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A Case Study of Historiography of Event: ‘1840’-A Significant Year for the Incorporation of China
Unformatted Document Text:  Morishima, Michio (1982). Why Has Japan Succeeded? Western Technology and the Japanese Ethos. New York: Cambridge University Press. Sun, Zhongxing (1993). "Cun xinjiao lunli dao rujia lunli, liaojie, pipan, he yingyong weibo lundian" ("From Protestant Ethics to Confucian Ethics, Understanding, Critique, and Application of Weber's Viewpoints") in Zhongxing Sun et al, Rujia lunli yu jingji fazhan (Confucian Ethics and Economic Development). Taipei: Yunzhen Publishers. Wallerstein, Immanuel (1991). Unthinking Social Science. The Limits of Nineteenth-Century Paradigms. Cambridge: Polity Press. __________ (1997). The Modern World-System III: The Second Era of Great Expansion of the Capitalist World-Economy, 1730-1840s. New York: Academic Press. __________(2000). The Essential Wallerstein. New York: New Press. Wittfogel, K. A. (1958). Oriental Despotism. New Heaven: Yale University Press. Wu, Chengming & Dixin Xu (1985 I). Zhongguo zibenzhuyi fazhanshi. Vol. I: Zhingguo zibenzhuyi de mengya (The Developmental History of Chinese Capitalism. Vol. I: Sprout of Chinese Capitalism. Beijing: Renming chubanshe (People's Publishers). Wu, Chengming & Dixin Xu (1985 II). Zhongguo zibenzhuyi fazhanshi. Vol. II: Jiumingzhuzhuyigeming shiqi de zhingguozibenzhuyi (The Developmental History of Chinese Capitalism. Vol. II: Chinese Capitalism of Period of Old Democratic Revolution). Beijing: Renming chubanshe (People's Publishers). Yang, Liqian & Weibing Sheng (1983). "'Jindai zhongguo zichanjieji yenjiu' taolunhuei zhongshu," ("Review of Conference on Research on the Bourgeoisie in Modern China,"). Lishi yenjiu (Study of History), 6. Zhen, Xuejia (1986). Zhonggong xinwangshi (The History of the Rise and Fall of the Chinese Communist Party). Taipei: Xueshu chubanshe.

Authors: Shih, Miin-wen.
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Morishima, Michio (1982). Why Has Japan Succeeded? Western Technology and the 
Japanese Ethos. New York: Cambridge University Press.
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Application of Weber's Viewpoints") in Zhongxing Sun et al, Rujia lunli yu jingji 
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Revolution). Beijing: Renming chubanshe (People's Publishers).
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China,"). Lishi yenjiu (Study of History), 6.   
Zhen, Xuejia (1986). Zhonggong xinwangshi (The History of the Rise and Fall of the Chinese 
Communist Party). Taipei: Xueshu chubanshe.  

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