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The Impact of barak Obama on US Africa Policy
Unformatted Document Text:  mobilization, to a level it had never been before. This was to be expected because in a way, the grassroots organization utilized by Obama, from the beginning of the campaign in 2006, was the only option left open to him. Politicians with much bigger names held firmly onto all the other tradition political levers. By utilizing the Community Organization approach, and understanding the rules better than anyone before him and adopting them to his situation, Obama attacked long held conventional wisdom. In a “… compelling speech that recalled his own days, after his graduation in 1983 from Columbia University, as a community organizer in poor neighborhoods of Chicago, Obama told the students. “You’ll have boundless opportunities when you graduate, and it’s very easy to just take that diploma, forget about all this progressive-politics stuff, and go chasing after the big house and the large salary and the nice suits and all the other things that our money culture says you should buy. But I hope you don’t get off that easy. There’s nothing wrong with making money, but focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a poverty of ambition.” Youth are not supposed to be reliable allies for presidential candidates, the pundits said, because it’s difficult to keep their interest over a long campaign, and they do not have enough discipline to vote. But Obama inspired the youth to action, calling upon their sense of righteousness; their longing for a better world and willingness to participate in the creation of that world. Prior to the 2008 presidential campaign fundraising within the Democratic party was expected to be done by tapping into large Democratic Party contributors, who have contributed in the past. Obama changed this situation by using the new avenue of the internet. “The first $250,000 that I raised was like pulling teeth,” he recalled. “No major Democratic donors knew me, I had a funny name, they wouldn’t take my phone calls. Then at a certain point we sort of clicked into the public consciousness and the buzz, and I benefited from a lot of small individual contributions that helped me get over the hump. . . . And then after winning, the notoriety that I received made raising money relatively simple, and so I don’t have the same challenges that most candidates do now, and that’s pure luck. It’s one of the benefits of celebrity. Utilizing the only area left open to him, by the giants of the political process in the USA. Obama dealt with the problem of fundraising insightfully, Through the internet Obama found more than 3 million contributors, whose small contribution added up to huge advantages. 2

Authors: Edge, Wayne.
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mobilization, to a level it had never been before. This was to be expected 
because in a way, the grassroots organization utilized by Obama, from the 
beginning of the campaign in 2006, was the only option left open to him. 
Politicians with much bigger names held firmly onto all the other tradition political 
By utilizing the Community Organization approach, and understanding the rules 
better than anyone before him and adopting them to his situation, Obama 
attacked long held conventional wisdom. 
In a “… compelling speech that recalled his own days, after his graduation in 
1983 from Columbia University, as a community organizer in poor 
neighborhoods of Chicago, Obama told the students. “You’ll have boundless 
opportunities when you graduate, and it’s very easy to just take that diploma, 
forget about all this progressive-politics stuff, and go chasing after the big house 
and the large salary and the nice suits and all the other things that our money 
culture says you should buy. But I hope you don’t get off that easy. There’s 
nothing wrong with making money, but focusing your life solely on making a 
buck shows a poverty of ambition.” 
Youth are not supposed to be reliable allies for presidential candidates, the 
pundits said, because it’s difficult to keep their interest over a long campaign, and 
they do not have enough discipline to vote. But Obama inspired the youth to 
action, calling upon their sense of righteousness; their longing for a better world 
and willingness to participate in the creation of that world.  
Prior to the 2008 presidential campaign fundraising within the Democratic party 
was expected to be done by tapping into large Democratic Party contributors, 
who have contributed in the past. Obama changed this situation by using the new 
avenue of the internet. 
“The first $250,000 that I raised was like pulling teeth,” he recalled. 
“No major Democratic donors knew me, I had a funny name, they 
wouldn’t take my phone calls. Then at a certain point we sort of 
clicked into the public consciousness and the buzz, and I benefited 
from a lot of small individual contributions that helped me get over 
the hump. . . . And then after winning, the notoriety that I received 
made raising money relatively simple, and so I don’t have the same 
challenges that most candidates do now, and that’s pure luck. It’s 
one of the benefits of celebrity.
Utilizing the only area left open to him, by the giants of the political process in the 
USA. Obama dealt with the problem of fundraising insightfully, Through the 
internet Obama found more than 3 million contributors, whose small contribution 
added up to huge advantages.

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