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National Advocacy on Behalf of the Poor: An Analysis of Organizational Decision-Making
Unformatted Document Text:  The regional directors...are charged to see that local Urban Leagues make efforts to form cooperative groups to secure anti-poverty program commitments or get on the boards of existing groups. The National office will be checking…to see that each Urban League is involved in the anti-poverty effort and will assess the skill of local Urban League executives on the basis of such activity. 53 The national office was particularly concerned with local activities because EOA implementation would be concentrated at the local level. Regional staff were asked to collect information from local affiliates about the types of existing welfare programming in their cities, with the hope of inciting the affiliates to take action in the implementation of the anti-poverty programs. National staff encouraged local affiliates to work with mayors and other community leaders to develop implementation plans for the War on Poverty, and to take the lead on such planning if necessary. 54 By the time the legislation passed, the War on Poverty was undoubtedly the organization’s top priority, and the NUL was in a position to receive substantial federal government funding for anti-poverty programming. Immediately after the passage of the EOA, the NUL began planning its Community Action Assembly to discuss the implementation of the War on Poverty. The NUL invited administration officials and over 300 civil rights leaders to Washington DC in December 1964 to discuss how to use the anti-poverty and civil rights legislation to combat poverty and discrimination: “The meeting will examine thoroughly the provisions under the Federal Government’s anti-poverty program and evaluate methods of implementing the Federal civil rights bill. ” 55 53 NUL, Part II: The Records of the National Urban League, 1960-1966, Series VI, Container 21, Summary Report of the 1964 National Conference, August 1964. 54 NUL, Part II: The Records of the National Urban League, 1960-1966, Series I, box 19, Memo to Leo Banano, Raymond Brown, Clarence Colement, Nelson Jackson, Henry Talbert, From: Cernoria D. Johnson, June 16, 1964. 55 NUL, Part II: The Records of the National Urban League, 1960-1966, Series V, box 33, Press Release announcing the Community Action Assembly, October 3, 1964. 26

Authors: Paden, Catherine.
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The regional directors...are charged to see that local Urban Leagues make 
efforts to form cooperative groups to secure anti-poverty program 
commitments or get on the boards of existing groups.  The National office will 
be checking…to see that each Urban League is involved in the anti-poverty 
effort and will assess the skill of local Urban League executives on the basis of 
such activity.
The national office was particularly concerned with local activities because EOA implementation 
would be concentrated at the local level.  Regional staff were asked to collect information from 
local affiliates about the types of existing welfare programming in their cities, with the hope of 
inciting the affiliates to take action in the implementation of the anti-poverty programs.  National 
staff encouraged local affiliates to work with mayors and other community leaders to develop 
implementation plans for the War on Poverty, and to take the lead on such planning if 
  By the time the legislation passed, the War on Poverty was undoubtedly the 
organization’s top priority, and the NUL was in a position to receive substantial federal 
government funding for anti-poverty programming.  
Immediately after the passage of the EOA, the NUL began planning its Community 
Action Assembly to discuss the implementation of the War on Poverty.  The NUL invited 
administration officials and over 300 civil rights leaders to Washington DC in December 1964 to 
discuss how to use the anti-poverty and civil rights legislation to combat poverty and 
discrimination:  “The meeting will examine thoroughly the provisions under the Federal 
Government’s anti-poverty program and evaluate methods of implementing the Federal civil 
rights bill.  ”
 NUL, Part II: The Records of the National Urban League, 1960-1966, Series VI, Container 21, Summary Report 
of the 1964 National Conference, August 1964.
 NUL, Part II: The Records of the National Urban League, 1960-1966, Series I, box 19, Memo to Leo Banano, 
Raymond Brown, Clarence Colement, Nelson Jackson, Henry Talbert, From: Cernoria D. Johnson, June 16, 1964.  
 NUL, Part II: The Records of the National Urban League, 1960-1966, Series V, box 33, Press Release announcing 
the Community Action Assembly, October 3, 1964.  

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