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International News Coverage of Human Trafficking Arrests and Prosecutions: A Content Analytic Study
Unformatted Document Text:  false employment offers. A trafficked individual will think that he or she is travelling to the destination country for employment as a server, dancer, domestic worker, labourer, and so on, and only upon arrival realize the exploitation they will face. If they have not obtained illegal travel documentation, smuggled individuals often willingly place themselves in dangerous situations in order to avoid detection when illegally crossing the border. During initial stages of the data collection procedure, I read several articles relating to the misuse of trafficking legislation in Arizona. These particular articles focused on a county sheriff who was charging illegal immigrants with human trafficking offences if they committed crimes in the United States. However, the committed acts did not pertain to trafficking offences and the trafficking legislation was invoked as a way to avoid simple deportation of an illegal immigrant. The sheriff admitted that his county would utilize trafficking legislation in this way, so as to avoid a lack of prosecution of illegal immigrants (“Arpaio gets tough”, 2007). 34 Smugglers who are apprehended by immigration officials are often charged under human trafficking legislation, not legislation specific to human smuggling. Such a policy is only effective in combating middlemen who provide transportation for illegal immigrants. The area of law enforcement with the closest proximity to sexually exploitive trafficking offences is vice units dealing with prostitution prostitution- related activities. Vice units specifically engaging in the arrest and detention of prostitutes may fail to apprehend the individuals responsible for the trafficking 34 These cases were not coded because they did not pertain to an actual event of human trafficking or smuggling resulting in an arrest or prosecution. 70

Authors: Denton, Erin.
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false employment offers.  A trafficked individual will think that he or she is 
travelling to the destination country for employment as a server, dancer, 
domestic worker, labourer, and so on, and only upon arrival realize the 
exploitation they will face.  If they have not obtained illegal travel documentation, 
smuggled individuals often willingly place themselves in dangerous situations in 
order to avoid detection when illegally crossing the border.  
During initial stages of the data collection procedure, I read several 
articles relating to the misuse of trafficking legislation in Arizona.  These 
particular articles focused on a county sheriff who was charging illegal 
immigrants with human trafficking offences if they committed crimes in the United 
States. However, the committed acts did not pertain to trafficking offences and 
the trafficking legislation was invoked as a way to avoid simple deportation of an 
illegal immigrant.  The sheriff admitted that his county would utilize trafficking 
legislation in this way, so as to avoid a lack of prosecution of illegal immigrants 
(“Arpaio gets tough”, 2007).
Smugglers who are apprehended by immigration 
officials are often charged under human trafficking legislation, not legislation 
specific to human smuggling.  Such a policy is only effective in combating 
middlemen who provide transportation for illegal immigrants.
The area of law enforcement with the closest proximity to sexually 
exploitive trafficking offences is vice units dealing with prostitution prostitution-
related activities.  Vice units specifically engaging in the arrest and detention of 
prostitutes may fail to apprehend the individuals responsible for the trafficking 
  These cases were not coded because they did not pertain to an actual event of human 
trafficking or smuggling resulting in an arrest or prosecution.

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