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Is There an Upward Trend in Female Delinquency Since 1976? A Response Based on Self-Reported Data
Unformatted Document Text:  Title: Is there an upward trend in female delinquency since 1976? A response based on self-reported data. Author: Annie Bélanger, M.Sc. in criminologyPh.D. candidate School of criminologyUniversity of Montreal ## email not listed ## ABSTRACT Many studies concluded that gender gap in delinquency is narrowing. These studies only rely on official data and often only violent crimes are analyzed. In this presentation, the primary objective is to describe trends of self-reported violence and delinquency against property for females and to compare them with males. We rely on data from the self-reported survey Monitoring the Future between 1976 and 2006. Regression analyses highlight two important facts: 1- there has been no major change in female delinquency for the last thirty years; 2- between 1976 and 1989, male and female delinquency evolve in the same way and between 1990 and 2006, gender gap narrows slightly, mainly because of a small number of very active violent females who are growing up and an inverse or stable trend for males. Upcoming researches should investigate what explain variations between genders in delinquency trends and they should consider the study of other deviant behaviours. Key words: female delinquency, violence, trends study, self-reported data, regression analyses.

Authors: Belanger, Annie.
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Is there an upward trend in female delinquency since 1976? A response based on 
self-reported data.
Annie Bélanger, M.Sc. in criminology
Ph.D. candidate
School of criminology
University of Montreal
## email not listed ##
Many   studies   concluded   that   gender   gap   in   delinquency   is   narrowing.   These 
studies only rely on official data and often only violent crimes are analyzed. In 
this   presentation,   the   primary   objective   is   to   describe   trends   of   self-reported 
violence and delinquency against property for females and to compare them with 
males.   We   rely   on   data   from   the   self-reported   survey  Monitoring   the   Future 
between 1976 and 2006. Regression analyses highlight two important facts: 1- 
there has been no major change in female delinquency for the last thirty years; 2- 
between 1976 and 1989, male and female delinquency evolve in the same way and 
between 1990 and 2006, gender gap narrows slightly, mainly because of a small 
number of very active violent females who are growing up and an inverse or 
stable   trend   for   males.   Upcoming   researches   should   investigate   what   explain 
variations between genders in delinquency trends and they should consider the 
study of other deviant behaviours.
Key   words:  female   delinquency,   violence,   trends   study,   self-reported   data, 
regression analyses. 

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