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Broken Gate? A Study of the PLRA Exhaustion Requirement Past, Present, and Future
Unformatted Document Text:  Broken Gate? Prisoner Litigation, 42 Pa.C.S.A. §6601, et seq. (1998). Proceedings in forma Pauperis, 28 U.S.C. § 1915, et seq. (1996). Rapp, Geoffrey Christopher (2001). Case note: Low Riding Jackson v. District of Columbia, Yale Law Journal, 110, 1089-1096. Robertson, James E. (2001/2002). The jurisprudence of the PLRA. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 92, 187-209. Robertson, James E. (2007). Recent legal developments: correctional case law 2006. Criminal Justice Review, 32. Schlanger, Margo (2002, April). Inmate litigation. Harvard Law Review, 116, 1557- 1706. Smith, Christopher (1986). Federal judges’ role in prisoner litigation: what’s necessary? what’s proper? Judicature, 70, 144-150. Smith, Christopher (1988). United States magistrates and the procession of prisoner litigation. Federal Probation, 52, 13-18. Smith, Christopher (2003). The prison reform litigation era: book-length studies and lingering research issues. The Prison Journal, 83, 337-358. Smith, Christopher & Nelson, C. (2002). Perceptions of the consequences of the Prison Litigation Reform Act: a comparison of state attorneys general and federal district judges. The Justice System Journal, 23, 295-316. Spruill v. Gillis, 372 F.3d 218 (3d Cir. 2004). U.S.C.A. Const. Amend. I (1789). U.S.C.A. Const. Amend. VIII (1789). U.S.C.A. Const. Amend. XI (1798). 30

Authors: Passarelli, Mariah.
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Broken Gate?
Prisoner Litigation, 42 Pa.C.S.A. §6601, et seq. (1998).
Proceedings in forma Pauperis, 28 U.S.C. § 1915, et seq. (1996).
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U.S.C.A. Const. Amend. I (1789).
U.S.C.A. Const. Amend. VIII (1789).
U.S.C.A. Const. Amend. XI (1798).

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