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International News Coverage of Human Trafficking Arrests and Prosecutions: A Content Analytic Study
Unformatted Document Text:  corresponding attribute values based on the information within the article. In total, 300 attribute values 27 were assigned to the 20 articles. Of the 300 attribute values, I assigned 1% (n=3) of the attribute values inconsistently during reliability coding. 28 This discussion of “cases” of human trafficking implies and refers to an incident of human trafficking, not a case where one individual was trafficked; an incident of human trafficking does not refer to multiple acts committed by one human trafficker, although multiple individuals, both trafficked and traffickers, could be involved in one single trafficking incident. Further coding practices are discussed in the next chapter within each section in order to address specific methods employed for assigning attribute values corresponding to each attribute. 27 Fifteen attribute variables were employed in this study and reliability coding occurred with 20 articles. 28 The three inconsistent attribute value coding occurred in regards to the trafficked person’s country of origin. During the initial coding stage I selected the attribute value “Various” and during reliability coding I selected the attribute value “Unassigned”. Upon re-reading the article, it was evident that for the cases were inconsistent coding occurred, multiple individuals had been trafficked and the country of origin was only provided for a few of the trafficked individuals. 43

Authors: Denton, Erin.
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corresponding attribute values based on the information within the article.  In 
total, 300 attribute values
 were assigned to the 20 articles.   Of the 300 attribute 
values, I assigned 1% (n=3) of the attribute values inconsistently during reliability 
This discussion of “cases” of human trafficking implies and refers to an 
incident of human trafficking, not a case where one individual was trafficked; an 
incident of human trafficking does not refer to multiple acts committed by one 
human trafficker, although multiple individuals, both trafficked and traffickers, 
could be involved in one single trafficking incident.  Further coding practices are 
discussed in the next chapter within each section in order to address specific 
methods employed for assigning attribute values corresponding to each attribute.
  Fifteen attribute variables were employed in this study and reliability coding occurred with 20 
  The three inconsistent attribute value coding occurred in regards to the trafficked person’s 
country of origin.  During the initial coding stage I selected the attribute value “Various” and 
during reliability coding I selected the attribute value “Unassigned”.  Upon re-reading the 
article, it was evident that for the cases were inconsistent coding occurred, multiple individuals 
had been trafficked and the country of origin was only provided for a few of the trafficked 

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