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"What's In It For Me?": Why Members of Congress Pursue Oversight
Unformatted Document Text:  Figure 8: Average Number of (Sub)committee Oversight Hearings per Congress, 105-109 th Congresses Regarding variation across time but within a given House subunit, the differing lengths of the dotted line whiskers and interquartile range bars show that, while some commit-tees and subcommittees tend to hold approximately the same number of hearings inevery Congress, for others the number of hearings held fluctuated widely from Congressto Congress. The Government Management, Finance & Accountability Subcommittee 31 of the Government Reform & Oversight Committee (which is the right-most subunit inFigure 8) is perhaps the most extreme example. During the 106 th Congress, this subcom- mittee held 66 oversight hearings; by the 109 th , this number fell to seven hearings. More typical is the Health Subcommittee of the Energy & Commerce Committee, which heldbetween one and nine hearings per Congress during this period. 31 also known as the Government Management, Information & Technology Subcommittee and the Government Efficiency, Financial Management & Intergovernmental Relations Subcommittee at variouspoints during this period 23

Authors: Feinstein, Brian.
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Figure 8: Average Number of (Sub)committee Oversight Hearings per Congress, 105-109
Regarding variation across time but within a given House subunit, the differing lengths
of the dotted line whiskers and interquartile range bars show that, while some commit-
tees and subcommittees tend to hold approximately the same number of hearings in
every Congress, for others the number of hearings held fluctuated widely from Congress
to Congress. The Government Management, Finance & Accountability Subcommittee
of the Government Reform & Oversight Committee (which is the right-most subunit in
Figure 8) is perhaps the most extreme example. During the 106
Congress, this subcom-
mittee held 66 oversight hearings; by the 109
, this number fell to seven hearings. More
typical is the Health Subcommittee of the Energy & Commerce Committee, which held
between one and nine hearings per Congress during this period.
also known as the Government Management, Information & Technology Subcommittee and the
Government Efficiency, Financial Management & Intergovernmental Relations Subcommittee at various
points during this period

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