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The Impact of barak Obama on US Africa Policy
Unformatted Document Text:  Conventional wisdom said that the unions, together with various other party loyalist, would rally behind the campaign, in roughly the last month, to get out the vote. The labor unions were expected to rally support for their favored candidate from their members, and man the phone banks, created to handle the election, from a series of voter’s rolls. Obama’s campaign team changed this strategy. Because of his underdog status Obama was forced to organize a campaign team and fight in every state during the primary elections. Thus starting from the beginning of the primaries Obama began putting his team in place in each state. Then, after winning the Democratic Party nomination, they keep the Obama team in place, incorporated some of the losing candidates people, and utilized the network of individuals met both online and during the primaries to run the campaign into general election. Latino’s, it was claimed, would never be willing to vote for a Black man. The Brady affect, will impact the Black candidate, as white folks may say one thing to the poll surveyors, but they will not go into a voting booth and vote for a Black man. Women will vote overwhelmingly for the first serious female candidate for the presidency, and they will vote for the other party if she is not selected by the Democrats. The Republican party’s candidate is a war hero, whose experience, in foreign policy and dealing with terrorist, gives him the most credibility amongst the public. All these ideas were touted as the gospel truth, but they were all proven woefully incorrect. The truth was that Barack Obama received overwhelming support from the youth (65%), Latino’s (68%), and Blacks (93%). In addition 62% of women, and 43% of white men voted for Obama. Obama’s cry for change struck a particularly responsive chord in the youth, who seem to have awakened from a long slumber, full of energy and hope. Fundamentally Obama challenged the youth to actualize their idealism which he shared. . … you have an obligation to assist those who are less fortunate than you.., primarily because you have that obligation to yourself. Because our individual salvation depends on collective salvation. It’s only when you hitch yourself up to something bigger than yourself that you realize yourtrue potential.” Obama’s appeal seemed to ignite the youth, who began to act as though the spiritual giants within had finally awakened. It allowed them to dream, beyond the classroom, of shaping a new world, building a new community. Asking for their inclusion in the political process, the youths, in turn, created their own space, thus communicating their willingness to accept a diversity of thought, ideas, races, and cultures. As noted, by an article and interview in the Rolling Stone, Obama's actually has a 3

Authors: Edge, Wayne.
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Conventional wisdom said that the unions, together with various other party 
loyalist, would rally behind the campaign, in roughly the last month, to get out the 
vote. The labor unions were expected to rally support for their favored candidate 
from their members, and man the phone banks, created to handle the election, 
from a series of voter’s rolls. Obama’s campaign team changed this strategy. 
Because of his underdog status Obama was forced to organize a campaign team 
and fight in every state during the primary elections. Thus starting from the 
beginning of the primaries Obama began putting his team in place in each state. 
Then, after winning the Democratic Party nomination, they keep the Obama team 
in place, incorporated some of the losing candidates people, and utilized the 
network of individuals met both online and during the primaries to run the 
campaign into general election. 
Latino’s, it was claimed, would never be willing to vote for a Black man. The 
Brady affect, will impact the Black candidate, as white folks may say one thing to 
the poll surveyors, but they will not go into a voting booth and vote for a Black 
man. Women will vote overwhelmingly for the first serious female candidate for 
the presidency, and they will vote for the other party if she is not selected by the 
Democrats. The Republican party’s candidate is a war hero, whose experience, 
in foreign policy and dealing with terrorist, gives him the most credibility amongst 
the public. All these ideas were touted as the gospel truth, but they were all 
proven woefully incorrect.
The truth was that Barack Obama received overwhelming support from the youth 
(65%), Latino’s (68%), and Blacks (93%). In addition 62% of women, and 43% of 
white men voted for Obama. Obama’s cry for change struck a particularly 
responsive chord in the youth, who seem to have awakened from a long slumber, 
full of energy and hope. 
Fundamentally Obama challenged the youth to actualize their idealism which he 
. … you have an obligation to assist those who are less fortunate than you..,  
primarily because you have that obligation to yourself. Because our 
individual salvation depends on collective salvation. It’s only when you 
hitch yourself up to something bigger than yourself that you realize your
true potential.”
Obama’s appeal seemed to ignite the youth, who began to act as though the 
spiritual giants within had finally awakened. It allowed them to dream, beyond the 
classroom, of shaping a new world, building a new community. Asking for their 
inclusion in the political process, the youths, in turn, created their own space, 
thus communicating their willingness to accept a diversity of thought, ideas, 
races, and cultures. 
As noted, by an article and interview in the Rolling Stone, Obama's actually has a

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