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Democracy in the Globalizing City: Democratic Participation in Mumbai's Mega-Project Development
Unformatted Document Text:  v As described below, resident consent had been a requirement for the project before November 2006 when it was announced that the consent requirement of Slum Rehabilitation Scheme would not apply in the case of the DRP. vi These deliberations and debates feature heavily in the early chapters of my dissertation, in which I discuss the nature of urban governance in colonial and then independent Bombay and its implications for urban planning. vii And as I discuss below with respect to the elimination of the “consent clause” for the DRP, structural reforms that have already existed have meanwhile been removed or at least restricted. viii “Rehabilitation” refers to the on-site resettlement of slum-dwellers into mid-rise buildings. Eligibility is based upon whether residents can prove continuous occupancy in their current dwelling since January 1, 2000. It is difficult to assess the number of residents currently ineligible, but a conservative estimate places this population at about 100,000 people or 14% of Dharavi current population. ix As I explain below, this estimate is based on early projections provided by Mashaal, the research firm hired to conduct a census of Dharavi in advance of the DRP. This number will likely be revised once the census is completed and the estimates are made available. x Mehta’s fee is one percent of total project expenditures, which are estimated at two billion dollars, making Mehta’s share twenty million dollars. xi This meeting occurred before I began my fieldwork and I was not present for it. It was described to me, however by many informants throughout my research period. Some of the accounts I was given have conflicting details and I have not been able to corroborate their accounts. Consequently, my description of the meeting remains vague. xii The consent clause is discussed in the Development Control Rules of Greater Mumbai, DCR 33(10).in the discussion of the Slum Rehabilitation Scheme (SRS), the policy governing all projects entailing the rehabilitation (or re-housing) of slum dwellers in mid-rise buildings. Although the SRS

Authors: Weinstein, Liza.
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 As described below, resident consent had been a requirement for the project before November 2006 
when it was announced that the consent requirement of Slum Rehabilitation Scheme would not apply in 
the case of the DRP.
 These deliberations and debates feature heavily in the early chapters of my dissertation, in which I 
discuss the nature of urban governance in colonial and then independent Bombay and its implications 
for urban planning.
 And as I discuss below with respect to the elimination of the “consent clause” for the DRP, structural 
reforms that have already existed have meanwhile been removed or at least restricted.
 “Rehabilitation” refers to the on-site resettlement of slum-dwellers into mid-rise buildings. 
Eligibility is based upon whether residents can prove continuous occupancy in their current dwelling 
since January 1, 2000.  It is difficult to assess the number of residents currently ineligible, but a 
conservative estimate places this population at about 100,000 people or 14% of Dharavi current 
 As I explain below, this estimate is based on early projections provided by Mashaal, the research firm 
hired to conduct a census of Dharavi in advance of the DRP. This number will likely be revised once 
the census is completed and the estimates are made available. 
 Mehta’s fee is one percent of total project expenditures, which are estimated at two billion dollars, 
making Mehta’s share twenty million dollars.
 This meeting occurred before I began my fieldwork and I was not present for it. It was described to 
me, however by many informants throughout my research period. Some of the accounts I was given 
have conflicting details and I have not been able to corroborate their accounts. Consequently, my 
description of the meeting remains vague.
 The consent clause is discussed in the Development Control Rules of Greater Mumbai, DCR 
33(10).in the discussion of the Slum Rehabilitation Scheme (SRS), the policy governing all projects 
entailing the rehabilitation (or re-housing) of slum dwellers in mid-rise buildings.  Although the SRS 

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