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A Case Study of Historiography of Event: ‘1840’-A Significant Year for the Incorporation of China
Unformatted Document Text:  Arrighi, Giovanni (1990). Financial Rebirths and Systemic Cycles of Accumulation 1350-2000. Binghamton: Fernand Braudel Center. Braudel, Fernand (1984). The Perspective of the World. Civilization & Capitalism 15th-18 th Century. Volume 3. New York: Harper & Row Publishers. Eisenstadt, S. N. (1963). The Political System of Empire. New York: Free Press. Frank, Andre Gunder (1998). ReOrient: Global Economy in the Asian Age. Berkeley: University of California Press. Hardy, Osgood & Glenn S. Dumke (1949). A History of the Pacific Area in Modern Times. Boston, Houghton Mifflin Co. Hsü, Immanuel C. Y. (1983). The Rise of Modern China. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Jiang, Jianpin (1985). Jianming zhongguo jindai jingjishi (Concise Modern Economic History of China). Beijing: Beijing daxue chubanshe (Beijing University Press). Jin, Guantao (1983). Zai lishi yu xianxiang zhi wai: zhonggou fengjian shehui zhao wending xitong de yanjiu (Behind the Historical Phenomenon: Study of Ultra-stability System of Chinese Feudal Society). Cendu: Sizhuan Remin cubanshe (Sizhuan People's Publishers). Jin, Yaoji (1977). Zhongguo xiandaihua yu zhishifenzi (Modernization of China and Chinese Intellectual). Taipei: Yanxin Publisher. __________ (1978). Zon chuantong daoxiandai (From Tradition to Modernity). Taipei: Shibao chubanshe (China Times Press). Jin, Guantao & Qingfong Liu (1984). Xingseng yu weji (Rise and Crisis). Hunan: Hunan Remin cubanshe (Hunan People's Publishers). Kuang, Haolin (1989). Jianming zhongguo jindai jingjishi (Concise Modern Economic History of China). Beijing: Zhongyang minzu xueyuan chubanshe (Press of College of Central Peoples). Levy, M. J. (1972). Modernization: Latecomers and Survivors. New York: Basic Books MacFarquhar R. (1980). “The Post-Confucian Challenge,” The Economist (February 9, 1980): 67-72. Metzger, T. A. (1977). Escape from Predicament: Neo-Confucianism and China's Evolving Political Culture. New York: Columbia University Press. Mao, Zedong (1968). "Zhongguo geming yu zhongguo gongchandang" ("Chinese Revolution and Chinese Communist Party"), Mao Zedong xuanji (Selected Works of Mao Zedong). Beijing: Renmin chubanshe (People's Publishers).

Authors: Shih, Miin-wen.
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Arrighi, Giovanni (1990). Financial Rebirths and Systemic Cycles of Accumulation 
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Beijing: Renmin chubanshe (People's Publishers).  

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