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Using Community-Based Research to Encourage Student Engagement with Local Government
Unformatted Document Text:  Best Practices Paper (FINAL DRAFT due before Dec. 11 th ) For the final draft the group must submit an improved version of their report based on their own insights and my comments on the first draft. The grade on this final draft will represent the final quarter of the student’s grade for this assignment and will be graded on the following criteria: 1) is the format and presentation consistent throughout the report, 2) is the report clear and well organized, 3) does the report contain a clear and logical introduction and conclusion, 4) were my comments addressed, and 5) is a clear and well written cover letter attached to the report? Finally, to be eligible to receive this final portion of the grade each student must also submit a 1 to 2 page reflective letter on this project. I ask that you answer the following two questions: how did this assignment help contribute to your learning in this class? And, would you recommend this assignment for future classes (make sure you discuss why or why not?)? Please note that this letter will not be graded, so you may use low-stakes writing. I am much more interested in your thoughts rather than presentation. 29

Authors: Meinke, Tim.
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Best Practices Paper 
(FINAL DRAFT due before Dec. 11
For the final draft the group must submit an improved version of their report based on 
their own insights and my comments on the first draft.  The grade on this final draft will 
represent the final quarter of the student’s grade for this assignment and will be graded on the 
following criteria: 1) is the format and presentation consistent throughout the report, 2) is the 
report clear and well organized, 3) does the report contain a clear and logical introduction and 
conclusion, 4) were my comments addressed, and 5) is a clear and well written cover letter 
attached to the report?
Finally, to be eligible to receive this final portion of the grade each student must also 
submit a 1 to 2 page reflective letter on this project.  I ask that you answer the following two 
questions: how did this assignment help contribute to your learning in this class?  And, would 
you recommend this assignment for future classes (make sure you discuss why or why not?)? 
Please note that this letter will not be graded, so you may use low-stakes writing.  I am much 
more interested in your thoughts rather than presentation.

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