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Unspeakable Subject and Decontextualized Consent: Taiwanese Legal Understanding of Rape
Unformatted Document Text:  pain, and the first step in the legal world is to define this pain to be “sexual assault”, or “violence”, and so the extended meaning of this kind of vocabulary in the culture naturally get into the conversation and affect the interrogation process. Therefore, the interrogator is eager to know whether there is “sexual assault”, or “violence” in the process, so they can detain the constructed factor of rape and complete the main purpose of judicial interrogation. It is even better if they don’t have bias; “naturally” and carefully avoid the victim’s pain. On the other hand, for the victims, where there is pain, the pain that needs to be expressed will be able to define the offender’s behavior as crime; however, the pain expression must be based on language. 3. Female victims’ bodies become the focus of “gaze” According to the study of professor Luo, Tsun-Yin (1999), after female survivors experienced rape, they will suffer a high degree of cultural and judicial trauma, including the sense of shame of losing virginity, the anxiety of the incident being revealed, the guilt of making the family lose face, the harsh words and self blame, and the ridicule and condemnation from social networks. Carol Smart (1989) thinks a rape trial is a special mode of “sexualization of a woman's body”. A woman’s body and her response becomes “evidence” in the trial, therefore, a woman must describe how to respond to a man’s sexual desire in the rape trial, it is necessary to talk about the “sexuality” of a woman, which makes the discourses full of “sexuality” descriptions, with this kind of structure, a woman becomes an object of “sexuality”, a main subject that exists with its physical features. In the process, a woman becomes the object of lust and flesh, everyone in court can look at her body and she becomes the object being gazed upon, and imagine her situation and respond; everyone will have sexual associations in their mind, and according to the sayings of the defendant, everyone is looking forward to hearing the response presented by the victim when she is the witness, which is like repeating the violent plots in the imaginary world, like watching pornography. For example, when the defendant presented the story of a woman seducing or having extramarital affairs, if the victim is the witness, she will then be expected to make a debate addressing this complex. Therefore, almost all rape trials talk about the same story; they all have the 16

Authors: Wang, Hsiaotan.
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pain, and the first step in the legal world is to define this pain to be “sexual 
assault”, or “violence”, and so the extended meaning of this kind of vocabulary in 
the culture naturally get into the conversation and affect the interrogation process. 
Therefore, the interrogator is eager to know whether there is “sexual assault”, or 
“violence” in the process, so they can detain the constructed factor of rape and 
complete the main purpose of judicial interrogation. It is even better if they don’t 
have bias; “naturally” and carefully avoid the victim’s pain. On the other hand, for 
the victims, where there is pain, the pain that needs to be expressed will be able to 
define the offender’s behavior as crime; however, the pain expression must be 
based on language. 
3. Female victims’ bodies become the focus of “gaze”
According to the study of professor Luo, Tsun-Yin (1999), after female 
survivors experienced rape, they will suffer a high degree of cultural and judicial 
trauma, including the sense of shame of losing virginity, the anxiety of the incident 
being revealed, the guilt of making the family lose face, the harsh words and self 
blame, and the ridicule and condemnation from social networks.
Carol Smart (1989) thinks a rape trial is a special mode of “sexualization of a 
woman's body”. A woman’s body and her response becomes “evidence” in the 
trial, therefore, a woman must describe how to respond to a man’s sexual desire in 
the rape trial, it is necessary to talk about the “sexuality” of a woman, which 
makes the discourses full of “sexuality” descriptions, with this kind of structure, a 
woman becomes an object of “sexuality”, a main subject that exists with its 
physical features.
In the process, a woman becomes the object of lust and flesh, everyone in 
court can look at her body and she becomes the object being gazed upon, and 
imagine her situation and respond; everyone will have sexual associations in their 
mind, and according to the sayings of the defendant, everyone is looking forward 
to hearing the response presented by the victim when she is the witness, which is 
like repeating the violent plots in the imaginary world, like watching pornography. 
For example, when the defendant presented the story of a woman seducing or 
having extramarital affairs, if the victim is the witness, she will then be expected 
to make a debate addressing this complex. 
Therefore, almost all rape trials talk about the same story; they all have the 

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