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Hanging Out: Features of Urban Elementary Students’ Classroom Social Networks
Unformatted Document Text:  Running Head: URBAN ELEMENTARY STUDENTS’ CLASSROOM SOCIAL NETWORKS Hanging Out: Features of Urban Elementary Students’ Classroom Social Networks Jennifer Watling Neal, M.A. University of Illinois at Chicago Approximate Word Count: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ * Corresponding Author: Jennifer Watling Neal. Address: University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Psychology M/C 285. 1007 W. Harrison St. Chicago IL 60607. This research was funded by a Provost Award for Graduate Research from the University of Illinois at Chicago and has been approved by UIC’s IRB (Research Protocol #2006-0231). I would like to acknowledge Marc Atkins, David Henry, Zachary Neal, Pamela Popielarz, and Olga Reyes for their support and feedback as I developed the ideas for this paper. I would also like to extend my gratitude toward the school staff and students at the elementary school from which the data used in this paper were collected. Finally, I would like to thank Christine Haislup and Erin Stachowicz for their help with data collection.

Authors: Neal, Jennifer.
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Hanging Out: Features of Urban Elementary Students’ Classroom Social Networks 
Jennifer Watling Neal, M.A. 
University of Illinois at Chicago 
Approximate Word Count:  
 Corresponding Author: Jennifer Watling Neal.   
Address: University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Psychology M/C 285.  1007 W. Harrison St. Chicago IL 60607. 
This research was funded by a Provost Award for Graduate Research from the University of Illinois at Chicago and has been 
approved by UIC’s IRB (Research Protocol #2006-0231).  I would like to acknowledge Marc Atkins, David Henry, Zachary 
Neal, Pamela Popielarz, and Olga Reyes for their support and feedback as I developed the ideas for this paper.  I would also 
like to extend my gratitude toward the school staff and students at the elementary school from which the data used in this paper 
were collected.  Finally, I would like to thank Christine Haislup and Erin Stachowicz for their help with data collection.

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