Oklahoma Research Day 2011-Nov-04 to 2011-Nov-04

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"My Last Duchess": The Last View of Women as Equals
 Berger, Sarah.

"The Moment of Truth": Tax Implications From the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform
 Piard, Wendy., Wang, Shan. and Sheets, Mary.

21st Century – Redefinition of Business Education Through Cross Border tie Ups
 Thomas, Vineeth.


A Comparison Between North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program Output and Oklahoma Mesonet Observations
 Lunday, Charlotte. and Fagan, Emma.

A Comparison of the LEA Numbers Low Vision Book and Feinbloom Visual Acuity Charts
 Hatley, Jonathan.

A Comparison of the Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations of Gatifloxacin 0.3% and 0.5%
 Stotts, Heath. and Roberts, Colby.

A Comparison of the Near Eye Tool for Refractive Assessment (NETRA) and Subjective Refraction With and Without Cycloplegia
 Lundeen, Benjamin.

A Comparison of the Transparency of Articulation and Checks and Balances Among Financial Statements Between the Present Format and the Proposed new Format
 Walker, Edward., Terrell, Katherene. and Terrell, Robert.

A Cowboy Named Aristotle: An American Tragedy
 Madison, Ryan.

A Different Derivative
 Klassen, Janne.

A Faculty-Oriented Grid-Based Adaptive and Intelligent Information Infrastructure for Research Sharing in Oklahoma Regional Universities
 Moseley, Charles. and Thornton, Chris.

A Feeding Frenzy: RSS Feeds in Today’s Social Media
 Hale, Nicolas. and Sims, Jeanetta.

A Metegenomic Survey of Ground Water for Monitored Attenuation (MNA) of Chlorinated Solvents
 Hunt, Daniel.

A Narrative Comparison of High School and College Students With High Functioning Autism/Aspergers
 Schoenhals, Jake.

A Necessary Evil: The Gap in Students’ Grammatical Education
 Plunkett, Kaci.

A Need for Balance: Between Land, Water and Indigenous Communities in the Southwest
 Brown, Hester.

A New Approach to a Power Wheel Chair for Children
 Jassemnejad, Baha., Payne, Matthew., Bennett, Spencer. and Jia, Yiyuan.

A New Tree Construction Algorithm for Scalable Multicast in MPLS Networks
 Qian, Lie.

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Baby, I can Make you a Star: Marcel Pagnol’s Proverbial Casting Couch
 Webster, Catherine.

Bacterial Diversity at the Whippoorwill Cave of the Ozark Plateau in North West Arkansas
 Gad, Ahmed. and Fakhr, Mohamed.

Bayesian Regression Analysis of Quantitative Traits With Correlated Phenotypic Data
 Ku, Hung-Chih. and Zhu, Lan.

Bibek's Secure Online Bike Store
 Amatya, Bibek. and Park, Myung Ah.

Bible Belt Islam: Using Geography to Interpret the Scope of American Pluralism in Oklahoma
 Uddin-Ahmed, Syed. and Subanthore, Aswin.

Bile Salt Sensitivity and Gene Transfer in Escherichia Coli
 Grider, Philip. and Bidlack, James.

Bilinear Interpolation
 Ho, An Qi. and Ferdinand, Robert.

Bioactive Additives and Functional Monomers Affect on PMMA Bone Cement: Mechanical and Biocompatibility Properties
 Taranini, Stefano., Liu, Ping., Vaughan, Melville. and Khandaker, Morshed.

Bioinformatic Analysis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
 Hammond, Eugenia., Hoffman, Barbara., Hernandez, Alfonso., Nasr, Haidy., DeFreitas, Sarah., Pasley-Richards, Erika. and McDowell, Kathi.

Bioinformatic Analysis of Fibrillin1 (FBN1)
 Rockwell, Channing., Lee, Vinson., Martin, Justin., Naifeh, Corey., Holman, Kacey., Bradley, James., Love, Shar\'day. and McDowell, Kathi.

Bioinformatic Analysis of Neurofibromatosis Type I
 Simmons, Allen., Tran, Yvonne., Cruse, Heather., Harrell, Toquyen. and Owen, Kyle.

Bioinformatic Research of Niemann-Pick Type C
 Webster, Alisha., Sisson, Jayme., Thiems, Cody., Beauregard, Victoria., Allen, Kayleigh., Whisenhunt, Marci., Lang, Aisha. and McDowell, Kathi.

Bioinformatic Review of the Prader-Willi/Angelman Region 1 Gene Expressed in Prader-Willi
 Johnson, Kelli., Blair, Rhonda., Blocker, Joseph., Curry, Bria., Smith, Leslee., Smith, Jennifer. and McDowell, Kathi.

Bioinformatics Analysis of Seckel Syndrome 1
 Marshall, Kristina., McCutcheon, Maaike., Killer, Tyson., Schalo, Ian. and McDowell, Kathi.

Bioinformatics in Sickle Cell Anemia
 Rahimi, Frank., Wood, Tiffani., McDowell, Kathi., Mason, Aubrey. and Allen, Angela.

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Calculating an MLB Player’s Value: Should we Consider the Future Expected Value?
 Yoon, Kanghyun. and Lacagnina, Nicholas.

Calorimetry: An Alternative to the Coffee cup Calorimeter
 Scott, Dane.

Canadian Gaelic "Keep Up the Gaelic"
 Holman, Karmen.

Candidates' Facial Traits as a Predictor of Presidential Election Outcomes
 Jones, Randall.

Cantizans, Tenorizans, and Bears—Oh my!! A Linguistic-Contrapuntal Model for Renaissance Vocal Music Phrasing
 Farris, Daniel.

Causal Factors of Observed Aggression in Video Game Play: Content or Competition?
 Wood, Donald. and Limke, Alicia.

Center for Undergraduate Research and Education in STEM: Early Results of a Transformative Learning Initiative
 Barthell, John., Chen, Wei., Endicott, Beverly., Hughes, Charles., Radke, William., Simmons, Charlotte. and Wilson, Gregory.

Changing Shopping Habits of Rural Consumers
 Simpson, Eithel.

Characteristics of a Small Stream During Severe Drought Conditions
 Avard, Margaret. and Williams, Andrew.

Characterization of Double Knockout Mutants of Arabidopsis Thaliana for use in Lipid Profile Studies
 Naidoo, Gnanambal. and Phillips, Terry.

Characterization of Fluid Flow Through Tissue Scaffolding and Renal Artery Aneurysms
 Peno, Samantha., Judd, Eric., Armstrong, Grant., Espinoza, Wendy. and Lemley, Evan.

Characterization of a Novel Cholesterol-Dependent Cytolysin From a Gram-negative Bacterium
 Bruxvoort, Christina., Tweten, Rodney. and Hotze, Eileen.

Characterization of a Temporary Cryptophycean Endosymbiont of the Freshwater Dinoflagellate, Gymnodinium Acidotum.
 Biddy, Brent., Belcher, Josh. and Fields, Stephen.

Characterstic Curvature of Surfactants.
 Wallace, Alexander.

Charismatic Leadership and Nonprofit Organizational Performance
 Smith, Sheryl. and Brown, Daniel.

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DNA Barcoding and its Applications in Parasitic Lungworms (Metastrongyloidea) in Marine Mammals
 Koenigs, Craig. and Lord, Wayne.

Deciphering Fluvial and Eolian Deposits Within a Holocene Dune Field in the Southern Great Plains of Western Oklahoma
 McCullough, Brenton., Simms, Alexander., Cordova, Carlos., DeWitt, Regina. and Rountree, Jared.

Decision Based on Conflicting Position Data
 Moro, Ramiro., Marshall, Daniel. and Boyles, Matthew.

Dehydration of Alcohols in the Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Laboratory
 McInnes, Daniel. and Williams, Melissa.

Demilitarization of Military Smoke Munitions
 Farhang, Justin. and Farhang, Eric.

Demographic Factors of Meat Goat Producers Completing an Online Certification Program
 Gipson, Terry., Merkel, Roger. and Sahlu, Tilahun.

Dentition Analysis
 Martin, Stephanie.

Deriving Population Exposure Fatality Rate Estimates for Tornado Outbreaks Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
 Cannon, Amber.

Description of the Effectiveness of Distributing Pregnancy Information to University of Central Oklahoma Students
 Moore, Stenia., Bonkoungou, Amadou. and Alshagag, Foziah.

Design and Construction of Cardiac Flow Simulator
 Giri, Shyam.

Design of a System for Flow Investigation in Replicas of Renal Artery Aneurysms
 Rada, Kevin.

Design of a System to Test Liquid Crystal Shear Stress Sensors
 Rada, Kevin.

Design of a Test Chamber for Biomechanical Analysis of Engineered Tissue Grafts
 Rada, Kevin.

Design, Fabrication and Mechanical Characterization of Polyethylene Glycol Diacrylate (PEGDA) for Tissue Engineering Applications
 Taranini, Stefano., Orock, Albert., White, Jeremiah., Khandaker, Morshed. and Yasar, Ozlem.

Designing Mind Bending Advergames
 Silverstrim, Leland. and Wright Smith, Linda.

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ECU Phase-I Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program
 Ferdinand, Robert.

Ecological Niche Modeling as a Method for Mapping Distribution of Hummingbird Hybrids
 Judd, Erica. and Butler, Chris.

Economic Effects of Chronic Budget Deficits
 Adegoke, Macleod.

Economic Structures Past and Present: Not So Different After-all!
 Adegoke, Macleod.

Economies in Recess: Comparison Between America's Great Depression and Great Recession
 Jardel, Jacob.

Education Credits and Deductions: A History and Policy Analysis
 Sherpa, Dechen., Chai, Sheauboon. and Sheets, Mary.

Educational Anomalies and the new Paradigm
 Barthell, John. and Cunliff, Ed.

Educational Equity: Perception or Reality at Local Levels
 Wicker, Michelle.

Effect of Diet, Exercise, and Oligomenorrhea on Bone Mineral Density in Dancers
 Farnell, Gregory., Mietus, Nick. and Weigel, Stephanie.

Effect of Jasmonic Acid on Biomass Accumulation and Enzyme Activity in Switchgrass
 Bidlack, Jocelyn., Olson, Paul., Cowo, Carmen., Ralstin, Erin., Dinger, Robert. and Bidlack, James.

Effect of Lanthionine Ketimine ester on C. elegans’ Nerve Cells in Culture.
 Benda, Erica., O\'Brien, Sean., Tiller, Glennda., Hensley, Kenneth. and Holgado, Andrea.

Effect of Physical Exercise on the Levels of Salivary Stress Markers
 Clay, Cassandra. and Roberts, Katarzyna.

Effect of Subclinical Mastitis on Somatic Cell Count and Plasmin Activity in Goat Milk
 Shangguan, Rulan., Spicer, Leon., DeWitt, Christina., Wang, Jinzhi. and Zeng, Steve.

Effect of Surfactant, Substrate, and Acid Doping on rod Coated Highly Conductive Transparent Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Films
 Headrick, Robert., Tan, Yongqiang. and Silvy, Ricardo.

Effect of Zero Gravity on Microbial Pathogenesis
 Souvannachak, Sarah. and Paul, Eric.

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FAMACHA Scores and Deworming Need in Sheep and Goats Grazed Together or Sheep Grazed Alone
 Hart, Steve., Gipson, Terry., Pirtle, Randy. and Cubbage, William.

Facebook in Business and Politics
 Hall, A.. and Sims, Jeanetta.

Factors Contributing to Optometric Physician job Satisfaction
 Ewert, Jordan., Crawford, Drew., Myers, Jason., Gallagher, Sarah. and Pembroke, John.

Factors Effecting Microhabitat Selection in Sympatric Collared Lizards (Crotaphytus collaris) and Fence Lizards (Sceloporus undulatus)
 White, Jared. and Husak, Michael.

False Confessions: Does Poor Self-Esteem Influence Self-Incrimination?
 Schrantz, Kathryn., Rehburg, Bruce. and Jones, Katherine.

Feature-positive and Feature-negative Learning in Honey Bees
 Abramson, Charles., Cakmak, Ibrahim., Duell, Meghan., Bates-Albers, Leah., Zuniga, Enoc., Pendergraft, Loma., Barnett, Amanda., Cowo, Carmen., Warren, Joshua., Albritton-Ford, Aaron., Barthell, John., Hranitz, John. and Wells, Harrington.

Feed Intake and Performance by Yearling Boer Goat Doelings Consuming Deep-stacked or Ensiled Broiler Litter
 Goetsch, Arthur., Detweiler, Glenn., Bah, Blaise., Sahlu, Tilahun. and Hayes, Jerry.

Feminist Identification and Activism: Empowerment of Women’s & Gender Studies Students
 Sanford, Amy Aldridge., Strong, Melissa. and Pennington-Zoellner, Kendra.

Ferroelectric Curie Temperature of Microscopic Ferroelectrics
 Moro, Ramiro. and Pettijohn, Levi.

Fewer Japanese Students - Why?
 Salmon, Thomas., Salmon, Junko. and Mishima, Yukari.

Fighting Back: The Effectiveness of Activism Rhetoric
 Duvall, Jaclyn.

Filamentous Freshwater Biomass as a Bioenergy Source
 Paiva, Nancy., Assamoi, Tetchi., Zounon, Judith., Jones, Stefan. and McKim, Steve.

Film Analysis of Avatar: Using the Anxiety/Uncertainty Management Theory to Make Sense of Intercultural Communication
 Russell, Logan.

First Codes
 Worthen, Rodney. and Tucker, Brody.

First Impressions: The Effect of Perceived Micro-Expressions on the Attitudes of Others
 Brand, Savannah., Mather, Robert. and Stewart, Patrick.

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GTP Allosterically Orders the Cxyanion Loop of CTP Synthetase for Interaction With 6-diazo-5-oxo-L-norleucine
 Walker, Jonathan. and Johnson, Jason.

Gender, Personality, and Computer use Revisited
 Geiger, John. and Laverghetta, Antonio.

Generalization of Data Using Artificial Neural Networks and Particle Swarm Optimization
 Wiechmann, Paul.

Generation of Doxorubicin Resistant Colorectal Carcinoma Cell Line
 Nguyen, Charles. and Kotturi, Hari.

Generation of Thymic Nurse Cell Lines From Balb/c Mice
 Bradley, Justina.

Genetic Evaluation of a Neotoma Micropus/Neotoma Floridana Hybrid Zone
 Rowell, Ethan. and Haynie, Michelle.

Genetic Variation at Major Histocompatibility Complex (Mhc) Loci in Neotoma Albigula: Potential Coevolution With Arenaviruses
 Hoss, Sarah., Eisemann, Amanda., Mendez-Harclerode, Francisca., Bradley, Robert., Fulhorst, Charles. and Haynie, Michelle.

Genetic Variation at Seven Microsatellite Loci in Neotoma Albigula (White-Throated Woodrat) From Arizona
 Eisemann, Amanda.

Genetic and Functional Assessment of the Role of rs13431652-A and rs573225-A Alleles in the G6PC2 Promoter
 Conley, Nicholas.

Georeferencing Historical Photos for Overlay Analysis
 Masoner, Mark.

Geospatial Summer Institute Fellowship Program- Princess Hays
 Hays, Princess.

Germany Meets the American Southwest
 Corpolongo, John.

Getting Promoted: The Challenges of Leading
 Jones, Douglas. and O\'Brien, John.

Google in Social Media Marketing: A Closer Look at SEO and Google+
 Robbins, Brandon. and Sims, Jeanetta.

Government Schooling and its Effects on Indigenous Cultures
 Thomas, Joe.

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Hanging by a Thread: Sustaining a Biomedical Freshman Learning Community
 Nelson, Mike., Maddy, Mark. and Madden, Rythm.

Hansel and Gretel: An Adaptation for the Children's Theatre Stage
 Pursley, Robyn. and Miller, Christopher.

Harriet Martineau, Malthus and new Poor Law Propaganda
 Nelson, Ashley.

Harvest Method for Proposed Extraplanetary Crops and the Effect on Microbial Community and Sanitization Efficacy
 Gates, Justin.

Have you Upped Your Game? Analyzing the Future of Advertising Through Advergames
 Ainsworth, Valera.

He got What he Deserved: Masculinity Threat and Hate Crime Location as Functions of Victim Blame and Perpetrator Punishment
 Cotner, Chad. and Mather, Robert.

Hello again
 Mason, Aaron.

Henry Hozier and the Coming of the Information age
 Molina, Michael.

Hepatic Immune Activation in the SIV/Macaque Model of HIV
 Lewis, Phoe.

Hiding Emotions: Differences With Inhibiting Emotional Facial Expressions Between the Sexes
 Durning, Kiersten. and Mather, Robert.

Highly Transparent Conductive Films From Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes
 Jennings, Christopher., Headrick, Robert., Tan, Yongqiang., Chen, Wei. and Silvy, Ricardo.

Historic Parallels: Consequences of Legislation
 Norris, Jessica.

Historical Preservation Through Exhibition Design: The Round Barn Project
 Ravikumar, Rukmini.

Homelessness & Veterans: We can do Better
 Zambezi, Talib.

How Credible Ideas Impact Decision Making
 Starr, Steven., Hinkle, Hailey. and Hancock, Thomas.

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Identification of Human Specific Biological Material Through Microribonucleic Acid Multiplexing
 Xu, Yanlin.

Identification of Mitochondrial Rodent DNA Isolated from Gnaw Marks on Skeletal Remains
 Taylor, Allison.

Identification of the Evolutionary History of Arthropods Using DNA Barcoding and Endosymbiont Identification
 Denton, Brandon., Malas, Sarrah. and Spencer, Diana.

Identifying Proliferative vs Non-Proliferative Myofibroblasts With Ethynyldeoxyuridine
 Odejimi, Tobi., Roberts, Dylan. and Vaughan, Melville.

Illustrating With Type: A Typographic Exploration of Nursery Rhymes
 Gabbard, Lanie.

Image Processing on Unidirectional Carbon Fiber Composites Cross-sectional Images
 Seyed Faraji, Leila. and Singh, Raman.

Imaginary Codes
 Kim, Taehwan., Stein, Andrea. and Zhang, Zhibin.

Impact of Initial Body Weight on Summer Stocker Cattle Performance
 Jett, Larissa., Phillips, William. and Coleman, Sam.

Impact of Organic Fertilizer “Fish Agra” on Growth and Development of Tomato
 Singh, Rajah Singh., Matand, Kanyand. and Wu, Ning.

Implementing Goal Writing in Patients With PSP
 Hawkins, Lyman. and McKaig, Michael.

Improving Exercise Compliance for Diabetics
 Farris, Pamela. and Powers, Melissa.

Improving Strength and Body Composition Through Physical Activity for Adults with Mental Disabilities
 Karnes, Tyler. and Powers, Melissa.

In Vivo Analysis of Insulin Delivery Using CPEs Designed via in Silico QSPR Approach
 Grada, Ayman., Gasem, Khaled. and Madihally, Sundararajan.

Indirect Demonstration of Malus' Law
 Williams, Karen. and Sennett, Morgan.

Inductive Coupling Impact of Coils in Wireless Power System for Implantable Cardiac Assist Devices
 Jassemnejad, Baha. and Shahadat, Shams.

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Japan’s Territorial Disputes With Korea: Dokdo/Takeshima
 Shin, Youngtae.


Kinesio Taping as a Treatment Option for Subacromial Impengement Syndrome
 El Manaseer, Thaer. and Russel, Renny.

Kinetic Model for the Oxidative Mechanism of Aqueous Nano-C60 Aggregates
 Hikkaduwa Koralege, Rangika., Murdianti, Befrika., Hilburn, Martha., Maples, Randall. and Ausman, Kevin.

Kinetics and Spectral Characterization of an Aromatic Aminotransferasee from Sacchromyces cerevisiae
 Dingbulla, Fabrice., Chooback, Lilian. and Karsten, William.


Labeled Praise in the High School Classroom
 Napier, Deni.

Land Cover and Landscape Change Dynamics in the Central High Plains of the U.S.
 Dung, Elisha. and Rao, Mahesh.

Laser Light Delivery System for Laser Immunotherapy
 Jassemnejad, Kajal.

Leadership Styles of Men and Women
 Pickens, Brandon. and Youll, Lorry.

Leadership Types and Influence Tactics
 Pech, Jade., Osburn, Holly. and Waples, Ethan.

Learning Strategies of Digital Forensics Examiners and Students Studying Digital Forensics in Oklahoma
 Elliott, Rachael.

Lectinolysin (LLY) is a Functional Evolutionary Intermediate of the Cholesterol-dependent Cytolysins
 Sanders, Jeffrey., Hotze, Eileen. and Tweeten, R..

Life History Theory and Attachments to God
 Presley, Jeni. and Limke, Alicia.

Light Intensity as a Microhabitat Characteristic for Hemidactylus turcicus.
 Dinger, Robert., Dinger, April. and Stabler, Brooke.

Limitations of Spectroscopic Analysis for Determining SWCNT Electronic Properties
 Brown, Chase., Headrick, Robert., Tan, Yongqiang., Silvy, Ricardo. and Rocha, John-David.

LinkedIn: The Professional’s Networking Tool
 Murray, Anthony. and Sims, Jeanetta.

Lloyds of London: A Look at the Management of Power During William Thompson’s Chairmanship (1826-1833).
 Scarton, Rainer.

Lloyd’s of London: The Good, the bad, and the Ambiguous: An Examination of Lloyd’s During WWI.
 Council, Bradley.

Low Electrolyte Microemulsion
 Baradaran, Sheila.


Macroinvertebrate Assemblages and Water Quality Analysis of Spring Systems Associated with Pontotoc Ridge Nature Preserve
 Brown, Kambridge.

Maintaining Peace Through the Twists and Turns of Labyrinth Research
 Rudebock, C. Diane., Schultz, Ellen. and Rhodes, John.

Mapping the Current Distribution of Wintering Yellow Rails
 Montes, Carlos. and Butler, Chris.

Marriage and The Lawton Constitution: An Analysis of Changes in Marriage License Applicants’ Age Differences
 Kwenda, Maxwell.

Matter Over Mind: Effects of Physical Exertion on Cognition
 House, Ashley.

Measuring Arousal as a Function of Narrative Voice
 Weed, David.

Measuring the Effect of Surface Contamination in Correlation to Time of Wetness (TOW) for Corrosion of Aluminum Using Fluorescent Probes
 Charles, Jean-Marie., Braasch, Dwaine., Williams, Eric. and Rawlins, James.

Medication Errors
 Ford, Darrell. and Blankenburg, Jayde.

Melatonin Causes Development of Longer Neuronal Processes in Primary Cell Culture.
 Biddy, Brent., Shields, Kirstin. and Fields, Stephen.

Metal Nanoparticles Decorated Carbon Nanotubes for Transparent Conductive Films
 Beem, Jennifer., Jennings, Christopher., Chen, Wei. and Silvy, Ricardo.

Methods Comparison for Quantitative Traits From Genome Wide Data
 Li, Xuesong.

Micro-fabrication of Polystyrene Bead Patterns with Photolithography
 Pickett, ShaRhonda.

Microhabitat Characteristics of Mediterranean Geckos (Hemidactylus turcicus) at the University of Central Oklahoma Campus
 Stabler, Brooke.

Military Leadership Styles and Traits Effected by Post Dramatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
 Brewer, Dewell.

Mitochondrial D-loop Sequence Variation Among Neotoma Albigula (White-throated Woodrat) from Arizona
 Ramsey, Shey., Mendez-Harclerode, Francisca., Fulhorst, Charles. and Haynie, Michelle.

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NSU Campus Fire Preparedness
 Willinger, Jonathan., Butler, Brooke., Thomas, Jimmy., Turner, Michael. and Ellis, Katy.

Nanocomposite-based Thermoelectric Devices for Structural Components
 Panachaveettil, Oonnittan Jacob., Vashaee, Daryoosh. and Vaidyanathan, Ranji.

Nasal Carriage of Staphylococcus Aureus and Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) in College Students
 Brennan, Robert. and Shang, Yuhang.

Native American Literature: Acquiring an Identity Through Assimilation
 Peck, Daphine.

Native Americans Higher Education and Cultural Displacement
 Byers, Steven., Vess, Avanna. and Boyd, Jesse.

Navigating the Research Fields of London
 Sheetz-Nguyen, Jessica.

Next-Gen Sequencing of Switchgrass Transcriptome
 Zeng, Xin.

Non-Operative Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation of a Female Athlete: A Case Study.
 Bilyeu, Melaney.

Non-Surgical Management of a Wrist Sprain in a High School Athlete
 Greene, Jordan. and Boster, Alison.

Not Monty’s Grail: Myth and History in the Pursuit of the Holy Grail
 Lankford, Dusty.

Novel Effect of Bitter Melon Fruit Extract on Amelioration of Colitis in Mice
 Nguyen, Charles., Chandrakesan, Parthasarathay., Ahmed, Ishfaq., Umar, Shahid. and Kotturi, Hari.

Novel HIV-1 Vaccine Strategies using Pseudoviruses and Env Expressing Cells
 Landoll, Jessica., Smith, Stacey. and West, John.

Numerical Solutions of the Sine Gordon Equation
 Joseph, Marlon. and Eby, Wayne.


Of Those Participating in Varsity Sports What Percentage of Those Maintained a GPA of 3.0 or Above?
 Kitchen, Phillip. and Garrison, Kristin.

Oklahoma Bandscapes: A Collaborative CD Project
 Magrill, Samuel., Lamb, Brian. and Johnson, Amy.

Oklahoma Casinos
 Brown, Dan.

Oklahoma Economy and Energy Prices
 Zhu, Zhen.

Oklahoma Spiritual Spaces, Sacred Places
 Newcomer, Robert.

On Heterogeneity in Mobile Application Development
 Sha, Kewei., Greve, Robert., Aguvaveedhi Reddy, Rohit Reddy. and Gehlot, Jegnesh.

On-Going Studies on Multiple Paternity in Collared Lizards
 York, Joshua., Haynie, Michelle. and Baird, Troy.

Opera Performance at the College Music Society Convention
 Lessley, Emerald. and Glaubitz, Robert.

Optimality of Sustainable Development
 Kwok, Julia., Rabe, Elizabeth. and Bekkering, Ernst.

Optimization of a Scintillator for the Measurement of Positrons from Trapped, Polarized 37K
 France, Erin.

Organize Requirement Statements for Novices’ Conceptual Modeling
 Huang, I-Lin. and Hsu, Juei.

Over-Expression of Protein Phosphatase 5 Decreases the Growth Rate of Human Fibroblast Cells
 Pace, Patricia., Shupert, Crystal., Brannock, Cori., Wade, Nicholas., Ritchie, Rebekah. and Golden, Teresa.


POSS-epoxy Nanocomposites-synthesis and Characterization
 Mishra, Kunal.

Pain Reaction With Increased Activity
 Hall, Brittanie.

Pair Bond Affects Social Recognition
 Stoutermire, Brittany.

Parallel and Distributed Image Rendering Using the NSF Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE)
 Moseley, Charles. and Abernathy, Vicky.

Parallels in the Lives of Emmy Noether & Rosalind Franklin
 Barthell, John. and Simmons, Charlotte.

Parent Perceptions of Parent Involvement of Elementary Aged Students With Learning Disabilities
 Rice, Holly.

Parental Divorce and Fear of Relational Intimacy
 Watson, Michelle. and Reeves, Tamara.

Password Security
 Cid, Barrett. and Ferguson, Paul`.

Patient and Physician Interactions: Encouraging Collaborative Communication
 Savage, Kyle.

Percentage of Overweight UCO Students Showing That a Lack of Sleep Affected Academic Performance
 Story, Jesse. and Hemani, Amreen.

Perception of Birth Control Utility: A Study of Media Effects
 Gann, Jessica. and Rothrock, Kristi.

Perceptions of Parents of Preschool Children With and Without Disabilities Regarding Inclusion
 Hilbert, Dana.

Perceptions of Prostate Cancer and Screening Among Faith-Based African American men
 Gibbs, Lincoln.

Periodontal Disease
 Byron, Shanel.

Personal Need for Structure and Approach/Avoidance Goals
 Cavazos, Jenel.

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QR Codes: A Growing Tool for “Real-Time” Marketing
 Abramo, Torrie. and Sims, Jeanetta.

Quality of Life in Youth With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
 Lack, Caleb.

Quantification of Capsaicin Levels in hot Peppers by gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
 Weddle, Alexus., VanAlphen, Brandi., Kanyumbu, Chi. and von Minden, David.

Quantitation of Insect DNA: Forensic Implications
 O\'Bannon, Elizabeth., Creecy, James. and Lord, Wayne.

Quantitative Image Analysis of Optical Properties of Prostate Cancer
 Jiang, Yuhao., Langston, Aaron. and Giri, Shyam.

Quantum Yield Research of Quinine Sulfate
 Evans, Ryan.


Reactions of Transition Metal Oxides With Water Vapor at High Temperatures
 Myers, Karen., Myers, Dwight., Biles, Robert. and Mount, Alisha.

Real Estate (Home) Performance Compared to SP500 & DJIA
 Chapman, David.

Rectangular Microchannel Fabrication for Microfluidics Experiments
 Henderson, Andrew. and Lemley, Evan.

Recycled Carpet Material for Infrastructure Applications
 Vaidyanathan, Ranji., Das, Sarat. and Patankar, Sunil.

Redistricting City Council Wards Using GIS
 Foster, Joel.

Reducing Prejudicial Associations Using Your Imagination
 Rose, James. and Mather, Robert.

Redundancy Splitter Switch
 Jassemnejad, Baha.

Reforming Marriage Laws to Reduce Stress on the Criminal Justice System
 Trim, Toni.

Refractive Index Sensitivity of Dye-doped Silica-coated Gold Nanorods
 Love, Kayla., Blythe, Karole., Mayer, Kathryn. and Willets, Katherine.

Registration and Voting in Oklahoma Gubernatorial Elections in 2002, 2006, and 2010
 Baker, Heather.

Regulation of Neutrophil Apoptosis by Lymphocytes in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE).
 Cook, Gregory., Walters, L.. and O\'Neil, K..

Rescue of VSM-1 Mutant Synaptic Defects by Microinjection of C. elegans
 Cabaniss, Madison., Moreno, Pamela., StJohn, Elizabeth., Short, Jeff. and Holgado, Andrea.

Respectable Revolution: How Female Cooks, Household Guides, and Gadgets Transformed the Victorian Kitchen, 1860-1915
 Diaz, Stephanie. and Sheetz-Nguyen, Jessica.

Retrospective Comparisons of Anthropometric Characteristic in NCAA Division I Football Players
 Jacobson, Bert.

Risk: Negotiating a Balance Between Creativity and Constraint in Design Classrooms
 Ravikumar, Rukmini.

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S Corp: What Determines a Reasonable Salary
 Kearns, Jeffrey. and Hora, Bambi.

Safe Sex Among College Students
 Collins, Cameron. and Appeddu, Lisa.

Salt Water Disposal Methods
 Holdridge, Josh. and Walker, Edward.

Saving the Cherokee Language
 Auten, Kristen.

Scientific Language and Anthropomorphism
 Goudge, Jennifer.

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Nest Structure and Composition in Southwestern Oklahoma
 Lamle, Alex., Landoll, Diane., White, Jared. and Husak, Michael.

Screening of Persea Americana for Antimicrobial Compounds
 Deloach, Eugene., Kimbrel, Chelsey., Young, Kendal. and Abraham, Kj.

Seatbelt Usage Statistical Observation
 Clark, Desmond. and Delano, Robert.

Secure Text
 Moffett, Cody. and Alrifai, Rad.

Selectivity of Various Salt Concentrations for Staphylococcus Aureus
 Ochoa, Brennan. and Brennan, Robert.

Self-standing Hybrid Nanofibers of TiO2 and TiO2/Hydroxyapatite for Photocatalytic and Photovoltatic Applications
 Rouhan, Parvaneh., Rahman, Masoud. and Shooshtari, Leyla.

Semanti Change Through Euphemism and Dysphemism
 Harkins, Augie.

Service Dogs Training: Program vs. Owner Trained
 Reeve, Elizabeth.

Service Learning and Forensic Science: The Oklahoma Tornado Victim Project
 McCoy, Mark.

Service-Learning in a University-based Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Site
 Sheets, Mary. and Mironova, Olga.

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TGF-Beta Increases Tension Generation in Ker-ct-ras Cells
 George, Lanice. and Vaughan, Melville.

Tagged Chromosome Insertion Site(TCIS): A new Method to Uncover DNA Zipcodes
 Mbara, Gerald., Harr, Jennifer., Yildirir, Gokben. and Reddy, Karen.

Tax Benefits for Education
 Anderson, Lisa., Patel, Harshil. and Sheets, Mary.

Tay-Sachs Disease: Bioinformatic Analysis of the HEXA Gene
 Andrews, Kathleen., Curry, Don., Greenwood, Whitney., Kinney, Heather., Sullivan, Stacie. and McDowell, Kathi.

Teaching Finance in an Integrated MBA Course
 Krishnan, Sivarama. and Teal, Mary.

The (Linguistic) Saint
 Conrad, Katherine.

The American Image
 Olivier, Gwendolyn.

The American Presidency as Seen Through Print Journalism
 Schmaltz, Eric., Mason, Aaron. and Platt, J..

The Application of Cytochrome c Oxidase Subunit I as a Foundation for Molecular Phylogenetics in Aquatic Metazoans
 Achterhof, Annette., Beauregard, Victoria., Dixon, Michael., Orr, Kim., Schalo, Ian., Toal, Sheri. and Spencer, Diana.

The Ard1 Oncogene Regulates Apoptosis in Drosophila Melanogaster
 Quinn, Brandon. and Ahlander, Joseph.

The Art of Storytelling: The Evolution of Narrative Art
 Hughes, Matthew.

The Association of Hormonal Contraceptives and Libido in Women
 Deffebaugh, Bailee. and Rider, Linda.

The BOINC Project
 Phillips, Mary. and Moseley, Charles.

The Best Kind of Secret, Steganography as Public Privacy
 Batdorf, Tyler.

The Biological Effects in Cells Exposed to Laser Irradiation
 Goddard, Jessica., Jose, Jessnie., Spencer, Chelsea., Vaughan, Melville. and Chen, Wei.

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UCO Events 2.0
 Fu, Jicheng., Schneeberger, Matt., Harden, Robert., Perlingiere, Danielle., Gainer, Ronnie., Myers, Brittany., Papera, Aaron. and Sluder, John.

UCO Wind Symphony Collaborative Recording Project
 Lamb, Brian., Shell, John., Repavich, William., Williamson, Chelsea. and Rushing, Sara.

Undergraduate Research Assistantships: Transformational Learning Experiences for Both Faculty Mentors and Creative Students
 Headrick, Sarah. and Clinton, M. Suzanne.

Undergraduate Research Experiences in Conservation Biology
 Smith, Patty.

Underkill/Overkill? Social Service Advergames
 Wilson, Tamera. and Wright Smith, Linda.

Underrepresentation of Students From a low Socioeconomic Status
 Jones, Jacquelyn.

Understanding the Dialectical Tensions Negotiated by African American Female Minority Entrepreneurs
 Anderson, Peggy. and Sims, Jeanetta.

Underwater R.O.V.
 Jassemnejad, Baha.

Unjust Acts Require Pleonexia
 Fuller, Erin.

Urban Agriculture in Philadelphia From a Triple Bottom Line Perspective
 Montoya, Ricardo.

Using Accelerometry to Quantify Power Wheelchair Usage in Children With Cerebral Palsy
 Yang, Tim., Fu, Jicheng. and Jan, Yih-Kuen.

Using Commericial Mushrooms as Baits to Attract Insects and Other Invertebrates
 Ovrebo, Clark., Derakhshan, Shahang. and Lord, Wayne.

Using Free Flying Honey Bees to Teach Principles of Learning
 Abramson, Charles., Butler, Maria., Kurtz, Richard., Wells, Shawnda. and Wells, Harrington.

Using Geolocators to Determine Migratory Patterns of Yellow Rails (Coturnicops noveboracensis)
 Becker, Erica., Butler, Chris. and Nguyen, Son.

Using Linguistic Inquiry Word Count (LIWC) to Understand Employee’s Work Environment
 Dzindolet, Mary. and Glazer, Courtney.

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V60L Uncouples Glutaminase and Synthetase Activities in CTP Synthetase: GTP Partially Restores Coupling
 Bayer, Mary., Stacy, Ashlie. and Johnson, Jason.

VSM-1 is a SNARE Interacting Protein That Regulates Synapse Formation
 Wheeler, Tanner., Graham, Melanie., Guthmueller, Kassandra., Yoder, Maggie., Fischer, Carissa., Holgado, Andrea., Seals, LaKesha. and Edwards, Angela.

Variability Among Enumerators in Assigning Body Condition Scores in Meat Goats
 Merkel, Roger. and Gipson, Terry.

Variation in the Number and Overlap Pattern of Scleral Ossicles in the Diamondback Terrapin (Malaclemys Terrapin).
 Painter, Kyla., Andrews, Kenneth. and Siweckyj, Alison.


War Codes
 Aliwali, Joseph., Alamoudi, Alaudeen., Alhafshan, Hassan. and Alzamanan, Mohammed.

We Are Collages
 Sluice, Melissa.

Weedy Vines in Dry Times: Population Dynamics of Cyclanthera Dissecta
 Lopez, Irene., Christensen, Ryan., England, Chelsi., Farris, Bonnie. and Castle, Lisa.

Weight Loss Goals in Comparison with Self Image in College Students
 Smith, Chelsea. and Cook, Cory.

What are College Students Doing About Their Weight Regarding Self-reported Body Mass Index (BMI)
 Bogda, Kristin. and Westrup, Ryan.

What is Good Reading and Writing: Profiles of Literate Identity
 Collins, Julie.

When you Think you are Doing Best you may be Letting Down
 Wiersema, Kristi.

Wikis: A Beneficial Tool for Business Success
 Gore, Tyler. and Sims, Jeanetta.

Wintering Black Rails
 Hibdon, Holly. and Butler, Chris.

Women With Ambition, Subverting From Gender Roles in a Patriarchal society.
 Goemmer, Amanda.

Women in World History and Their Influence on the Economic Stability of their Nations
 Goemmer, Amanda.

Women of Color on Primetime Television: An Analysis of Roles Women of Color Play on Television
 Matthews, Jennifer. and Kleeman, Kole.


X-ray Crystal Structure of an Azoreductase Protein from Clostridium Perfringens
 Camp, Cassandra.

X-ray Diffraction Mapping With Five-axis Stage and Genetic Algorithm Optimization
 Allahkarami, Masoud. and Hanan, Jay.


YouTube: The Shift From Mass Media to User-Generated Video Content
 Turner, Kylee., Holmes, Jeremy. and Sims, Jeanetta.
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