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Becoming a Neighborhood Saver: Engaging the Community in Los Angeles
Unformatted Document Text:  18 Melucci, Alberto (1996) Challenging Codes: Collective Action in the Information Age. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press Melucci Alberto (1989) Nomads of the Present: Social Movements and Individual Needs in Contemporary Society. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press Morris, Aldon D. (1984) The Origins of the Civil Rights Movement: Black Communities Organizing for Change. New York, NY: Free Press Polletta, Francesca (2002) Freedom is an Endless Meeting: Democracy in American Social Movements. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press Polletta, Francesca (1999) “’Free Spaces’ in Collective Action.” Theory and Society 28: 1-38 Rothschild-Whitt, Joyce (1979) “The Collectivist Organization: An Alternative to Rational- Bureaucratic Models.” American Sociological Review 44: 509-527 Rothschild, Joyce and Whitt, J. Allen (1986) The Cooperative Workplace: Potentials and Dilemmas of Organizational Democracy and Participation. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press Rupp, Leila and Taylor, Verta (1987) Survival in the Doldrums: The American Women's Rights Movement, 1945 to the 1960s. Columbus, OH: Ohio State University Press Staggenborg, Suzanne (2001) “Beyond Culture vs. Politics: A Case Study of a Local Women’s Movement.” Gender and Society 15: 507-530 Tarrow, Sidney G. (1993) “Cycles of Collective Action: Between Moments of Madness and the Repertoire of Contention.” Social Science History 17: 281-307 Taylor, Verta (1989) “Social Movement Continuity: The Women's Movement in Abeyance.” American Sociological Review 54: 761-775 Whittier, Nancy (1995) Feminist Generations: The Persistence of the Radical Women’s Movement. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press Zolberg, Aristide (1972) “Moments of Madness.” Politics and Society 2: 183–207

Authors: Glass, Pepper.
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Melucci, Alberto (1996) Challenging Codes: Collective Action in the Information Age
Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press
Melucci Alberto (1989) Nomads of the Present: Social Movements and Individual Needs in  
Contemporary Society. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press  
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Organizing for Change. New York, NY: Free Press
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Movements.  Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press
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Bureaucratic Models.” American Sociological Review 44: 509-527
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Dilemmas of Organizational Democracy and Participation. Cambridge, UK: 
Cambridge University Press
Rupp, Leila and Taylor, Verta (1987) Survival in the Doldrums: The American Women's 
Rights Movement, 1945 to the 1960s. Columbus, OH: Ohio State University Press
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Movement.” Gender and Society 15: 507-530
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Repertoire of Contention.” Social Science History 17: 281-307
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American Sociological Review 54: 761-775
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Movement.  Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press
Zolberg, Aristide (1972) “Moments of Madness.” Politics and Society 2: 183–207

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