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The Impact of barak Obama on US Africa Policy
Unformatted Document Text:  The Significance of Barack Obama in US Politics From July 2007-November 4, 2008, in the USA, we witnessed the rise of a political phenomenon unlike any known in the past. Barack Obama, a young, articulate, African American, son of the soil, rose to the highest level of leadership in a major political party, then won a stunning landslide victory and became the forty fourth president of the USA. The central question of the election is whether or not Obama’s victory represents a paradigm shift, and the subsequent redistribution of political power in the USA. In order to answer this question we shall have to examine the growth and development of Obama over time as both a politician and a human being and just as importantly the growth and development of the USA. The cultural impact of Obama’s victory is astounding. Here is a Black man, an intellectual of the first order, an internationally acclaimed writer, whose audio version of his autobiography about his Kenyan dad, Dreams of My Father, won the 2006 Grammy award for Best Spoken Word recording. Here is, a Black man, who openly admitted to having smoked dope and snorted Coke (the mere fact that his admission of these deeds did not ruffle the voters represents a major advance from the past where Clinton didn’t inhale his marijuana while Obama said he thought that was the whole point), as youthful dalliance, becoming President of the USA, the only superpower on earth. During the presidential election campaign Obama was cool under pressure, and always seemed to remain above the fray, taking his blows, when they were delivered, but responding strongly without rancor or hatred. Like many Africans, regardless of the situation, Barack Obama never really raised his voice, because he understood that, even an elephant can be controlled by a gentle tone. Barack Obama spent years in the inner city, plugging away at the problems of the disadvantaged, and won the presidency, by utilizing the lessons learnt from being a Community Organizer. The key to success, for any Community Organizer, is being able to listen to the problems affecting people, then organizing and mobilizing the people to act, around a series of local issues. Clearly Obama listened well to the stories of the average citizen and took their concerns about the economy, health care, education and declining living standards seriously. Just as pain is always personal, the impoverisation of society affects each community and individual acutely. Like a good community organizer, throughout the 2008 presidential campaign, as he listened, Obama learnt to adapt his message and address the peoples concerns. He was able to show millions of Americans that, by working together and voting for him, they could have an impact upon their country. By expanding the very definition of community, to incorporate the entire nation, Obama took the approach of Community Organization through grassroots 1

Authors: Edge, Wayne.
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The Significance of Barack Obama in US Politics
From July 2007-November 4, 2008, in the USA, we witnessed the rise of a 
political phenomenon unlike any known in the past. Barack Obama, a young, 
articulate, African American, son of the soil, rose to the highest level of 
leadership in a major political party, then won a stunning landslide victory and 
became the forty fourth president of the USA. The central question of the election 
is whether or not Obama’s victory represents a paradigm shift, and the 
subsequent redistribution of political power in the USA. In order to answer this 
question we shall have to examine the growth and development of Obama over 
time as both a politician and a human being and just as importantly the growth 
and development of the USA. 
The cultural impact of Obama’s victory is astounding. Here is a Black man, an 
intellectual of the first order, an internationally acclaimed writer, whose audio 
version of his autobiography about his Kenyan dad, Dreams of My Father, won 
the 2006 Grammy award for Best Spoken Word recording. Here is, a Black man, 
who openly admitted to having smoked dope and snorted Coke (the mere fact 
that his admission of these deeds did not ruffle the voters represents a major 
advance from the past where Clinton didn’t inhale his marijuana while Obama 
said he thought that was the whole point), as youthful dalliance, becoming 
President of the USA, the only superpower on earth.
During the presidential election campaign Obama was cool under pressure, and 
always seemed to remain above the fray, taking his blows, when they were 
delivered, but responding strongly without rancor or hatred. Like many Africans, 
regardless of the situation, Barack Obama never really raised his voice, because 
he understood that, even an elephant can be controlled by a gentle tone. 
Barack Obama spent years in the inner city, plugging away at the problems of 
the disadvantaged, and won the presidency, by utilizing the lessons learnt from 
being a Community Organizer. The key to success, for any Community 
Organizer, is being able to listen to the problems affecting people, then 
organizing and mobilizing the people to act, around a series of local issues. 
Clearly Obama listened well to the stories of the average citizen and took their 
concerns about the economy, health care, education and declining living 
standards seriously. Just as pain is always personal, the impoverisation of 
society affects each community and individual acutely. Like a good community 
organizer, throughout the 2008 presidential campaign, as he listened, Obama 
learnt to adapt his message and address the peoples concerns. He was able to 
show millions of Americans that, by working together and voting for him, they 
could have an impact upon their country. 
By expanding the very definition of community, to incorporate the entire nation, 
Obama took the approach of Community Organization through grassroots 

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