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Judging a Book by the Cover: Using Facial Expressions to Predict Performance
Unformatted Document Text:  FACIAL EXPRESSIONS PREDICT PERFORMANCE References Ahn, S.J., Jabon, M.E., & Bailenson, J.N. (2008). Facial expressions as predictors of online buying intention . Proceedings of the 58th Annual International Communication Association Conference. May 22-26, Montreal, Canada. Ambady, N., & Rosenthal, R. (1992). Thin slices of behavior as predictors of interpersonal consequences: A meta-analysis. Psychological Bulletin, 2, 256-274. Bailenson, J.N., Pontikakis, E.D., Jabon, M.E., Takayama, L., & Nass, C. (2008). Classification of facial expressions for predicting unsafe driving behavior. In review. Bailenson, J.N., Pontikakis, E.D., Mauss, I.B., Gross, J.J., Jabon, M.E., Hutcherson, C.A., Nass, C., & John, O. (2008). Real-time classification of evoked emotions using facial feature tracking and physiological responses . International Journal of Human Machine Studies, 66, 303-317. Blascovhich, J., Loomis, J., Beall, A.C., Swinth, K.R., Hoyt, C.L., & Bailenson, J.N. (2002). Immersive virtual environment technology as a methodological tool for social psychology. Psychological Inquiry, 2002, 13(2), 103-124. Chartrand, T. L., & Bargh, J. A. (1999). The chameleon effect: The perception-behavior link and social interaction. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 76, 893-910. Collier, G. (1985). Emotional expression. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Publishers. Colmenarez, A.J., Xiong, Z., & Huang, T.S. (2004). Facial analysis from continuous video with applications to human-computer interface. Kluwer Academic Publishers. Curhan, J.R., & Pentland, A. (2007). Thin slices of negotiation: Predicting outcomes 33

Authors: Ahn, Sun Joo., Jabon, Maria. and Bailenson, Jeremy.
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Ahn, S.J., Jabon, M.E., & Bailenson, J.N. (2008). 
Proceedings of the 58th Annual International Communication 
Association Conference. May 22-26, Montreal, Canada.
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Bailenson, J.N., Pontikakis, E.D., Jabon, M.E., Takayama, L., & Nass, C. (2008). 
Classification of facial expressions for predicting unsafe driving behavior. In review. 
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psychology. Psychological Inquiry, 2002, 13(2), 103-124.
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link and social interaction. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 76, 893-910.
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Inc. Publishers.
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Curhan, J.R., & Pentland, A. (2007). Thin slices of negotiation: Predicting outcomes 

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