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The Impact of barak Obama on US Africa Policy
Unformatted Document Text:  The key to Obama, is not just oratorical skills, it’s his amazing mastery of historical facts, and his ability to denote them as universal precedence, which apply to, and are understood by, all who hear his words. This is African, indeed. Behind Obama’s political oratory skills, lies a deep intelligence that does every African proud. If you get lost in the oratory, you may well find yourself completely bewildered by a sharp and sensitive intellect. In a way, Obama reflects the greatest of the African cultural spirit, but it is informed equally by the rationality of the steel will, resolved to present his case unflinchingly as truth. Obama is a democrat, who would be comfortable speaking truth to power in the open air at the traditional courts of Africa (e.g. the Kgotla). One finds these individuals in every African village, and they are frequently revered as the voice of reason. If Clinton or McCain had spent more time in Africa they would have understood that Obama follows this African tradition, of orally defending democratic values reflected as the popular will, through the use of a powerful intellect, that calls upon precedence to prove the case at hand; it is the source of his strength, and the secret of his power. If you took the Black African out of Obama he would not be president of the USA today. When a few pundits stated that Bill Clinton really was the first Black president. Obama responded, jovially, that he was ‘not sure if Bill Clinton is Black,’ ‘before declaring him Black,’ Obama said ‘I will have to check his dance moves first’. The kind of simplicity contained within that retort was so devastating that never again did we hear Bill Clintons’ claims of Black origin. More importantly, after this farcical Obama reply, never again did Hillary Clinton represent a viable choice for Black votes in the USA. The fact that Obama emerged onto the US political scene, as the leading candidate for the presidential election was shocking, in part, because we so seldom see traditional African based (e.g. Kgotla) speakers able to communicate on television and with the contemporary media of the internet so effectively. Where Clinton had massive advantages of name recognition through her husbands past presidency Obama was a completely unknown force. Hillary Clinton had so many advantages, in fact, that she must have kept waiting for Obama’s lead in the race to recede, so she could take her natural place at the head of the queue. It was not to be. Hillary Clinton fell into a type of African trap, comparable to that seen between the mongoose and the mamba. By the mere weight of her 40% point lead at the start of the campaign, her name recognition (as wife of former president Bill Clinton), and her fundraising advantages, Clinton was lured into a false sense of security. With this false sense of security she underestimated her opponent Barack Obama, and was out organized, out campaigned, out fundraised, and out thought, to the point that when she awoke to the danger she was in, and began to change her message (by moving away from the theme of Stability towards being the Fighter for the Working Class and a Trailblazer for Women) it was too late, the damage had been done, the numbers were against her. Once Clinton 5

Authors: Edge, Wayne.
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The key to Obama, is not just oratorical skills, it’s his amazing mastery of 
historical facts, and his ability to denote them as universal precedence, which 
apply to, and are understood by, all who hear his words. This is African, indeed. 
Behind Obama’s political oratory skills, lies a deep intelligence that does every 
African proud. If you get lost in the oratory, you may well find yourself completely 
bewildered by a sharp and sensitive intellect. In a way, Obama reflects the 
greatest of the African cultural spirit, but it is informed equally by the rationality of 
the steel will, resolved to present his case unflinchingly as truth. Obama is a 
democrat, who would be comfortable speaking truth to power in the open air at 
the traditional courts of Africa (e.g. the Kgotla). One finds these individuals in 
every African village, and they are frequently revered as the voice of reason. If 
Clinton or McCain had spent more time in Africa they would have understood that 
Obama follows this African tradition, of orally defending democratic values 
reflected as the popular will, through the use of a powerful intellect, that calls 
upon precedence to prove the case at hand; it is the source of his strength, and 
the secret of his power. If you took the Black African out of Obama he would not 
be president of the USA today. 
When a few pundits stated that Bill Clinton really was the first Black president. 
Obama responded, jovially, that he was ‘not sure if Bill Clinton is Black,’ ‘before 
declaring him Black,’ Obama said ‘I will have to check his dance moves first’. The 
kind of simplicity contained within that retort was so devastating that never again 
did we hear Bill Clintons’ claims of Black origin. More importantly, after this 
farcical Obama reply, never again did Hillary Clinton represent a viable choice for 
Black votes in the USA. 
The fact that Obama emerged onto the US political scene, as the leading 
candidate for the presidential election was shocking, in part, because we so 
seldom see traditional African based (e.g. Kgotla) speakers able to communicate 
on television and with the contemporary media of the internet so effectively. 
Where Clinton had massive advantages of name recognition through her 
husbands past presidency Obama was a completely unknown force. Hillary 
Clinton had so many advantages, in fact, that she must have kept waiting for 
Obama’s lead in the race to recede, so she could take her natural place at the 
head of the queue. It was not to be. 
Hillary Clinton fell into a type of African trap, comparable to that seen between 
the mongoose and the mamba. By the mere weight of her 40% point lead at the 
start of the campaign, her name recognition (as wife of former president Bill 
Clinton), and her fundraising advantages, Clinton was lured into a false sense of 
security. With this false sense of security she underestimated her opponent 
Barack Obama, and was out organized, out campaigned, out fundraised, and out 
thought, to the point that when she awoke to the danger she was in, and began 
to change her message (by moving away from the theme of Stability towards 
being the Fighter for the Working Class and a Trailblazer for Women) it was too 
late, the damage had been done, the numbers were against her. Once Clinton 

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