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Creativity as Structured Heteroglossia: Toward a Dialectical Reformulation of Group Communication and Creativity
Unformatted Document Text:  Creativity as Structured Heteroglossia: Toward a Dialectical Reformulation of Group Communication and Creativity Abstract Despite extensive research on the determinants of group creativity, no variables have been identified as both necessary and sufficient to precipitate creative discovery. At best, researchers have identified seemingly contradictory aspects of the creative process variables that are critical at one point in the creative process yet oftentimes are detrimental at other stages. Embracing the theoretical importance of dialectical tensions, we propose that managing dialectical oppositions during the creative process is critical to creative group outcomes, with communication being central to this structuring process. We apply the perspective of multiple dialectics to creativity research on persons, processing, processes, and product—and identify eight dialectics with sixteen tensions. Group creativity is best viewed as multi-voiced or heteroglossic, which begets a metaphor of creativity as a prism dissected with numerous dialogized tensions. As the creative process unfolds, these tensions push and pull to create multiple facets by which the creative product can be seen. We conclude with a structuration theory-based dynamic model that takes into account (a) multiple dialectical tensions embedded in persons, (individual) processing, (collective) processes, and products attendant to creativity; (b) the effects of actors’ reflexivity; and (c) the recursivity between person/processing/processes and the envisioned creative product.

Authors: Alimahomed, Kasim., Seibold, David., Stoltzfus, Kimberly., kang, paul., Patton, Robert. and Sim, Elisia.
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Creativity as Structured Heteroglossia: 
Toward a Dialectical Reformulation of Group Communication and Creativity
Despite extensive research on the determinants of group creativity, no variables 
have been identified as both necessary and sufficient to precipitate creative discovery.  At 
best, researchers have identified seemingly contradictory aspects of the creative process 
variables that are critical at one point in the creative process yet oftentimes are 
detrimental at other stages.  Embracing the theoretical importance of dialectical tensions, 
we propose that managing dialectical oppositions during the creative process is critical to 
creative group outcomes, with communication being central to this structuring process. 
We apply the perspective of multiple dialectics to creativity research on persons
processingprocesses, and product—and identify eight dialectics with sixteen tensions. 
Group creativity is best viewed as multi-voiced or heteroglossic, which begets a 
metaphor of creativity as a prism dissected with numerous dialogized tensions.  As the 
creative process unfolds, these tensions push and pull to create multiple facets by which 
the creative product can be seen.  We conclude with a structuration theory-based dynamic 
model that takes into account (a) multiple dialectical tensions embedded in persons, 
(individual) processing, (collective) processes, and products attendant to creativity; (b) 
the effects of actors’ reflexivity; and (c) the recursivity between 
person/processing/processes and the envisioned creative product.

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