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International News Coverage of Human Trafficking Arrests and Prosecutions: A Content Analytic Study
Unformatted Document Text:  Malarek, V. (2006, February 7). Sex Slaves: Interview Victor Malarek. (PBS, Interviewer) Matilac & Florendo. (2002). Child Trafficking in Southeast Asia. Geneva: IOM. McDonald, L. et al. (2000). Migrant Sex Workers from Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union: The Canadian Case. Centre For Applied Social Research. University of Toronto. Murray, A. (1998). “Debt-bondage and trafficking: don't believe the hype,” Global Sex Workers: Rights, Resistance and Redefinition, Kamala Kempadoo and Jo Deozema (eds.). New York: Routledge. Mertus, J. & Bertone, A. (2007). Combating Trafficking: Internations Efforts and Their Ramifications. Human Trafficking, Human Security, and the Balkans. H. Richard Friman & Simon Reich (eds.). Pittsburg: University of Pittsburg Press, 40-60. Mieczkowski, T. (1994). The experience of women who sell crack: Some descriptive data from the Detroit Crack Ethnography Program. Journal of Drug Issues, Winter/Spring, 24(1/2), 227-248. O’Connell Davidson, J. & Donelan, B. (2003). Review of the Evidence and Debates on the 'Demand Side of Trafficking.' Stockholm: Save the Children. Okolski, M. (2000). Illegality of International Population Movements in Poland. International Migration (IOM), Special Issue, 57-89. Pearson, E. (2002). Half-hearted protection: what does victim protection really mean for victims of trafficking in Europe. Gender & Development, 10(1), 56-59. Petros, M. (2005). The Cost of Human Smuggling and Trafficking. Geneva: IOM. Phongpaichit, P. (1999). Trafficking in People in Thailand. Illegal Immigration and Commercial Sex Trade: The New Slave Trade. Phil Williams (ed.). London: Frank Cass Publishers, 74-104. Ruggiero, V. (1997). Trafficking in Human Beings: Slavery in contemporary Europe. Internation Journal of Sociology and Law, 25, 231-244. Salt, J. (2000). Trafficking and human smuggling: a European perspective. International Migration, 38(3), 31-54. Salt, J. & Stein, J. (1997). Migration as a Business: The case of trafficking. International Migration, 35(4), 467-494. Savona, E. et al. (1996). Dynamics of Migration and Crime in Europe: New Patterns of an Old Nexus. Research Group of Transnational Crime, University of Trento, School of Law. Schloenhardt, A. (1999). Organized crime and the business of migrant trafficking: 96

Authors: Denton, Erin.
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