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A Review of the Activities of Selected Interest Groups in a Reparations Case, With Recommendations
Unformatted Document Text:  Nation of Islam The Nation of Islam (NOI) first attempted to become involved in Farmer-Paellmann et. al. through its New York Mosque. The minister of the mosque was present showing support when Ms. Paellmann filed her case in March 2002. The New York NOI offered security to Ms. Farmer- Paellmann, but the offer was declined (Farmer-Paellmann 2008). The leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI), Louis Farrakhan, was also supportive of Ms. Paellmann’s efforts. At the request of NBUF, Farrakhan called for the gathering of the first N’DABA summit in 2003. One of the purposes of the summit was to call attention to the Farmer-Paellmann case. Ms. Paellmann spoke at the conference. The Nation of Islam participated in arranging four subsequent N’DABA summits in which Ms. Paellmann informed the public of the status of her case. The activities of the Nation of Islam in Farmer-Paellman et. al. v. Brown & Williams et. al. at the district and appeals court could not be ascertained, as attempts to contact a representative at the New York mosque and at its Legal Division in Chicago were unsuccessful. The reason for the lack of amici also could not been ascertained. The New Black Panther Party The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) supported the Farmer-Paellmann case in several venues. The organization was present at a rally outside the courtroom on the day of the second hearing of the case (Granger 2003). In Texas, the NBBP in conjunction with NCOBRA assisted the plaintiff’s direct action strategy by mobilizing a public demonstration against JP Morgan, a defendant in lawsuit. The organization also attended district court hearings and was instrumental in the large public turnout at the hearings (Paellmann 2008). The organization did not file any amicus briefs for the case. Email correspondence to the group’s chairman went unanswered. Thus, the full extent of the organizations involvement at the appeals court level could not be ascertained. The reason for the group’s lack of amici also could not be ascertained. 18

Authors: Colvin, Deon.
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Nation of Islam
The Nation of Islam (NOI) first attempted to become involved in Farmer-Paellmann et. al. 
through its New York Mosque.  The minister of the mosque was present showing support when Ms. 
Paellmann filed her case in March 2002.  The New York NOI offered security to Ms. Farmer-
Paellmann, but the offer was declined (Farmer-Paellmann 2008).  The leader of the Nation of Islam 
(NOI), Louis Farrakhan, was also supportive of Ms. Paellmann’s efforts.  At the request of NBUF, 
Farrakhan called for the gathering of the first N’DABA summit in 2003.  One of the purposes of the 
summit was to call attention to the Farmer-Paellmann case.  Ms. Paellmann spoke at the conference. 
The Nation of Islam participated in arranging four subsequent N’DABA summits in which Ms. 
Paellmann informed the public of the status of her case.  The activities of the Nation of Islam in 
Farmer-Paellman et. al. v. Brown & Williams et. al. at the district and appeals court could not be 
ascertained, as attempts to contact a representative at the New York mosque and at its Legal Division in 
Chicago were unsuccessful.  The reason for the lack of amici also could not been ascertained. 
The New Black Panther Party
The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) supported the Farmer-Paellmann case in several venues. 
The organization was present at a rally outside the courtroom on the day of the second hearing of the 
case (Granger 2003). In Texas, the NBBP in conjunction with NCOBRA assisted the plaintiff’s direct 
action strategy by mobilizing a public demonstration against JP Morgan, a defendant in lawsuit.  The 
organization also attended district court hearings and was instrumental in the large public turnout at the 
hearings (Paellmann 2008).  The organization did not file any amicus briefs for the case. Email 
correspondence to the group’s chairman went unanswered.  Thus, the full extent of the organizations 
involvement at the appeals court level could not be ascertained.  The reason for the group’s lack of 
amici also could not be ascertained.

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