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Southern Cities by Legislation: Race, Class and Jeffersonian Democracy
Unformatted Document Text:  The sampling method for the present study will be primarily based on a simple non-probability sampling procedure as compared to a stratified method of case selection. The selected cases will be composed of a convenience or accidental sample of elected general assembly persons. However, for the purpose of triangulation, a simple random sample of elected officials will be selected for additional analyses and comparisons. Instrumentation The present study did not require the creation of specific research tools for identifying demographic or social variables within the study. Procedure and Time Frame Collection and analysis of the research data will begin January 1, 2007 and conclude on February 28, 2007. Collection of the research data will not involve extraordinary research procedures (e.g., surveys inform consent, etc.). Data Analysis The analysis of the variables will be conducted utilizing SPSS 14.0 (2004). The following types of analyzes will be performed on the variables under consideration: Chi- square test cross-tabulation, r-square analysis, cramer’s v, and logistic regression Operational Definitions Outcome Variable Vote on HB 84 (1993) refers to the vote cast by the members of Georgia’s House of Representatives regarding changes to the state’s statues governing the process of local government formation.

Authors: Green III, Willie.
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The sampling method for the present study will be primarily based on a simple 
non-probability sampling procedure as compared to a stratified method of case selection. 
The selected cases will be composed of a convenience or accidental sample of elected 
general assembly persons. However, for the purpose of triangulation, a simple random 
sample of elected officials will be selected for additional analyses and comparisons. 
The present study did not require the creation of specific research tools for 
identifying demographic or social variables within the study.
Procedure and Time Frame
Collection and analysis of the research data will begin January 1, 2007 and 
conclude on February 28, 2007. Collection of the research data will not involve 
extraordinary research procedures (e.g., surveys inform consent, etc.).
Data Analysis
The analysis of the variables will be conducted utilizing SPSS 14.0 (2004). The 
following types of analyzes will be performed on the variables under consideration: Chi-
square test cross-tabulation, r-square analysis, cramer’s v, and logistic regression
Operational Definitions
Outcome Variable
Vote on HB 84 (1993) refers to the vote cast by the members of Georgia’s House 
of Representatives regarding changes to the state’s statues governing the process of local 
government formation. 

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