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A Review of the Activities of Selected Interest Groups in a Reparations Case, With Recommendations
Unformatted Document Text:  Abstract: There has been an explosion in interest group activity in the United States since the 1960’s. Research on interest group activity has shown that these groups have an impact on the political process at the federal, state, and local levels via protest activities, lobbying, and amicus curiae brief filings. The purpose of this paper is to critically examine the activities of selected interest groups in the slave reparations case Farmer-Paellmann et al. v. Brown and Williamson et al. (2007). After appraising interest group activity in the case, current political science literature on the Supreme Court and interest groups is employed to offer a prescription for more effective interest group participation in future slave reparations cases. R eparation is a major public policy issue in the field of Black Politics. The question of whether or not the descendants of enslaved Africans need or are owed restitution for the atrocities of slavery is often pondered in African American dialogue and has, at various times, been a focus of black political activity. Books have been written by scholars and black political elites, rallies have been held, interest groups have been formed, and lobbying at national, state, and local government has occurred in support of reparations since the late 19th century underscoring the salience of the issue. The purpose of this paper is to critically examine the activities of selected interest groups in the reparations case Farmer-Paellman et. al. vs. Brown & Williamson et. al (2007). The primary question to be ascertained is what did interest groups do to aid the petitioners in bringing the case. The second goal of this research effort is to reference the political science literature in order to offer suggestions for more effective participation by interest groups in future reparations cases. This paper is organized into five sections. The first section reviews relevant literature on interest groups and the Supreme Court. The second section outlines the methodology of the study. The third section explores interest group activity in Farmer-Paellmann et. al. v. Brown & Williamson et. al. (2007) by examining the following: 1) the history of slave reparations in the United States, 2) the history of interest group involvement in slave reparations in the United States, and 3) interest group involvement in Farmer-Paellmann et al v. Brown and Williamson et al (2007). The fourth section 2

Authors: Colvin, Deon.
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There has been an explosion in interest group activity in the United States since the 1960’s.  Research 
on interest group activity has shown that these groups have an impact on the political process at the 
federal, state, and local levels via protest activities, lobbying, and amicus curiae brief filings.  The 
purpose of this paper is to critically examine the activities of selected interest groups in the slave 
reparations case Farmer-Paellmann et al. v. Brown and Williamson et al. (2007).  After appraising 
interest group activity in the case, current political science literature on the Supreme Court and interest 
groups is employed to offer a prescription for more effective interest group participation in future slave 
reparations cases.
eparation is a major public policy issue in the field of Black Politics.  The question of whether 
or not the descendants of enslaved Africans need or are owed restitution for the atrocities of slavery is 
often pondered in African American dialogue and has, at various times, been a focus of black political 
activity.  Books have been written by scholars and black political elites, rallies have been held, interest 
groups have been formed, and lobbying at national, state, and local government has occurred in support 
of reparations since the late 19th century underscoring the salience of the issue.
The purpose of this paper is to critically examine the activities of selected interest groups in the 
reparations case Farmer-Paellman et. al. vs. Brown & Williamson et. al (2007).  The primary question 
to be ascertained is what did interest groups do to aid the petitioners in bringing the case.  The second 
goal of this research effort is to reference the political science literature in order to offer suggestions for 
more effective participation by interest groups in future reparations cases.
This paper is organized into five sections.  The first section reviews relevant literature on interest 
groups and the Supreme Court.  The second section outlines the methodology of the study.  The third 
section explores interest group activity in Farmer-Paellmann et. al. v. Brown & Williamson et. al. 
(2007) by examining the following:  1) the history of slave reparations in the United States, 2) the 
history of interest group involvement in slave reparations in the United States, and 3) interest group 
involvement in Farmer-Paellmann et al v. Brown and Williamson et al (2007).  The fourth section 

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