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Imprisoning Terrorists: Human Rights, Security, and Resistance after Guantanamo Bay
Unformatted Document Text:  Maogoto, J. N. (2005). Countering Terrorism: From Wigged Judges to Helmeted Soldiers - Legal Perspectives on America's Counter-Terrorism Responses. San Diego International Law Journal, 6, 243-294. Retrieved May 25, 2009, from LexisNexis Academic. McEvoy, K. (2001). Paramilitary imprisonment in Northern Ireland: Resistance, management, and release (Clarendon Studies in Criminology). New York: Oxford UP, USA. Mencia, M. (1993). The fertile prison: Fidel Castro in Batista's jails. Melbourne, Australia: Ocean P. Miko, F. T. (2004). Germany’s Role in Fighting Terrorism: Implications for U.S. Policy. Washington, D.C.: Congressional Research Service, The Library of Congress. (2004, December 27). Retrieved March 29, 2009, from Nafziger, J. A. (2002). The grave new world of terrorism: A lawyer's view. Denver Journal of International Law and Policy, 31. Retrieved May 26, 2009, from LexisNexis Academic. Ngugi, W. (1982). Detained: A writer's prison diary (African Writers). Chicago: Heinemann. Nowell, S. (2003, April 24). Mail sacked, the state says Texas prison inmates can't write to one another. Houston Press. Retrieved May 22, 2009, from LexisNexis Academic. Packer, A. (2009, May 19). Gang trial opens in tight security. Las Vegas Review-Journal, p. 1B. Pankratz, H., & Mitchell, K. (2005, January 9). Prison gang built network of violence and intimidation. Denver Post, pp. A-01. Perry, N. J. (2004). The numerous federal legal definitions of terrorism: The problem of too many grails. Journal of Legislation, 30(249). Retrieved May 26, 2009, from LexisNexis Academic. Porras, I. (1994). On terrorism: Reflections on violence and the outlaw. Utah Law Review, 119, 114-146. Retrieved May 25, 2009, from LexisNexis Academic. 27

Authors: Buntman, Fran.
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Maogoto, J. N. (2005). Countering Terrorism: From Wigged Judges to Helmeted Soldiers - 
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