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A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Academic Content Words: Preparing Teachers to Utilize Visual Resource Strategies to Teach English Language Learner Students in Grades PK - 12
Unformatted Document Text:  B. Description of Presentation 1. Title: A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Academic Content Words: Preparing Teachers to Utilize Visual Resource Strategies to Teach English Language Learner Students in Grades PK - 12 2. Objectives of Presentation The education of English-Language Learners has become a great concern for educators throughout the nation. As this population of students is increasing (Rumberger, 2002), so is the need to meet the educational needs of this student group. Therefore, the emphasis on sheltered English strategies to teach English-Language Learner students has become of major emphasis for educators in several states. As Katherine Au (2003) submits, teachers must hone their instructional practices to prepare English Learner students to meet the academic levels of their English-speaking counterparts. The instructional practices must take into account: the comprehension levels of the English language (Cummins, 1994) and academic vocabulary (Scarcella, 2003). Research has indicated that instructional practices, approaches and methods can be most effective for English Language learners when they are based on visuals and kinesthetic activities (Brechtel, 2001; Kinsella, 1996; Reid, 1987;International Reading Association Standard 2.2, 2003). Providing alternative instruction is key to developing academic vocabulary for English-Language Learner students.The presenter will discuss the impact of academic content area vocabulary on English Language Learner students in a diverse community area in the Los Angeles, California area. Given the political climate of high stakes testing now impacting students PK – 12 grade levels, the presenter will discuss how visual resources can expand English vocabulary knowledge-base from conversational level to academic/critical thinking level. Teacher preparation educators will learn how to instruct future teachers in effective instructional strategies involving analysis of: diagrams, thematic pictures and narrative writing elements. Throughout the session segment, the integration of academic vocabulary will be presented. 3. Relationship to Conference Theme/Strands: Type of Session: Thematic Session: Multiple Paper FormatStrand I: Multiple Literacies/Integrated LearningWhat exemplars exist for preparing teachers to engage students in essential knowledge and skills in the various literacies? This session will provide teacher preparation educators with effective strategies for English-Language Learner students who have a good foundation in conversational English (Intermediate level of English language acquisition), yet

Authors: Rockett, Helen.
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Description of Presentation
Title:  A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Academic Content Words:  Preparing 
Teachers to Utilize Visual Resource Strategies to Teach English Language 
Learner Students in Grades PK - 12
Objectives of Presentation 
The education of English-Language Learners has become a great concern for 
educators throughout the nation. As this population of students is increasing 
(Rumberger, 2002), so is the need to meet the educational needs of this 
student group.  Therefore, the emphasis on sheltered English strategies to 
teach English-Language Learner students has become of major emphasis for 
educators in several states. As Katherine Au (2003) submits, teachers must 
hone their instructional practices to prepare English Learner students to meet 
the academic levels of  their English-speaking counterparts.  The instructional 
practices must take into account:  the comprehension levels of the English 
language (Cummins, 1994) and academic vocabulary (Scarcella, 2003). 
Research has indicated that instructional practices, approaches and methods 
can be most effective for English Language learners when they are based on 
visuals and kinesthetic activities (Brechtel, 2001; Kinsella, 1996; Reid, 
1987;International Reading Association Standard 2.2, 2003).  Providing 
alternative instruction is key to developing academic vocabulary for English-
Language Learner students.
The presenter will discuss the impact of academic content area vocabulary on 
English Language Learner students in a diverse community area in the Los 
Angeles, California area.  Given the political climate of high stakes testing 
now impacting students PK – 12 grade levels, the presenter will discuss how 
visual resources can expand English vocabulary knowledge-base from 
conversational level to academic/critical thinking level.  Teacher preparation 
educators will learn how to instruct future teachers in effective instructional 
strategies involving analysis of:  diagrams, thematic pictures and narrative 
writing elements.  Throughout the session segment, the integration of 
academic vocabulary will be presented.
3.  Relationship to Conference Theme/Strands:
Type of Session:  
Thematic Session:  Multiple Paper Format
Strand I:  Multiple Literacies/Integrated Learning
What exemplars exist for preparing teachers to engage 
students in essential knowledge and skills in the various 
This session will provide teacher preparation educators with effective strategies 
for English-Language Learner students who have a good foundation in 
conversational English (Intermediate level of English language acquisition), yet 

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