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International News Coverage of Human Trafficking Arrests and Prosecutions: A Content Analytic Study
Unformatted Document Text:  occurred. 26 The purpose of this specific selection of attributes was to create a set of variables that could address facets of the trafficking offence that are currently underrepresented in the literature. The lack of empirical studies that assess concrete cases of human trafficking is troubling and this deficiency implies a possible lack of understanding of the trafficker, the trafficked individual and the trafficking act. The aim of this study is to develop a greater comprehension of facets of the trafficking act, including the trafficker and trafficked individual, in order to better evaluate the occurrence of human trafficking. With this particular purpose in mind, I created attributes that could be compared to results from previous studies. The specific attributes utilized in the study will offer insights into the trafficking offence that might not have been previously realized because previous studies have failed to focus on specific cases of human trafficking. The selection of attributes was not arbitrary; prior to the selection of the aforementioned variables for coding, samples of the cases in the database were assessed prior to coding in order to define attributes readily available within the articles themselves. In addition, if an attribute that had not originally been created for coding was present in several articles, the attribute was created after the fact and each article was re-coded for any variables added throughout the coding process. Each article was read through once (see Appendix, Figure 1 for example 26 If an individual had previously been trafficked into a country but was currently situated with a different trafficker who was moving them throughout a region without crossing a border, either legally or illegally, the “Regional” attribute value was assigned. This decision was based on the arrest of the trafficker for the particular portion of the trafficking act discussed in the article. 41

Authors: Denton, Erin.
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The purpose of this specific selection of attributes was to create a set of 
variables that could address facets of the trafficking offence that are currently 
underrepresented in the literature.  The lack of empirical studies that assess 
concrete cases of human trafficking is troubling and this deficiency implies a 
possible lack of understanding of the trafficker, the trafficked individual and the 
trafficking act. The aim of this study is to develop a greater comprehension of 
facets of the trafficking act, including the trafficker and trafficked individual, in 
order to better evaluate the occurrence of human trafficking.  With this particular 
purpose in mind, I created attributes that could be compared to results from 
previous studies.  The specific attributes utilized in the study will offer insights 
into the trafficking offence that might not have been previously realized because 
previous studies have failed to focus on specific cases of human trafficking.  The 
selection of attributes was not arbitrary; prior to the selection of the 
aforementioned variables for coding, samples of the cases in the database were 
assessed prior to coding in order to define attributes readily available within the 
articles themselves.  In addition, if an attribute that had not originally been 
created for coding was present in several articles, the attribute was created after 
the fact and each article was re-coded for any variables added throughout the 
coding process.
Each article was read through once (see Appendix, Figure 1 for example 
  If an individual had previously been trafficked into a country but was currently situated with a 
different trafficker who was moving them throughout a region without crossing a border, either 
legally or illegally, the “Regional” attribute value was assigned.  This decision was based on the 
arrest of the trafficker for the particular portion of the trafficking act discussed in the article.

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