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International News Coverage of Human Trafficking Arrests and Prosecutions: A Content Analytic Study
Unformatted Document Text:  human smugglers indicates that smuggling organizations are less structured and less organizational than typical organized crime syndicates. While Chinese smugglers display a showed commitment to making money, little else hold them together. Zhang & Chin also contend that while smuggling organizations display clear divisions of labour, there is a limited structural hierarchy. Research should be undertaken that seeks to analyze, and separate, the specific actors at each stage of the trafficking act. Future Trends in Human Trafficking Literature Persistent difficulties with infiltrating communities of individuals involved with human trafficking create challenges for the academic community. Human trafficking discourse is still in its infancy, and continued efforts, like those of Laczko & Gramegna (2003) and UNODC (2006) to build stronger tools for data collection should help alleviate some of the difficulties. The importance of nongovernmental organizations in the collection and preservation of human trafficking data also should be acknowledged. Caution should be used when relying on governmental reports because of the corruption and complicity of some, and the masking of political ideologies and agendas of others. The use of media sources provides yet another vantage point into human trafficking activity and should continue, providing stringent statistical and data analysis occurs, in tandem, in an effort to corroborate media accounts of trafficking. Due to the lucrative nature of human trafficking, media sources are often the sole provider of insight within the community (Bienstock, 2006). Trafficked individuals can provide another source of insight into certain 20

Authors: Denton, Erin.
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human smugglers indicates that smuggling organizations are less structured and 
less organizational than typical organized crime syndicates.  While Chinese 
smugglers display a showed commitment to making money, little else hold them 
together.  Zhang & Chin also contend that while smuggling organizations display 
clear divisions of labour, there is a limited structural hierarchy.  Research should 
be undertaken that seeks to analyze, and separate, the specific actors at each 
stage of the trafficking act.  
Future Trends in Human Trafficking Literature
Persistent difficulties with infiltrating communities of individuals involved 
with human trafficking create challenges for the academic community.  Human 
trafficking discourse is still in its infancy, and continued efforts, like those of 
Laczko & Gramegna (2003) and UNODC (2006) to build stronger tools for data 
collection should help alleviate some of the difficulties.  The importance of 
nongovernmental organizations in the collection and preservation of human 
trafficking data also should be acknowledged. Caution should be used when 
relying on governmental reports because of the corruption and complicity of 
some, and the masking of political ideologies and agendas of others.  The use of 
media sources provides yet another vantage point into human trafficking activity 
and should continue, providing stringent statistical and data analysis occurs, in 
tandem, in an effort to corroborate media accounts of trafficking.  Due to the 
lucrative nature of human trafficking, media sources are often the sole provider of 
insight within the community (Bienstock, 2006).  
Trafficked individuals can provide another source of insight into certain 

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