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The Impact of barak Obama on US Africa Policy
Unformatted Document Text:  ….. vision for the arts. There's much talk of arts education, “to create complete human beings capable of leading successful and productive lives in a free society”. Obama wants an “artist corps” to go into schools and ginger up disadvantaged schoolchildren, and there's talk of more money for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). In motivating the youth and providing a source of inspiration, derived from democratic values, Obama made the youth feel that ‘it’s cool to be an American’ again.’ By altering the past paradigm of large national concerns (e.g. war, America’s place in the world, global warming etc.), being subordinated by petty fear (e.g. of same sex marriage, abortion, gays, racial bias etc.), and exclusion, Obama showed the country, and particularly the youth, that the Republicans, during this period in US history, can not be trusted with youth values. Culture The Significance of Africa in the Election of Barack Obama In relation to Africa the rise of Barack Obama signifies a new beginning for America. Since the end of colonialism Africans have verified our equality and humanity amongst the world’s peoples. This does not mean to imply that racism is at an end in the USA. Racism is alive and well in the USA, and one would be strongly advised where to walk at night to avoid a fight as a Black man in many an urban community. However, because of the unique circumstances, and the prevailing material conditions, of the USA, Obama’s rise could not have happened in any other nation in the world. An African American could not have risen to the presidency of the USA, without the African people being viewed as human beings, capable of leadership at the highest levels by the vast majority of Americans. However, prior to the Civil Rights struggle, the end of colonialism, and the rise of the independent African states, the vast majority of US citizens did not view the Africans, or people of African descent, as equals. This is why those who came from Africa, during the late 20 th century, to study in the USA, were particularly shocked by the rise of Obama; because they were not always treated as equals, frequently by either the Blacks or the Whites. It is no coincidence that Obama gained the US presidency after all of Africa obtained her independence. Barack Obama could not be president of the USA, nor could he have become a major candidate, without the liberation of Africa, and particularly South Africa preceding the nomination. He recognizes the contribution Africa has made to his candidacy, and in each of his foreign policy addresses he has noted the heroic struggle of the African people, and always identified with them. 4

Authors: Edge, Wayne.
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….. vision for the arts. There's much talk of arts education, “to create complete 
human beings capable of leading successful and productive lives in a free 
society”. Obama wants an “artist corps” to go into schools and ginger up 
disadvantaged schoolchildren, and there's talk of more money for the National 
Endowment for the Arts (NEA).
In motivating the youth and providing a source of inspiration, derived from 
democratic values, Obama made the youth feel that ‘it’s cool to be an American’ 
again.’ By altering the past paradigm of large national concerns (e.g. war, 
America’s place in the world, global warming etc.), being subordinated by petty 
fear (e.g. of same sex marriage, abortion, gays, racial bias etc.), and exclusion, 
Obama showed the country, and particularly the youth, that the Republicans, 
during this period in US history, can not be trusted with youth values. 
The Significance of Africa in the Election of Barack Obama
In relation to Africa the rise of Barack Obama signifies a new beginning for 
America. Since the end of colonialism Africans have verified our equality and 
humanity amongst the world’s peoples. This does not mean to imply that racism 
is at an end in the USA. Racism is alive and well in the USA, and one would be 
strongly advised where to walk at night to avoid a fight as a Black man in many 
an urban community. However, because of the unique circumstances, and the 
prevailing material conditions, of the USA, Obama’s rise could not have 
happened in any other nation in the world. An African American could not have 
risen to the presidency of the USA, without the African people being viewed as 
human beings, capable of leadership at the highest levels by the vast majority of 
However, prior to the Civil Rights struggle, the end of colonialism, and the rise of 
the independent African states, the vast majority of US citizens did not view the 
Africans, or people of African descent, as equals. This is why those who came 
from Africa, during the late 20
 century, to study in the USA, were particularly 
shocked by the rise of Obama; because they were not always treated as equals, 
frequently by either the Blacks or the Whites. 
It is no coincidence that Obama gained the US presidency after all of Africa 
obtained her independence. Barack Obama could not be president of the USA, 
nor could he have become a major candidate, without the liberation of Africa, and 
particularly South Africa preceding the nomination. He recognizes the 
contribution Africa has made to his candidacy, and in each of his foreign policy 
addresses he has noted the heroic struggle of the African people, and always 
identified with them. 

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