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Separate Telangana Movement in India: Democratic Versus Territorial
Unformatted Document Text:  for the separate statehood for the overall development that includes self-rule and self- respect as Amartya Sen argued. Separate Telangana Movement: The Issues: In the separate Telangana movement, people from several walks of life are involved: intellectuals, artists, women, Tribals, revolutionary groups, students and teacher associations. All political parties have its own agenda and stand on the demand of Telangana separate state. This movement has many dimensions- Social, economic, political, cultural, linguistic, backwardness, industry, agriculture, the sentiment of People of the region. Many scholars argue that it has been neglected by the government in developmental activities. The people of Telangana also feel that they looked down their culture and language by the Andhra region and reduced their status as second citizens in the name of language in their own homeland. Hence it is argued, In fact, it is not just the question of development, but it includes the self-respect of people. 8 Historical Reasons for Separate Telangana Statehood Movement: The newly-created State had more resources now. But the Andhra rich farmers who had secured assurances from its coalitional partners, namely the politico-administrative elite, would now want that it be provided with conditions to increase surplus. The period ending with the mid-sixties, in which there was relative political stability, coincided with the expansion of infrastructure for wider internal market and compulsory procurement of food grains by the government. The expansion of education brought more qualified people from Andhra into Telangana. Telangana’s qualified men and women were slow to come in, the new educational institutions needed for the new system being opened only in the late 1950s, Public works brought in contractors and transporters from Andhra. They might have stopped coming Telangana if the government intervened to increase the rural incomes and promote the potential rich. Tenancy reforms resulted in the increase small- 8 Jayashankar, Consensus on Telangana State: Facts, Mallepalli Rajyam Memorial Trust, Hyderabad, 2006. 10

Authors: Begari, Jagan.
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for the separate statehood for the overall development that includes self-rule and self-
respect as Amartya Sen argued. 
Separate Telangana Movement: The Issues: 
In the separate Telangana movement, people from several walks of life are involved: 
intellectuals,   artists,   women,   Tribals,   revolutionary   groups,   students   and   teacher 
associations.   All   political   parties   have   its   own   agenda   and   stand   on   the   demand   of 
Telangana   separate   state.   This   movement   has   many   dimensions-   Social,   economic, 
political, cultural, linguistic, backwardness, industry, agriculture, the sentiment of People 
of the region. Many scholars  argue that it has been neglected  by the government  in 
developmental activities. The people of Telangana also feel that they looked down their 
culture and language by the Andhra region and reduced their status as second citizens in 
the name of language in their own homeland. Hence it is argued, In fact, it is not just the 
question of development, but it includes the self-respect of people.
Historical Reasons for Separate Telangana Statehood Movement:
The newly-created State had more resources now. But the Andhra rich farmers who had 
secured assurances from its coalitional partners, namely the politico-administrative elite, 
would now  want that it be provided with conditions  to increase  surplus. The period 
ending with the mid-sixties, in which there was relative political stability, coincided with 
the expansion of infrastructure for wider internal market and compulsory procurement of 
food   grains   by   the   government.   The   expansion   of   education   brought   more   qualified 
people from Andhra into Telangana. Telangana’s qualified men and women were slow to 
come in, the new educational institutions needed for the new system being opened only in 
the late 1950s, Public works brought in contractors and transporters from Andhra. They 
might have stopped coming Telangana if the government intervened to increase the rural 
incomes and promote the potential rich. Tenancy reforms resulted in the increase small-
Jayashankar, Consensus on Telangana State: Facts, Mallepalli Rajyam Memorial Trust, Hyderabad,

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