wisdom Oral History Project: A Partnership in Racial Healing
 Odom, Donna. and Mills, Bruce.

Even West Texas Had a Civil Rights Movement
 Wisely, Karen.


Feeling History, Thinking History
 Filene, Benjamin.

Feminist Activism and the Directors Guild of America
 Smukler, Maya.

Finding Resilience: Advice from Oral Historians on the Front Lines of Memory, Violence, and Survival
 Strong, Liz.

Finding and Grappling with SNCC’s Lesbian/ Gay History
 Crosby, Emilye.

Finding the Black Power in the Bluff City: The Triumphs and the Challenges
 Kinchen, Shirletta.

From Q&A to Oral History: Building a Community Oral History Program with Tucson’s Chinese Cultural Center
 Martinez, Priscilla.


Giving Voice to a Little Known Community: Hmong Americans in Michigan
 Bloomfield, Martha.

Go Out and Learn, Return and Serve: Native American Student Activists at Brigham Young University
 King, Farina.


Head and Heart: Language and Audience in the Eat Street Oral History Project
 Heikkila, Kim.

Here. A listening session on including voices at the margins of our practice
 Pombier Berger, Nicki.


Imagining the Audience
 Singer, Katie.

In With the Old, In With the New: Breathing New Life into Oral Histories
 Crater, Paul.

Inserting Librarians in the Canadian Oral History Conversation
 Hendrigan, Holly.

Interrogating Metronormativity: Creating a Rural HIV/AIDS Oral History Archive
 Klinker, Mary Jo. and Van Cleve, Stewart.

Invented Communities: The Group Interview as a Strategy for Social Justice
 Quirke, Carol.


Kentucky Oral History Day: Engaging Audiences in the Work of Oral History
 Tracy, Allison.

Knowledge from the Grassroots; Community Pedagogy and Latin American Testimonios in the Classroom
 Zepeda, Arturo.

Known and Unknown Audiences: A Model for Multiple Entry-Point Oral History Access
 Whitney, Christa.


Listening to the Post-Industrial City: A Place-Based Approach to Oral History
 High, Steven.


Making Voices Heard: Collecting and Sharing Oral Histories from Users of Segregated Libraries in the South
 Griffis, Matthew.

Making place for displaced memories through spatial and mobile storytelling
 Myers, Misha.

Managing Danger in Oral Historical Fieldwork: Reflections on the Role of the Interviewer(s) and Interviewees’ Potential Reactions to Discussing Difficult Subjects
 Jessee, Erin.

Mapping + Collecting: Midwestern Lowrider Culture and Community
 Pacheco, Lauren.

Mediating listening, performing living connections: the art of being guided through someone else’s life story…in her absence
 Sotelo Castro, Luis.

Memories of Violence and Punk's Challenge to Oral History
 Sonnichsen, Tyler.

Memories of the 1959 Volunteer Ticket Campaign in Memphis, Tennessee
 Gritter, Elizabeth.

Memory, Narrative, and Ongoing Involvement: The Materialization of Nostalgia in Los Angeles’ Vintage Jamaican Music Scene
 Cole, Nina.

Methods of Be/Longing: Oral History Practices and Productions
 Lee, Jamie.

Multiple Interviewees and Multiple Audiences in a Dominican Immigrant Oral History Project
 Utakis, Sharon.

My Houston: Using Art and Oral History to Document My Hometown
 Evans, Amy.


National Education Encounters Critical Pedagogy: Teaching Oral History in Turkey
 Neyzi, Leyla.

Navigating the Tangled Webs: Indigenous Spaces for Language and Culture in Higher Education
 Mead, Chelsea.

New Directions and Historical Legacies: Voices Unveiled from the DuSable Museum of African American History
 West, Lori.

Not Just Hearing: The Impact of Traumatic Oral Histories on the Interviewer
 Sloan, Stephen.


On the Trail of Northern Expedition Films: Conversations with Their Creators
 Forcier-Holloway, Caroline.

Oral Histories from El Salvador: Disrupting the Official Narrative, Uncovering Forgotten Histories
 Quijada, Pedro.

Oral History + Technology = Too Much Emotion?
 Cole, B..

Oral History and Professional Reputation: Addressing Concerns in Interview Transcription
 Klaffke, Lauren.

Oral History as Community History, Engagement, and Scholarship
 Easton, Terry.

Oral History in the Community
 Sommer, Barbara W..

Oral History of Föhrenwald Children: Jewish Shtetl of Displaced Persons Connect via an Interactive Factual Documentary and The Handie-Memorial.
 owens, June.

Oral History on Display: Attracting Museum Audiences Inside and Outside of the Exhibit Space
 Brooks, Ellen.

Oral History, Digital Scholarship, and the Desegregation Crisis at Mansfield
 Alexander, Matthew.

Oral History, Information Literacy, and the Public Humanities: The Texas After Violence Project and “The Rhetoric of Human Rights”
 Nunes, Charlotte. and Uzendoski, Andrew.

Oromo Oral History in Afaan Oromoo: Language, oral history, and an immigrant community in Minnesota
 Hansen, Alise.


Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Faculty Strike, October, 2016: The View from Millersville
 Parrish, Marilyn. and Cameron, Lauren.

Podcasts from Oral Histories: Examples from the Swamp Ward and Inner Harbour History Project, Kingston Canada
 Murray, Laura.

Political Radicalism and the Forging of Interracial Social Justice Movements
 Zapata, Joel.

Public Engagement and the Legitimation of Oral Histories of Leisure
 Moody, Nickianne.


Raising the Visibility of Hobson City, Alabama through Oral Histories
 Holloway, Margaret.

Re-centering Melanesian Voices in New Zealand: Reflections on Oral History Approaches with ni-Vanuatu RSE Workers in Cromwell, Central Otago
 Calnitsky, Naomi.

Reflecting Together on Minnesota Feminism and Oral History
 Yang, Kabo. and Seidman, Rachel.

Rehearsing Old Age: Teaching and Performing Oral Histories of Centenarians
 Pearson Little Thunder, Julie.

Remembering Race: Memories of Black Politics and Culture in Memphis, 1966 and 1973
 Goudsouzian, Aram.

Rereading Silences and Hesitations in Group Interviews
 Shiekh, Irum.


Seeing the History Through Immense Metadata: Assessing and Processing Large Oral History Collections
 Stroman, Elissa.

Shared Authority With Different Audiences in Mind: Community Oral History Projects with Marginalized Subcultures
 Sandul, Paul.

Square Pegs and Round Holes? Where Archives and Exhibition Meet
 Verhoef, Linda (Sue).

Stories of Trauma from the Black Liberation Movement: Listen at Your Own Risk
 Austin, Curtis.


Tammen Newene: Western Shoshone Treaty Rights, Earth Politics, and Common Ground
 Morini, Ryan.

Telling Our Own Stories: Native History in the Minnesota Region
 Harper, Mattie. and Beane, Kate.

Testimonios of the Salvadoran Co-Madres: Making Histories from Human Rights Advocates
 Tun, Heider.

The Academy as Community: The University of Minnesota Academic Health Center Project
 Tobbell, Dominique.

The Audiences for Queer Life Stories: Constructing Same-Sex Desire in Finland and Estonia in the 1990s
 Taavetti, Riikka.

The E-Parent and Alternative Truths: Is There a Role for the Historian to Tell the History of Measles Vaccination?
 Milne, Ida.

The Humanities of Contingency
 Greenspan, Henry.

The Life We March For: Oral Histories of the Freddie Gray Demonstrations
 Durham, Erin.

The Los Angeles Plaza de Culturas y Artes Museum: A Living Experience for the Mexican American Community in Southern California
 Herrera, Daisy.

The Missing Recorder & the Manicured Fist: Lessons from an International Oral History Partnership
 Teachout, Woden.

The Oklahoma Mesonet Oral History Project
 Finchum, Tanya.

The Online Evolution of the Houston Asian American Archive: Enhancement, Engagement, and Expansion.
 Chao, Anne. and Focke, Amanda.

The Oral History Project of the Brazilian Army
 Mineiro, Francisco.

The Problematic German Reunification: Whose History Counts?
 Bromley, Joyce.

The Protest Triangle: Civil Rights Activism and Academic Freedom in Raleigh and Durham, 1960-1963
 Suttell, Brian.

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Understanding Silence: Interplay of Personal and Public Memories of the Internment in Finland
 Savolainen, Ulla.


Victims, Beneficiaries, or Somewhere in Between?: Hungarian Athletes’ Memories On Socialism
 Mellis, Johanna.

Voices from the Margins: Latinas in Higher Education, an Oral History Study
 Foulis, Elena.

Voices of Veterans: A History Communication Project
 Higgins, Jason.

Voices of War: The Unspoken History of Violence Against Women During El Salvador’s Civil War, 1980-92
 Cuellar, Paula.

Volunteers and HIV and AIDS in Australia in the 1980s and early 1990s: Reflections from a National Oral History Project
 Robinson, Shirleene.


Walk the Talk: In Situ Production of Geolocated Walking Testimonies in Jane and Finch, one of Toronto’s most stigmatized neighborhoods
 Truchon, Karoline.

What's Going On: Reflections on the Opening of the National Museum of African American History and Culture
 Navies, Kelly.

Without Sound: The Importance of Listening for “Orality” in Written Transcripts
 Prendergast, Sam.

Words and Objects: Building Oral Histories into the Museum Collecting Process
 Franz, Kathleen G.. and Loza, Mireya.
Oral History Association Annual Meeting 2017-Oct-04 to 2017-Oct-09
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