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Separate Telangana Movement in India: Democratic Versus Territorial
Unformatted Document Text:  the earlier handicrafts are not to be found now and youth does not have the employment. Hence, globalization is also one of the reasons for the emergence of separate Telangana once again. Pranab Mukarjee said on the demand of separate Telangana State, on this demand committee has no got consensus in favour of separate State for Telangana region. After the formation of UPA government, they constituted a Committee with the chairmanship of Pranab Mukarjee on the demand of Telanagana State. The committee had written the letters to all the political parties in the country. The many parties wrote the letters in support of the formation of separate state to the committee. There are other political Parties like CPI (M), Telugu Desam Party opposed the smaller states. But the before the 2009 general elections, Telugu Desam Party has withdrew his earlier proposal that was against the formation of the Telangana state and had sent another letter in support of Telangana state to the committee. Pranab Mukarjee has said when the TDP wrote a letter to the committee, Committee has stopped working on the issue. Pranab Mukarjee also said Congress party thought of solve the by constituting of Second Reorganization Committee (SRC) but the parties like Telangana Rastra Samithi, CPI (M) and other opposed the proposal brought by the Congress party. At last, as a chairman of the committee said no consensuses have come up for the formation of the separate Telangana state. 48

Authors: Begari, Jagan.
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the earlier handicrafts are not to be found now and youth does not have the employment. 
Hence, globalization is also one of the reasons for the emergence of separate Telangana 
once again.  
Pranab   Mukarjee   said   on   the   demand   of   separate   Telangana   State,   on   this   demand 
committee has no got consensus in favour of separate State for Telangana region. After 
the formation of UPA government, they constituted a Committee with the chairmanship 
of Pranab Mukarjee on the demand of Telanagana State. The committee had written the 
letters to all the political parties in the country. The many parties wrote the letters in 
support of the formation of separate state to the committee. There are other political 
Parties like CPI (M), Telugu Desam Party opposed the smaller states.  But the before the 
2009 general elections, Telugu Desam Party has withdrew his earlier proposal that was 
against the formation of the Telangana state and had sent another letter in support of 
Telangana state to the committee. Pranab Mukarjee has said when the TDP wrote a letter 
to the committee, Committee has stopped working on the issue. Pranab Mukarjee also 
said   Congress   party   thought   of   solve   the   by   constituting   of   Second   Reorganization 
Committee   (SRC) but  the  parties  like   Telangana  Rastra  Samithi,   CPI (M) and  other 
opposed   the   proposal   brought   by   the   Congress   party.   At   last,   as   a   chairman   of   the 
committee said no consensuses have come up for the formation of the separate Telangana 

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