Oklahoma Research Day 2010-Nov-12 to 2010-Nov-13

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"Hitting the Wall" in Rowing
 Gibbon, Nicole.

"Then a Miracle Occurs." Or Does It?
 Settles, Valerie., Steiner, Kevin. and Jacobson-Peters, Amy.

"Wild Goose” Mothers: Experiences of Korean Parents in a Large Regional University’s Bilingual Education Teacher Preparation Program
 Hildebrand, Kathryn.


A Biocompatible Flow Device to Study the Hemodynamic Performance of Prosthetic Heart Valves
 Ngwe, Ek ching., Rubenstein, David. and Yin, Wei.

A Bioinformatic Analysis of Hemochromatosis (HFE)
 Shahbandeh, Caleb., Stange, Jamie., Green, Brandy., Smith, Megan., Grissino, Anthony. and McDowell, Kathi.

A Comparison of Age and Sex Ratios, Fat Deposits and Population Estimates for Yellow Rails Wntering in Oklahoma and Texas
 Butler, Chris. and Stinedurf, Jill.

A Comparison of Exercise Self-Efficacy Between Individuals With and Without Asthma
 Adams, Britton.

A Comparison of Memorability and Persuasiveness Among Sermons and Speeches
 Deffebaugh, Timothy.

A Comparison of Traditional and Nontraditional Teaching Methods in Mathematics
 El Fadili, Shannaedi.

A Comparison of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009and the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997
 Garcia-Brown, Adriana. and Richards, Cynthia.

A Comparison of the Performance of Four Promotion Techniques: Price-Cut, Coupon, Mail-in Rebate, and In-store Voucher
 U, Fong Teng.

A Computational Chemistry Study of Volatile Cobalt Hydroxides
 Shepherd, Alisha. and Myers, Dwight.

A Day in the Life of a Secretary: Sir Henry Montague Hozier (1834-1907)
 Sheetz-Nguyen, Jessica A.. and Ice, Randal.

A Dynamical Approach to Multitasking
 Silasi-Mansat, Crina. and Ferrell, Jason.

A Few Classical Cryptosystems
 Poplin, Ashley., West, Kaysi., Ly, Jonathan. and Miller, Rebecca.

A Historical Overview of Alternative Certified Teachers in the U.S
 McKim, Shannon.

A Method of Comparing the Electrical Conductivity of Different Types of Carbon Nanotubes
 Headrick, Robby.

A More Effective Protocol for Peanut Leaf Shoot Organogenesis
 King, Talasheia., Matand, Kanyand. and Wu, Ning.

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Banner Advertising Efficacy in a Multi-Column Web Environment
 Gault, Adam.

Basalt Grain Distribution in the Cimarron River and its Tributaries, Cimarron County, OK
 Anderson, Sloan.

Behavioral Measures of Extraversion and Neuroticism
 Ferrell, Jason. and Silasi-Mansat, Crina.

Berkshire Hathaway: A Successful Conglomerate and not just a Mutual Fund!
 Krishnan, Sivarama. and Ellis, Barry.

Bibliotherapy and the Benefits it Provides Children Coping with Death
 Romig, Kelsey.

Biofuels : From Corn and Sugar Beets to Algae
 Rahman, Fazlur. and Yu, Justin.

Bioinformatic Analysis of Coagulation Factor V
 Armstrong, Shannon., Mahaney, Nick., Meyers, Lucas., Miller, Jake., Rygg, Abbigale. and Winchester, Micah.

Bioinformatic analysis of Waardenburg Syndrome Type 1
 Villareal, Angela., Adams, Gaylynn., Sexton, David., Zich, Emily., Clinton, Marinell. and McDowell, Kathi.

Bioinformatics Analysis of the BRCA2 Gene
 Ritchie, Ashley., Newton, Giselle., Gardner, Sarah., Allen, Lindsey., Gaw, Stana., Dixon, LaTricia. and McDowell, Kathi.

Bioinformatics Research of Phenylketonuria
 Maico, Chris., Guse, Bryan., Alchami, Linda., Solberg, Logan., Khattab, Mohamad., Ahmed, Mahmoud. and McDowell, Kathi.

Bioinformatics Research on the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 300377
 Hipp, Melinda., Blair, Emily., Kerr, Natahan., Williams, Amber., Marin, Anmol. and McDowell, Kathi.

Bioinformatics of Osteogenisis Imperfecta
 Fagan, Briana., Livingston, DeMarco., McKenzie, Kathryn., Sanders, Jessica., Owen, Kyle. and McDowell, Kathi.

Bioinformatics of the CREB Binding Protein
 Natividad, Tiffany., Vail, Stephanie., Gilling, Amina., Yang, Manas., Than, Trinh. and Xiong, Xue.

Body Mass Index and Waist Circumference of Students in Correlation to Nutrition-Related Disease of Relatives
 Tilford, Lauren. and Holmes, Tawni.

Breast Cancer Gene
 Glover, Tiffany. and Abraham, KJ.

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Can Elemental Costs of Large Genomes become Ecologically Relevant? Studies on Phosphorus Limitation in Daphnia
 Roy Chowdhury, Priyanka. and Jeyasingh, Punidan.

Can Literary Merit be Found in Popular Novels such as Harry Potter and Twilight?
 Thornton, Coby.

Can the TearLab Device Help us Evaluate Contact Lens Drying?
 Kusumoto, Naomi. and Salmon, Thomas.

Cantonese, Striving to Survive
 Wang, Jing.

Carbon Nanotube Metrology Development
 Brown, Chase.

Castilleja indivisa Engleman Megasporangium and Embryo Development
 Castillo, Kenia. I.., Morris, Walter J.., Savage, Rene M.. and Thompson, Rahmona.

Causes and Economic Effect of Current Account Deficit
 Burke, Esmond. and Sukar, Abdulhamid.

Change in behavior of goat producers after on-line training in health practices
 Merkel, Roger. and Gipson, Terry.

Characterization of Antisera Recognizing Beta-Glucosidases Active on Isoflavonoid Conjugates
 Jones, Stefan., Baughman, Allen. and Paiva, Nancy.

Characterization of Fluoroquinolone Resistance in Environmental Isolates of Escherichia coli
 Richardson, Sarah. and Cisar, Cindy.

Charge Transfer Interactions 1,4-Dicyanonaphthalene Singlet with Halogenated Anisoles
 Das, Paritosh.

Charitable Organization Donations: Which ones and How Much?
 Gabrovska, Katerina., Clinton, Suzanne. and Epstein, Robert.

Chemokine Ligands 9 and 11 During Successful and Endocrine Disrupted Pregnancy in the Swine Uterus
 Harder, Elaine.

 Cook, Daniel. and Alrifai, Rad.

Classical Cryptosystems
 Colon, Giselle., Kim, Taehwan. and Williford, Chelsea.

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DNA Technology in Rice
 Ross, Jodeci.

DNS Tunneling Proof of Concept
 Ritchey, James. and Matzen, Rick.

Data Model Supporting Asset Management of State Parks
 Chang, Grace. and Caneday, Lowell.

Daylily Flower in Vitro Shoot Organogenesis
 Buckley, Anthony., Matand, Kanyand. and Wu, Ning.

Decision-making in Feeding and Mating Behaviors of Field Collected Fruit Flies (Drosophila Melanogaster)
 Lopez, Irene. and Aracena, Jimena.

Deconstructing the Native Fluorescence Responsiveness to Allostery of Cytidine-5'-Triphosphate Synthetase (CTPS)
 Wallis, Kayla. and Johnson, Jason.

Deficiency of Complement Component C2 in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
 Shrestha, Sweta.

Demand-side Diversification as Sources of Competitive Advantage?
 Manral, Lalit.

Depression and Substance Abuse: Is There A Relationship?
 Cowick, Ryan. and Appeddu, Lisa.

Depression in Dogs and the Human/Animal Bond
 Bowin, Beth.

Design of Experimental System for Micro Junctions
 Jassemnejad, Baha.

Design of a Whiplash Mechanism Using Universal Tensile Tester
 Jassemnejad, Baha.

Detection and Identification Techniques for Condom Residues in Sexual Assaults
 Jones, Keisha. and Jourdan, Thomas.

Determination of Tyrosine O-sulfated Proteins in the Retina
 Banks, Shaquita.

Determination of Vitamin D3 Content in some Vitamin D3 Softgel Supplements
 Albinescu, Dragos.

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Early Communication Intervention for children with autism: Using the Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) model
 Hong, Ee Rea.

East Central University (ECU) Phase-1 Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program
 Ferdinand, Robert.

East and West: Muslim and American Women in Politics
 Knight, Jorjia.

Economic Stimulation: An Analysis of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
 McTiernan, Susan. and Stringer, Mildred.

Eddy Covariance Method to Determine Net Ecosystem Exchange of Bioenergy Crops
 Wagle, Pradeep. and Kakani, Vijaya Gopal.

Education in Pageantry
 Reeve, Elizabeth.

Effect of Bitter Melon Fruit Extract on Cell Proliferation in Pancreatic Cancer Cells
 Nguyen, Charles., Lee, Hui Hui. and Kotturi, Hari.

Effect of Different Loadings on the Strength of Bone and Cement Specimens
 Pradhan, Niraj. and Khandaker, Morshed.

Effect of Drug-Drug and Drug–polymer Hydrogen Bonding in Preparing Solid Dispersion Formulations
 Saluja, Hardeep.

Effect of Dynamic Shear Stress on Endothelial Cell Activation in Coronary Heart Disease
 Shanmugavelayudam, Saravan Kumar., Rubenstein, David. and Yin, Wei.

Effect of Dynamic Shear Stress on Platelet Microparticle Generation
 Rouf, Farzana., Rubenstein, David. and Yin, Wei.

Effect of Jasmonic Acid on Biomass and Enzyme Activity in Basil, Catnip, and Sage
 Bidlack, Jocelyn. and Bidlack, Jim.

Effect of Jasmonic Acid on Biomass and Enzyme Activity in Switchgrass and Sorghum
 Bidlack, Jocelyn. and Bidlack, Jim.

Effect of Nitrogen, Iron and Temperature on Lipid and Biomass Yield of Three Microalgae Strains
 Tiamiyu, Adetola.

Effect of Number and Placement of Cubic Spline Knots in the Lactation Curve of Extended Lactations
 Gipson, Terry., Rovai, Maristela., Capuco, Anthony., Sahlu, Tilahun. and Dawson, Lionel.

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Facebook and Psychology: Use and Misuse of Social Networks
 Kincheloe, Matt.

Facial Expression and Smile Detection Among the Deaf
 Jones, Katherine.

Facilitating The Development Of Medical Garments: Using Body Scan Data To Build Custom Dress Form
 Starr, Cathy. and Petrova, Adriana.

Factors Affecting Compliance of OTC Ketotifen Fumarate Formulations for Relief of Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis
 Baldwin, Megan., Forrest, Sarah. and McKee, Earlena.

Falling Out of Romantic Love as Seen in Married Couples
 Sailor, Joanni.

Familiar Adages in Unfamiliar Territory: Ensuring Success for Women in Higher Education
 Clinton, Suzanne. and Barger Johnson, Jennifer.

Fantasy Football for Dummies
 Nickalas, Lenz. and Alrifai, Rad.

Fear of Disparate Impact Liability: The New Haven Firefighter Quandary
 Barger Johnson, Jennifer. and Clinton, Suzanne.

Feature-Positive and Feature-Negative Learning by Anatolian Honey Bees
 Pendergraft, Loma., Bates-Albers, Leah., Duell, Meghan., Zuniga, Enoc., Abramson, Charles., Cakmak, Ibrahim., Barthell, John., Hranitz, John. and Wells, Harrington.

Feeding and Foraging Behavior of Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) Mutant Fruit Flies (Drosophila melanogaster)
 Peters, Melissa. and Aracena, Jimena.

Felix Hausdorff: We Wish For You Better Times
 Simmons, Charlotte.

Firm Performance and Corporate Governance of Sustainable Firms
 Kwok, Julia. and Rabe, Elizabeth.

First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit
 Bittman, Mahala. and Finley, Krista.

Flow and Frictional Pressure Losses Through Irregular Shaped Microchannels
 Baker, Andrew. and Lemley, Evan.

Fluid Flow in Bone Tissue Engineering
 Armstrong, Grant.

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Gaming Cancer: Developing a Delivery of Ovarian Cancer Instruction via a Serious Game
 Jacoby, David A.., Green, Malinda., Maslar, Scott A.. and Zimmerman, Sharon.

Gaming for Language
 Binderim, Donald.

Gaze from Light and Dark Irises is Perceived Differently
 West, Roger.

Gender Differences Revealed during the Viewing of Necker-Cubes
 Jones, Katherine.

Gender Differences in Teachers’ Perception of School Goal Structure and Classroom Instructional Practices
 Mathew, Susan., Kim, Sungah., Miller, Deborah., Grissom, Elana. and Cho, YoonJung.

Gender, Personality, and Computer Usage
 Geiger, John. and Laverghetta, Antonio.

Gene Transfer Study as Related to Bile Salt Sensitivity in Mutant Escherichia coli Strains
 Reim, Sean., Traylor, Adelee. and Bidlack, Jim.

Generating the Molecular Tool to Study the Regulation of the Sodium-Calcium Exchanger
 Wheeler, Tanner., Yoder, Maggie. and Holgado, Andrea.

Genes Related to Diabetes: Type 2 Diabetes
 Byron, Shanel.

Genetic Disorder: Sickle Cell
 Singh, Rajah. and Abraham, KJ.

Genetic Diversity Within the Northern Grasshopper Mouse (Onychomys leucogaster) in Southern Texas
 Gerlosky, Michelle. and Haynie, Michelle.

Genetic Modification of Soy in Soy-Based Baby Formula
 Bozell, Steven., Toffessi, Vanina. and Ubeidat, Muatasem.

Genetic Variation at Major Histocompatibility Complex Loci in Neotoma albigula: Potential Coevolution with Arenaviruses
 Hoss, Sarah. and Haynie, Michelle.

Genetic responses of Sooner Lake zooplankton to thermal pollution
 Yorks, Rosalina., Roy Chowdhury, Priyanka. and Jeyasingh, Punidan.

Genotypic Variation in Morphological and Physiological Traits of New Switchgrass Cultivars
 Sripathi, Raghuveer., Wu, Yanqi. and Kakani, Vijaya Gopal.

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HIV/AIDS & Substance Abuse (African American): A contextual Analysis
 Khiwa, Edward.

Harmoniemusik at the Beginning of the 21st Century
 Lamb, Brian., Shepherd, Jamie. and Williamson, Chelsea.

Hash Functions
 Alhaddad, Mustafa., Edmonds, Cort. and Holland, Tucker.

Have you Saved a Life Today? Donating Blood in Western Oklahoma
 Johnson, MegAnn., Scheffler, Chelsey., Merle, Whitney. and Appeddu, Lisa.

Head em’ Up and Move em’ Out: Understanding the Coming-out Experience of Same-sex Oriented Oklahomans
 Holt, David. and Deacon, Zermarie.

Health and Hierarchy: TB among Native and African Americans in Oklahoma 1900-1930
 Godin, Kara.

Heavy Metal Sensing Using Highly Luminescent Di--Platinum (II) Ocaphosphite Complex
 Mahdy, Ali., Abu-Arja, Sadira., Satumtira, Nisa., Chehbouni, Mo., Omary, Mohammad. and ElBjeirami, Oussama.

Helping Robotics
 Trajcev, Jovan.

Hemodynamic Effects on the Postnatal Maturation of the Human Carotid Artery Bifurcation
 Jeong, Woowon. and Seong, Jaehoon.

Hepatic Immune Activation in the SIV/Macaque Model of HIV
 Lewis, Phoebe., Mankowski, Joseph., Queen, Suzanne., Dorsey, Jamie. and Li, Ming.

Hero to Zero: Adverse Publicity in Athletics
 Lyons, Alex.

High Current Density Ferrocene-Modified Linear Poly(ethylenimine) Bioanodes and their Use in Biofuel Cells
 Hickey, David.

Historic Performance Practice: Beethoven's Sonatas for Piano and Violoncello op.5, 69 and 102
 Remy-Schumacher, Tess.

Historic Preservation Through Adaptive Reuse: An Investigation into the Needs, Challenges, and Policies in Cuba
 Santana, Melissa.

How Can Developmentally Appropriate Learning Centers Benefit Kindergarten Students?
 Queener, Tiffany. and Shatto, Kelli.

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Identification of Behavioral Patterns in Non-Typical Child Abduction Cases
 Mabry, John., Badzinski, Nicholas. and Parks, Nancy.

Identification of Human Specific Biological Material through mRNA Multiplexing
 Xu, Yanlin.

Identification of Mitochondrial Rodent DNA Isolated from Gnaw Marks on Skeletal Remains
 Taylor, Allison.

Identification of Predictors for Success in Technical Academic Programs: A Case Study Using Data Collected Through Assessment Activities in the Information Technologies Division at OSUIT
 Claborn, Daniel.

Identifying Potential Melatonin Receptors in Caenorhabditis Elegans.
 Gates, Justin. and Fields, Stephen.

Identifying the Molecular Determinants of Fitness Within HIV-1 Envelope Gene
 Rai, Suprina.

Impact of Globalization of Higher Education in India
 Prakash, M., Joseph, Anand. and Rao, Narasinga.

Impacts of Balance Training on Falls Efficacy and Balance in Assisted Living Adults
 Adams, Larissa. and Powers, Melissa.

Impacts of Dietary Stoichiometry on the Performance and Physiology of Daphnia Genotypes
 Roy Chowdhury, Priyanka. and Jeyasingh, Punidan.

Impacts of the Earned Income Tax Credit on the U. S. Economy
 Kunvar, Mukesh.

Improved Modeling of Ligands on a Symmetry Axis
 Pickett, ShaRhonda.

In Situ Dating of Geomorphologic Features on the Surface of Mars
 DeWitt, Regina.

In a Test-tube, Really ? Synthesizing Cell-free Functional Proteins.
 Naidoo, Gnanambal., Ternes, Chad. and Schoenknecht, Gerald.

In-groups Versus Out-groups in Information Systems
 Merritt, Kimberly. and Clinton, Suzanne.

Income Tax Fraud
 Jessee, Jamie.

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Kinetics and Spectral Characterization of an Aromatic Aminotransferasee from Sacchromyces cerevisiae
 Karsten, William E., Reyes, Zoraya., Bobyk, Kostyantyn., Cook, Paul. and Chooback, Lilian.

Knowledge Management for the Converged IASB and FASB Standards
 Swanson, Zane.

Krabbe Disease: Bioinformatic Analysis of the GALC Gene
 Scheckel, Caleb., Martin, Ashley., Jackson, Lauren., Chen, Stephanie. and Marsey, Chance.


La Défense: Europe’s Planned Business District - A Transformative Global Experience in France.
 Kever, Lynzee., Cipolat, Mariela. and Bahouth, Saba.

Land Lease Mapping and Maintenance: Using a Spatial Database Engine (SDE) In a Corporate Environment
 Lempges, Jacob.

Leadership: A Contrast Between Military and Civil
 Voegtlin, David.

Learning Outcomes of a Service-Learning Experience at a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Site
 Cargile, Sabrina. and Mironova, Olga.

Learning to Avoid Plagiarism: Faculty and Student Perspectives
 Hoyt, Joel., Adams, Heather. and Roberts, Sharon.

Leases: The Differences Between GAAP and IFRS
 Easter, Catie. and Alltizer, Richard.

Lecture-Recital at Eastern Michigan University
 Dovel, Jason.

Lecture-Recital at Oakland University
 Dovel, Jason.

Lecture-Recital at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)
 Dovel, Jason.

Liquid Crystal Based Integrated Optical Sensor
 Karna, Pankaj.

Literacy Through Poetry: A Reluctant Reader Throw-Down
 Manuel, Samantha.

Locating Roots of Polynomials by Newton-like Methods
 Argyros, Ioannis. and Thapa, Surendra.

Loss Coefficient vs Reynolds Number in Microscale Tee and Wye Junctions
 Kiser, Chris. and Lemley, Evan.

Lotion Emulsion
 Rand, Tiease. and Franks, William.

Love & Death in Dark Romantics
 Hartzog, Judith.

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Making History Together: William Wilberforce, His Circle, and the Abolition of Slavery
 Krull, Stefanie.

Making the Change from U.S. GAAP to IFRS
 Ziesenis, Kelly.

Mammalian Hair Analysis
 Everson, Jennifer.

Manual vs. Automated Accounting Techniques: Teaching the Linkage to Accounting Principles Students
 Sheets, Mary. and Walker, Edward.

Massively Parallel High Throughput DNA Sequencing at ACGT: Application and Bioinformatics
 Najar, Fares.

Maternal Immune Challenge Effects on Nestling Size and Yolk Mass in Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata)
 Cox, Shelby.

Measurement of Interfacial Strength of Engineered Tissue Constructs
 Fleenor, Robert., Duggun, Kelley., Pradhan, Niraj., Johnson, Gabe., Shivers, Molly. and Khandaker, Morshed.

Measurement of Pressure Gradients in Carotid Artery Bifurcation
 Sultana, Fariha. and Seong, Jaehoon.

Measuring Inter-Observer Variability When Performing Icare vs. Goldmann Applanation Tonometry
 Mai, Thuytien. and Hagler, Jordan.

Media Literacy in the Social Science Classroom
 Ashlock, ReAnne.

Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients Feature based Collision Detection
 Pang, Wei., Wu, Tao. and Cheng, Qi.

Metabolic Adaptation to Prolonged Endurance Exercise in Racing Sled Dogs
 Davis, Michael.

Microbial Control of Peanut Embryo Tissues for in Vitro Culture
 Jones, Sameka., Wu, Ning. and Matand, Kanyand.

Microbiology of Hummingbird Feeders
 Nguyen, Son., Hucks, Katrina., Kliewer, Brian. and Webb, Jessica.

Microelectrochemical Sensor Technology for Biological Applications
 Abia, Jude. and Oben, Tomia.

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NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) and the Pre-Service Teacher Institute (PSTI) (Princess Hays)
 Hays, Princess.

NSU Attendance Tracker
 James, Smith. and Alrifai, Rad.

NSU Shopping Community
 Yaguchi, Mao. and Alrifai, Rad.

Nanoscale Fracture Resistance Measurement of a Composite Bone Cement
 Tarantini, Stefano. and Khandaker, Morshed.

Nasal Carriage of Staphylococcus Aureus and Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) in College Students
 Brennan, Robert.

Nationalization of U.S. Financial Institutions
 Tompkins, Matthew.

Naturally Inspired Color Palettes: The Influence of a Modern Culture’s Modern Design Through Their Local Flora and Fauna.
 Stearman, Mary.

Nature and its Restorative Value
 West, Danielle. and Devenport, Jill.

Neighborhood Planning Academy
 Brent, Jessica.

Neonate Abductions: Offender Demographics, Offense Characteristics, and Proximate Intent
 Martinez, Adrienne.

New Town: Why Did Greensburg, Kansas Decide to Rebuild the Town Green After the Tornado?
 Holt, Dominique.

Next Generation Internet Worms
 Ridings, Andrew.

Nitrate Levels in Rural, Urban, and Agricultural Water Samples
 Buckholtz, Jody. and Cole, Nathan.

Nitrogen Use Efficiency and N-remobilization of Switchgrass Cultivars
 Foster, Anserd., Fahej, Mohamed. and Kakani, Vijaya Gopal.

Nomenclature and its Effect on Anthropomorphism
 Goudge, Jennifer. and Rupp, Gabriel.

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Oil Paint Emulsion
 Green, Mark. and Franks, William.

On Almost Lindelof and Weakly Lindelof Spaces
 Hamlett, Troy.

On Classical Cryptosystems
 Poplin, Ashley.

On Cryptographic Hash Functions
 Ciungu, Lavinia. and Taylor, Ashley.

On Digital Signatures
 Worthen, Rodney.

On the RSA Algorithm
 Black, Lichelle., Danker, Melissa., Alamoudi, Alaudeen., Danker, Beth. and Myers, Brittany.

On-Going Studies of Correlates of Reproductive Success in Male Collared Lizards
 York, Joshua., Baird, Troy. and Haynie, Michelle.

Online Book Store Using ASP.NET 3.5 Technology
 Do, John. and Sung, Hong.

Online Database Research on Acute Intermittent Porphyria
 simon, carren., Anderson, Brandie. and McDowell, Kathi.

Opium: Pipe-dreams Become a Reality
 Cooper, Megan.

Oppression in Government: Not All Diversity is Created Equal
 Poole, Quinnton.

Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) Dating Applied to Brazilian Coastal Dunes
 Guedes, Carlos. and DeWitt, Regina.

Optimum Duration of Performance Testing Boer Bucks for Growth Rate, Feed Intake, and Feed Efficiency
 Hu, Wengping., Gipson, Terry., Hart, Steve., Dawson, Lionel., Goetsch, Arthur. and Sahlu, Tilahun.

Optometry Researchers’ Guide for Statistical Analysis
 Butcher, Christopher. and Pham, Natalie.

Organic Solid-State Gain Media for Use in Solar-Pumped Lasers and Chemical Sensing Applications
 Knobbe, Kathleen.

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Parasite Eggs and Cysts Found in the Small Intestine of the Red-Eared Slider Turtle (Trachemys scripta elegans) within Oklahoma
 Roberts, Quinton. and Andrews, Kenneth.

Password Security
 Finney, Natasha., Martin, Courtney., Ryan, Melissa. and Marshall, Nena.

Path to Manufacturing
 Shukla, Rashi. and Bartgis, E. Elaine.

Perceived Health Among Northeast Oklahoma City Residents
 Emerson, Yolanda.

Personal Need for Structure and the Processing of Emotional Stimuli
 Cavazos, Jenel. and Judice Campbell, Nicole.

Personality Interactions
 Butler, Molly. and Do, Hieu.

Photostress Recovery Time Using High and Low Contrast Visual Acuity
 Hilton, Summer., Slate, Megan. and Luu, Amy.

Phytoplankton Size Composition in Relation to Buffalo Fish in Channel Catfish Culture Ponds
 Tang, Letong., Kleinholz, Conrad. and Luker, George.

Playing With Your Food
 Williams, Martin. and Wright Smith, Dr. Linda.

Polymer Chain Orientation in Tensile-Stretched PEO-NaCF3SO3 Polymer Electrolytes
 Millar, Sarah. and Burba, Christopher.

Poor Relief in Victorian London: The Bow Road Workhouse
 Jones, Jessica.

Positive Impact of Dumping on Importing Country
 KC, Anil. and Nica, Mihai.

Potential Ultraviolet Communication in the Kangaroo Rat (Dipodomys ordii)
 McDonald, Brandon., Frisby, Dennis., Moro, Ramiro., Jones, Brendan., Jentoft, Friederike. and Wulfers, Mathew.

Preparation of Alkyl Tosylates
 Charles, Crittell. and Williams, Melissa.

Preparing Students for Global Markets: The Design Perspective
 Ravikumar, Rukmini.

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Qiagen Multiplex PCR Project
 Jentoft, Jordan.

Quantitation of Capsaicin Levels in Hot Peppers by Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
 VanAlphen, Brandi.

Quantitative Image Analysis for in Vivo Trans-rectal Ultrasound-coupled Optical Tomography of the Prostate
 Jiang, Yuhao.


Radar Systems Design, Simulation Using MATLAB® and Multisim® Concentrating on Affordability and Portability
 Trajcev, Jovan.

Raman Spectra of Desert Varnish Samples from the Green River in Utah
 Bowen, John., Albahadily, Fakhrildeen. and VanCleve, Bradley.

Reactions of Tungsten(VI)Oxide and Cobalt (II,III)Oxide with Water Vapor at High Temperatures
 Myers, Karen., Biles, R Josiah. and Myers, Dwight.

Reasoning Dialectically
 Chambers, Christopher.

Reflections on Making the CD "Cello Music of Samuel Magrill, Volume II"
 Magrill, Samuel.

Regional Unemployment Variation in Selected States
 Ahmed, Syed. and Sampson, Kyle.

Relationship Between Cognitive Function and Depression in Older Adults
 Adams, Larissa., Cody, Kyra., Cannizzo, Jonathan., Gray, Michelle. and Powers, Melissa.

Relationships Between VO2max, Lactate Threshold, and Anaerobic Power and Success in Division II Collegiate Wrestlers
 Key, Clayton. and Farnell, Gregory.

Renal Artery Network Modelling
 Macharia, Alex. and Williams, Lamar.

Responses by Anatolian Honey Bees to Toxocological Effects of Flumethrin in Turkish Apiaries
 Duell, Meghan., Apted, Talei., Hall, Nora., Bates-Albers, Leah., Pendergraft, Loma., Zuniga, Enoc., Izikoglu, Dilan., Semilova, Semih., Aydin, Levent., Oruc, Hasan., Barthell, John., Cakmak, Ibrahim., Wells, Harrington. and Hranitz, John.

Retro Games by Applet
 Yawata, Shoichi. and Alrifai, Rad.

Reviewing the Titanic Disaster from a British Perspective
 Mirll, Molly.

Revising the Perceptions of the School Goal Structure and Approaches to Instruction Scales for Teachers
 Strunk, Kamden., Bridges, Stacey., Steele, Misty., Walker, Mary. and Cho, YoonJung.

Role of De-Epidermized Dermis in Migration of Pre-Cancerous Cells from the Epidermis to Dermal Layer.
 Hughes, Lindsay., George, Lanice. and Vaughan, Melville.

Running Addiction Among College Track Athletes
 Bennett, Tia.


Safety Training for Stillwell Public Schools Employees
 Turner, Mike.

Saving a Musical Work from Extinction: Alec Rowley's Piano Concerto No. 1
 Sweet, Paul.

Scaled-Up Diffraction of Crystals and Helixes
 Moro, Ramiro., Adams, Kyle. and Clark, William.

Screening Switchgrass for Water Stress Tolerance
 Fahej, Mohamed. and Kakani, Vijaya Gopal.

Secretary of State Purchasing Procedures
 Bruce, Amy. and Alltizer, Richard.

Secrets of Advertising
 Hamm, Brianne., Humphrey, Corina. and Wright Smith, Dr. Linda.

Security Selection and Evaluation
 Shaker, Walid., Tune, Robert., Todd, Michael., Daniel, Allison., Conner, Cory. and Kwok, Julia.

Sensory Quality and Microstructure of Colby-like Cheese Made of Goat Milk and Soymilk
 Zeng, Steve.

Shoot Formation in Peanut Root Tissue
 Marshal, Marcus., Matand, Kanyand. and Wu, Ning.

Shoot Organogenesis in Peanut Hair Explant
 Love, Kayla., Matand, Kanyand. and Wu, Ning.

Shopping Site
 Kubota, Akinori. and Matzen, Rick.

Show Horse or Work Horse: Predicting the Outcome of the Oklahoma Governor's Race of 2010
 Asllani, Iva.

Showing Red: Does Ventral Coloration Function in Social Signalling in an Australian Dragon?
 Baird, Troy. and Baird, Teresa.

Silent Lambs or Roaring Lions:The Development of Women’s Roles through the History of China
 Yang, Kevin. and Huang, Wanqi.

Smart, Automated Intravenous Pump
 Jassemnejad, Baha.

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Tax Credits under the Obama Administration
 Adams, Lauren. and Walker, Edward.

Tax Policy in Times of Economic Stress
 Carey, Susan.

Tax Simplification-Now is the Time
 Hart, Patrian.

Teachers Supporting Emotional Development
 Sheffield, Tara. and Downard, BillyeCaye.

Teaching Bankruptcy Accounting Under IFRS
 Haskin, Daniel.

Teaching English to the Spanish Speaking Southwest
 Sanchez, Jennifer.

Teaching Tongue-tied Students: Ankyloglossia in the Instrumental Classroom
 Dovel, Jason.

Tellermate Money Counter Interface
 Nicholaus, Butler. and Alrifai, Rad.

Temperature Mapping for Interstitial Laser-Tissue Interaction via Thermal Couples and Magnetic Resonance Thermotherapy
 Figueroa, Daniel. and Le, Kelvin.

Texting as a Language in Today's World
 Canfield, Marah.

The Active Role of Semiconducting Boron Carbide on Thermal Neutron Detection
 Riley, A..

The Art of Mixed Media
 Barnoski, Kalyn., Romig, Kelsey. and Demarais, Monique.

The Case of Female Circumcision: Using Education to Restore Human Rights
 Erwin, Sarah.

The Changing Face of the Islamic Republic of Iran: Political Economy, Ideology, and Society
 Shaaf, Mohamad.

The Constitution and its Ambiguities: The Relationship Between the 2nd and 10th Amendments
 Trim, Toni.

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UCO Employee Wellness Program
 Farnell, Gregory., Farris, Pam. and Sanderson, Katie.

Undergraduate Internships at University Multispectral Laboratories: Analytical Instrumentation, Toxin Assay Development and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Testing
 Vanderberg, Laura., Hoyt, Amy., McLemore, John., Harbeson, Michele., Goad, David. and Lewis, Chris.

Understanding Perceptions of UCO Korean Graduate Students Toward Academic Plagiarism and a Plagiarism Screening Software, Turnitin.com
 Sung, Yeongeun.

Understanding the Developmental Effects of Child Abuse and Neglect
 Forrester, Lacey., Harris, Jayci. and Robertson, Heather.

Understanding the Life Experiences of Victimized Women
 Bradley, Cora.

Understanding the Visual Perception of Specific Colors in Top Global Companies
 Stewart, Chelsea.

University of Central Oklahoma Events Application
 Perlingiere, Danielle., Gainer, Ronnie. and Fu, Jicheng.

University of Central Oklahoma: Student Support Services
 Goodman, JeAna. and Ervin, Alaura.

Use of Plant Pigments in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
 FitzSimons, Toby. and Bidlack, Jim.

Use of Self-Regulation Strategies by Latino Adolescents: Associations with Interpersonal Relations in the Classroom.
 Nelson, Mike., Madden, Rythm., Robertson, Lowell. and Waring, Kate.

Using Forensic Corpora for Digital Forensics Tool Validation and Testing
 McCoy, Mark. and Rylant, Ryan.

Using Hashing to Maintain Data Integrity in Cloud Computing Systems
 Scabby, Anthony. and Pereira, Anil.

Using Planning Decomposition and Adaptation to Achieve Efficient Planning
 Fu, Jicheng.

Using Virtual Services to Bridge the Semantic Gap
 Fu, Jicheng.

Utilization of Electro-Mechanical Response of PVA/PAA Hydrogels for the Enhancement of Cell Function
 Duggun, Kelley., Khandaker, Morshed. and Vaughan, Melville.

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Validation and Evaluation of the Identifiler® Plus System Using Environmentally Compromised DNA Samples
 Reynaga, Erica. and Lee, Katherine.

Validation of the Identifiler Plus System for Forensic DNA Casework
 Lee, Katherine. and Reynaga, Erica.

Value of the Campus Trees at Northeastern State University
 Macklin, Monica.

Variability of Soil Organic Matter
 Harrison, TaShae.

Verbally Interacting with Your Infant and Child Increases Brain Development in Their Early Years.
 Bural, Anita. and Banta, Gena.

Vertical Positioning of Hand-Flown Aircraft on Level Segments
 Stapleton, David.

Video Gaming Metamorphosis Into Military Recruitment: It's All The Same When Bullets Start To Fly
 Keck, George. and Wright Smith, Dr. Linda.

Virtual Problem Solving (VPS): Collaborative Educational Software to Promote and Assess Higher Order Thinking Skills
 Guzik, Erik.

Visual Communication Signals of Northern Cricket Frogs (Acris Crepitans)
 Ballard, Sarah. and Horne, Eva.

Volume and Surface Area of a Ball in N-Dimensional Euclidean Space
 Fulkerson, Michael.

Volunteering and its Relationship to Service Learning
 Fryhover, Bettina. and Gernandt, Bart.


Water Based Ink and Emulsions
 Pugh, Denzel. and Franks, William.

What Do Women Want? It Depends on the Time of the Month
 Hurst, Ashalee.

What Does Second Language Acquisition Look Like?
 Finley, Allison.

What Makes Engrish Funny to Native English-Speaking English Majors?
 Smith, Trevor.

What Water Works for SWOSU?
 Sterba, Christy., Hudson, Lauren., Sawatzky, Whitney. and Appeddu, Lisa.

Where Do You Come From?
 Bartlett, Samantha.

Who Should Pay More and Who Should Pay Less Taxes: A Tax Policy for Economic Recovery
 Shaaf, Mohamad.

Wireless Energy Transfer via Magnetic Resonance
 Jassemnejad, Baha.

Wireless Energy Transmission Using Tesla Coils
 Jassemnejad, Baha.

Within- and Between-generation Effects of Drought Stress for Leaf Hair Production and Flowering Time in Arabidopsis Thaliana
 Meador, Lydia.

Women Elected to County Government in Oklahoma: 1970-2010
 Roberts, Justin.

Women Who Kill
 Brown, Dan.

Women's Growing Political Voice: Women in the Oklahoma Legislature
 Rhea, Heather.

Working for Intrinsic Motives: Volunteer Recruitment at a Non-Profit Venture
 Eichenlaub, Sara. and Waples, Ethan.


X-Ray Crystal Structures of 5,5-Diethyl- and 5,5-Dimethyl-2-phenoxy-1,3,2-dioxaphosphorinan-2-one
 Bryan, Clinton., Fehring, Rachelle., Ferroni, Edward., Garcia, Estefania., Jones, Brendan. and Leslie, Charles.
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