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A Case Study of Historiography of Event: ‘1840’-A Significant Year for the Incorporation of China
Unformatted Document Text:  i One ching = one hundred mou = 15.13 acres. ii Yang Sipa’s memorial was in Huang chao jing shi wen pien (the Collections of Imperial Affairs), Vol. 39. Taipei: Shangwu Publishers. Huang chao jng shi wen pien was originally published in Qing dynasty. iii One mu=6.144 acres; one tael=37.30 grams. iv At the end of the 18th century, the ratio of rent in cash to rent in kind was 1 to 2. It did not increase significantly. v According to Qing shi lu (The Record of Qing Dynasty), the total Chinese population was 143,411,559 in 1741 and 413,457,311 in 1841; it increased 270,045,752 within 100 years before the Opium War. References Amin, Samir (1999). “History Conceived as an Eternal Cycle,” Review XXII, No.3: 291-326.

Authors: Shih, Miin-wen.
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One ching = one hundred mou = 15.13 acres.
 Yang Sipa’s memorial was in Huang chao jing shi wen pien (the Collections of Imperial Affairs), Vol. 39. Taipei: Shangwu Publishers. Huang chao 
jng shi wen pien was originally published in Qing dynasty. 
 One mu=6.144 acres; one tael=37.30 grams.  
 At the end of the 18th century, the ratio of rent in cash to rent in kind was 1 to 2. It did not increase significantly.  
 According to Qing shi lu (The Record of Qing Dynasty), the total Chinese population was 143,411,559 in 1741 and 413,457,311 in 1841; it increased 
270,045,752 within 100 years before the Opium War.  
Amin, Samir (1999). “History Conceived as an Eternal Cycle,” Review XXII, No.3: 291-326.

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