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The Impact of barak Obama on US Africa Policy
Unformatted Document Text:  For the USA our political culture has been shaken and tested at the highest level. History awaits us. One wonders how many dictators shall remain in Africa when Obama leaves office. How many slaves shall be left in Africa after Obama leaves office, how many acts of genocide shall take place during Obama’s turn of office? What shall happen to the perpetrators of evil during his term? If he does nothing else Barack Obama should end slavery and even the hint of slavery everywhere on earth. He should actively pursue those individuals and regimes who engage in genocidal practices, wherever they exist and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Although we would love to see peace on earth by the end of Obama’s terms of office we would frankly settle for a vast improvement in the quality of life for the masses of the worlds populations and recognition that each human being is worthy of living in decent conditions, with adequate health care, housing, educational opportunities, jobs, and social services. If this list is fulfilled the wars will end from the mere lack of inertia 12

Authors: Edge, Wayne.
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For the USA our political culture has been shaken and tested at the highest level. 
History awaits us. One wonders how many dictators shall remain in Africa when 
Obama leaves office. How many slaves shall be left in Africa after Obama leaves 
office, how many acts of genocide shall take place during Obama’s turn of office? 
What shall happen to the perpetrators of evil during his term? If he does nothing 
else Barack Obama should end slavery and even the hint of slavery everywhere 
on earth. He should actively pursue those individuals and regimes who engage in 
genocidal practices, wherever they exist and prosecute them to the fullest extent 
of the law. Although we would love to see peace on earth by the end of Obama’s 
terms of office we would frankly settle for a vast improvement in the quality of life 
for the masses of the worlds populations and recognition that each human being 
is worthy of living in decent conditions, with adequate health care, housing, 
educational opportunities, jobs, and social services.  If this list is fulfilled the wars 
will end from the mere lack of inertia

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